Who The Hell Are These Fools?


It’s a NonSociety party!

Who are those people? I recognize Julie Albertson and that dim bulb sitting behind her, and TJ with his really bad dye job, but who the hell are the rest of them?

Oh yes, of course — it’s a meeting of a group of people who all have blogs that look the same. Of course. What a fascinating start-up company! That JA — she’s a tech founder and a true visionary!


  1. Is Lasagna preggers? She looked like she was a few months pregnant in the pictures dating back to Feb/March/April (the bicoastal cray cray and all that).

    And now, she’s sitting in the back, hidden, like she’s trying to hide.

    Anyone know if she’s pregnant? Or just getting a little plump?

    • That night, they were all tweet-checking each other. Like “On rooftop of INK 48 with the entire @NonSociety crew: @Meghan, @MeganAlagna, @KatrinaSzish, @TJKelly10, @Ipdiane, @Fabulous_Foodie, @Glambr” All of them, all the time. Thrilling, to be sure.

      • Yes, I’m sure it was a lot of taking pictures, then someone tweeting that picture, then everyone else retweeting that tweet, then repeat ad infinitum. Good times, no?

      • it’s their new strategy–if no one else pays attention or re-tweets their stuff, they’re just determined to re-tweet it themselves.

        an endless circle jerk, really. because no one other than them is going to re-tweet any of their useless crap

  2. Didn’t JA say in Chatgate that NS was no longer a “company” but “just a group of women”? Interestingly, that was not long before the number of contributors shot up from the three they’d been stalled at.

    And re. the photo, JA tweeted that the “entire” NS crew was there. Umm…

    And wasn’t Danish Mary “NonSociety CEO” at some point?

    • Maybe they promoted Lasagna from COO to CEO?

      Krystal Kahler snarks about Julia behind her back to other people. I think she still finds Julia amusing, but is definitely not in the same circle or even a friend at this point. Like with Mary, Julia assumes they’re still BFF. Sad.com

      • There is a commenter that says Krystal spills a lot of juice on JA. However, JA and Krystal hung out last week. So, I think Krystal may talk behind her back but she still will throw Julia a bone.

    • Lonely CAT LADIES…

      It was the day when JA stormed RBNS and a Q&A transpired in the chat room.

    • It’s a meeting of Fame Whores Anonymous.

      “Why are we anonymous??? Why? Why? We are not random! We are gifted people!”

  3. Apologies, Julia’s SAT Words. Too quick on the trigger. Appropriate to your name, I need to brush up on my reading comprehension. I thought you were speaking to my “chatgate” reference, when you were clearly referring to the meeting of the NS group.

    • Turn in your report tomorrow or you’re are expelled from Albertson’s School of Schilling.

  4. OT This dress (http://tiny.cc/4dujg) is most definitely playful but sexy, @Oloni !!!! So much so I might have to get it for myself. 😉
    about 3 hours ago via web

    #1) Awww, Julia gives a shout out to the Black Carrie Bradshaw. Cuz’ they all like to shoppe and live in The City. Julia loves all races yo.

    #2) Julia, look at that model in that dress. Now look at you. Now look at the model again. Do you see the problemS (plural)?!?!? http://tiny.cc/4dujg

    • HA HA HA ! The image of them at check time is cracking me up. They probably asked for 97 separate checks and tipped the server 1.50. Unless Meghan ponied up…

  5. The one on TJ’s left looks a lot like Devorah Rose… who looks a lot like Bobby Trendy.

      • it was mostly an insult to bobby trendy.

        i mean, would you really want to be compared to random jersey trash if you were a fabulicious california interior designer like bobby trendy? that comparison to lisa diane is really mean!

  6. I’ve been gone for a while but this wedding bullshit is giving me a case of the ragies and makes me sad for Britt and Allie. IT’S NOT YOUR WEDDING YOU FUCKING TOOL!!!

    “wedding madness going on here … all of it good, thank god!!

    There’s something really special about being under one roof with your entire family … plus, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them all so excited! This is it!!!!!”

    “The very sweet @JuliasMom picked me up from ‘OHare, bubbling about the rehearsal dinner and the Sunday morning brunch. WEDDING WEEK BEGINS!
    10:27 PM Jul 20th via Echofon”

    “Wedding Day practice run … My mom & I just got our makeup done by Karisa – now headed to the talented & gorgeous @rosapalmeri for hair!
    about 17 hours ago via Echofon”

    I didn’t even take off an entire week of work (oh wait….) for my OWN wedding, nor did I get practice run hairstyle or make up done. REALLY not necessary if you’re only a damn bridesmaid. And unless your the maid of honor, best man or a parent is it really necessary to WRITE A SPEECH??!?!

    God, this hick is so fucking tacky. How sad to see that nothing ever EVER changes with this bitch.

    • are wedding day practice runs popular? i’ve never heard of getting hair/makeup test runs. a consultation makes sense but never the whole thing?? so bizarre.

      • I’ve seen it on some – only some – episodes of “Bridezilla.”

      • I had one done months before my wedding to make sure I had found someone who wouldn’t pile on the make-up. I think it is not uncommon at all for brides to do this-it’s just like any other wedding vendor, you want to test them out first. And although I didn’t do this, I know a lot of brides have it done the same day as their bridal photos are taken. But I’ve certainly never heard of bridesmaids or mothers doing trials. Seems expensive and pointless.

        And I took one day off before my wedding, and that was just because I wanted to spend more time hanging out with family I never get to see. I know it’s not like she has anything better to do, but I’m guessing she is just getting in everyone’s way. It’s not like she’d actually do anything useful. I’m definitely getting the Rachel Getting Married vibe from this whole trip.

      • Seriously. I am doing my whole huge ass wedding myself, and I am only taking off 2 days of work. Fuck you, Albertson!!

    • Charlotte: Carrie, you’re right, you have to tell him. But not before the wedding, it’s supposed to be my week.

      Miranda: It’s your day. You get a day. Not a week.

    • You can afford to take as much time off you want when you don’t have a job. Besides, today I’m feeling pity. That practice run is as close as she’s going to get to the real thing. Wouldn’t be surprised if Allie woke up and found Julia in her wedding dress just to “omg, make sure everything is so perfect for you and the little guy.”


    • And this wedding madness is posted at 3 a.m. With a random picture of Blair Waldorf. Oh bunnies. Hang on to your cats. This meltdown is going to be spectacular.

      Although I sort of agree with Ghoulia. There is a very sad and creepy and pitiful feeling to this whole mess and I sort of just end up feeling very sorry for her. There is something very off about her attachment to “The Little Guy.”

    • The funniest thing about “wedding day practice run” was this reply tweet to Donkey:

      PhishChica: @juliaallison OMG Congrats! When is your big day? · Reply · RT

    • her mom’s twitter handle is @JuliasMom?!?!?!?!? that is insane. people only exist to this woman as accessories. it doesn’t matter that she’s also Britt’s mom, even when Britt’s big day is approaching. vomit in the shower.

    • The fact that she’s doing the “practice run” with her mom is sad as hell. Bridesmaids usually do stuff like that all together. I’m thinking Jules will stand out from Allie’s friends who are also in the wedding party…and not in a good way.

      • honestly, sometimes i think well-to-do white people can’t throw away money fast enough. wedding-day practice run for hair and makeup for the mother of the groom and bridesmaid!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK.

      • I agree. I was just in a wedding, and there was a quick “practice run” (aside from the usual rehearsal before the dinner) a few days before the real thing for the bridal party but it was just so we’d have an idea of what it would be like getting from house-to-cars-to-church-etc without forgetting anything. And everyone was in flip flops and ponytails and drinking canned champagne. It was FUN. Julia does not have fun.

        Oh yeah, and we did our own makeup too. I don’t understand the concept of getting someone else to do your face before a wedding unless that’s the norm for you and you only ever wear makeup when someone else applies it. I mean, hair, sure, because I’m not regulary giving myself an updo or anything, but makeup? Thanks, my mom taught me how to apply it for both day and evening without looking like a whore. No Clinique lady necessary.

        Yes, so much of weddings is a big waste of cash, and I LOVE wasting cash, so that’s saying a lot.

      • Never heard of a practice run outside of the rehearsal dinner. How hard is it to get into a car and go to church? I guess some brides really want to leave nothing to chance. Seems controlling to me.

      • Thundercalves, She Are Drink, Delusions of Bradshaw, Mad Yoga Skillz, Super Saggers & Creepy Daddy Issues

        SJS, more than just a practice run, it’s a chance for the bride and her friends to have some fun and make an impromptu party out of it.

  7. Reading the paper today, I came across a fascinating article about Ossining, NY—Don Draper’s hometown. And the probable reasons that Julia doesn’t “get” or even like Mad Men….

    “One of Cheever’s most prominent themes is that things are not what they seem….” “Things tend to be the opposite of what they seem, the way we see that in Don Draper, this yawning gap between the seeming contentment of life and the desperation that exists beneath the illusion.”

    These themes of quiet desperation are too close for comfort with Julia…sad.com that she either is unaware of the subtlties or willfully chooses to turn-away from something too close to home.

    “The main theme that intersects with Cheever is the idea that amid the sort of compulsory happiness and prosperity of the Westchester (Chicago?) suburbs is a lot of unhappiness and desperation”

    • I hate Cheever and all those whiny middle aged suburban foreskin-gazers. Suck it up, asses. Running the world is not enough for you? It’s hard out here for a white male!

      off topic. Sorry.

    • I grew up in the town adjacent to Ossining, NY. This was a great article and I appreciate the connection you’re making.

  8. Off topic… but, I’m cleaning up my office and have the TV on, listening to the Today show. There was just a woman on who has planned her entire wedding and has everything set for a specific date… but doesn’t have a groom. The link isn’t working, but it’s projecthusband.com.

    Um, smell like anyone we know? I can totally see her doing something like this.

    • OMG did you read her blog posts?? This girl is never never never never going to find a husband this way!

      • “I’m pretty sure that the guy I marry will love the iPhone as much as I do. ” HOW FUCK!!!!!

      • ‘I have to say I feel a little nervous about the fact that my wedding date is fewer than 7 months away.’

        Uh, she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet right?

    • I imagine you are familiar with the great show “French and Saunders.” One of their best skits was pretty much this storyline–a dual wedding being planned to the last (revolting) detail by two girls who had yet to achieve Step 1.–“acquire boyfriends.” For those unfamiliar with the show it’s worth a look.

    • That is truly the saddest thing ever. This woman is planning to meet and marry her husband by February? I would laugh and think it’s a joke, but she is planning to set the date to coincide with her grandparents’ anniversary. Gives me the genuine sadz. I would actually love to hear what Single Julie has to say about the quest.

  9. The saddest thing is this line: “There’s something really special about being under one roof with your entire family … plus, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them all so excited! This is it!!!!!”

    She’s not excited. Trust. This was supposed to be her day. She is jealous as fuck.

    • Also, she’s groom’s side. Groom’s side before the big day is usually chill. It’s the bride’s side that works themselves into a frenzy because the bride’s side usually has the bulk of the planning.

      I’m betting that Britt just wants this day over with, he’s smart enough to know that the wedding day isn’t the important part, the marriage is. His sister is obsessed with weddings because even though she has the rare gift of having two parents that are still together and seem content with each other she’s too dim to realize what goes into making a marriage work. She’ll be one of those hysterical brides who obsesses for a solid year over every stupid detail and is then miserable six months after the wedding.

      • Maybe the groom’s side is making a big deal out of everything (brunches, trial beauty runs for Momsers, etc.) because they sort of get the feeling Julia will not be getting married anytime soon, if ever. Maybe it’s their one shot to engage in some wedding hoopla.

        “This is it” indeed.

      • My guess is that since Julia’s family has some social status they have a big hand in making things crazier than they normally would be for a groom’s family. Is Allie even from IL?

      • allie is also from the same area, winnetka. she went to new trier too. i’m sure her family isn’t too far off from the baugher’s “social status” (ha! the bouquet residence!) or money.

      • Didn’t Britt and Allie meet in high school? I assume she was from IL at one point or another.

        And how fuck with the “all under one roof”? She’s under their roof every other month, and they were just together at Christmas, if not more recently than that. Hers isn’t like most spread out families, where you really truly aren’t all together (even just sibs/parents) until funerals or weddings. They see each other all the fucking time.

    • HaHa! Julia’s posts are making me laugh today. She’s trying to convince herself that she’s really, really, really excited by using too many exclamation points. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also: I don’t like TJ anymore.

    • it’s weird, bc artax, emily, and melissa kondak aren’t there… and laura is in CA… but they’re saying everyone was there. kind of rude.

      so the picture is actually missing 4 people, but saying “everyone” was there. (brant and katrina came after that picture was taken, i understand)

    • We sure do…..God I am slightly obsessed with this sight. You all should come into the salon and GET GLAM with us!! I am infiltrating this site I wanna be a part of it!! and I want you to all be a part of my Fab world.. Lets all be friends…hahaha FUCKING LOSERS

      • I smell a…DANCE OFF!!
        For reals TJ, relax and don’t take it all so seriously! We don’t!
        Have a great day!!!!! (-:

      • after reading this, wow, to answer @Freeloading Musketeers:

        yes, he really is this stupid. i mean, he blogs with the Tacky Midwestern One, so it makes sense, right?

      • Or, I hope, advertise it by getting himself a shirt that says “Peltmaster”. Coined by a snark site (see that, TJ?). Like it’s a good thing. Because all your high end clients want their thousand dollar extensions to be referred to as “pelts”.

    • Noo He doesn’t those are my pelt you silly homo. I Own them Duh!! Cant believe you don’t have a set..shocking. I get a discount if you would like some of your own. Btw quick question is it hard to wipe all my precum off your face since your always on my dick?

      • JP Baby I said on my dick not riding it, pay attention, ok…lapping at it like a thristy pug…thats the kinda dog you would be all smushed face breathing heavy ya kno. I will agree with you though Safe Sex or No Sex.

      • wow.

        TEE JAY KELLY you sure do bring the baroquely capitalized, hyper-misspelled, incoherent gutter wherever you go. I hope you stick around forever.

        JP you rock m/

      • TJ….this is not a gay porn site. If you want to play in the sandbox with us here, then raise your game to our level.

      • It’s times like these that “vomiting in the shower” takes on a certain concrete appeal.

    • whos taking it seriously?? Not me Gurl…like I said I Just want to be a part of the Reblogging Site!! You talk about us soo thought I could join the fun….kinda like dumpster diving :0 Ohhhh SNAP Silly Bitch

      • TJ, did you graduate highschool? I hate to snark on grammar, but reading your stuff is just painful. Why do you indiscriminately capitalize words mid sentence?

      • To be honest No I didnt graduate highschool, I dropped out and got my GED. Here is the deal though if its painful dont read it, get a life of your own. People who read my lifecast LOVE it I get tons of LOVE. Any other ??s And stalker I here for goo no worries. I want to bring sunshine everywhere I go. I really would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see pictures of all of you, put faces with the cleverly picked out nicknames. Soo adorable.

      • TJ, we would all LOVE to hear some dirt, that would be the best way to spread sunshine and laughter around these parts.

      • awesome!

        Teej, I am old & fat & live in Kentucky, I think that should tell you enough.

      • Ohh god what dirt would you like?? And no its not a porn site its a dumpster. And just so you all know I am in a program of recovery I was an alcoholic and a pothead, never Crystal though 😉

      • I figured you were a friend of Bill. You should talk about that aspect of your life instead of all the stereotypical gay shit you jizz on the internet. It would make for a much more interesting and engaging read.

      • My point, dear boy, was that your overly descriptive cum guzzling digs at JP are disgusting to read. We get dirty here, sure, but that’s going a bit too far.

        If you want to say, I respectfully request that you clean it up some. I’m fine with your odd capitalization and grammar, though. That’s just funny.

      • you know I actually am working on getting to that it is part of the reason I am sooo enthusiastic about LIFE now. Lifecasting is a journey though and a new one for me so we will get deeper as we move forward. And The gay SHIT I like. The Gay SHIT is why I like my life and it isnt necessarily Gay, just deemed that by society. I Like what I Like. Here is a thought you all should get lives of your own and not have a site were all you do is steal other peoples posts and tear them up it totally sad and depressing. It shows what kind of people you are. Truly Insecure

      • TJ they teach you this in AA which applies to you in this situation.

        “God grant me the serenity
        to accept the things I cannot change;
        courage to change the things I can;
        and wisdom to know the difference.”

        You might want to call your sponsor.

      • And this is a perfect example of why amateurs – even ones who are enthusiastic about life and love gay shit – should never cross swords with JP. And I mean that in the non gay sense of crossing swords.

      • Okay, “it’s not a porn site, it’s a dumpster” (proper punctuation my own) was pretty good. Full credit where it’s due, right?

    • TOO LATE!
      When I am old, I shall wear purple … velour Juicy Couture track suits.

      Conveniently, I *already* own a purple velour Juicy Couture tracksuit. Geriatrics, here I come!

      • Thundercalves, She Are Drink, Delusions of Bradshaw, Mad Yoga Skillz, Super Saggers & Creepy Daddy Issues

        Well, she’s already closing in on having an old lady face.

      • *spins around endlessly*


      • George Costanza did it first, but in velvet, because he’s klassy…
        “I would love to be ensconced in velvet.”

  10. God, having a boyfriend has caused TJ to go completely ’round the bend. He’s acting like a giddy fool. Such a letdown. I thought he was sweet and fun. Turns out he’s just a tacky, dumb ho like Julia.

    • Ohhh DONKERs I am sweet and fun. However when you have a site that is dedicated to tearing you apart it goes out the window ya know. Like I said though I enjoy this site. None of you are original I make fun of myself for all the things you have. Thing is YOU dont know me to really do it. Soo I want to get acquainted and get more personal with you all. Let be friends Promise it will be fun

      • TJ, that’ll only work if you tell us all the horrible inside dirt you know about the odious Julia Allison. So: dish, girl!

      • I really have a question TJ: why do you blog? You obviously don’t like to read, or write (not judging, just observing) or else you would take it more seriously. Your life is unsepctacular – I mean, you do nails in a salon and you’re gay. So what? You do not appear to have a good sense of humor. You’r enot a deep thinker, by that I mean, you have no particular world-view (you’re not sharing the thought sof high-school drop out with the world, you’re not sending the dispacthes of a youn anti-capitalist in the belly of the beat or anything)
        So why share? What’s the burning need?

        And you didn’t just start blogging. You joined a site that has declared it wants big page views and wants to be considered a business. Is it just, really, that you crave attention? For no reason? I’m really asking here: is it just pure carcissim? You wnat to turn on that screen and see yourself staring back at you?

        (oh, and one piece of honest advice: do not try to mix it up on the reblogging sites. It will end up hurting you and your feelings, and you will look stupid, and you will lose. Ask Julia. Ask Emily Gould. Ask Mary. Ask anyone. It’s an amateur mistake)

      • FlatFace I am doing it to document my journey. So far what I have given is surface I will admit. I am funny and extremely intelligent, super cute entertaining blah blah blah and my feelings cant be hurt lovey and you are the ones that look stupid and pathetic hahaha. ? for you are you attractive in anyway? do you have morals? are you insecure? sit alone at lunch in highschool? did mommy not hug you?

      • I think you forgot to add “delusional” to your list of why you’re so amazing.

        And if you admit that most of your “content” has been surface so far, why do you care so much that we’re making fun of you? You put your “journey” out there for people to judge. So we are judging.

      • I dont care that you make fun of me. I never stated that did I?? I just would rather you post your hatred and ??s on my page.

      • Kudos for documenting your journey and all. I really mean that.

        But “super cute” is a highly sujective and, unforunately for you, “extremely intelligent” has already been disproven.

      • It’s all well and good to document your journey. But perhaps part of your journey will include learning that there is more to life than being “super cute,” that there is more to a person than whether they are “attractive in any way.”

      • But I don’t want to post my comments on your blog. It’s boring and no one else comments there.

        Here I get to snark with other funny, intelligent people. So thanks, but no thanks.

      • Thundercalves, She Are Drink, Delusions of Bradshaw, Mad Yoga Skillz, Super Saggers & Creepy Daddy Issues

        TJ, if you’re serious about documenting your journey, then STEP AWAY FROM THE DONKEY.

        Seriously, man, the only reason she brought you into her low-rent shill is because she wants access to your boss and his reality show stint. And she’s long wanted an “expert gay” for her site, and you are playing right into the stereotype she craves.

        You seem like an inherently nice guy, but if you stick with this crap, you won’t be.

      • the site is about julia (mostly). you’re only a mistrel to us, which is exactly what you are to Julia Baugher. if you have a problem with that, i’d take it up with her first.

        or maybe you dont realize she views you as a minstrel?

      • FlatFace I am doing it to document my journey. So far what I have given is surface I will admit. I am funny and extremely intelligent, super cute entertaining blah blah blah

        I find this comment so sad and delusional, that I think I am myself sad and delusional.

        What the fuck journey are you documenting? How funny and extremely intelligent are you? Read quotes from Shakespeare and get back to me.

        Please send me photos where you are super cute.

        Jesus fucking christ how fucking entitled are you, you nail painting person, extremely intelligent life form.

  11. Here is a helpful hint.

    The use of graphic sexual terms and descriptions of related acts in blog postings, comments, etc., is a great way to scream HELLO I HAVE THE SEX LIFE OF A TREE.

    I just though I’d put that out there.

  12. You know what TJ? Julia Allison is a nasty, self-obsessed, manipulative, lying pig, and it really gets old when people come in here (like you have just done) and talk about what meanies/losers/haters/etc we are. Some people deserve to be knocked down a few pegs, and Donkey Fucking Allison is one of those people.

    • No one deserves that and Facts Rae Facts you are Losers. YOU dont know her hahaha You dont know any of us. And its out of insecurities you do this. That and jealousy. I use to deal with people like you in highschool scared boys who were mean and vicious. I can take it I just honestly was bored today and wanted to engage and share my feelings.

      Plus I really want a Date with JP no lies

      • Get in line, bitch! He’s mine! He just hasn’t met the right girl yet!!!!!! Granted, I’m not her, but whatever!!!!

      • If no-one deserves it, why are you calling us Stupid Bitches? Shouldn’t you be more loving, like you’re telling us to be?

      • TJ, I’m going to type this real slow, so maybe you can follow.

        If you come in here and call us jealous losers, then you are doing the exact same thing you say we do to you. You are better off staying away, or at least keeping your mouth shut.

      • We’ve been over this before with the others, TJ, but just so you’re clear:

        NO ONE here is jealous of you, your life, or your random blog in any way, shape, or form.

        That’s just lazy thinking on your part. Yawn.

      • omg. will you people please stop coming in here and say we don’t know her. WE KNOW HER. we’ve met her, we’ve worked with her, we’re her “friends.” Jesus. like he thinks we’re sitting here making this shit up.

      • Facts Rae was on the Facts of Life.
        Gosh, Jacy, you are SO STUPID.

        Oops, that was Charlotte Rae. I’m losing my mind from hanging out with all of you jealous people. 🙁

      • I would like to think that Fact Rae Facts is the distant cousin of Rae Dawn Chong. She’s a female rapper who works part-time at an asshole-waxing salon and is the cunt bomb, yo.

      • TJ, as a recovering addict, you should probably avoid sites like this. It’s going to bring back the same feelings you had in HS–the same feelings that led you to alcohol/pot in the first place.

        I’m not saying you can avoid ALL criticism, but why invite extra criticism? Why go out of your way and talk to the “haters”.

        And yes, many of us have met Julia at one time or another. I met her 5 yrs ago, she was vile then, but we were young so it was excusable. Now, not so much.

        Also, even her own “friends” dish the dirt on what a tacky horrible person she is. LOL @ you thinking it’s only RBNS.

    • I actually have a serious question for TJ. How can he not be offended that Julia Allison asked him to be part of NonSociety simply because she wanted an “expert gay?” She has never not treated gays like the stereotypes that she believes they are: the hairstylist, that fashion queen.

      She obviously doesn’t know what the gay worldview is, actually any worldview outside of her own.

      You can say that you are blogging, and it is called “blogging,” sweetheart, not “lifecasting,” to change people’s perspectives on what it’s like to be a young gay man in America today, but you have been doing it for a couple of months now, and all we have seen is a minstrelsy sideshow: Robyn! Hot guys! Fire Island! Hooking up with strangers! Parties! Kissing ass to gay micro-celebs so I can be on the teevees!

  13. Ha!! Loving the new screen name “Truly Insecure.” Reading TJ’s comments is time-consuming. It’s like deciphering some mysterious code.

  14. I gotta call my sponsor this has not been spiritual of me at all. Should not have played in this playground. Oh well you take the good..ya take the bad and yeah this was just bad. No fun back to the land of the pretty people who have interesting fun lives. DEUCES

  15. His behavior reminds me of someone…

    “HAHA, BITCHES, I’m awesome and you suck! … Anyone want to fuck me? How about now? NOW? … This wasn’t spiritual of me at all!!”


  16. Anyway, back on the original topic…

    FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Julia Allison, Patmyass Lickme, Floating Severed Head of Grinning Death, Debbie Does Detroit, Manface McWhalecalves, Little Bobby Brillo! ™ Spokesperson! for Brillo Pads!, Random Van Blonde.

    Photographed at the New York branch of the Wonder Hotel Chain. If you have a good time–it’s a Wonder!

  17. sarahchristine: @juliaallison you know it’s not YOUR wedding right?

    @sarahchristine – WHAT?!! IT’S NOT!?!?! crap. I better return the giant white dress then.

    self-deprecating: UR DOING IT RONG.

    • It’s only self-deprecating if your readers DON’T think you actually do have a giant white dress. I’m betting that she’s already had her mother’s “vintage 60s frocke” altered to include a poofy A-line and a giant train.

    • Oh hey guys! That’s me! (sarahchristine)

      I think it’s cute that JABA is getting married this weekend. I hope her ghost groom enjoys himself.

      • Hi sarahchristine….I loved your tweet to wannabe bride, Julia Allison. Her response back to you was typical Donkey: “See I can be funny, too, everyone!” She’s not only a boner-killer, she’s a laughter-killer.

  18. Do all the nonsociety members really deserve this? You don’t know if they are bad people. This has gone too far…

    • Just so you know, for the most part we ignore most of the NonSociety members because they are insanely boring. We only bring them up when they do something amazingly stupid.

  19. You all don’t even know all of these people, yet you are really really mean to them and put them down. NOT RIGHT.

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