Julia Announces To The World She is Quitting Blogging Forever, Until Monday


Julia Allison, inconsiderate narcissist who lives in The Therapy Capital of Planet Earth and yet has never managed to find a therapist — and needs recommendations, haters!! — writes in the New York Post that criticism is not allowed. The woman who “rarely lies” also portrays herself as a girl with a dream who came to New York as a poor innocent waif with nothing to her name in order to find some magic, without mentioning, of course, that she’d left a cuckolded fiance behind in California to take up with the guy in New York who just happened to have a wife and kids and then proceeded to live in his vacated apartment free of charge for a year after they broke up.

By the way, it is THE INTERNET’S FAULT. It is not the product/content she puts out there for public consumption! No! She is an innocent victim of  the Internet meanies!

I came to New York, like so many do, young and naive, with nothing, knowing no one. I had the same goals most of us have: establish a career, surround myself with friends, find love, learn what it means to be an adult, make some sort of life here for myself — and yes, maybe experience a little bit of magic along the way.

It also happened that, like many of us, I wanted to document this process — partly so I could remember it accurately, and partly so I could share it with the people I loved.

Ten years ago I might have sent mass e-mails to my family and friends, describing my experiences after the fact in words, perhaps sending them photographs every now and again: a decidedly limited exposition for a decidedly limited audience.
Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto.coOnline personality Julia Allison with Lilly.
Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto.co
Online personality Julia Allison with Lilly.

But I also arrived in New York on the cusp of a communication revolution the likes of which humanity has never seen.

The combination of the technological ability to share my life, combined with my natural propensity to be emotionally open, paved the way for Lifecasting, a real-time public scrapbook/memoir/diary/photo album, which I’ve been doing for almost five years.

It always felt natural to me to share my life with others — something that may sound odd to people not weaned on Facebook, Twitter and blogging, but which is unquestioned in the Net Generation (those 25 and under). I wanted a way in which observers could tag along on my journey as a young woman, to peek into my daily life and watch as I grew up, experienced joy and loss and struggled through confusion. I hoped it would make people happy, entertain them, teach them something, help them feel less alone, maybe even inspire them.

I recorded everything from my birthday parties to first dates to visits with my parents to my continual frustration with my studio apartment, to my discomfort with turning 29 and being single, feeling lost, alone, unmoored in New York — to silly, funny thoughts that occurred to me in the moment (like last Tuesday at 9:29 a.m.: “Ever leave the house wondering if you are, in fact, wearing a wildly inappropriate outfit for a meeting?”). Instead of just thinking it (and forgetting it), I Twittered it, so that other people could say, “Oh yes, yes, I’ve thought that! I’ve felt that way! I too own leopard-print wrap dresses!”

Some of the musings are mundane, some are more profound, but they combine to form this organic modern art form: a new type of storytelling — a coming of age story told by the person coming of age, while they come of age.

This sort of intimacy is already the norm amongst the next generation. They live in a “Photo or it didn’t happen!” world, and the ubiquity of visual and auditory recording devices, as well as the ease and speed with which one can share their documentation, has inevitably led to a culture of sharing and transparency.

Their online identity isn’t an addendum, it is them.

This can be enormously empowering. Until recently, we lived in a world which told us only certain people deserved to have an audience — politicians, journalists, actors. Now anyone can share a witty remark, a wise thought, a fervent opinion or a sad story. You can also be — to a certain extent — whoever you want to be. And very few things are more central to human happiness than having autonomy over your identity.

But there’s the disturbing negative side to a life lived online. The criticism, the bullying, the mass disregard for considered reflection (very few follow the new permutation of the old adage: “Think before you blog”).

Which is why, though I love sharing my life, I decided to quit Lifecasting last week.

I just didn’t want to be judged any longer. That’s by far the biggest issue with opening up your life to others: judgment. Heaps and heaps and heaps of Other People’s Critiques — of you! Imagine sitting in a room with 400 people all yelling simultaneously about what, exactly, you should say, act, feel, do — and how, exactly, you’ve screwed up. Except these aren’t people who really know you. They just THINK they do, because you’ve shared some aspects of your life with them.

Part of life is growing and changing. The problem with documenting your life in a public space is that when you grow and change, your persona from yesteryear remains. The person I am now is not the person I was five years ago. You always see politicians getting slammed for “flip-flopping” — that can start to happen to “normal” human beings too, as their Google caches build up with years of thoughts and photos, like some sort of archeological dig of their souls.

The Internet’s default — immediate, impulsive, judgmental critiques — must change. We all have a responsibility to cut one another a little more slack. We need a new Internet Code of Conduct. Something that looks like this: I agree to treat people kindly and to give them the benefit of the doubt. And most of all, I agree to remember the oldest of the old rules: to treat one another as we would wish to be treated. In other words: Judge not, lest ye be judged.

We must learn compassion and forgiveness, for if we aren’t allowed to make mistakes as a culture, we can never learn from them. And if we have to cover up all our imperfections, other people won’t learn from us!

Until last week, New York writer Julia Allison “Lifecasted” at julia.nonsociety.com


  1. I can’t read her writing. It is just so fucking terrible.

    Also, she lies!

    Also, she isn’t qualified to even say the words ‘modern art’ let alone form opinions or theories about it.

    Also, SHE LIES!!

    • That’s exactly what I thought. I got up to this and got woozy. “But I also arrived in New York on the cusp of a communication revolution the likes of which humanity has never seen.”


  2. According to her chat last night she decided to “quit” because she had a “mental breakdown” for two reasons:

    1) PK dumped her
    2) Jordan dumped her

    Those two reasons of course have one cause behind them. And it ain’t this site. Here’s a clue it starts with a “J” and ends with “ulia treating people like shit”.

    She also claimed to have spent the past 5 days in bed crying hysterically and yet lo and behold an op-ed piece appears in the NYT.

    This is just another “Look PK! I CAN CHANGE!” ploy. It’s transparent as Meghanaises tech knowledge.

    • ‘it starts with a “J” and ends with “ulia treating people like shit”’ HA!

      Our little Julia, is such a minx, using her HATERZ site to spin her brand. I am happy that she’s more manipulative than truly depressed. If she really had a nervous breakdown I would have felt a bit guilty. As it is she’s just lathering, rinsing, repeating, so I can mock with a clear conscience. This past week’s last ditch effort is sort of like when they brought that Oliver kid onto the Brady Bunch.

  3. There’s nothing organic about Julia or her blogging. I couldn’t even finish that article, it’s so contrived. She’s a huge liar!

  4. She is going to ride this Internet Code of Conduct into the gapaing void that is weekend cable news interviews. Julia, we need your wisdom! Ugh.

    • She wishes. The world knows she’s a loon and a fraud. How do you have any credibility when you’re published in a major newspaper on the weekend saying you’re quitting the Internet, then you’re back online on Monday.

      And what contract does she have to honor? Who’s paying her to blog for another month? Did she get into that at all?

      • No. No details about the contract. Everyone was asking. Like is she providing specific content for a shill or just being paid to blog……no details whatsoever.

      • I think her legalese speak is drawing a distinction between “lifecasting” and “blogging.” I wouldn’t be surprised that come tomorrow she is “blogging” on a different site for a month.

      • Maybe she’ll be blogging on one of those blogger sydicate sites, kinda like Women’s World but in blog form. She had a deal for them, before. You get paid like 29 cents a blog.

      • Jacy,

        Just wanted to say way to go calling her out on her COMPLETE bullshit “tell all” chat sesh with RBNS. I read the transcript and I’m so glad your opinion of her didn’t waiver in the face of “oh guys, look how nice and human I really am.”

        I was so sick of people totally kissing her ass during that.

    • Internet Code of Conduct, how about life code of conduct, don’t steal from, manipulate, lie to, people for years and years?? then you won’t have a site where people gather to warn others of your fraud.

      • Honestly, this this this, criminal. where the fuck does she get off telling anyone how to behave?

  5. And she declared Page Six Magazine her favorite read only 2 weeks ago. This was well planned, if you ask me!

  6. So those who know, tell me who doesn’t:

    How long has this article been planned? JA isn’t a regular Post contributor so how long ago was this piece proposed/submitted?

    Trying to figure out the timeline of this little flounce…

    • As a newspaper/mag journalist my guess for a Sunday newspaper piece would be about two to three weeks out.

      • although, oddly enough, until yesterday, she’d never been in a “room” with 400 people telling her what a bad person she is.

  7. i just went over to that article and commented about bolt bus girl. how, how, how can this woman put herself out there as a total hypocrite!?!?!? nicer to women on the internet, my fat ass. i hadn’t read that post on bolt bus girl in about a year, and on re-reading it, i could not believe how ugly it comes across. nice post to put up on your business platform, honey. especially when you can’t stop braying, to anyone who will listen, about a code of fucking conduct on the internet.

  8. thank you jacy for calling this crazy BS out. the levels of deception and drama this woman takes things to us fucking unbelievable. she says she is under contract to start blogging monday. when in between the cray cray antics of last weds to yesterday did she have the time to negotiate said contract?

    and then wtf does this nyp article mean if we’re less than 24hrs from her return to blogging. I have serious donkey induced whiplash from trying to keep track if this shit.

  9. Well, bravo. Once again, Julia has carefully orchestrated another situation in which she can blatantly shirk her job responsibilities (finger quotes), take advantage of people who care / once cared for her and unfairly paint herself as a victim and martyr and still get exactly what she wants – attention and a byline.

    JP may not hate her, but I find it difficult not to.

    I would say, usually, that it’s impossible to hate a person one has never met, but the fact is we do KNOW Julia – it’s been her mission for the past few years to make us know her. Ironically it’s been the times that she tries to cover up how she truly is and how she really treats others that are the times when I feel, yeah. I get you. I understand you. And I dislike you so, so much for it.

    Julia will never change and it is partially because no one – NO ONE – holds her truly accountable for her actions. Good job RBNS, Gawker and the NY Post. Keep giving the crackhead crack until she sputters out completely.

    • I pretty much hate the bitch. I’ll admit it. Do i want her to get run over by a bus? Not really. Do I give a shit if she gets help? No, because she’ll never change, agreed. And I feel like we know her pretty well, all bullshit of “I don’t blog my whole life! This isn’t ALL OF ME” to the contrary. She blows donkey dicks.

  10. [Not to be annoying — moving comment to proper heading… I just feel strongly about this…]

    I am a “real” writer (NYT bestseller, etc), and I would bet $10,000 — hell, I would bet a million — that she did not write one word of that NY Post article. It is just too, too well written — cogent, intellectually intriguing, facile sentence structure.

    I read/write for a living, and am very good at picking up people’s style… and that is NOT Julia. My instinct is that her mother wrote it, possibly when they were all visiting NYC?

    Again, more strangeness on Julia’s part — first, the whole “I’m quitting the internets” was very well thought out and not a spur of the moment thing. Because you don’t just dash off a piece like that in 15 minutes and have the Post print it. It was at least a few weeks in the making.

    And — to have your parents… or anyone else write something for you, in a (somewhat) major newspaper? Odd. Strange. Also fundamentally dishonest. Having read JA’s intellectual ramblings, excessive cursing and low level musings, she did not write it. Simply not possible. It is like comparing the work of Winston Churchill to Heidi Montag.

    And the whole “passing someone else’s work off as your own under your byline” is truly offensive to someone who takes their writing — their work seriously. This is why people have such an instinctive dislike of her. It might also be the real problem — inherent dishonesty and almost pathological dissembling — of JA and possibly her generation.

    I cannot imagine I am the only one who noticed this.

    • Ahh NYT bestseller? I would love to know who you are. Obv dont give out your identity but it’s still exciting to know. If Julia had even an ounce of intelligence and wrote well she could capitalize on this site. Write about the current Internet fame phenomenon and the sociological implications of “hate” sites like this. JA do you hear that??


      We need Klosterman on this.

      • I’ve been wondering if somebody would write some sort of piece about this….when you look at it over the past year+ it really is fascinating.

      • It really is, Shrug Bitch (heh). Everyone here always says that JA responds to US and our postings, but I think it goes both ways. It’s some kind of sick symbiotic relationship and I would love to read an essay about it because I honestly have no idea what to think. Still love RBNS but this past weekend made me really think about the Internet famewhore phenomenon.

        Well played, JA, well played.

      • Have written four books, and several screenplays, and the occasional article — I LOVE WRITING! My first book bought my apartment. I am not Candace Bushnell. JA’s (and all the NS gals’) pretentions to “writing” (put that word in quotes) drive me up the wall.

        I think the commentators here are hilarious.

        PP — don’t leave!

    • Holy crap. I just re-read it and that is probably the least amount of “I’s ” I’ve seen in a JA piece. It reads as if someone is writing in the abstract about her and about these young folks who lifecast. I think you’re right; that her mom mist likely authored IR heavily heavily “edited ” I.e. rewrote the piece.

      • note to self. typing out long replies on cell phone usually leads to comment fail. Apologies!

      • Her mom doing a heavy rewrite on this is likely linked to that IM post where her mom said she was a genius and she was so proud of her, back around Valentine’s dayish?

      • Yeah! It reads like her mother sent her an email and Julia replaced-all “you” with “I.”

    • I noticed it too but thought I’d just underestimated her ability as a writer and then thought, “well, good job, julia! this is good stuff!” LOL.

      You’re probably partially right. She likely wrote a draft of it and had it heavily edited by her mother. Some of the language, like the mention of “photo or it didn’t happen!” probably could not have been conceived by momzers.

    • No!!!! No. Sorry, but this is the entire reason I loathe The Chubby One. The whole idea that she stands for something more than herself. That all pretty girls just want to lay around and fuck for money/shoes, that all 20 somethings have mommy do their work. Yes, Julia is like that. Yes, some people are. But I’m sure there were people in generation with the same lack of ethics and lazy, entitled attitude. Maybe they just became porn stars or slept their way through the office, or whatever. Yes, it’s glorified now through reality TV and the Internet, but it’s hardly all encompassing of my generation. I work my ass off, have a meaningful relationship with my boyfriend and can say the same for each and every one of my friends. That is why I’m not jealous if Julia, I pity her. The funniest thing she said yesterday was “I’m not as string as you think”. Sweetie, your insecurities beam off of you, I don’t find you strong or smart or successful in the least. She’s a miserable, pathetic person and I don’t understand how a while generation gets labeled as such because of some fame seeking hussie.

      • I agree w you, sorry. I meant to write “possibly some members of her generation,” but scribbled that comment off pretty fast.

        JA pulled the generational card when describing her incessant tweeting, lifecast, blog, etc etc etc — as if ALL 25 year olds do this, and it is normal behavior (I don’t believe it is) and this is what I was playing off.


    • Man you guys, you’re turning me into the resident RBNS virtual slutter here.
      It’s like, I’ve gotten a kitty-boner for so many of you.
      See, intelligence turns me on

    • The woman wrote Nixon’s speeches… cobbling together a piece of lies for her pathological daughter ain’t no thang.

      The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    • I have to agree with you, Bunny. I reread this part several times (see excerpt below). Even some of her more labored-over pieces that were published in TONY never came close to exhibiting this kind of “abstract” and clear thinking. Perhaps her writing skills have simply excelled overnight (in the dark of her studio), but this piece has all the markings of a more seasoned writer AND thinker. Well, well…

      This sort of intimacy is already the norm amongst the next generation. They live in a “Photo or it didn’t happen!” world, and the ubiquity of visual and auditory recording devices, as well as the ease and speed with which one can share their documentation, has inevitably led to a culture of sharing and transparency.

      Their online identity isn’t an addendum, it is them.

      This can be enormously empowering. Until recently, we lived in a world which told us only certain people deserved to have an audience — politicians, journalists, actors. Now anyone can share a witty remark, a wise thought, a fervent opinion or a sad story. You can also be — to a certain extent — whoever you want to be. And very few things are more central to human happiness than having autonomy over your identity.

    • bunsy, thanks for pointing this out and proposing this theory. when i read it, i knew something was off…i didn’t feel like punching kittens like i usually do when i read a piece of JAB’s. i re-read it after your comment, and i think you are on to something.

    • Just wanna add for the record that it still isn’t that great of a piece — full of cliche, no coherent progression of thought (she just jumps from ruminative Gouldisms to the code of conduct BS), rhetoric that makes her sound like a sixth-grader in the annual 4H public speaking contest (“for if we aren’t allowed to make mistakes as a culture, we can never learn from them”).

      But considering what I would expect from her and from the Post, I agree that she definitely didn’t write this without significant forethought and heavy “editing.”

      • I know, I just meant from what we normally see from her. This is like, F. Scott Fitzgerald…

        I just read it and thought: she did not write it.

        The same way when I read “A Million Little Pieces,” a sentence popped into my mind: “This did not happen the way he says it did.” (Boy, understatement.)

  11. Oh, my internet besties…today Ranjit is happy man. Donkey return! Life is has meaning again!

    Last few days living hell: rise at dawn, milk goats, feed goats, duck Predator thingies, feed camels, feed self, work poppy planting and duck Predator thingies til sundown, milk goats, feed goats, climb into cot, sleep fitfully…life had nothing but meaningless.

    Now we back in bidness my besties! Were it not non-manly thing, Ranjit would ululate!! Let the funs begin again!

  12. yeah, at least we now know that the whole chat thing was a premeditated, orchestrated, inauthentic performance by the donkey. i guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

    i must say, it’s scary how easily she lies and how comfortable she is with spinning and polishing the turd that is her ‘career’…

  13. She so did not write this. She quit “lifecasting” so she could begin “blogging”. Her 3 am goodbye post was in the works for a while. Also? That post doesn’t sound so much like her either.

    How fuck.

  14. This is OT, but I got wasted last night! It was fun. Then I did naughty, naughty things with my bf.


  15. This drivel was obviously edited/rewritten by someone else. I’m sure that she turned in 10,000 choice, golden words (late) for a 500-word assignment (as is her usual habit) and some schmo at the Post got stuck chopping it down and removing the I’s. Countdown to bitching about her edit. . . .

  16. You see folks, as in Poker..mark, donkey..

    Everyone was played..

    Since now the Donkey wants Gawker to follow RBNS to market JA..

    I say a week of posts starting Monday nothing to do with JA..

    We have the power to burn JA’s brand to the ground through ignoring it..

    So lets make a list who should we cover and why for the week starting Monday..

    Who do you feel has great content due to transparency, etc?

  17. If she actually wrote* this article I will eat tinfoil.

    * And no, first draft followed by momser’s revisions doesn’t count.

  18. Dissecting the bullshit legalese used by the deceptive liar Donkey…she claims a friend hooked her up with PK. What she neglected to reveal is that said friend/acquaintance is a millionaire matchmaker of sorts: http://www.nypost.com/pagesixmag/issues/20080622/Jeremy+Abelson+Sells+Sex+and+Wealth
    Donkey refers to the pretty wedding pictures on her blog from last fall which were from Jeremy Abelson and Mia Miller’s wedding: http://julia.nonsociety.com/post/200759790
    Abelson is a friend of PK and his family: http://julia.nonsociety.com/post/200759790
    Donkey says in chat that she complimented Abelson on his beautiful wedding photos and asked him if he knew of anyone to hook her up with and he arranged a date with PK.
    Don’t think you can play us cat lovers Donkey. You even suck at lying.

    • Wow. Fat Freddy’s Cat is proud to award the Mike Hammer Award for LOL-excellence in sleuthing to Sara. O.

      and reminds all you cat ladies out there, that…yes…it IS all about the ‘O’.

    • The most interesting thing JA said in the chat was she admitted to using legalese. She said something like “I word everything so I’m always telling the truth.”

      I agree w/ whoever said her new role is Internet Victim. It’s too bad she keeps the truly interesting things (blonde departures, bravo show, ex-sex w/ lodwick) under wraps and keeps her blog to iPhone screen grabs and motivational quotes.

      • Awww, Internet Victim. I’m getting nostalgic flashbacks about how Julia Allison tried that role on for size at last year’s SXSW, parading around in her voluminous granny gown and busting up confabs with her would-be gonzo “protests” against the treatment o’ wimmins on the web. It didn’t play well then. What makes her think it will play well now?

  19. Once again kicking myself for having any sympathy for Jules. She gets me every time.

    Also, this isn’t even that well written. I probably could have spit something better then this the night before a deadline in college.

  20. Postulation: The “contract” is the last remaining days on NS. It is the death rattle of NS. Her meeting last week that she tweeted about wearing an inappropriate dress, was one last chance to flash her goods for the nerds to save her blog. She failed and hence the “loss of appetite” the sads and the lashing out at the haterz. I couldn’t care less about this dolt, but felt a tinge of sorrow for her when it all came crashing down. But this NY Post article, rife with lies and accusations and half-truths is really sad. She is morphing into her new phase: JA 3.0- Internet Victim. And if anyone sees her donating TIME at a domestic abuse shelter I will eat these words, but a bigger narcissist than JA? Not possible. She has proven time and time again to be vile inside and out. “Came to NY with nothing”?! She came to NYC with a GU degree, a $10K windfall from mom and dad, connections and doors that were opened for her. Not really coming in steerage and living in a rat-infested Hell’s Kitchen tenament at the turn of the century. Give me a break you entitled princess. Get yourself squared away. Sheesh.

  21. OMG, she did not write a fucking word of this, not even sure that Momsers did. She’s a lousy writer, period, but it doesn’t take much to compose a piece on dating do’s and don’ts for TONY that reads like something found in Young Miss circa 1985. This pity party, on the other hand, contains a few 50 cent words and I ain’t talkin’ ineffable. Who just got a b.j. over at the Post?

    • The article reads like the summary of an interview, no? Nothing at all like an original first-person piece from the donkess. That was my initial impression. At worst, it’s a heavy/edit rewrite. Still contains plenty of her lame-o platitudes and 1990-ish insights.

  22. UGH. Why did I feel sorry for her, again? Bitch.

    What REALLY gets me is the whole “I came to NY with nothing” BS. Omg. It’s insulting to those of us who have student loans to pay off, whose parents are normal and cannot fund our lives, who would be THRILLED to receive a “small gift of $10,000” (FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU). GOD I CAN’T STAND HER.

    BRAYGE. BRAYGE. It’s returned.



    • This.

      Work for a non-profit.

      Work for a magazine.

      Work for a publishing house.

      Live with 5 roommates in an outer borough.

      Eat ramen.

      Borrow from friends to pay this month’s rent.

      Borrow from friends to pay back friends.

      Realize that almost everyone you work with is massively subsidized.

    • Exactly. I went here for college (funded largely by myself/loans), and I graduated with a hefty amount of debt, no $10,000 gift, making less than $30K a year and paying all my own bills/rent. She can eat a dick. She has no idea how to make it on her own. Never has, never will.

  23. Can someone enlighten me on why exactly the Post would even publish this? I mean what interest do their readers have in this random diatribe? I’m serious. I have friends (aspiring writers with actual talent) who can’t get a response to their pitches, and they published this drivel. WHY?

  24. Hahaha lord. So she quits the net and writes this article, all without knowing she had a “contract” to be back Monday? I die of lol. Also, the NY Post is going to look like an asshole when people google her site and see she’s not stopped blogging even a tiny bit.

  25. First, I must ask: Whose knob was she slobbing for all of those words to be printed on the post? Because last I knew, the post only cared about Jon Gosselin and Tiger Woods.

    Second: Must the post publish some incredibly boring shit as this? Seriously, I’m drinking on a Sunday and don’t give a shit!

  26. Julia Allison, always on the dull edge of internet culture. The correct phrase is: “Pics or it didn’t happen.”


    Now, tits or GTFO.

  27. 400 people?

    Wasn’t it 300 at the highest point?

    Lies = crack for her. She’ll probably call it “journalistic embellishment”

  28. It’s pretty clear to me, and it’s been expressed more eloquently elsewhere, but the community and commentary at RBNS is the most interesting thing about her, so yeah, she’s using it. It’s actually a pretty enterprising move, although it seems a little distasteful and desparate. But this is someone who uses her closest ‘friends,’ so her trying to advance her career via the good people here would probably seem more than fair to her.

  29. Emily Gould gets a 7000 word essay in the NY Times. Julia Allison gets a 700 word op ed in the NY Post.

    Says a lot, really.

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