Julia Allison: Your Privacy Is An Illusion

Hey, remember Julia Allison’s talk with Jeff Jarvis during internet week? You know the one that turned into a therapy session about the pitfalls of putting it all out there and how she insisted there should be no privacy on the internet? She had a staunch anti-privacy position, but guess what? Now all of a sudden she’s concerned about her online privacy. How often has she been checking RBNS?

You see, we highlighted some insanity from her wide-open Facebook profile this weekend. Now her profile is locked-up and closed like her legs until the 11th and a half date.

Or so she thought.

Julia Allison Proof that I’m getting old/prudent/decreipt: I just locked down my Facebook privacy settings. I think. I couldn’t quite tell. There were lots of them.

Um. . . err. . . opps? We weren’t supposed to see that weren’t we. I guess she might need to take some time to figure out how the Zuckerburg’s insane privacy settings work. She should also take the time to realize that some RBNS readers are friends with her on Facebook, so it really doesn’t matter if she locks it up.

I guess Julia was right about the lack of internet privacy, after all.


  1. I guess Julia was right about the lack of internet privacy, after all … and TOTALLY WRONG about who she can and can’t trust.

  2. Why do you think she did it? RBNS? Or because she’s looking for a job?

    Also–no one really believes she’s packing up her apt herself, do they? She’ll totally have the movers do it.

    • A little of both? That BNET article implied that Julia is having trouble securing sponsorship for her life — because, really, what else are they sponsoring? — because of her online presence.

      • I just don’t understand – Why wouldn’t any company sign on to sponsor late-night celebrity Twitter rim jobs, manic cupcake/Cupcake iPhone photoshoots, grift-card sell-aways, sex-doll impersonations, miserable puppy photos and occasional pelt maintenance?

        If Julia Allison doesn’t say “brand lift” then I just don’t know what does.

  3. So from what I can tell–she didn’t sleep at all last night?

    Her farewell to NYC is so lame. Some butt squirt rep went to a movie with her and then she shared a romantic meal (for the 2nd time in, like a week) with Krystal and Krystal’s boyfriend. Table for three.

  4. Meanwhile in vocabulary usage that gives me the stabbies:

    “Am I the only dork who creatively names her iPhone alarms to instill a bit of levity into an inherently unpleasant process of pulling one’s ragged body from a state of satisfied somnolence?”

      • It’s what she does instead of packing to move or Googling how to make a font out of your handwriting.

    • The thing is THE THING IS, I do this. For instance, this morning’s alarm is named “Treadmill Fatty!!!” But the $4-a-word way she tries to get the simple idea across? Pretty much kills any “levity” she was going for.

    • I think what she meant to say is:

      “I creatively name my iPhone alarms to instill a bit of levity into an inherently unpleasant process of pulling one’s ragged body from a state of satisfied somnolence. Y tu?”

    • She is maybe the worst writer in the world. Even Mary and TJ’s gibberish has a certain authenticity to it.

    • I spent about a half an hour today editing out a ton of extra verbage out of an article that was submitted to my company’s newsletter. Lots of words and/or big words don’t make you look smarter; it just makes your writing harder to understand.

    • It’s like cracking a walnut and finding it’s empty:

      ‘I put funny labels on my iPhone alarms because I hate to get up.’


      As you can see, I’m far more articulate than Julia.

  5. Proof that I’m getting old/prudent/decreipt: I just locked down my Facebook privacy settings.

    Shit, if Donkey claims she’s decrepit, who am I to argue?

    3 meaning(s) for “decrepit”

    1. (adj) ill-kept and showing signs of wear and tear
    2. (adj) having degenerated owing to wear or disuse
    3. (adj) lacking physical, mental, or moral strength



    So, she just started watching “MadMen” last night? Or She is admitting she is moving to the ChicagoDownTownCondo?

  7. Has anyone seen her post on the basket liner for her bike? She says that when she got her beach bike (for free), the guy who owns the company recommended a woman who makes custom-made basket liners. so she finally “emailed” this woman almost a year later (why not just purchase online?) and of course, she got the goddamned thing for FREE. not only that, but sucked up days of this woman’s time discussing fabrics, patterns, etc!!! It just enbrayges me that she can’t honestly BUY SOMETHING. everything is comped. i know she shills in return, but it’s just the ENTITLEMENT that gets me…anyone else annoyed?!?!?!?

    • i find it pathetic more than enraging.

      the only things that enrage me are when she treats people poorly. such as cheating with married men, outing guys who don’t want to be outed, outing people’s health issues, etc. shilling is just sad by comparison.

      then again, i’m a true Type A Hater, so not the best person to ask.

  8. What’s the point of locking down the Facebook when she still lets fly incredibly moronic musings on the old Tweeters (i.e., “Um, I almost just crashed texting while biking. #Darwin”)? I. Just. Kant.

  9. So here’s my question… Mary and Jordan are fairly clear when they are shilling. There is usually a disclosure that they were given something for free. Julia seems to only sometimes mention it and is not always clear. In fact, she is quite vague. What is the law related to how you are supposed to disclose this kind of stuff?

    • This is one of the reasons I don’t get the Jordo hate. She always makes it clear when she’s doing a sponsored post or when she’s got something for free. Mary, I am not so sure right now because I don’t read her so much because the other day I saw her refer to herself as an “entrepreneur” and my brain exploded.

      But Donk rarely, if ever, discloses, and not only that, but so many of her Tweets or blog posts are aimed solely at getting people to offer her goods or services for free.

      She’s awful.

      • I disagree but I know I am in the wilderness on that one. I like her and I like her blog. She seems despised because she puts up unsophisticated recipes or talks about being married — seems way out of proportion to me, and weird, compared to the more serious offences committed by a shitload of other bloggers.

        Just my opinion.

      • I haven’t really noticed that. I mean she has a recipe up right now for a lavendar gin and tonic, DIY pickles, etc., posts about some meal she liked at a restaurant, and that’s pretty typical of her blog content.

        We talked about this before, but I doubt there’s a “lifestyle” blogger out there trying to make a living from blogging who doesn’t have sponsored posts and get free product at times, from The Pioneer Woman on down. EXCEPT FOR US, FOR FUCK’S SAKE! WHERE’S OUR FREE SHIT!??! Anyway, as long as it’s disclosed, it doesn’t bug me.

        My bar is really low for these people. It’s not the shilling that bothers me, it’s the lying about the shilling or concealing it. It’s not the boring nature of some of the blogs that bothers me, it’s rampant narcissism and elitism and insanity, like we see constantly on Donk’s blog, and occasionally on Mary’s and Sheesh’s. And Donk’s endless attempts to self-aggrandize, to snag men, or to terrorize the GFs of exes is what puts her well over the edge for me.

        But that’s just me. I am not trying to sway anyone.

    • Mary and Jordan understand that when companies give them things, it’s so they get cheap publicity. Julia thinks people give her free things because she deserves them.

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