Your NonSociety Round-up

It’s time to turn our attention to Snooty, ‘Mo, and Girly and the other nitwits that make up the most successful fauxporation started by a female wantrepeneur. So what’s going on with the Cupcake Coven?

Not much really.


Meghan Asha, clothing designer, and spokesperson for the female internet,  is dead apparently, seeing as how her blog languishes un-updated at the bottom of the NonSociety masthead. I’ll admit it, I kind of miss that supremely stupid idiot, she of the pink lips and the ping pong ball tricks. I venture to guess that she actually quit NonSociety, as rumored months back, but hasn’t had the balls to actually tell Julia yet.  I guess we’ll just have to wait for her collaboration with Sir Alistair Rai to finally come out.

Emily Knows Absolutely Nothing

Emily Rose, hard worker who follows through on everything, has also pretty much given up on blogging, announcing on July 27 that she was going on a digital cleanse. She returned to pull a donkey and pretend that she was a Harvard Pre-Frosh.

Snapshot: Last Sunday, 10:30 pm. Former college roommate Meredith comes to visit, and we eat dinner at Charlie’s Kitchen in Cambridge, my favorite dive. Afterwards, we stroll through Harvard Square, and are close to campus when we see a dozen teenage-looking girls with keycards around their necks scurry through an ivy-covered gate leading into a Harvard dorm, all laughing and jostling each other.

Me: I wonder what that was all about.
Meredith: Harvard orientation maybe? Sometimes they hold orientation over the summer, to register and stuff.
Me: What? I LOVED college orientation! Come on, let’s go in!
Meredith: No.
Me: We can go play team building exercises with seventeen-year-olds! It’ll be great!
Meredith: No. We’ll get caught.
Me: We can pass. We’re wicked smaht.
Meredith: I am not playing the knot game with incoming freshman. I’m not doing it.
Me: Fine. (Doubles over, puts head in hands.)

Retrospectively, I think what was happening was just a dorm party with summer school kids, but still. I LOVE THE KNOT GAME.

I’m an adult. What’s the knot game?

While joining NonSociety is an insanely stupid decision, you’d think she would try her best to use the platform to show that she’s growing the fuck up, instead of regressing, and provide meaningful content to get her name out there and move up from the fancy pants sandwhich shop where she is currently employed, college degree in hand. Instead she is squandering opportunity. Something tells me she will go far in life.

Not that I’m not encouraging her to dump the donkey, it just is increasingly clear that homegirl has no work ethic and will probably be a huge failure. But if she wants to spend less time on NonSociety, I have a recommendation of a website she should spend more time on.

It’s called

The One Who Can Totally Cut You

Human Swiss Army Knife, the undeniably straight Brant Stead, also has barely blogged since we speculated whether or not he was inflicted with gay face and treated his ailment with daily cock injections.

I actually don’t believe the speculation. After all his blog if full of super manly things like hunting for mushrooms or explaining the meaning of “haute couture.” Oh, and he loves Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

One of my favorite Italians-Avignonesi, a really splendid example of Montepulciano

I myself prefer Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, but, even still, his talking about wine is sooooooo gay.


Artax is boring.

Woodward and Borestein

Melissa Kondak, NonSociety’s resident journalist, you know, besides Julia, linked to the New York Times because she’s a journalist.

The Katz Lady

Amber Katz, the average-looking one who blogs about beauty, got her nails painted by a homosexual.

Friends, TJ’s mani is EPIC. I highly suggest you get involved. My cuticles are cleaned up, my talons are totes rad (Butter London’s Marrow is a shade specially created for a Vena Cava collection) and the service even includes a glamazing hand/arm massage. Dude’s got talent!

That is a decent manicure and a beautiful color. But TJ should know that he is not the best manicurist in the world.

Foodie Foodie Frou-Frou

Crystal Ingorged Vajaya wants you to recommend her for the Tumblr food directory.

Recommend me for the Tumblr food directory today!!!!

Hello All!

For all the Tumblr users out there, please recommend Crystali (FabulousFoodie) in the Tumblr Food directory today!!

Thanks for following!!

Yeah, don’t.

xoxo Crystal

The Thespian

Laura Hunter’s life continues to suck.

More random photo shoots. Joy. As I have said, I cannot wait until auditions pick up. Summer is my least favorite time of year.

It has been an interesting week. By interesting, I mean terrible. Because we went back east for my grandmother’s funeral last week we ended up losing an important job… this is my latest “the entertainment industry can be awfully insensitive” story. Anyway. I also found out last week, the day after the funeral, that the role I’ve been in callbacks for was cast. Marvelous! I’m sure the girl they cast is really fantastic, and she looks nothing like me so they just went another way. Just lousy news when I was already upset. It seems that is often how it goes, doesn’t it? When it rains it pours and all that stuff.

So, I was talking to a friend today about how I keep pushing forward when things are less than desirable. Here are some of the things I have taught myself to do over the past couple of years:

  • Cry.
  • Create and work on my own projects, preferably involving friends.
  • Appreciate being madly in love with my very kind boyfriend.
  • Cook. I have this weird affection for being domestic. In all honestly sometimes cleaning our apartment and making dinner makes me feel better than anything else.
  • Play tennis/hit the gym.
  • Go outside. Be in the sun.
  • Realize that your problems may seem like a big deal in the moment, but are probably not that important (at all) in the grand scheme of things.
  • Support your friends and loved ones and their successes, even when you’re not feeling great about your own.
  • Try not to take things personally… sometimes it’s just out of your control.
  • Believe things will get better.
  • Poor girl. I can’t really say anything bad about her. She seems sweet.

    The Welcome Addition to the United States

    Lisa Diane, who has a surprising amount of gaping maw pics — what’s that aboot? — has yet to write a follow-up post the dispute that she is racist and anti-Muslim. So as it stands she is still racist and anti-Muslim.

    Katrina BishPlease

    Yup, she’s still a snooty vapid materialistic bitch. She took a picture of a total stranger and criticized her outfit.

    Fashion DON’T spotted at J. Crew store in Time Warner Center. I’m all for mixing patterns, but matching plaid shorts to a plaid shirt is a big NO.

    “It appears the post has since been removed.” So I’ll just say that she has really ugly feet and a horrible taste in footwear.

    My Girl Teej

    TJ Kelly is still gay and continues to sparkle.

    StarLight StarBright….Stars in My Eyesight!! Bored at Home and playing with my roommates!! I live with 3 other gays..we call our home the Doll House!

    When I had gay roommates, we called our apartment the “Cum Den.” Our house sounds more fun.

    My God, YAWN, right?!?! These people are just so god damn boring. I may never do a round-up again.


    1. Hey Katrina, those glasses look fucktarded, FYI. You’re welcome!

      She also seems to have the Julia Allison “I only allow photographs of one side of my face” syndrome. She is too old to be acting like this.

      • I think she’s actually wearing two pairs of glasses in the second picture which is fucktarded in it’s own way, but not the fault of the glasses.

      • I always find Katrina to be the most pathetic of the bunch, even more so than the donkey. She’s 40 years old and all she has to offer the world is her untoned body in a pink ruffle bikini and 6 month old fashion trends? It’s annoying for the 20 somethings, but you kind of hope that they’ll eventually land a job they like and be swept away from thinking about themselves 24/7, or pop out a kid, or whatever it is that makes people grow and become interesting/tolerable.

        And you can total tell she’d be one of the older woman who would give you unsolicited advice. I hate those women. Bitch, you live in a one bedroom apartment with a gay husband make 12K a year and still appear to have chin acne. Not buying what you’re selling.

        • Seriously and they are ALL THE SAME. Same face angle, same bitch face, same “I’m gorgeous and you know it” expression. She’s heinous.

        • I wasn’t bothered by Katrina at first, because she seemed to have an actual resume and I think she’s pretty and everything. But y’all are right. Always with the Blue Steel, what is that about? Arrested development seems to be a requirement in NS-land.

        • Aside from being a snooty bitch, Katrina Szish has a really unattractive face. If her husband (who appears to be even dumber than Szish) is straight, then so is Tee-Yay.

        • She also misidentified her husband’s Sebago loafers as the original boat shoes. I would expect an east coast “fashionista” to at least know that Sperry Topsiders are the original non-stick boat shoes, and not an imitation made in the ’70’s during the first bout of boat shoe popularity. Embarrassing.

        • Hi Weekend At Lily’s! Such a clever name!
          And friends…this is so tedious, but impossible not to respond to such vapid, unfounded comments.

          1. let’s see your bikini bod!
          2. what 6-moth old fashion trend? the swimsuit is from this season
          3. “pop out a kid”?
          4. 12k a year? now THAT is genuinely funny.
          5. i’m not selling anything, and if i were it wouldn’t be to you
          6. busted on the blue steel comments. it does get old. just trying to update and work at the same time. point taken.
          7. “fucktarded” is a really nice word. rude and oh-so-eloquent.
          8. unattractive face? hmmm, curious i’m have international modeling campaigns since i was 14. Shiseido, L’oreal…but, who’s counting. Let’s see your face!
          9. Sebagos were the first boat shoe to gain top popularity in the official “preppy” era of the 70s and 80s. i was referencing a 40th anniversary of a resurgence of the genre. Thus, not embarrassing in the least.
          10, why am i “snooty”?
          11. how am i not growing older with grace? if i had work done or fake boobs or injections, or wore micro minis and trashy clothes, I would get it. But you guys either call me old or too young. Which makes me thing all you can do is criticize. None of us can win, none of us can do anything, despite our accomplishments, that earns your respect. So what does that really say about YOU? I feel sorry for you guys. You could be funny, smart, relevant, edgy, but instead you choose to pick on people who you don’t even know. Truly sad. I comment simply because it genuinely frustrates me that there are people out there who have nothing better to do than be nasty and negative. All I can say is “karma.”

      • “She also seems to have the Julia Allison “I only allow photographs of one side of my face” syndrome. She is too old to be acting like this.”

        OMG YES. She’s blogged a gazillion pictures of herself in the exact same angle with total bitchface. It’s creepy and weird. It would be hilarious to do a photo montage with her stupid “here I am in a cab” self portraits. They are all EXACTLY THE SAME. ZZZZZZZZ.

      • They’re by Dolce & Gabbana, and if you paid attention to trends, you’d realize these were one of the season’s most fun, quirkiest pairs of sunglasses. Not for everyone, but FUN — perhaps you’ve heard of the concept? Seriously, you guys need to get a life. Stick to what you know, which is NOT fashion, journalism, entertainment or, well, anything except for being nasty to people who you don’t know.

        • Ha! There is having fun, and thee is looking ridiculous. And those glasses are ridiculous. And what the fuck are trends anyway, but an excuse to not express yourself and instead follow the advice of dumb bitches on morning television like some heinously dressed lemming jumping over a cliff?

          I’ll trust your fashion advice when you put away the hooker heels and put on an outfit that looks like you are trying too hard.

          Also, are forty-year-old’s normally this childish?

          You might want to put down the wine, sweetheart.

        • You’re a dumb, selfish cunt.

          With ugly eyeglasses.

          Could say something funny but you are so fucking absolutely not worth it.

          Defend your glasses and not your erstwhile boss? Classy. So fucking classy.


          Fuck you, you untalented, parasitic ungrateful bitch.

        • Wow Rolls Royce Revenge — no manners!

          Curious how and why I’m dumb and selfish?

          If you could say something funny, good luck. Would love to hear it, but I assume it would be rude.

          I am an independent contractor, I don’t have a boss. Do your research.

          As I mentioned, the sunglasses (not eyeglasses) were a gift.

          How am I “untalented, parasitic and ungrateful”?

        • You are dumb because…well, words fail me.

          Selfish? Do you understand that this site exists to mock the woman who provides you with your venue? Would it not make sense or at least appear morally in the right to defend her before you defended yourself? I can’t believe–or rather I believe all too readily and for depressing reasons–how twats like you won’t even bother to heft a bat for your den mother. TJ at least has brand loyalty that extends beyond himself.

          Funny? You are too sad-making to be the source of anything funny.

          Yeah, you don’t have a boss. I think you don’t have a lot of human relationships.

          “Untalented, parasitic and ungrateful”–please refer to the above.

      • The double-framed sunglasses are by Dolce & Gabbana, and if you paid attention to trends, you’d realize these were one of the season’s most fun, quirkiest pairs of sunglasses. Not for everyone, not a must-have, but FUN — perhaps you’ve heard of the concept? Or not. Seriously, you guys need to get a life. Stick to what you know, which is NOT fashion, journalism, entertainment or, well, anything except for being nasty to people who you don’t know.

        • um, i’m not 40, an even if i were, who cares? what wine? and, did i ever claim the sunglasses were not ridiculous? i believes i said “fun.” Also, curious as to how i am “childish.” speaking of TV segments: how am i dumb, how does it relate to a lemming, and have you ever heard of the concept of demographics? get a clue, then try (i emphasize try — i’m really pulling for you here) to make an intelligent point. I’m not holding my breath.

        • LLFOOLJ — thank you you are right. i will retreat, but when i hear about this stuff and then read it, it is just TOO impossible not to respond. But, you are right. Silence is golden. Thanks for that.

    2. A tour of Emily Rose’s Scenic Boston:

      * Charlie’s Kitchen in Harvard Square to watch basketball games
      * Walden Pond, to commune with the “kindly old environmentalist” Thoreau (in actuality a Transcendentalist misanthrope who died at age 45)
      * Charlie’s Kitchen, following around her boyfriend who hates her
      * Apartment hunting in scenic Brighton
      * Sandwich shop where she works [name and location redacted]
      * Charlie’s Kitchen, her “favorite dive,” plotting to pass herself off as a Harvard pre-frosh
      * Chipotle!! Her fave! (Ignoring the fact that even this far north there are FAR superior burrito and tex mex options)
      * The unemployment office
      * Charlie’s Kitchen, spending unemployment checks to drown her sorrows.

      • im from the same area as emily in ohio and WORSE i live in the town next to her in boston. i cringe every time she updates. im a year older than her and the level of gaucheness the girl possess is ridic.

      • OT: best burritos are where? Any near Brookline? I travel there to visit family. I do love the fish taco place there.

        • Anna’s Taqueria in Coolidge Corner in Brookline. If you’re ever on the other side of the river, hit up Felipe’s (there’s one on MIT’s campus and one in Harvard Square). El Pelon, formerly near Fenway, had many loyal supporters (their fish tacos are where it’s at) but it burned down and I believe they relocated in Brighton, aka the far out land of recent graduates bussing tables.

          Boston generally kind of sucks at good cheap Mexican, but not in the burrito department. Demand your family take you for a $5 burrito! It’s the best cheap way to eat in Boston. I didn’t even know Chipotle fucking existed in this city.

        • Other good Mexican: Boca Grande (like Anna’s), Zocalo (newly reopened in the Back Bay AND best guac in Boston), and Dorado’s Tacos in Coolidge Corner.

          Also, some people graduated with communications degrees and are forced to live in Brighton, land of cheap-ass apartments and the worst T line in Boston. 🙁

      • But it’s OMG! Harvard Square urine scent!

        Yeah, Charlie’s is about as dive-ish as Sheesh Kabobblehead is on trend; both try to look the part, but it ain’t authentic.

      • that’s part of her schtick. she wants people to think “man, this girl is so elegant and fashionable YET she eats at dives! so down to earth! yet so cultured and trendy!”

        • I confess to a perverse love of these NS roundups. I cannot be bothered to actually look at or read their drivel, but it’s nice to be reminded that the world still spins on its accustomed access. You keep taking it for the team, JP.

        • @JP – i know what you mean, i did a roundup of these fools in the comments about 2 weeks ago. i haven’t been able to do a round up since, because the only ones who update are TJ and KSwizz. And with them, it’s the same thing over and over and over (pictures of themselves and random use of the words “haute couture” and “glam”). Emily took like 2 weeks off, Melissa hadn’t updated in a week, and even Crystal (who I like, sorry) hadn’t posted in 4 or 5 days. Meghan Parikih? That jack o lantern hasn’t put together a post in months. She just re-tweets anything that mentions her fellow Puerto Rican designers.

      • eeps, axis! Thanks to Mary Rambin & Meghan Asha for the inspiration. It is precisely for this reason that I must not risk exposure to their collected digital works.

        • wow, funny dyspeptic (access, axis)! the asha-rambin syndrome (ARSe) could get us all, don’t forget to wear your foil hats!

    3. could someone *please* explain to TJ the difference between “your” and “you’re”? PLEASE? it’s urgent!

    4. Wow. I never noticed how white girls all kinda look alike. It stands out more now that Moneyshot is gone.
      Adios, my sweet, sweet, stupid money shot. Go with god, chica.

    5. I sincerely hope that it was HARD to find these contributors and that there aren’t many people with this vile combination of stupidity and self regard. I fear, though. I fear.

      In other news–did JABs just totally ignore the Breast Cancer Walk Fail? I’m guessing yes, but I haven’t had time to check thoroughly.

      What do we think she’s going to do in Chicago for the next few months? Yak grandma into a coma? Dance with the Fat Melmans?

        • hey, this year, next year, whatever. She’ll do it when she gets around to it, mkay? I mean, it’s not like breast cancer’s going anaywhere. Amirite?

        • Breastgate has replaced the whole Mac Air debacle has the worst thing she’s done in my ranking.
          It’s just one horrendous bit of behaviour after another.

        • nothing will ever top the mac air douchemove. Because her flaking out on an event that doesn’t honor *her* was totally expected, in my opinion. But asking your EX BOYFRIEND TO BUY YOU A FUCKING MACBOOK AIR AFTER YOU BROKE UP IS BEYOND, BEYOND PSYCHO. Even if she didn’t reveal his private matters on gawker.

          NOTHING WILL EVER TOP THE MACBOOKAIRGATE, in my modest opinion.

          I am EXTRA EXHAUSTED, BTW.

        • I have to say that MacBook Air is still my favorite reveal about ole Jankles. Spoiled, deluded, dismissive. When I read that, I thought “I don’t know anyone this horrible. She really is special.”

        • I think sending the email to Michael’s fiancee is worse. I have no idea what went on between Julia and Jakob, and while the macbook air thing is nutso, some of the things he did (sleeping with Mary’s sister, etc.) don’t really count as all too great in my book. Like attracts like, or whatever. But by all accounts Michael’s fiancee didn’t do anything to Julia except go out with a boyfriend Julia had dumped because she wanted something better — and then to send that email? It’s funny, because in that one message Julia assuaged a lot of the not-nice feelings I have about wasting umpteen hours of my life on this site.

      • I really hope she gets more grief about the Komen thing. Given her big self-congratulatory build-up (Team Julia! R. Billow Birthday Gift of Entry Fee! Personalized “Kicks” [ugh]!), she needs to have her nose rubbed in that shit. She is disgusting.

        • I for one will not let it go. I think it is one of the most disgusting things she did. I am also very, very curious if she is an actual NBC New York NonStop employee? Anyone have any contacts?

        • Maybe Hon-Air Correspondents are considered freelancers and not listed in the company directory? Their videos also get lost in the queue.

      • She could have always, uh, moved up her move by a few days so as to honor (on-air) her commitment and not disrepected the birthday gift her friend gave her.

        I mean, it’s not like she’s doing anything all that major. If she was, she wouldn’t be able to stop off in Chicago for a couple of months. A couple of MONTHS detour? Who can do that but people who don’t have much on their plates! So, what would have been the problem with packing up her studio apartment a day or two earlier?

        • In other news… day I hope to actually leave a comment with no grammatical errors in it. Sigh.

    6. I think the only thing more pathetic than basing your entire identity on he fact that you’re gay, is basing your whole identity on the fact that you’re Canadian.

      I mean no offense to any Canucks in the house… but c’mon. I can see why moneyshot thought people would be seduced by her Puerto Rican charm. It’s a little Other, a little exotic. The culture, the sun, the cuisine. But Canada is just Minnesota without Prince.

    7. Aww, I miss Masha. You just can’t find her special brand of stupid anywhere else. The rest of these bitches are boring. They’re like a manila envelope taped to a beige wall. Even the racist one.

      • that show is hilarious. julia was banned, but wouldn’t have lasted anyway, the guests they have on their panels are either real working journalists or laugh-out-loud funny/off the wall comics. bill shultz and jim norton in particular.

    8. Amber Katz is a big let down.
      Come on, if your name is Amber Katz, you should be doing something with that fact. Porn, stripping, burlesque, spice it up and use the one semi-exciting thing about you, your name.
      Nonsociey promises variety and fails to deliver. It’s like a Baskin Robbin’s that only serves vanilla. And not that snooty French vanilla either. The fauxbean kind.

      • yes, amber katz should totally be a stripper!

        i’ve also been keeping a huge rant inside me about how fucking BANAL and utterly disinteresting the whole crew are. boring white girls/boys who live in a big city? so fucking what! their areas of expertise suck, they are all practically illiterate with low ambition and a desire to exert as little effort as possible as they “experiment with their passions”. i have done a shitload more interesting things this year (on a smaller budget, without sponsors!) than the whole gang combined (going on a bike ride or a shill trip does not count as ‘experiential’) and could write better, more engaging stories about all of it. the brayge! i’m gonna have to punch a kitten or something. 😛

      • Her writing “style” is insufferable. Shortening a random word or adding “glam” in front of a word does not make you cute or clever!!

        I still have no idea what vernac is.

        • we could but we have to live differently in separate areas and never talk to each other. Every morning I will sic my dog on you so you know I still care.

        • I’m coming with you guys. I also hate:

          -talking to people
          -going outside
          -team building

          I love:

          -complaining about people
          -complaining when the batteries in the remote die
          -yelling at kids to get off my lawn
          -digging for spare change in the sofa

    9. I don’t know why everyone rags on Masha. I would never notice the glowing Apple logo if she didn’t point to it.

    10. I don’t get what Asha’s deal is. Is she afraid of Donkey? Is that why she’s still hanging around? Almost all of Donkey’s friends have bolted except for her so I figure it’s one of two things: she’s either scared of Julia (because Julia IS scary) or she’s just really, really dumb.

    11. Not that I went to Jackle’s blog or anything BUT….
      she changed her title on her page (not the NS front page though) from “Media Personality” to “Prolific Emailer.”

      Emailing more exes, I presume?

      • i’m hoping Lasagna made that change, as a slam on Julia. but, alas, julia probably requested the change.

        (lasagna is the one who does the hard work of managing the main nonsociety page and their facebook fan page)

      • Not that I ever, ever read Donks’ blog either, but what the hell is in the pool at The Standard?

    12. ooops…meant to write “ineffably incandescent, indefatigable, -tiny and -cute stalker.”

    13. KatrinaSzish: So. What do we think about Katrina moving to L.A.?
      about 18 hours ago via txt · Reply · View Tweet

      So. Well, aside from being 15 years too old for LA and sounding insane by referring to yourself in the third person, it’s a perfect idea! Will hubby be joining, or will you have to operate a corkscrew yourself?

    14. These vapid twits and twats are sooooo boring. Talk about the antithesis of edge-of-your-seat living.

        • I think that these unemployed, high school drop out, sandwich shop working, living at home with parents, no eyebrow having nitwits ARE living outside the norm. Living DIFFERENTLY.

        • Lisa Diane lives in Jersey. Not different enough for you? Well how about Kondak who ummm errr dropped out of a class to have more time doing God-knows-what? Oh oh oh maybe you’d find Laura different–a not-quite-pretty-enough girl who left NYU before graduation to “pursue her dreams” and now admits that she’s going to be unemployed for a while longer bc there aren’t many auditions in the summer. And then theres Meg-o-Lantern, starting her own fashion line to burn through more of Daddy’s cash!!!


        • ditto! Cut my baby teeth on Jim Croce. Still do a wicked belting-out of “Operator” when it comes on in the grocery store.

      • (I may or may not have wept while — whilst! — singing “Operator” to myself during a shower. It was a hard summer.)

        Who’s Jim Croce?

      • “I Got a Name” is my favorite, but I also have a soft spot for “Time in a Bottle” (best friend’s parents’ first dance at their wedding in the ’70s).

    15. Query: do any of these people have a 9-5 job? Or are they all just “lifecasters” and “freelancers” and “dreamers”?

      • I was uncertain it was her until I walked by her desk, but Lisa Diane has a nine to five job in a media firm. I am pretty sure she’s an administrative assistant.

        Don’t want to give away anything, I usually comment under a different name.

        She’s living differently, with a 9 to 5 lifestyle.

    16. Hubby was listening to Queens of the Stone Age last night and a song called “I’m Designer” started, and I was howling after the first minute. Please forgive the inanity of a post this long, but do they remind you of anyone?

      My generation’s for sale
      (Beats a steady job)
      How much have you got?
      My generation don’t trust no one
      It’s hard to blame not even ourselves
      The thing that’s real for us is fortune and fame
      All the rest seems like work
      It’s just like diamonds — in shit

      I’m high class, I’m a whore (actually both)
      Basically I’m a pro
      We’ve all got our own style of baggage
      Why hump it yourself?

      (You’ve made me an offer that I can refuse
      Course, either way I get screwed
      Counter proposal: I go home & jerk off)

      It’s truly a lie, I counterfeit myself
      It’s truly a lie, I counterfeit myself
      You don’t own what none can buy
      You don’t own; neither do I

      High and mighty!
      You say selling out is a sham
      Is that the name of your book?
      Push a silver spoon in your ass
      No more holding us down
      (Down, dog. Down, mutt. Nice mutt.)

      You’re insulted
      You can’t be bought or sold
      Translation: “Offer too low”
      You don’t know what you’re worth
      (It isn’t much)
      My piano’s for sale!
      How many times must I sell myself before my pieces are gone?
      I’m one of a kind
      I’m designer!

      Never again will I repeat myself
      (Enough is never enough)
      Never again will I repeat myself

      It used to be the plan was screwing the man
      Now it’s have sex with a man after he buys
      For sale at a low, low price

      It’s truly a lie, I counterfeit myself,
      It’s truly a lie, I counterfeit myself
      You don’t own me
      You don’t own what none can buy
      You don’t own; neither do I

    17. I’m really impressed with the levels of boring these people can achieve, and I don’t get bored easily. If I had a blog, it would be about 5000% more fun than their nonsense, and that’s while I don’t have a blog because it would be boring.

    18. Holy shit. I only ever read here so I had no IDEA there were that many twits “blogging” for Donkey.

      One question though: do these idiots make ANY money at all doing this? They can’t possibly get paid, right? This is just stupid crap they blog every couple of days during their (ample) free time, right? And they then think people are going to pay to advertise on this piece of shit? Is that the plan over there?

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I have never seen a bigger collection of fucking squid.

    19. THANK GOD…it’s happening!

      (48 hours until movers arrive) AND THE PACKING BEGINS!
      about 2 hours ago via web

    20. You guys, I see TJ Kelly on my walk home from work EVERY DAY and sometimes in the morning too. And I do not know what to do about it! His hair is so…ORANGE, I am almost compelled to speak to him and yet…ick. Suggestions?

      • oh, that is so funny. I dunno, he’s so innocent (not vindictive like the some of the ladies of nom-nom society) I’d talk to him, ask him how he likes blogging and stuff. That’s just me…although I did that with Julia and she was..bizarre. So take it or leave it!

        • OMG you can’t just say that and not DISH. Does bizarre mean that she offered to autograph a cupcake in frosting? Asked you how her latest pelts look? WHAT?

        • It wasn’t super exciting, or so freaky, but basically I ran into Julia on the street in NYC a few years ago, and, being excited I said “Hi, you’re Julia Allison!! I read your blog all the time!” and she was like (verbatim here) “Oh my god!! Hi, so you read my blog? Wow! HEY I KNOW! LET’S TAKE A PICTURE!!!!!!” so I agreed ( a little blindsided by such hyperness) pulled out my phone and set it to camera mode, and before I knew it, I was squished all up with her, in myspace profile pic layout, with her big toothy grin and her nose all wrinkled up cutesy-style. So I take the picture, and then I turn to her to continue polite conversation when she turns to me and goes… “Oh my god, I have to pee like a racehorse!! I’ve been holding it all day! So I’ve gotta go! Bye!”

          and then she was gone… as I watched her gallop into the sunset, I breathed a sigh of relief that such over sharing and hyperactivity were over. But at least she squeezed me (and her urine) in for a quick photo.

          And to answer your question, I have never seen so much makeup on a face. Or anywhere really.

    21. Christ, Princess can’t even pack her shit without dragging in Lasagna to help:

      juliaallison: Megan: Jesus, how many tutus do you HAVE?! Me: Uh … well, I’m probably the only person who moves a box labeled “dishes/tutus.”

    22. I’m totally confused.

      @juliaallison what hood will you call home in LA? about 3 hours ago via web in reply to juliaallison

      @nicoleaimee – Not sure yet! I won’t really get there until mid Sept. 41 minutes ago via web in reply to nicoleaimee

      @LatinaBlogger – I’m headed to LA, with a stop in Chicago for a few weeks! 41 minutes ago via web in reply to LatinaBlogger

      So… if she doesn’t have a place (or even a neighborhood picked out) in LA, where is she shipping all of her stuff? To Chicago? And then what? Keeping the shit in the truck while in Chicago “for a few weeks” and then having the truck driven to LA?

      At this point, is she even trying to pretend she’s really moving to LA? How do the logistics work? I thought she got her moving quote for NY to LA. Since she kept saying it was a cross country move. How fuck?

      • Could be moving them into a storage place in LA.

        Didn’t she also say she has to go back to NYC for Fashion Week? So she’ll be back in NYC before long, too.

    23. The thing that kills me, I mean really gives me the stabbies, about these people is that they are all such wannabes. No expertise whatsoever, except in posing for photos and looking like arseholes.

      Also, Brant? Vino Nobile d’Montepulciano is made from Sangiovese.

    24. I love this song. It’s so fitting for JA. It makes me sad that he died so young, with so much music left to write.

    25. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but i genuinely think Julia is pretty likable. Flawed, sure. Maybe a bit crazy, but in an endearing sort of way.

      Katrina on the other hand, is truly insufferable and painful to watch. Maybe I’m biased because I ran into her husband YEARS ago when I was riding my 1960 vespa, tried to strike up a friendly convo (since he had parked his new vespa nearby in the LES and we both went to the same tailor) and he came off as a self-important dick. Takes one to know one, I suppose.

      • Depending on what toxic mix of emotions and faulty wiring are firing through her head Julia can either be a repulsive bitch or your new best friend. She pissed me off the last time we met but hey–I ain’t Snow White myself.

        I think Sheesh & Hubs, on the other hand, come in only one flavor: Undeserved Ego Trip.

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