A Trip Down Memory Lane: “Fuck You Money”


Attention newbies. That’s you, Helena. Since Donkey is either still sleeping or actually doing something productive with her life, I thought today would be a good day to revisit this video gem, just for laughs.


p.s. I’m guessing it’s biology!


  1. FIRST! Yes, Donk is sleeping. It’s only 5pm here on the east coast… not time to meet up with a paying customer yet…

    this video is so hilarious and so embodies who julia is. an awful, striving, shallow, stupid, self-centered, sociopathic, almost-30-yr-old whacko.

  2. Ah, yes. My all time favorite Donkey-ism.

    I am putting on my SMART LADY face cuz I’m SMART and um.. OK, furrow the brow. Yeah, good. OK now look down like I’m thinking real hard SMART SMARTY I AM TOO SMART YES I AM. I’m smart-ballz.

      • When she breaks into that pleased, beatific smile after wrestling out the word “perception,” it’s like watching a blind, blinking mole poke its head from its den and bask ever-so-briefly in the sun before the mouth of the waiting cat behind it descends.

  3. What about the orthorexic bitches who give her free poop juice?

    I can think of ten young female entrepreneurs off the top of my head. She isn’t going to meet people who are doing extraordinary things with their lives by hanging out at Dr. Bobby’s, Ryan Duh-Rye-Ass Salon and huddled over her laptop in the dark.

      • one of the best parts : “I plan to sell Nonsociety within 3-5 yrs”

        What she didn’t say “… for $5 and a stack of old magazines to donate to a women’s shelter”

      • @AFF I know right? Exactly what does she plan to sell? A Tumblr skin/theme? That she didn’t design? UGH ragies.

  4. I kant watch it. I get serious canklehausen with this video. The first time I saw it I had the restart it about 5 times before I could watch it all the way through without quickly closing the browser out of embarrassment for her.

  5. Who does she do these interviews for? Herself? And I got the stabbies after the *snappity snap snap* section.

    • Yes, there are at least three more but it was this one in which she uttered the infamous “fuck you money” and “I’m guessing it’s biology” lines. True Donkey classics.

    • in “off the grid” she claims “i’m a canary in a goldmine”
      oh rilly?
      a donkey in a lladro shoppe more like.
      Clomp, smash, clomp clomp.

      • hmm I rather like the thought of julia as a canary down in a mine. when the carbon monoxide levels get too high, she’ll die first, and her death will warn everyone else to evacuate the mine. it’s a win-win for everyone.

      • oh! I always thought it was a reference to sausage curls durrr

    • … ya, as if they’re SHOCKED that someone SO SUCCESSFUL and FAMOUS would want to spend 2 yrs at a business school. we’re supposed to believe the harvard students were like “you don’t even NEED this degree, julia!! why would you want to waste your time readin’, writin’, and networkin’?”

      what a load of bullshit.

      also, people who get something out of b school don’t go just for the credential

      • They probably meant it more along the lines of “why do you think you can get into this school?”

  6. i love this.

    i’m surprised harvard didn’t consider this a video application and just accept her on the spot.

    • Seriously. All of the best schools just probably didn’t see it yet, otherwise she’d have offers from Oxford and Stanford too.

      My fave video of hers, ever.

  7. This is a classic. Whenever I think about why I find her so loathsome, it comes immediately (SNAP) to (SNAP) mind (SNAP).

    • wow….just wow…. No comparison. Allison is SO trivial…her former employers, boyfriends, friends….all see that.

    • so my soft spot…. with her level of influence at one time, she could have SO EASILY formed communities, activities, forums…etc… for good. She passed. How heart breaking…stabbies.

      • I don’t like it when history is rewritten.

        Julia was never widely liked. She didn’t have a legion of fans who admired her. She got famous on Gawker, primarily for being someone the readers couldn’t stand to hear or read about.

        She was just (and remains) loud, and for a time, her frequency was sharply in tune. She didn’t have any appreciable influence – she just had a good 15 minute bray in a very small spotlight. That’s it.

        She wasn’t any more famous then than she is now, which is not at all. People just didn’t then know why they couldn’t stand her. Now they do.

      • I think she had the media at her beacon, at one point, then in an instant, blew it. She blew ir…her loss. She is so full of herself!

      • Thundercalves, She Are Drink, Delusions of Bradshaw, Mad Yoga Skillz, Super Saggers & Creepy Daddy Issues

        RC is right. However, I think she was probably a little better known when she was on the cusp of some low-level fame, back when she was a TV talking head for Star, which she also shamelessly used to get into parties, get introductions, etc. etc.

      • Basically Julie’s career has been professional toadie from the beginning. She never had influence or supporters. She has been on the receiving end of jokes/cringes/distaste from the beginning.

        She should have not fucked up the Star gig because that was her peak. The rest was just a freakshow for the internet’s entertainment, or ‘performance art’ (snerk) as she likes to assert, facilitated by Nick Denton.

        Basically, a pile of fail from the beginning.

    • great link. i love charlie’s show but hadn’t seen this interview before.

      thank you!

    • Is she related to Robert and Cortney Novogratz of the Bravo show 9 by Design? She looks like them

  8. What’s also amazing about this video is it just show’s just how full of herself and egomaniacal Julia was when NonSociety first launched and she had the prospect of a Bravo reality show. She seriously thought she was hot shit. Now look where she’s at.

    • Oh, in another Big Think vid she said she had *two* pilots at Bravo: “I signed an NDA, but we do have, I have two pilots at Bravo right, so, god damn it, one way or another I’m going to get on that network.”

      Cue “Do You Know The Way to San Jose.”

      • I think. I’m going to have to play Do You Know the Way to San Jose every time I come here now. All. The. Fuck. You. Time.

  9. I have just figured out who Julia is in danger of turning into:



    You thought you were washed up at 30, Julia. Wait until 40 rolls around.

  10. For all those benighted souls who lumber into the RBNS comments section to denounce all and sundry on here as meanies attacking a harmless blogger, I present this video as Exhibit A.

    The defence rests.
    (well the defence could go on and on and on but that’s just overkill.)

    • Honestly though, how dumb is she? Where does she get her ‘statistics’ from? Does she really not think this is a ‘topic of conversation’?! Didn’t she ‘meet’ with Steinem!? What the hell did they talk about then…?! I could give her a list of books/websites/articles to read, as I’m sure you all can…

      Ah, good old biology! Dopamine and cupcakes and healthy juice cleanses!


      • She elbowed her way into a dinner Randi OMG OMG Zuckerberg was having with Steinem in attendance. She massaged it to make it sound as though she, RZ and Gloria had an intimate dinner. But most laughably, she said she grew up reading Ms Magazine — HAHHAHAH! along with Cosmo, I guess!! — and that Steinem was a personal hero.

        No mention if she told Steinem her “expiration date” theory, or how she’s been having shit injected into her face since her mid-20s, or how women let themselves go as soon as they snag husbands.

  11. Wow. Embarrassing. I wonder what Jules thinks when she watches this now (and you know she rewatches all of the videos of her online every couple of days).

  12. That little smirk she gets before she says “presentation and perception.” She is so proud of herself for that one.

    • And when she says, “My business is based UPON…” No, bitch. Your “business” is based ON you being a famewhore. Stop unnecessarily embellishing the English language! It HAS RULES. AND THEY MATTER.

      Sorry, the copy editor in me just had a rage spasm.

  13. This was maybe a year and a half ago, I think. And what got me, even at the time, was the arrogance. To publicly gloat about selling your “business” — teehee!! — when at that point, there was no indication it was going to be anything other than the massive failure that it turned out to be, is just so ineffably, ridiculously, exceptionally arrogant (see what I did there). Same goes with boasting about the Bravo pilots. Stupid and arrogant. Talk about tempting fate.

    “Mistakes were made!”

      • That’s interesting, because I’d say she already looks like she’s in her late thirties in this video.

      • This was ’08?! Wait. When the hell was she pretty, then? Cause I swear she was pretty for a minute at one point. But it’s not here.

      • She dated Lodwick in the fall of ’07. She got dumped around Christmas of that year and has been insane ever since, and the looks have also gone rapidly downhill along with the mind.

      • Thundercalves, She Are Drink, Delusions of Bradshaw, Mad Yoga Skillz, Super Saggers & Creepy Daddy Issues

        Good find, flotsam.

        That was how many noses ago? And how many sizes ago?

      • These were from Fall 08, because they were just after she visited Harvard, sat i on b-school classes immediately pretended she was going to go there.

        Just search ‘Harvard’ on her sadcast — you’ll unearth the b-school crazy by page 2. Also, i am sure she has pages and pages of OMGHARVARD on her sadcast. So pathetic!

        Also, what an idiot. She gets an idea in her head one minute and the next she’s got the megaphone up to lips to blather about it before thinking/considering/reflecting/you get the idea.

      • Yes, and her face looks FROZEN. I don’t think last week was her first trip down Botox Lane.

    • Holy crap. Never saw the rest of those videos. She’s soooo happy to have a camera trained on her so that she can spout whatever bullshit she heard David Karp say.

      Really, Julia? Eventually the teevee and the interwebz are going to become one? Ya don’t say!

      What a fucking idiot.

    • “Viewers are so much more willing to watch low production stuff than anyone realizes.”


      • OMG I saw some of the videos when they came out but not all. Wow, what a comedy gold mine. The user names are coming fast and furious.

  14. that video is gold -i also get the giggles with the one where she has her spethial listhp & talks about having to wear a lot of differwent outfiths becausth the ith a media perthonality. Pearls they’re fwesthwather!!
    oh donkey.

  15. The terrible thing is that she raises what may be a valid point and then demolishes her own, ah, perception of it, if that’s the phrase, with the “biology” bit.

  16. She just comes off as a complete idiot. So they captured her essence well.

    I guess a free pink bike and fake hair is JUST as good as Fuck You Money… right?

    How did that Harvard thing go for her again?

  17. Serious question, out of linguistic curiosity: do you think she coined the “fuck you money” idiom? *Invented* it even, perhaps? (The idea that she invented anything sounds really strange, doesn’t it.) Obviously, I’m not really hip to what goes on in the American vernacular(s), but I’ve heard / read the phrase before. I know for a fact it’s in one book published in 2006 (“The Alphabet of Manliness” by Maddox, I bought it when I was in NYC last year).

    • She did not. It sates to the early 90s and is a term from the London financial world used by, well, exactly the sort of people from London who you’d think would use it.

      • Emmett says he wants “Fuck ’em all money” at some point in the American Queer As Folk, which seems like the kind of place she’d pick up a phrase she obviously thinks is so deliciously naughty.

    • I heard that expression at least 20 years ago. It’s similar to “my number,” i.e. the amount of money a Wall St person wants to bank before quitting. She’s using that expression to mean ‘enough money to say fuck you to everyone.’ but sane people use it to mean enough money to tell their employer to go fuck.

  18. And I might add, I’d be seriously surprised if Maddox adopted anything that came from, or had anything to do with JA.

  19. Wow. She looks incredibly haggard. Pro tip: There’s a difference between arrogance and confidence.

    • Thundercalves, She Are Drink, Delusions of Bradshaw, Mad Yoga Skillz, Super Saggers & Creepy Daddy Issues

      Ha! I almost posted that, but decided to read through the thread and make sure nobody else already did.

  20. I’m actually surprised she’s self-aware enough to recognize that all she wants to get out of business school is a fuck you credential. That’s all she wants from marriage, too. Hell, that’s all she wants full stop. (And she’ll never get it, and she’ll never stop trying. Tragic.)

    • Not self-awareness, just a lack of depth and interests outside of her plastic self.

  21. Can you really imagine telling people who are working towards an MBA (maybe not working that hard, but still…) that 2 years of their life could be reduced to a big fuck you to persons unknown? I’d be like, No, I worked my ass off to get into this Ivy League program, so FUCK YOU!

    • This is her whole problem. No one could ever, ever be in love with her as much as she is in love with herself. It’s not possible.

  22. i bet harvard b school loved hearing that the reason julia wants to go there is because she “has what it takes to create a successful company, (right now!) but she’d love to know some underlying skills” like harvard is some fucking refresher course at the adult learning center. and what’s the point of having some “fuck you credential” if you still are unemployed? is that going to make you feel better while you sit at home with momsers and cry into your pancakes?

  23. If you announce that you’re in it for money, you won’t be successful, because nobody will trust you or want to do business with you.
    Look at the great entrepreneurs of our time. They never talk about making money, they talk about making great products/services.

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