1. Julia, if you were my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend…
    I would drop his ass, pay a quick visit to the “clinic”, admit myself for a full psych evaluation, and then go into hiding.

    • I saw this last night and couldn’t even wrap my head around it.

      So she’s saying, what, that the new girlfriend doesn’t need to worry since she’s a model and so obviously the boyfriend won’t fool around on her with the likes of a donkey? And yet she was expressing dismay that anyone could cheat on Sandra Bullock, and beautiful actress.

      And one of her closest friends is telling her that she wouldn’t trust her around her boyfriend. Nice. And yet Donkey thinks her SO HILARIOUS comeback is worth Tweeting, without noticing, apparently, that she’s just been called an untrustworthy skank?


      • The thing that made me cry laughing about this is that she found it to be a compliment, as if Meghan was saying ” no one can resist the siren song of Julia!!!”. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, or trough in J.A’s case, we know this to be a passive aggressive slam. If only it were written on a note…

  2. So in JA land if the woman is prettier than you, then the rules of common decency don’t apply? This is such garbage. Why does she take absolutely no interest in these men until they move on, and then suddenly she needs to be reminded that they miss her?

    Oh, that’s right. Because she is incapable of moving on and thinks.

    Apparently donkeys can only move in reverse.

    • The second to last sentence should have read: “and thinks that stealing a man back is the ultimate romantic fairy tale. You know because destroying another person to have a shot at your own rom-com fantasy is okay as long as she’s a beautiful model who can find someone else…Carrie/Big/Natasha love triangle, anyone?”

  3. Given all the crap she’s pulled in her life, the ex stalking, cheating, rudeness and backstabbing I’m amazed the Donkey has only been in one physical altercation (the credit card incident) that we know of.

    I’m not supporting donkey beating by any means. She just seems to lead a charmed life in that aspect. If I had to guess, most people considering the physical path a) feel she’s not worth the energy b) know she’d press charges/threaten legal action c) feel she’s too crazy pathetic to bother with

  4. call me crazy, but this is about [redacted], right? she’s trying to talk to him again?

  5. Her writing is so terrible, I really can’t figure out what the hell she’s trying to say. Can someone please ‘splain?

    • one of her ex’s doens’t want to talk to her, and as an excuse he said “my ex probably wouldnt want me talking to you”.

      however, the guy is currently dating a model and JABa can’t fathom that a) the guy is just making an excuse or that b) the girl doesnt want her guy talking to ex’s because it’s skeevy

      it probably has nothing to do with the gf being “threatened” by julia or by any ex in particular, just a general proposition that if you’re really in love, talking to ex’s isn’t high on your agenda

    • It’s also one of those conversations that also manages to pump up Julia as well

      “But she’s a model” is meant to be read as look everyone a model, one of those super beautiful glamorous creatures is threatened by little old me.

      The pelts and I got it going on!

      • Not insecure, probably, but more like “your ex is gross, don’t be a moron and talk to her. also, don’t agree for the 2 of us to have lunch/drinks/brunch with her, bc that’s just gross”

        many women think they’re BETTER than their man’s exes (in many cases, they are right) so they don’t want to hear about or see their ex’s skanks. i think that attitude is quite fine and has nothing to do with insecurity.

      • I know, right? The models I have met are just as insecure–maybe more so!–than your average woman.

  6. Also, this is pretty insulting towards Megan…

    “Well of course you wouldn’t want me talking to your ex, I mean look at you, but she’s a model!”

    • Do you think she is aware of how many people she offends when making what she thinks are witty, profound, non-edited comments? That most everything she says is a dig at who she’s talking to, who she’s talking about? It just seems like she blossoms and thrives in a swamp of cliches, half-truths, insinuations and denial.
      I’d even say she IS the original hate-site! Even her (quasi) compliments are vapid and insulting (ie; tiny and cute…)

  7. I fucking loathe women like her. They have no respect for anyone. Eat a shoe and choke on it, you cunt.

  8. Has anyone commented on the latest “reader email” that arrived just before 4am, but has a disclaimer that she writing from the west coast, so late is relative. She really is writing the reader emails and talking to RBNS. Bizarre!!

    • she spent an hour chatting with everyone on RBNS about a week ago. so this should not surprise you, bunny!

      • I guess I worded that wrong- I mean more that she’s addressing and trying to debunk our theory that she writes all the supportive reader emails that arrive at 3am….by actually stating in the reader email (that she so obviously wrote) that it’s really only just after midnite where she is….CREEPY

  9. Darling Julia, your ex boyfriends all try to erase that point in their life where they slummed it with a media slut. Life post Julia is all about denial and “what the f*ck was I thinking?”

  10. Is this prom king? Because when a young man dates a new ditz every week, well, they generally aren’t though of as girlfriends (not by the guy at least).

  11. She always posts these things. And I always feel like she is giving just enough info so the couple in question can ID themselves – and so it is pointing out to the girl that the guy still talks to her (ja). The point seems to be that the GF doesn’t want them talking… So then Julia posts about how the guy was telling her about it. Sort of rubbing it in the face of the GF. The funny thing is that julia’s exs use that excuse so that they don’t have to talk to her. If they tried to just say “I’m the one that wants nothing to do with you” then she would up the stalking to insane crazy levels.

    • I agree. It’s definitely another passive-aggressive swipe at the new girlfriend, one of her favorite pastimes.

      Yooohoo!! He still talks to me!!! He says you’re jealous!!! Of me!!! Yoohooooo!!!

    • And a way to let us all know that the men she dates are the type of men who can get models. Which validates her, to herself and, she hopes, to the masses.

      Like remember when you were in high school and there’d be this guy (or girl) that nobody would touch – until someone finally went out with them? Once that happened, it was like everybody else saw it as a signal that the person was validated as being worthy of dating. And then it was game on for that person and they got chick after chick after chick fighting over them.

      • I saw it happen all the time.

        I’m not talking as an adult – I’m saying as teenagers. And I’m not talking about heinous looking people or anything. Just those ones that were on the normal looking but hadn’t dated at all and then, in high school, as soon as they dated one person, then other people started sniffing around.

      • Doesn’t that only happen in movies, and it’s always for a bet anyway? When I was in high school (late 90s-early 00s) sometimes the popular kids would offer up a pity date/friendship, and the less-than-cool kid did gain more recognition but usually in the form of being dubbed “So-and-so’s charity case.”

        That sounds completely horrible in hindsight.

  12. She is absurd. Seriously, not one of her “relationships” has ended amicably, correct? Aside from PK, if we’re taking her word for on whole open door or whatever. And yet she is pathetic enough to want to go to the Friend Space with these dudes?

    And for a self-described dating expert to be shocked that a man’s current girlfriend isn’t super-psyched about him associating with his donkey of an ex? This is not new. This is how it usually works.

    Also, you are not the “friend” type of bitch, Jules, and women’s intuition is going to alert a girlfriend to that with on simple heresy of the bray.

    ALSO! If this is really TK she is talking about, which seems likely, didn’t they crash and burn because Julia was the other woman of sorts? Well gosh I can’t imagine WHY his gf, a model with no insecurities to be had, might balk at the idea of her glomming back onto his life. Also ALSO — Julia. For fucking out loud. TK neglected to mention he had a girlfriend while you were braying about him being the one. Have some goddam self-respect, woman. FORGET HIM.

    • See, I didn’t think it could be a TK reference because Julia was never TK’s girlfriend — she was his side dish while he had a girlfriend. Ergo, Meghan would not reference her as an “ex-girlfriend” in relation to TK. But the timing of this conversation does fit neatly into the TK storyline, what with the trip to LA coming up and Julia’s stated intent to visit Runyon Canyon while there, a known TK hangout.

      So my revised opinion is that the conversation with Meghan has been “massaged.” It really went something like, “If I were Toph’s girlfriend, I wouldn’t want you talking to him either. [Unspoken: He’s already cheated with you, and then you leaked his real name and turned the whole thing into a public spectacle.]” “But she’s a model!” NonSequitur.com!

  13. I’d never date any guy who dated her, let alone had sex with her.

    Any pecker that has been anywhere near Donkey doesn’t get within 10 feet of me.

    • Of course!!! He’s in L.A. She slept in the same bed with him fairly recently, and bitched about his snoring. Then she posted a half-naked shot of him on her FB page quite recently.

      Yeah, why would his new GF be nervous about this goddamned gold-digging skank??

      • Okay. Wait.

        I saw the comment & I saw the Fecebook link to his bare torso pic … but …

        ‘She slept in the same bed with him fairly recently, and bitched about his snoring./


        I missed THAT!

        PK, if you’re reading (okay, you’re rich & you have people to do that for you) ~ Kant you do the Kaplan Math Tutor thang & figger out that this happened on your watch?!??

        NUT UP, son! Close the fucking barn door already!

        Or be a pink popped-collar ~ I could give a shit, actually.

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