Tee Yay: I am pretty sure he have the retardashe


Hello, peoples. I have been drunk and suckling the nipple of my cow Svetlana for weeks now. And I wake up to this horrify post by the Gay One.

My New Mad Men Styled Hair!! Thoughts???

I give you thought: DO NO STYLE YOUR HAIR LIKE THE TEE VEE SHOWS!!! Do you learn nothing from the one who is fat now and who pretend she is Carrie three point something and now flee the city of the sex in the shame?

Oh, Tee Yay.

You have so much to the learn.

You are no fat now.



  1. It looks like he tries to subtly jut his chin out to give his jaw a more chiseled appearance.

    Teej, it’s okay for a thin gay guy to not have much of a chin. After all, that’s why you grow the facial hair, right?

  2. Also, is this in response to JP professing his love for Jon Hamm? I think ya got a stalker, JP.

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