Julia and Sheesh: Declaring War on Former Fan Girl Sheryl


Some of you RBNS newbies may not remember Sheryl Spencer. She originally was a big fan of JA and NonSociety, and the girls gave her the odd shoutout during TMI Weakly segments. But Sheryl turned on them quickly and hilariously when she started paying close attention to the shit show, lack of work ethic, lack of accountability, refusal to accept criticism, etc. etc. etc.

Seems she pissed Sheesh off, and Donk is chiming in with more of her “I AM A VICTIM!” bullshit. Wonder how that therapy session went, if she bothered to show up for it at all.

“Please reflect before you judge”

Katrina’s right – be careful about judging other people’s careers, love or family lives: we ALL have obstacles, many of which aren’t obvious to an outside observer.  Just remember – you wouldn’t want anyone else to judge YOU!  Fill in whatever cliche you want here, but something about walking a mile in another’s shoes (or Louboutin heels, in this case) would be my pick. 😉

PS. Anyone who says TV segments aren’t work has never done a TV segment.

Reader Sheryl:

Ummmm, shyeah…rock on then, Katrina, you glamazon, you! I kinda love it when busy career gals-on-the-go like her just lay it all out with a, “Listen, SORRY I haven’t blogged in a few days, but I have a BUSY LIFE that doesn’t always allow me that luxury, mmmkay dorks?!”

Katrina responds:

Hey Shamelessly Sheryl!

I can’t help but respond to your comments about my post. Wow! It seems you are looking for the worst…

My job is as a freelance TV correspondent, so I’m not trying to be a glamazon.  Just as you purport to be on your blog description, I am being “shamelessly real.”  This is what I do to pay the rent. This is what I have worked my butt off to do since graduating from Harvard over 10 years ago, not withstanding waitressing jobs, internships and assistant positions.  This is not luck, but rather the result of years and years of hard work.  And, yes, I LOVE my job, and I’m thrilled about it’s trajectory, but it is still my job.  I only share such details with readers to let everyone know I’m not slacking on blogging — just sharing that things are going really well and I’m really busy, and really lucky.

And, believe it or not, most TV appearances are NOT paid. Really. Truly. Of the thousands of appearances I have done over the past 5 years,  I’d estimate that at least 95% are not paid — unless you have a contract with a network, which is rare (although I certainly wish that was not the case!)

Please look before you leap, and reflect before you judge.

I’m being an honest lifecaster/blogger/person/whatever and am sharing my daily reality in as honest a way as possible. And, based on the description of your blog, it seems as if that is exactly what you’re trying to do, which means we’re in the same boat!

That said, let’s support each others’ pursuits rather than assuming the worst or scoffing at our mutual efforts to achieve happy, successful lives, or making snarky comments.  Imagine how much stronger we would all be if we all chose to be positive.


  1. Okay, why is she wearing 2 pairs of suede shoes in the spring? There’s a reason they were on sale.

    Secondly, I don’t really care about Katrina’s response. Julia, just shut up already. You’re just sad that even Sheryl is over you and not commenting on your blog…oh but wait, you still can’t figure out those tricky comments.

    • So let me get this straight…. Katrina graduated from Harvard and the highest career aspirations she had was to be a freelance TV correspondent? A job that is 95 percent unpaid? Am I missing something here?

      Showing up on various shows to offer your opinions on irrelevant issues is something to be proud of? All of her classmates at Harvard probably laugh at what a miserable failure she turned out to be. She is almost 40 years old and this is how she decided to use her Harvard education? What a waste.

      Since when did the opinions of a rapidly aging, close to 40 woman become relevant on issues concerning fashion? Your modeling days are long gone Katrina. Get the memo and let younger, still attractive women take your place. Nobody wants to hear, or see for that matter, a woman your age still acting like you are 21. It is sad to watch.

      • If she’s almost 40, then she graduated more like 20 years ago, not 10.

        Fucking pathetic.

      • “Since when did the opinions of a rapidly aging, close to 40 woman become relevant on issues concerning fashion? Your modeling days are long gone Katrina. Get the memo and let younger, still attractive women take your place.”

        I think Katrina’s attitude is repellant and freelance TV corresponding (is this a word? I don’t care) is pretty laughable, but there’s no need to get all age-ist about it. So what if she’s 40?

      • These girls invariably end up pulling shit like this – jordan gets defensive, Mary flips on the attention she gets (or lack of it) often. It’s really an unappealing tactic and not endearing. It really says the most about their own insecurities. If they can’t handle putting their stuff out publicly and being parsed and criticized for their online personaes then maybe they are better off keeping their “expertise” limited to family and friends.
        I’ve always thought Katrina a cold fish and hadn’t checked her contributions to nonsociety in a while. Her diatribe towards Sheryl was repulsive.

      • IDK, the problem is that a woman of her age (which is also mine) shouldn’t be pretending that she’s 20 years younger. We are not kids anymore, and we shouldn’t dress, talk, act like kids anymore. I’m not saying that we should get all matronly, but most of us do realize that we’re not fooling anyone if we try to make like we’re in our early 20s.

        On another level, it’s kind of sad that with her education, being freebie filler on cable news and entertainment is the best she could achieve, after all these years.

      • It’s not misogyny or ageism, but calling out a grown woman who is trying to get famous by acting like someone young enough to be her child. It’s unattractive, and she doesn’t fool anyone (other than herself).

        Those of us who are K-Sheesh’s age don’t give a shit about the stuff she goes on TV and on her blog(s) to talk about, and the young women to whom she’s trying to relate don’t buy it.

        That’s all.

      • This has nothing to do with age and gender, but everything to do with the fact that she’s demanding respect for adding absolutely no value to anyone’s life at all.

        She treats the nonsociety blog like her own personal myspace page. Sorry, but you don’t get respect by posting constant inane threads of “here a pic of me in the mirror” like a teenage myspace profile.

        And adding value doesn’t mean “here’s a dress I like”, or “omg, shoes with flowers…so FUG!” type of posts either. Where is the intelligence in any of that.

        People don’t respect you for for going to Harvard. They respect you for doing something impactful or intelligent, and showing us that dresses and sandals are “in” this spring (duh) achieves neither. Working harder for little pay or recognition for this long doesn’t show intelligence either. Smart people figure out how to do something differently when doing the same thing over and over again doesn’t get them results.

        She wants respect? If she’s so good at what she does, why doesn’t she share tips or trade secrets, or show how women can dress for an interview, or how to make your current wardrobe feel fresh again, or ANYTHING? Her own website and her nonsociety blog do nothing but tell everyone how great she is without showing any of her knowledge or why anyone should respect her.

        At least all her hard work getting all those tv spots for no pay got her a really long video demo reel. Whoopee.

      • Who says that anyway? “Since graduating X school bla bla” What a fucknut she is. No one cares where you went to school honey.

      • Wow, what a disgusting opinion. Granted, I’m a rapidly aging late twentysomething, but the last person I want to hear the opinions of is some vain 21 year old who thinks she knows anything about anything.

        Is this a serious statement? “Since when did the opinions of a rapidly aging, close to 40 woman become relevant on issues concerning fashion?”

        Um…pretty much everyone whose opinions on fashion counts is over 40.

      • XX: Why does anyone want to hear what some middle age or older woman thinks about fashion? Look at them in the mirror. Would anyone want to look like them? Does it not seem strange to you when old women are commenting like they are the authority on what girls in their 20s should wear? How the hell would they know what is popular and in style?

        Take Katrina for example. She is 38 years old, tries to dress/act like she is 20, and actually think that her opinions concerning fashion and style are relevant to young women. Who in their right mind puts any credence into her opinions on what is “hot” or “on trend” or whatever other dumbass phrase she had to go to Harvard to learn?

        Take her fashion advice if you want to. You would be the only one who does though.

      • I think this entire thread goes to show that there are people of any age who think they are experts and that we should listen to them and are stupid enough to hitch their wagon to the donkey.

        I hate people.

      • Ah, meghan, you’re totally right, who would want to take Anna Wintour’s, or Grace Coddington’s fashion advice? Ewwwww. Or Carine Roitfeld, or Jenna Lyons? Totally gross and old! How could they possibly know what’s popular and in style? Why would I want to look like those saggy hags? I want to dress like Miley Cyrus, she’s so young and unlined, so she must be fabulous!

        That aside, I have no idea why people keep saying Katrina dresses like she’s 20. She covers her tits and ass and she wears interesting clothing that isn’t Forever 21ish. Unlike Miss Julie Applestein, who has not cleared the age appropriate hurdle yet. I don’t read her blog or anything, and I think it’s obnoxious to bring up what college you went to in almost any discussion, but the lady is generally fairly innocuous and I have no beef with her.

      • Women close to 40 have long past the expiration date for acting like and trying to pander to those half their age.

      • xx: The dyke hair cut loser Katrina goes on shows and talks about young stars like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers etc. like she is still a fucking teenager and she offers her worthless opinion on people who are literally half her age like she is still in high school. That is the whole fucking point dumbass. She is 20 years older than them!!!!!!

        Why the hell do these pointless talking heads like Katrina show up on all these fucking shows and blabber on about irrelevant issues? Do they think that anyone actually gives a shit about what the hell they are talking about? They are always middle aged ugly women who are yapping their lips about young girls like their opinion matters. Guess what? It doesn’t.

        I have no problem with “older women.” I have a problem with with older women like Katrina whose ego is so out of control that she literally wrote her own wikipedia page. I have never read a more nauseating wikipedia page in my life. Disgusting.

      • “The dyke hair cut loser Katrina…”

        I’m w/ JP … the ageism & homophobic stereo-typing (IE: short hair = dyke remarks) are beyond disgusting …

        What? Do ya’ll still point & stare at handicapped people as well?

        Not unlike Julia Donkey Allison, some of you cretins need to grow the fuck up & learn more than a few things beyond the ends of your own noses. Seriously.

    • To Julia The Saggy Titted Narcissist:

      You have a point. The fact that she’s a 40something and doing freebie talking head bits on TV that any blonde, cornfed Midwestern could snag? Not exactly the apotheosis of a Harvard education.

      • “Since graduating from Harvard over 10 years ago…”

        I like how she conveniently throws in that she graduated from Harvard and how she simply says, “over ten years ago.” Of course, Betty White could also say that turned 21 over ten years ago and it would still be technically right I guess.

        You aren’t fooling anyone with your age Katrina. Just because you personally edit your wikipedia page and take out your age, you clearly look your age of close to 40.

        Furthermore, could you make your wikipedia page less vomit inducing with your edits? It is painfully obvious that you wrote the entire thing and your unfounded sense of accomplishment and your huge ego are out of control. I couldn’t stop laughing at how pathetically obvious it was that she wrote the entire thing.

        If you have to resort to writing your own wikipedia page, you aren’t famous enough to have one. Pure comedy.

      • Wow, surprised no one has edited out her glowing adjectives in her wiki page. “Groundbreaking thesis!” “Adorable brood of pets!”

        Barf. Can it be any more obvious that her bio is self-written.

      • Please Ms Szish, do publish the “Groundbreaking Thesis” on your tumblr. I would like to see this work of staggering genius in amongst all those extraordinary pictures of erm…shoes.

      • Since the narcissistic Harvard grad literally spent hours posting 100 comments, why doesn’t she edit her wikipedia page so it isn’t so utterly and completely pathetic? I mean seriously…. I have never read a wikipedia page where it was so glaringly obvious that it was self-written by its subject.

        She is 38 and the most she has accomplished is showing up on random shows to talk about shoes, or the latest celebrity fuckup? Are you kidding me? That is called career failure. Even worse, most of the time when her short dyke haircut shows up on tv it is to talk about some teeny bopper celebrity like Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers who are literally half her age. Totally pathetic.

        My favorite part of her wikipedia page is when her husband is described as a “former J Crew Model and Dartmouth Graduate?” Are you fucking serious? Is she is middle school?

  2. Fuck you, Julia. Every talking head appearance you make is to pass judgement on celebrities or situations that you crowdsource that same day.

    All of this boils down to Julia saying “don’t judge me”.

  3. just saw this and totally remember sheryl from the old days. she used to argue us down and stick up for NS back on the QOTD battles. my how things have changed.

  4. Out of curiousity, I checked out Sheryl’s blog and the remaining text from that post that Katrina didn’t include.

    I didn’t really get a snarky vibe or feel like Sheryl was really even attacking Katrina…..

    These girls are choosing to play the victim here (naturally) in another attempt to be all “Look, we have so many haters.”

    (newb here, btw. I was never really a Julia fan per se, but lately she has pushed me over the edge with her desperation. I’m proud to join the army of cat ladies here.)

    • I was just going to say the same thing, after checking out sheryl’s post. if anything she might be misinformed but she wasn’t being snarky or mean lol. what makes it worse is jules jumped on the bandwagon after katrina read her her rights. wtf.

    • Yeah, it wasn’t snarky at all. She’s just saying she wishes her reasons for not blogging as often were as glamorous as Katrina’s. It was a “*Sigh*, wish that were me!” post, not the “Fuck you, yal don’t do any work!” post that they took it as. Unless she emailed Sheesh dissing her in addition to this, I don’t see where the negativity was.

    • Exactly! I read Sheryl’s little blurb as praise.

      These women are incredibly insecure, damn. You’d think that (read: I HOPE that) women become comfortable enough in their own skin by their late 20s / 30s not to read everything as an attack.

      Grow up Julia and That Other One.

      • At least in Julia’s case, the reaction is perfectly understandable – if you live in a passive aggressive dimension where even compliments are always backhanded, it’s all to easy to read whatever the rest of the world has to say with that exact frame of reference. Don’t know about that other one, but whoever links themselves to NS must have a dark corner in their soul.
        People who are ugly themselves tend to see only ugly things.

  5. Also — I have done TV segments. It ain’t that fucking difficult if you know your stuff, you’re not talking out of your ass and you’re not a braying maniac who won’t let anyone else get a word in edgewise or even allow the host to finish asking the fucking question.



  6. My job is as a freelance TV correspondent,

    And, yes, I LOVE my job, and I’m thrilled about it’s trajectory

    And, believe it or not, most TV appearances are NOT paid. Really. Truly. Of the thousands of appearances I have done over the past 5 years, I’d estimate that at least 95% are not paid.

    Just so I have this straight, she is a TV correspondent, she LOVES IT, and 95% of her work is uncompensated.

    I can see why she was a fit for NonSociety.

    • So her goal was to be an unpaid tv correspondent? How does she support herself if 95% of her work is unpaid? So weird.

      • It’s trajectory? Bahahaha. It’s trajectory is that this is the kind of work that 18 year old interns are supposed to be doing, not middle age women who should be nearing the pinnacle of their careers. At this rate, the apex of her career will be when she turns 65. Oh wait, isn’t that when you are supposed to retire? I guess she will just be a miserable failure her whole life.

  7. Long time reader, first time commenter because I just had to say something about this. Slightly O/T, but I was utterly horrified while watching the CBS evening news tonight (I know, I know), and during a segment about Youtube’s 5th birthday, who appears to stink up my TV screen but JBray? She made some remarkably uninsightful comment that I can’t even remember now, but it was enough to make me ill. Thankfully, she wasn’t dressed like a 10th grader going to her first prom OMGBETSYJOHNSON!, so there’s that.

    I don’t live in NYC, so this is the first time I’ve ever seen her on the small screen. At first I didn’t even notice the name at the bottom of the screen, but then the bray – oh, the bray! It was surreal moment – to quote George Costanza: “the worlds are colliding!” I couldn’t help myself, I blurted out “that woman is a cow!” My boycat glanced at me briefly, but didn’t question, thank god. All the while, I kept thinking, how stupid does CBS have to be to give this fraud a second of screentime? I guess she bowled them over with resume of internet fameballing and lies, but still. Fact check much? Also, doesn’t this bitch usually get by on impersonating an NBC reporter? Anyway, I’m sure Donk will be celebrating her CBS appearance tonight as she jacks off to her own reflection as per usual. GAG.

  8. Since when is Julia anywhere near…. “graduating from Harvard over 10 years ago, not withstanding waitressing jobs, internships and assistant positions. This is not luck, but rather the result of years and years of hard work.”

    Hard work? Julia? Waitressing jobs and internships? Have I missed something?

    Way to jump on the bandwagon, sugar.

      • No, I understood. But Julia was right up on there like ‘YEAH! ME TOO! I am in the same boat!’

        One foot on the bandwagon, trying REAL hard to hop on in.

        It was just ridiculous that Julia was smugly me-tooing that whole post, when her idea of ‘hard work’ is getting up at 10:00 am.

  9. The way her hair, I mean, her extensions are covering her armpits is giving me the creeps. So gross.

    • The hair is just so unflattering. It is disgusting. I can’t see how she could pay the money she does for them (or are the pelts comped? Either way, desperately time for a new look).

      • The hair is really, really bad. It’s no better than Mary’s hay hair before she finally cut it off.

        Just so dated and it actually ages her. Imagine if she chopped it off and had a shoulder-length bob? It’d look a million times better, and she’d look 10 years younger.

  10. Really Juiler, really don’t judge hmmm… who was that other TV presenter you called “a nobody” recently?

    Filming TV segments FOR FREE as a woman of leisure is not work you field donkey. And yes I have done TV Your Royal Donkeyness, I’ve also done loads of “by whatever means necessary” jobs to pay to keep the roof over my head. Work donkey, is not something you should even dare to speak off. Bidge is making me ill now, she needs to be sent off with the Peace Corps for a few years.

    • Not the Peace Corps! Haven’t all those people they help already suffered enough?!

  11. Also has she had a whole face transplant? Oh and Donkey, gurrl you need to start getting Restalyne shots in your boobs. Just brayin’.

    • Yes, what nose are we on now? 3? 4?

      And the cheeks are looking chickencutlet-tastic to the enth.

  12. Honey, if your work is only compensated 5% of the time that shiz ain’t your job!
    You are free time filler with a cute look and there’s an endless supply of those getting off the bus in NYC everday. I’d be worried after 10 years of providing free “interning” if I’d yet to have a real omg job offer. Particularly since you’re about to expire and some fresh face off the bus will work for free 95% of the time…

    • this. It’s simple economics. Sheesh “works hard” but what does she do that some other MUCH younger girl could not do, all while looking younger and cuter? Answer: Nothing.

      • These arguments that Sheesh needs to stop trying because of her age are really fucking depressing.

      • totally agree SS

        Can’t wait until people who say stuff like this start to turn 40. Every generation thinks they’re the 1st to go thru life changes.

      • I AM 40, and it’s not that she has to stop everything, just stop trying to pretend that she’s in her early 20s. She’s making an ass out of herself, sort of like that mother everyone knew while growing up – the one who has to dress, act, and talk like her teen daughter, and be into all the same music, tv shows, and slang.

        The people in her target audience don’t want to hear from some poseur who’s nearly old enough to be their mom.

        This market just isn’t for Sheesh anymore, if it ever was. I’d love to be a supermodel, but I’m 40, short and have curves, so too fucking bad for me. I got over it, and Sheesh needs to stop deluding herself, because she’s fooling nobody.

      • Sometimes commentor, new moniker that I HAD to put out there…I’m 40 too! It’s really no big deal and we can still lead fun and exciting lives (playing Jeopardy! vs our cats and such). But, I’m at work 60 hours a week and my free time goes to things like, grocery shopping, dusting out the vents, occasionally meeting up with my other 40’s for dinner and drinks in the city. These tw*ts have no idea what real life is like. They next time J is braying about what ugly dress to buy for a non-event, she should consider the rest of the world who has to decide between a mortgage payment or an alternator! How the hell can you be so clueless for so long? I guess we’ve answered this ad nauseum (parent enablers) but it irks me at every new turn!

  13. Hey y’all, therapy went really well today!

    “Should be in bed, but instead I’m texting w my first college boyfriend, who is going through a rough breakup. Life is so strange & circular.”
    about 1 hour ago via web

    • HOW does she get these people’s phone numbers? I mean – her first college boyfriend? Wasn’t that like, 10 years ago?

      • she stalks them. she maintains contact. she makes herself avail. these guys are NOT still chasing her (which is what she wants you to think)

    • I have never met ANYONE to talks to their exes as much as she does. It’s not normal in any dimension of time and space. I applaud the ones that tell her to STFU and/or not return her stalkery calls and emails. It just drives home the fact that she has no real friends and has to rely on the famsers and men that dumped her for social interaction.

      • this. i don’t speak with any of my exes, and not because of some huge drama between us, more like they’ve moved on and i’ve moved on, and what the fuck do we have to talk about anymore? seriously just weird how she maintains contact.

  14. Girlfriend needs a stylist. Bad. She is too old to be wearing outfits like that, period. It just looks silly and unprofessional, and not sexy in the least… skanky, pelty hair, faux bling a la Claire’s, pancake boobs, bedazzled bodice… she looks like a hot mess here.

    • someone else mentioned in another thread, she looks a lot like the skankiest housewife from Real HW of NJ. don’t remember her name…was it danielle?

    • because she has bowed legs—-if she wasn’t crossing them a la Tinsley,
      she tends to stand with an incredibly wide stance, which is also worrisome.

  15. Heading over to MSNBC, bleary eyed. No one in their right mind would voluntarily be awake at this hour on a Saturday morning.

    Dear Julia:
    -Someone in her right mind who got up even earlier than you to go to the gym. You remember those, right?

    • maybe so. The producers don’t certainly to be in their right mind if they are booking her.
      She really pisess me off. What about all the camera people and make up people etc who work the early am shift and get there before she shows up and does her “work” and make her look salvageable- she is so disrespectful of actual hard working folk (and how 24/7 broadcasting works) it’s appalling . Most people who work in broadcast or news media starting out have to pay their dues with the night/early am shift. And they don’t bitch and tweet and moan about it – they do their work and develop their careers.

      • as a mom of small kids i’m up whenever the baby gets up, which is usually 6am. and the kid doesn’t know it’s fucking Saturday. so once again, STFU julia.

    • Well, at least Julia recognizes that she’s cray-cray. There’s no way in hell she’s getting paid for this appearance, which means she’s doing it voluntarily…guess that means she’s not in her right mind.

  16. She is on MSNBC right now, looking like a busted old madame and her delivery is AWFUL. Very difficult to listen to her voice and speech cadence.

    • Me too. Not what I need to see so early on the weekend. The bobbypin mullet, the fake smiles, the bucky beaver teeth, the braying, etc.

      • oh god, she’s not still doing the bobby-pin mullet? i thought that spectacular ‘do was behind us. guess not.

  17. you know the only reason she took those segments on msnbc was so she could get out of spending the whole night at Allie’s bachelorette party.

  18. Hey kids! Thanks for commenting/supporting here…means bunches, and yes, I do lurk here and love you all. Even Reader Becky.
    I’m so disappointed though and was in SHOCK by Katrina’s rather bitchy and completely unfounded diatribe towards me—I wrote that post as a wistful admirer, as a compliment of sorts and my way of saying, “Do your thing, miss thang!” And yes, I do enjoy Kat’s NS blog and that’s the only one I still read there.
    I even sent her a polite e-mail yesterday apologizing for any misunderstanding, that I wrote that as a fan of her work, and that I was perplexed as to why she automatically assumed the negative…defensive much? Of course, she still hasn’t responded and hasn’t posted my e-mail explaining myself. Of course. Wouldn’t want any extra Eggers on the pristine face of Nonsociety.

    I think that was a very bad PR move on her part though. Business savvy, she has none—I’m some random blogging nobody, she’s the one with a “brand” to represent…and if she’s SO BUSY why did she and her “business partner” even bother looking for drama from this mama? I hope she thought it was worth losing a regular reader over.

    Anyways, I have responded to their pathetic posts accordingly:



    • Hey Sheryl! I think Julia probably recognized you and talked shit before Katrina wrote the post. There was nothing off-putting about your original post. Sheesh never read Julia’s blog during the QOTD era.

      • It’s just so “Mean Girls” of them, if that’s the case. I really thought Katrina was above that sort of ridiculously juvenile behavior—the gal’s pushing 40, for chrissakes.
        Live your fabulous life, go chop some pineapples with your hubby, and quit giving a rat’s anus about what other random bloggers are saying about you.

    • I think that post was very tacky of Katrina and you are handling it well. If she had a problem with what you wrote, she should have emailed you privately and had a dialogue that way.

      And LOL @ the “go chop some pineapples with your hubby” comment!

    • I don’t understand why Sheesh even got involved. I’m surprised she posted your response, Sheryl, including the criticisms of Julia. When will these women learn to ignore the drama and focus their efforts on improving Nonsociety? That is in Katrina’s best interest, especially if she plans to take over this sinking ship. Can someone please come up with a media kit?

    • I cannot believe my eyes! Did Julia just say this in her response to you?

      …from your insane need to overshare on a daily basis for the past three years or so that you yourself desperately NEED THERAPY!!!

      Too much! I’m. dying. right now. Can’t. breathe. No, really. Stop.

  19. Just saw her on MSNBC. The blue dress looked nice, but she just had to wear that enormous fucking costume jewelry on a morning talk show.

    I’ve never had a dream about Julia before, but a few nights ago I dreamed she went on a bender and cut off her pelts, reminiscent of Britney Spears, except Julia looked amazing — not a pixie cut, but a short haircut like Shannon Sossamao’s in the early oughts, kind of. I’ve always thought a bob would be best on her, but it occurred to me that she could maybe even get away with some of the pink monstrosities in her closet if she had a short haircut. It would make her look and feel edgier than the red hair ever did. I know Julia will read this and completely disregard the advice because she needs to have Barbie hair and a can of Aquanet to feel like a woman. Anyway, OT. Maybe I’m just feeling nice this morning.

  20. You know why 95% of those appearances are unpaid?

    Because the television powers that be know that there is an unlimited supply of attention whores for whom the high of seeing and hearing themselves on television is payment enough.

    You are in the right job, Sheesh. Fits like a glove.

  21. “Apropros of nothing…” *cringe* *stab*

    She uses this term often, and it makes my eyes bleed. Bright colors and rainbows, that is.

    Why do I even read the mind-numbing shit she posts? I think I might be a masochist, and everytime I come onto RBNS, I feel like I’m in group therapy. Thanks guys!

  22. Ok, everyone, settle down. There’s no war.

    I jumped the gun on Sheryl and misinterpreted her post, and she and I have since worked it out. For the record, it was not meant to be an attack on her AT ALL. Admittedly, you guys make me jumpy and thus I feel the need to defend myself. Obviously not necessary in this case. My mistake 100%.

    And, since you’re all assuming things, here’s the real deal:
    1. No, I didn’t write my own Wiki page. I don’t even think you’re allowed to do that.
    2. I just turned 38. I have no desire to be any other age than the one I am now. I wouldn’t even know how to act like I’m 20 if I wanted to — which I don’t. I just act like Katrina.
    2. Yes, I went to Harvard. It’s a fact, and I’m proud of it. So what?
    3. My career goal is to be a TV correspondent/host (I changed careers 5 years ago after having been a magazine editor for about 7+ years; when my mentor, Art Cooper, passed away, I chose to change careers because he told me to go with my gut — which was TV, not print). I have been both full time and freelance, and I’m still figuring out which I prefer. Freelance is not failure, it’s freedom (if done correctly), which is what I choose now. I get to make my own schedule, choose my own projects and work with lots of different networks and producers. I also get to do fun things like host pilots and write my NS blog. A full-time position wouldn’t allow me to do that.
    4. No, my Harvard friends aren’t laughing at me for my “unsuccessful” career. That’s just silliness.
    5. When I say “most TV appearances aren’t paid” I’m talking about the quick-hit fun ones — most talking head moments. I’m not talking about network contracts (and yes, I have one of those with CBS). And, if I hadn’t done lots of unpaid TV segments, I wouldn’t have said network contract. It’s calling paying your dues and working your way up.
    6. Horrors! I made a typo. This is blogging, not feature writing. Excuse me: “its trajectory.” (I’m typing fast here, too, so there might be more…you have been warned)
    7. And, to me, no one is a “random blogger” — I care what people think, hence my spending a ridiculous amount of time responding to this stuff, although I’m attempting to learn otherwise. Easier said than done.
    8. Any other questions? Fire away.

      • Yes, Katrina, why did you tie your horse to Julia Allison Baugher? She was a joke at Georgetown, she is a joke in NYC, and EVERYONE I know who knows her (myself included) would never link their name to someone known for stupidity, dishonesty, and an utterly shameless sense of entitlement. SO WHY? Especially since you claim to care about what people think of you.

      • Just posted this below, but will say also post it here:

        I don’t work for Julia or for NonSociety. There is no exchange of money.
        It is simply a fun platform that I like and that I enjoy (usually), and therefore it is where I have chosen to blog/lifecast.

        I have known Julia for years, and I have never had anything but 100% positive experiences with her both personally and professionally. I like the NonSociety platform and interface, and I like Julia. You’re entitled to your opinion, but I’m also entitled to mine.

        I do care about what people think of ME — personally. I care if people think I’m a bitch, or stupid, or a dork or whatever. But, I don’t care what people assume about me based on who I blog with, spend time with, work with, am married to, whatever. In my mind, it’s different. Plus, I do so many things outside of NS that also define who I am (at least publicly), so there’s a lot more to the picture. I think I’m rambling a bit, but hopefully this clarifies….? A little?

      • That’s fine, but it’s weird that someone who purports to be so intelligent and savvy doesn’t see that Julia is media (and social) repellent.

        Have you ever wondered why so many people dislike her with intensity? And no, we’re not all angry, lonely, and embittered cat ladies. I wouldn’t want her existence if it came with $5 million/yr for life.

      • I hear you, but I’m sticking to my guns.

        And yes, I do wonder why people dislike her with such intensity. That said, it doesn’t matter to me AT ALL, which is why I’m still here.

        Again, I base my positive opinion 100% on personal experience. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt — innocent until proven guilty, or however you want to say it/see it.

        Truth me told — and I haven’t even told Julia this — producers, agents, managers, etc. have done nothing but encourage my ongoing NS involvement.

        See? Still savvy at the old age of 38. : )

      • OK, that’s definitely one way to approach things. The next thing is to ask yourself if it’s wise to associate with someone who is so loathed and accomplishes nothing.

        Why are they supposedly encouraging NS involvement? Because it’s a platform for getting your name out there, or because NS is such an innovative and popular site?

        We’ll see if you’re still so savvy when you reach my age! Ha!

      • @KSzish Really, that’s interesting, why have “your people” encouraged your involvement with NS? Being serious not facetious.

      • Well, I have always been VERY private and VERY shy (obvi not while on TV, but otherwise), and this helps me be the opposite. It’s an unexpected move for me — which my “people” (ha) think is smart and interesting. It adds a much-needed balance to my world.

        Really — as simple as that.

      • Katrina, I appreciate you taking the time to come here and address us directly. You are the workhorse of this group. I just don’t understand why Amber or Sonia (??) would want to get involved with this mess. RBNS is the elephant in the room in any discussion about Julia Allison or her business. Meghan seems to have checked out indefinitely, but maybe we’re wrong. Please, though, hear me out — Nonsociety needs a media kit and a FAQ page. I hope you may take the initiative, especially if Julia is going home for summer vacation in Chicago.

    • “No, I didn’t write my own Wiki page. I don’t even think you’re allowed to do that.”

      Her Wikipedia page was created on 1/1/10 by “Tinapatient.” Tina Patient is a frequent contributor to PinkMemo, where Katrina is EIC.

  23. okay, this is ridiculous…


    I really hate passive aggressive shit like this, esp. the “you must be an unhappy person” part…

    “As I suggested to Sheryl, please look before you leap and do your homework before you judge others.

    Sounds like you need to examine your own conscience to determine why you feel the need to be vicious and judgmental, especially towards someone you’ve never met and clearly know nothing — NOTHING — about.

    You must be a very unhappy person, evidently trying to boost your self esteem by attacking others.

    Best of luck — I hope you find happiness.


    • Jordache and the Pelts,
      If you read the complete post, you would have seen the final outcome:
      I have apologized to Samantha, as I should not have responded so quickly to her email, no matter how unkind it was. You’re right, that comment does read as passive aggressive, thus my apology to her.

      I have a trigger happy finger that hits send before I count to 10.

      • You were quite passive aggressive in your response to Samantha.

        For someone who wants to be a public figure, you have incredibly thin skin and serious insecurity issues.

        And really. For someone with your background, working for a donkey is a big step down.

      • oh please, Katrina. I actually like and enjoy your blog (it’s the same thing as lifecast, only Julia didn’t invent it). Perhaps Samantha also has “trigger happy” fingers, how are you any better than her? Because you realized that you sound like a bitch? After you posted her bitchy email? If you can’t control yourself, how can you judge others who are just like you?

      • My point here, people, is that I was wrong. Just admitting my mistake. Yeah, I did sound like a bitch, and rather than scurry to take the post down or pretend it didn’t happen or act like the victim, I thought it was more honest to admit that I also behaved badly.

        And, yes, I am thin-skinned (not insecure, just thin-skinned), and I’m working on it, because otherwise I will be screwed.

      • Oh, last thing to set straight, though I’ve said it before:

        I don’t work for Julia or for NonSociety. There is no exchange of money.
        It is simply a fun platform that I like and that I enjoy (usually), and therefore it is where I have chosen to blog/lifecast.

      • That’s just semantics, Katrina. You’re still associating your “personal brand” with a crass donkey.

        I’d think that a Harvard grad (of nearly 20 years, not just “more than 10”) would be able to figure out how to set up her own blog.

        And you’re not blogging or “lifecasting,” just throwing up random blurbs about nonsense.

      • Ah, ok — by “work” I thought you meant “employed by.”

        I just responded to this in my comment above, so I won’t go on and on…

        I graduated from Harvard in 1996.
        That means it’s coming up on 14 years. So, actually, “more than 10” is more accurate than “nearly 20.” I took time off to work at CNN in Washington DC and to work in Tokyo.

        Frankly, I don’t want to set up my own blog — and come on, setting one up is pretty brainless, as we all know. And hey, I wouldn’t get to experience all of you fine people if I was going solo.

        And, define “blogging” as you will — I view what I’m doing with NS as stream-of-consciousness sharing that people can take or leave. I like the Tumblr format because it’s like Twitter on speed — easy to upload through my phone, easy to snap a picture with bberry and post on the fly. I enjoy doing it, and though you may find it hard to believe, a lot of readers enjoy my “nonsense.” Plus, I certainly don’t purport to be delivering ground-breaking information — please. This is supposed to be fun. And it usually is.

      • OK, thanks for some clarification. You seem very ambitious and for someone with your credentials (education and work experience), I think many here are wondering why you think it’s a good idea to associate yourself and your name with Julia and NonSociety. Do either have any respectability in this world (or any parallel one)?

        There have to be other venues/outlets where you could blog/lifecast to your heart’s content, without dragging your own name through the mud.

      • Yikes. It did read as passive aggressive and that’s all I was trying to say and also was getting a little out-of-hand – which since I left has become even more so. Maybe lesson learned when presenting your “brand” is to avoid coming off as knee-jerk by defensively calling out another blogger on your site before maybe communicating with the offending part privately first? Then maybe you wouldn’t have to do all this back and forth which has been a cog in in the Saturday you should otherwise be enjoying or spending more productively.
        BTW, I honestly respect what you do and know from experience it is not easy to pull off. I did my bit in that type of thing a decade ago in Asia and I was lousy at it (I didn’t know how not to get wasted at all those events for one thing…then hungover for meetings and deadlines… and then I got all existential about the fatuousness of it all). I really like that you worked with Elsa Klensch – she is a class act from my experiences with her and they don’t seem to make them like her anymore.
        I haven’t been following you on Nonsociety because I’m a guy and don’t follow fashion things anymore because I’m a poor graduate student and live in a city where people go out of their way to look unpresentable. You come off as very on-top-of things and professional – I caught you on The View a while back and you looked fantastic and presented the looks well.
        So I think you do valid work and do it well and more power to you. It’s a shame you have to share a space with Julia’s head-to-toes. Actually the whole partnership with Julia and Nonsociety is perplexing (and the only reason why we negative cat people discuss you from time to time here). But I think you’ve been trying to address these matters in the RBNS comments right now. Which may not be wise – like when you respond to Sheryl and so on…sometime its better to let sleeping dogs lie or sleep on it or whatever the euphemism is.
        After all, we aren’t your audience – or are we now?

      • Oh, and I didn’t mean to imply that I thought the fashion industry was fatuous. My reading of and reactions to the industry was becoming fatuous – much like how Julia has no business “covering” Fashion Week. I understand better now and know first hand how all it’s components work very hard (and you’ve likely interviewed and covered several of my designer friends) and realize you are an important part of of keeping things rolling.

      • thank you!

        all advice/suggestions/opinions appreciated.

        ok, i’m letting dogs sleep as it were.

    • “yikes katrina is like 37.”

      what does this even mean? this “OMG she’s 40” shit is retarded.

    • its funny in the context of Julia’s insane age obsession. every year for at least three months she goes on a bender about how old she is getting. Katrina’s blog is fucking boring. like i give a shit how old she is, dazzle me some more with brant’s cosmopolitan coconut skills. what a party trick!

      • Hey, we’re having fun. Chill out, monster.

        If you think it’s boring, that’s fine by me. Most important is I enjoy doing it.

  24. Katrina: You seem like an intelligent person who has worked hard to build a career. And unlike Jordan and Mary who hitched their wagons to Julia as a way to get their names out there, you already had an online presence…

    It would seem like being publicly linked with Julia Allison (without monetary compensation to make up for it) only hurts your brand. Have you googled the woman? Why set yourself up to be collateral damage in that shitshow? I mean no harm: I’m genuinely curious.

  25. Also: this age hating is really irritating. I’m 28 and I hope I look as good as this woman does at 38.

    • Thank you! That’s really kind of you to say.

      I think it’s easy to attack my age because it’s not something I can really argue about. Doesn’t really bug me.

    • I’m 37 (going on 38) and this age hating thing is LAME!

      Also, i like Katrina for coming in here and not being insane. And that you say this is just supposed to be fun makes sense. People dislike Julie because she claims it’s a special new modern art form. You aren’t stupid, you know how dumb that is to say.

      The problem with Julie is that she is just a fake, fakey, faker and is always manipulating. I don’t get that vibe from you.

      Good luck and we are all looking forward to your flounce. xoxo

    • I’m 38 and I can’t stand this ageism, much like I have little tolerance for body snark. Katrina, you look fantastic and are successful for any age.

      • I liked your comments above too, JatP. I was also in Tokyo in fashion as a model at the same age as Katrina, but was also not really up for it / into it. The experience was amazing, but i kind of sucked. Anyhow. I am not into the age hating or Katrina hating. She made a mistake and fessed up and came in here and answered questions like a mature adult.

        This is pretty much the polar opposite of Julie. Obviously Julie provides Katrina with quality experiences. Katrina exhibits many of the qualities Julie wants. So duh. I honestly think working next to a hated person who gets hate-views isn’t a bad strategy if you don’t suck amaze-balls like Julie does. It’s a good way to develop a following and then flounce when the time is right. As a stone cold business move, i don’t judge.

  26. Ooops…and, to reply to your first comment.

    To be totally honest, I’m always hearing this/being asked this, and all I can say is that I base my choices on my personal experience with someone, and all of my personal experiences with Julia have been nothing but positive. And that remains to be true.

    As I said earlier, I love the platform, NS has lots of viewers (both fans and haters) which has actually HELPED me, despite the naysayers. I just maintain the belief that people will ultimately judge me on me and my own actions (hence my being here now doing damage control on the shitshow that I started..ugh…I do make mistakes and prefer to admit them immediately).

    Up until I joined NS, I didn’t have much of a voice in the blogosphere since I had been print and broadcast focused, so joining this team has given me a unique opportunity to diversify in a way that I would never have been able to do otherwise.

    Again, I believe that ultimately people will get to know me for who I am and not judge me — positively or negatively — for who I associate with personally or professionally.

    Does that make sense?

    • really? where are the fans? why don’t you enable comments then?

      Nonsociety is a bad career move. do you see it lasting? how is it a “team” if the other bloggers aren’t even blogging?

      • You’re right — I will enable comments this week. Fans are via personal emails, which I don’t post as often as I should. I should post the nice ones and ignore the mean ones. Note to self.

        I don’t see NS as a bad career move at all — in fact, I have been told quite the opposite by producers, networks, agents, managers, etc. And hey, people read it!

        I have a blast doing it, so I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t continue. I’m not part of the business end of NS, so I have no inside scoop on Julia’s plans for the future of NS.

        I say “team” because it’s a group of people sharing a platform, no matter the frequency of posting of the other bloggers.

      • I think part of the problem is calling them “fans.” Maybe stick to the “Reader so-and-so” bit. Even though that is extremely cloying.
        And it must be one hell of a “team.” Is this like Superfriends when, with no explanation, a couple of episodes Batman is MIA and all of sudden Martian Manhunter shows up?

    • That’s very idealistic, because people DO judge others on who they work for/with and who their friends are. And frankly, it does taint your image.

      You’d be better off setting up your own Tumblr and then just either getting REPUTABLE and popular blogs to link to you and/or going to blogs read by the same people you’d like to attract and make relevant and interesting comments, and include your own blog’s link. With your connections and experience, you’d be very successful in short time.

      Have you ever asked yourself why so many people (not just here) cannot stand Julia? And no, jealousy is not the answer. Not even close.

      • I do see your point, I really do.

        And, thanks for the suggestion!

        But am sticking with the program for now…

        (and by “for now” I was not hinting at a forthcoming change)

  27. I don’t work for Julia or for NonSociety. There is no exchange of money.

    I get the sense that being financially compensated for your time and contributions isn’t your thing.

    Your association with NS doesn’t make a lick of sense to me, but to each their own. You don’t seem to be gunning for the bray-for-pay thing, which is the essence of NS, and, as you might be more aware of now, the contributors to NS aren’t exactly heralded for their marketable personalities.

    Just a note, though. The whole point of NS, as I understood it, was to develop the trust and respect of their audience, so that when they brayed for undisclosed pay, readers would buy what they shilled. Developing that kind of trust and respect necessarily implies that the reader is judging the author, albeit coming to a positive judgment. In the course of NS business, you might find that not everyone, or hell, not anyone, comes to a positive judgment. But judging is part of the business plan.

    One of the Megans might have that business plan somewhere – the one that relies upon (positive) judgments. You might be able to impart a little wisdom with that Harvard degree of yours and let them know that inviting judgments as the basis of a business plan necessarily means inviting negative judgments.

    • It’s important for me to be compensated for work-work (hello, rent!), but my NS lifecast is something I do for fun (and, of course, exposure), so compensation via NS has never crossed my mind.

      I honestly know zilch about the NS biz plan, so I can’t speak to their original goals or how that has changed or remained the same.

      But, all the negativity does suck. And it really doesn’t seem founded to me. So what am I missing?

      And, don’t laugh at me here: I’d be curious to hear suggestions as to how those negative judgments you mention could be turned around. I genuinely hope/hoped that my involvement would help push things more in that direction. That’s not being vain, just something that seemed possible.

      Seriously — I’m curious.

      • Not laughing at you, but I am going to assume that when you did/do one of the 95% of your unpaid talking head gigs, you did/do some research on the subject matter on which you are giving a cute sound bite.

        If you employ that same skill set and research public opinion of NS (I would, for now, disregard any graphs and charts you have been shown about NS’s “traffic”), you will find the answers you seek about why there are negative opinions about the contributors and “founders” of NS.

        The short answer would be that the contributors aren’t likable or honest, that their opinions aren’t fresh or original, and that, ultimately, they don’t embody a lifestyle or perspective that most people admire.

        But hey, your google may vary.

      • I’m gonna repost something from upthread that I think addresses this question.

        You seem reasonable and genuine, Katrina, and I can respect that. So my two cents: I *loathe* tons of self portraits (they *are* narcissistic, even if you write a caption saying they aren’t) and braggy posts. I like and appreciate anything that could be classified as a helpful tip or considered commentary.

        # Andy Wintour Hacks (up a furball) Says:
        April 24, 2010 at 3:26 pm

        This has nothing to do with age and gender, but everything to do with the fact that she’s demanding respect for adding absolutely no value to anyone’s life at all.

        She treats the nonsociety blog like her own personal myspace page. Sorry, but you don’t get respect by posting constant inane threads of “here a pic of me in the mirror” like a teenage myspace profile.

        And adding value doesn’t mean “here’s a dress I like”, or “omg, shoes with flowers…so FUG!” type of posts either. Where is the intelligence in any of that.

        People don’t respect you for for going to Harvard. They respect you for doing something impactful or intelligent, and showing us that dresses and sandals are “in” this spring (duh) achieves neither. Working harder for little pay or recognition for this long doesn’t show intelligence either. Smart people figure out how to do something differently when doing the same thing over and over again doesn’t get them results.

        She wants respect? If she’s so good at what she does, why doesn’t she share tips or trade secrets, or show how women can dress for an interview, or how to make your current wardrobe feel fresh again, or ANYTHING? Her own website and her nonsociety blog do nothing but tell everyone how great she is without showing any of her knowledge or why anyone should respect her.

        At least all her hard work getting all those tv spots for no pay got her a really long video demo reel. Whoopee.

      • I cannot honestly believe that any intelligent person could read JAs twitter and blog and come to any other conclusion than that she is a entitled, narcissistic brat. So come on Katrina, really? Those two birthday princess parties? You thought that was innovative? Cute? You think her constant “truth massaging” is…cool?

        Why not read the very long post on this blog about people who know JA and what they think? It might help you understand why joining that–what is it really? not a business–TUMBLR might make people thing you’re as much an idiot as Julia.

      • Also, Katrina…the numbers someone is showing you for NS traffic? Total BS. This site gets more traffic than NS. Even Gawker admitted that.

      • Seems to me that Julia’s subtly trying to take Nonsociety in a new direction, a younger audience. She’s been posting videos by iCarly and other teen web princesses who would appeal to the under-18 set. Is that something she is doing consciously? Will you stick around if Nonsociety becomes a site aimed to teenagers with credit cards?

      • @ Slutty Catbanger: MUAH!

        To Katerina:

        Since you don’t seem to know, the “founders” of NS at one time were shopping the site around as a business looking for “investors”, which is insane given the content and format. I don’t think they got any bites whatsoever. The contributors had also occasionally gotten paid to post about products, as shown by Julia’s Sea World debacle where she finally admitted the sponsorship. It would appear that they no longer get paid for posts…I mean, look at the posts, themselves.

        I don’t know any more than that. Not sure if the pilot show was related to NS or just Julia. But now you know something about the “business”.

        Now I just want to say something else. Its commendable that you are even here trying to do damage control, and you did the right thing by apologizing to Sheryl. Good for you. The other NS gals would not have the balls to come here, nor have the class to admit fault.

        That said, I have just one more thing to say to you. You keep bringing up this Harvard degree, and mentioning how NS has been good for your career. If that’s all you’re looking for, then good for you, but don’t think you are entitled to respect for those things. There are people with Harvard degrees (and NOT) who are doing game changing things in their respective industries, and I’m sorry but NS is no where near that level of respect, if any. You say you are doing it for fun, but you can easily set up any blog on your own for that purpose, so I don’t buy that excuse. I do believe that you decided to contribute to NS for exposure for your career, but if you think this will earn you respect points, then you need to seriously take a step back and look at what NS is and at the content with more discernment.

        If respect is really what you want, Katerina, then do something new, different, that pushes the boundaries of your industry. But seriously, NS is not it.

        Honestly, when you joined NS, myself and many other people’s reactions were: WTF, why would someone with an actual career decide to join? NS is for spoiled brats with no jobs to brag about their lives, vacations, stuff other people can’t afford, etc. NS seemed to be a bit of a low move for you, but hey if all you want is exposure (albeit positive or negative) for your career and you’re ok with that, and you seem to be happy with what it’s doing for you, then great. But let’s just call it what it is and not try to fool yourself or anyone else into thinking that you’re deserve respect for these things, regardless (or, especially) of your degree.

        Really, I think you have the potential to do much better, but whatever. It’s your life, your goals.

        Now you know.

      • Frankly, I don’t think that the negative perceptions of NS can be turned around. NS was initially “founded” as a vehicle for a reality show (for Julia, Meghan, and Mary) that never came to be (mostly thanks to Julia’s inability to get people to like her or even find her interesting).

        Since then, it’s become a cross between a stripped down MySpace (lots of iPhone shots of shoes, dogs, and ugly dresses) and blatant shilling (bray for pay).

        What has puzzled just about everyone here is why someone with your credentials and career would willingly join such a shitshow. The bulk of their audience is us, and you could probably count on one hand the number of people who’d buy anything that Julia recommends. That obscenely overpriced cleanse? We’ve all seen the photos of how bloated and unhealthy she often looks. Dr. Bobby? Again, we’ve all seen the photos of his work and are not at all impressed. The pelts from a few different hair salons? Ugh.

        It really does look like a major comedown for someone with your background to join NS. Julia hit her peak a few years ago and has been desperately scratching and clawing at every shill opportunity since. If anything, your name might be able to add some credibility to the site (if it weren’t such a shitshow), so it just strikes people as odd that you hooked up with them.

        As I’ve already suggested, start your own Tumblr and use your connections to get links and recommendations from other major blogs in your field. Also, become a commenter on blogs with the same readership that you want, make great comments, and link to your blog. That way, you won’t be tainted with the cheesy shilling of a group of nobodies.

      • I think the best way to turn things around is to keep doing your thing, and do it confidently, ethically, and sincerely. Personally, I think you’re doing fine. Except the Sheryl thing, but whatever. It’s over, everybody’s fine, no harm done.

        Re: turning NS around? I don’t see how that would be possible unless JA is tossed out. Putting aside that I find her beyond obnoxious, from a business perspective, I’d just reiterate what Records Custodian said, that if the platform is meant to be a collective of trusted, reliable voices, ostensibly authorities in their respective fields/worlds, then JA is jamming up the works by continually undermining the audience connection. She’s transparent in her dishonesty and broadcasts some seriously questionable mental issues. She’s become a one-woman reality show, the sort of slow-motion trainwreck you’d find somewhere in deep cable. Evidence of this? This site. People call this site a group of haters and that’s wrong. The response to JA is no different than the public response to any shitshow of a reality program (see Gawker).

        Which is why NS is sort of a liability. If you keeping doing your thing, that’s cool. Jordan’s doing her thing. Whatever. It’s not what I’m into, but I’ve got no problem with it. But you run the risk of eroding your own public image by aligning yourself with a woman who’s essentially the Tila Tequila of the tumblr universe.

  28. Well, I got no beef with the gal anymore—she was swell enough to e-mail me a very sweet e-mail basically saying, “Yeah, I was a douchetastic, hypocritical dumbass to jump on you the way I did, so I am very sorry, Sheryl, please forgive me!” That took balls. Almost as much balls as it took to blast me originally, or to come here and attempt to chat with us honestly and understand our own views/opinions, but there you go.
    NO word yet from Donkey Balls. I think a blizzard would inhabit Hell before she would dare admit similarly that she acted like a hyprocritical dumbass, but at least one of the NS ladies still has enough class to admit her mistakes and publicly acknowledge them.

  29. I usually don’t make snap judgments about people based on who they happen to call “friend” but this is a no-brainer. Reading Katrina’s words of high praise for Julia Allison tells me that Katrina is either lying through her teeth (which I doubt) or she places no value, whatsoever, on a person’s character. If she pleads ignorance to the non-stop crap Julia’s been pulling for the past three years, then she obviously hasn’t been paying attention.

    • Yeah really sorry KSzish not really buying any of this, you worked in fashion journalism for years you do understand the importance of branding. You understand why designers want to be in Vogue but don’t want placement in People. You want the world to know you wear Giuseppe Zanotti platforms as opposed to Steve Madden. Just like you want the world to know you went OMGHarvard and that your husband was a model. So please, please let’s cut this crap about blogging on NS over say Style.com as a career move, that’s ridiculous. People shouldn’t be judged by who they associate with or work for? Come on now. If that were the case you could go and work in Starbucks Katrina because you would get paid as opposed to doing TV “work” for free.

      Publishing school girl type emails and tumblr fights just makes you look ridiculous and anything but a “media professional”. As does your involvement with NS.

      • “Publishing school girl type emails and tumblr fights just makes you look ridiculous and anything but a “media professional”. Oh. So. True. It reeks of 7th grade.

  30. Where did Katrina go? Did the donks send out a cease and desist? Gotta keep the ranks in line! Life is just all cupcakes, bright colors and rainbows!!!!

    And why does all the crazy shit go down on Saturdays?

    Curious also that Katrina has the same thing to say that Jordan did, “I don’t know anything about the business plan for NonSociety”. You joined a company that you don’t know anything about their general plan, mission statement, structure, compensation model, goals, concepts and public perception? FAIL. Just like ignorance of the law does not equal innocence, ignorance of the donks does not equal likability.

    • “I don’t know anything about the business plan for NonSociety” must be in the contract. Like the C.I.A.

  31. Also not really surprising that K’s interactions with JA have all been positive. K’s more successful than JA and JA is using her. JA kisses the ass of anyone who is above her and whom she thinks she can get something out of (Randi Z hello!). She treats anyone and everyone else like shit. She probably knows if she pulled her bratty antics on K she’d be gone. That’s why she’ll probably shut up about all this even though you KNOW it pisses her off that K is interacting with the haters.

    • True. She should have observed the way Donk treats other people, especially those who aren’t perceived as important and who can’t help her imaginary career.

    • ok, my final words on this, I SWEAR.

      you guys are reading into things way too much.

      i don’t want to be a career blogger. i don’t want to blog for a corporate fashion site. i’ve done that already (InStyle). i also don’t want to deal with setting up and up-keeping my own blog. with NS i can come and go as I choose, and i have complete freedom. when i’m not posting for whatever reason, someone else is. again, i don’t want to be a career blogger. TV is my focus. like i said, i view what i do on NS as twitter-on-speed. and i enjoy it.

      that said, i will try to post more helpful, advice-giving posts. excellent suggestion.

      yes, i’ve done my research, and i am not clueless.

      yes, i would like respect, but mostly for being a genuine person who works hard. not for my degree or my job. i’m not trying to save the world via NS, i’m just sharing snippets of my life (hence “lifecast”) that are not meant to delve too deeply into anything.

      i am trying to NOT take myself too seriously here, but when comments get crazy i can’t help but engage.

      and that’s all she wrote.

      • Continuing to align yourself with Julia and her shitshow of a pretend business is not going to earn you any respect. Ever.

      • yes, i’ve done my research, and i am not clueless.

        I honestly know zilch about the NS biz plan, so I can’t speak to their original goals or how that has changed or remained the same. But, all the negativity does suck. And it really doesn’t seem founded to me. So what am I missing?

        These two statements are inconsistent at best, and more than a little disingenuous. But I can read between the lines – you needed an online presence and hitched your wagon to a notorious online personality. You just don’t get to bitch when people judge and question you, based on that notorious association, and you really ought not to play dumb when the subject comes up. Harvard girl and all.

      • RC hits the nail on the head here and includes an addendum that i also agree with.

        Consider the opinion i’ve expressed aligned to this fuller explanation.

    • Agree! No shit Julie is nice to her / not a fuck up in her presence.

      I think if Katrina is using this to her advantage great. I don’t see this helping Julie in the end. Put it this way, as a stone cold business move, getting attention from someone else’s haters who will never hate you anywhere near as much because you don’t suck amaze-balls isn’t that bad an idea. She stands to pick up ‘followers’ rather than lose them a la Julie is what it comes down to.

      • Oops. I’m agreeing with JFA in my response.

        Though i also see where Katrina is coming from too.

        I am not saying she is cynical but i am and from a cynical perspective, this makes sense.

      • “getting attention from someone else’s haters who will never hate you anywhere near as much because you don’t suck amaze-balls isn’t that bad an idea.”

        I’m not so sure about that. I think enough people will associate her in their minds with Donkey, and that will not be good for her reputation.

      • JTSTN: I don’t agree. I don’t want to get into details here, but ‘the talent’ can ditch the initial donkey when the time is right if they don’t suck amaze-balls. I’ve seen it in my own field a zillion times.

      • Fair enough. I do know that there are at least a few people who will never buy Sony or anything else that Donkey got paid to shill. And that goes double for the butt juice and Dr. Bobby.

        I think the same goes for people who work with her. It’s sort of like someone who worked for Bernie Madoff and then decides he wants to work elsewhere. You gonna trust someone with that taint?

      • I hear what you are saying. I felt like boycotting Sony too, but they make the video cameras i like best, so it’s not going to happen. I feel like the same rules apply to Sheesh to some extent.

        That does not diminish the fact i would never hire or recommend Julie.

        I think the same rules apply. Julie will not succeed in her current racket. It’s pretty obvious to me. No one likes that bitch!

  32. Can we applaud Adrien Chen for calling Donkey out on her two brunches over at The Gawker:

    “But who eats brunch? Joe Biden and Julia Allison. Like these people’s lives, brunch is grotesquely overstuffed but ultimately empty.”

  33. Here’s a little something for Katrina to think about:

    “juliaallison: Headed to “Reporter Barbie” @CourtneyFriel’s 30th bday bash. Here’s a photo of us taken 3 yrs ago. Aww http://twitpic.com/1i5vgj about 2 hours ago via Twitpic”

    Who calls Friel “reporter Barbie”? According to Google, only one person: Julia Allison (http://blog.juliaallison.com/photos/). And yet she throws that around as though it were a commonly used appellation for Friel.

    Well, how cute to refer to a (more successful) professional in an insulting and supercilious way. Of course Julia doesn’t mean it that way. She just likes to nickname people, the way she insists on naming a friend’s dog.

    Does she have a nickname for you yet, Katrina?

    • Maybe she can ask Friel (who gets called a LOT worse than Reporter Barbie) why she never invites Donkey on her online show.

  34. BTW Katrina, those Pleaser platforms — really? Straight-up stripper shoes on Good Early Morning America Show (or whatever)?

  35. “My job is as a freelance TV correspondent… This is what I do to pay the rent… Of the thousands of appearances I have done over the past 5 years, I’d estimate that at least 95% are not paid…”

    DOES NOT COMPUTE. She pays the rent with a job that only compensates her monetarily one out of every 20 days she works? I’m not following this at all. The 5% of her appearances that do pay supply her with enough cash to cover every last cent of her living expenses? And save for retirement?

    • I think she said that she has a contract with CBS, so she gets paid for those appearances.

  36. In a parallel universe, JA and Kswish are introduced to each other, but JA doesn’t know who K is! So she does her normal thing and treats her like shit. Then someone points out to JA who K who she was/what she did/where she graduated from/shown her hubby’s pic and JA would have ~swooned~ but the damage done and Kswish turns away.

    It could have just as easily happened that way. And has, MANY times. To imply that your interactions with JA have only been wonderful are only b/c she thinks you’re above her.

    Katrina, if you want respect, have your own blog/tumblr. As someone mentioned above JA is kind of the Tila Tequila of Tumblr.

    Only bitchier.

    • Katrina’s “all day, all Julia, all positive” rant might have been similar to the spiel once emitting from Jordan. However, when Julia’s cray cray kicked in during her bi-curious birthday bash, Jordan get a whiff of the narcissism and genuine disregard for others up close. I’d wager Katrina hasn’t spent that much time with the donks and hasn’t been exposed to her truly repellent self. As many have noted, Julia will fawn all over anything that she believes to have more money, more power, and more media exposure than her sad self. I’ve watched it up close and it’s so phony it’s almost believable.

      • I’ve twice been the recipient of the opposite from her – craning her neck to get away as fast as she can looking beyond me (<10 seconds after being introduced "& what do you do?") to see who better was in the room.

        I'm not that repellent. At least I don't think I am (sniffing my armpits to make sure!!) Our co. has VC funding, friends w/ many people she knows, and generally I think I have a decent reputation. But I'm not important in her eyes, so the dismissal was automatic and almost immediate the second she realized I had nothing to offer her. The funny thing is that many of my friends & colleagues are def people she'd deem worthy.

        The 2nd time I met her was an exact repeat of the first, so it wasn't incidental.

      • You mean the same Julia who as above says “Please reflect before you judge.” Mmmkay Jules.

  37. Oh for fuck’s sake. I spend a beautiful Saturday away from the comp and this happens?


  38. I’m trying to figure out what kind of pitch speech JABs makes to people to make them think that NS is some kind of popular, viable thing and I can’t come up with it given that I’d think anyone would do a little research before climbing on board that piece of crap. I think there’s just a lot more dumb going around than I would have thought.

  39. PS I truly believe that JA thinks she bested RBNS. She came in, she faced her attackers, and SHE WON (in her mind). The messiness afterwards & loss of 1 of the writers I’m sure was a victory to her. So she probably is hi-5’ing Katrina to face down her ‘attackers’ as well.

    • I am personally not very interested in having NS contributors show up here regularly to try and spin things their way or just discuss whatever they have done now to piss people off.
      ENABLE COMMENTS ON YOUR OWN BLOGS, will you? It’s not rocket science.

      • Yeah me neither. I read and comment on this site because I am interested in what the RBNS community has to say. If I cared about how NS writers justified themselves I would read NS. To me, NS’ers visiting and spinning just comes off as more narcissism. Also if KZ were really. “VERY private and VERY shy”, she wouldn’t even have her ‘job’ or be on this site spinning her ass off. That said, dance monkeys dance!

  40. off-topic, but i just can’t even believe these YSL 5″ platforms. They are ugly and outdated. Even a 6′ model wouldn’t look good in them. How does a stumpy little thing like JA (I’m stumpy myself, not snarking on her) think she can get away with them? And hello, it’s spring for fuck’s sake! Every NYer i know is showing off their pedicures, not encasing their feet in suede.

  41. I dunno about all this. Art Cooper was one of the great editors I ever worked with, back in the great GQ era, and somehow I think if dear Art–and I adored him–looked down on NonSociety, he would cast a gimlet eye on Katrina’s hitching her wagon to it. Just saying. Since Katrina is invoking his name and all.

    • Also: cynic that I am (and I am distinguishing that descriptor from “hater”), I looked up Katrina’s Wikipedia entry. If she or her mom did not write it, I am the proverbial monkey’s uncle. It is vom-inducing, from the reference to her and her J Crew model husband’s “adorable pets” to the assertion that her senior thesis at Harvard (to which she…ahem..transferred after 2 years at Northwestern) was “groundbreaking.” I’ll just bet.

  42. I do have to give this to Sheesh: Homegirl does NOT look 38. The obnoxious red carpet pic JA just tweeted? Sheesh looks younger than Jules by a long shot.

    • I wonder if that birthbray bash was as cray-cray as the Second Annual Bicurious Birthbray Bash.

    • That’s Katrina now? I didn’t realize her hair was so long. My Lord I hope I look like her in 10 years!

    • I don’t understand what you people think women in their 30s look like. My mother is in her goddamn 50s and is still gorgeous. 38 is NOT old. I have zero wrinkles and I’m early 30s. She looks good because she’s YOUNG.

      • Yeah, is everyone in the comments 21? 38 is not old and she obviously takes care of herself.

        I don’t care, I like Sheesh and she’s just using the NS platform to get ahead, much like Jordorable did. What’s especially awesome about Sheesh is that Julia must die of jealousy reading her lifecast: she’s everything Julia wants to be, and isn’t!

        Team Sheesh!

  43. Szish is every bit as narcissistic and creepy as Donkey. It’s amusing to watch these loony life-casters get all agitated and hatey when sane people speak up and basically say, “We don’t like you.” Those monster egos cannot tolerate “We don’t like you.”

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