A Little Personal Thing About Me, Julia’s Publicist

Subtitled: “In Defense of Julia Allison”

Jesus, fuck! What a clusterfuck of a week. Julia Allison’s “absence” from the internet has garnered the most number of pageviews this site has ever gotten, and it has culminated in a shitshow of a live chat with The Donkey herself.

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, but with people coming into the comments saying that we wish Julia were dead, and that we’re horrible, horrible people filled with hate for some poor, innocent person, I am more compelled to clear the air for a moment.

I don’t hate Julia.

That is the truth. I hate some of the things she gets away with. I hate what she seems to represent regarding an instant gratification culture that seems to skip over that whole work ethic thing as they race frenetically toward some undefinable goal. The truth is I’m fascinated by Julia Allison. There is someone like her who actually exists and who seems to, at least publically, get away with the famewhoring antics that she has pulled for years. Her desire was fame, which, no matter what she says, is an unrefutable truth based on the years of begging for Gawker coverage, seeking reality show after reality show, sending out press releases and starting a “business” whose model was only to show off the lives of three spoiled women.

The fact that she’s gotten away with it for so long is mesmerizing to me, but it seems like she is not getting away with it any more, at least not as much as she used to.

I contribute to this site to call her out on her shit. Is that my responsibility as some random person? No. Did I inexplicably pick up an unwarped mirror to show Julia her unmanipulated reflection? Yes. But as I’ve continued to write here, the point of this blog really has nothing to do with Our Lady of Introspection. The commenters are hilarious and great, for one, and a community has been indeed built, but I think Julia represents something that many of us find revolting about our culture, and for many readers here, it is not her, it is the idea of her. At least it is for me. Because of that, it is hard sometimes to remember that there is a human being with feelings behind the spectacle. And yes, I am sometimes really, really mean. Let’s face it, those Photoshop contests are just cruel. But I don’t hate her, nor do I wish her any harm or ill will.

Anyway, Julia did indeed storm the castle out of frustration that she is feeling in her life, which really has fallen apart, if I must say, with businesses, relationship and friendships crumbling around her. It’s her fault mostly, but it’s not like she doesn’t have a right to feel sad about it. So she has every right to come into the clubhouse and scream and stomp her foot, although it is really ill-advised.

I personally would not have opened the lines of communication and have her answer questions in the chatroom. It was already happening when I sat down at my computer to do some work and clicked over to this site.  But it happened, and now it’s over.

So what did we learn?

  • She really doesn’t like being called “donkey.” I think it’s funny. Donkey.
  • The Jordan catastrophe was just as bad as has been inferred. They no longer speak.
  • Julia and Mary are no longer friends, but they are cordial, which I think was obvious.
  • PK did indeed dump her, but he left a possibility for reconciliation. But, seriously, honey, consider that door closed shut, for your own sake.
  • NonSociety is officially a non-business. It is just used as a platform for them to pursue their own projects.
  • NonSociety was originally funded by an “angel” investor. Some sources say that investor was Dark Lord Denton himself.
  • She used Adderall, yes, years ago, and has used Xanax four times in the last year.
  • She is currently looking for a therapist.
  • She has to start blogging on Monday because of contractual obligations.

There is so much more, but, honestly I was only half-paying attention, and the whole thing got a little out of control toward the end. Apparently, a full transcript is here.

Did Julia tell the absolute truth? Of course not, and I don’t know why anyone expected her to, since that has never been her modus operandi. For one, I still do not believe her computer was “hacked” to release Prom King’s name and to make those vimeo videos of her date public, but anyone who expected her to be completely and totally honest is fooling themselves. Did she evade some pointed questions? Of course. Did she give some patented Julia Allison spin on some of her answers? Definitely. But there glimmers of previously undisplayed honesty in a few of her answers that should be commended. Why? Because it is a step in the right direction.

The takeaway for Julia from this chat should be that she needs to start blogging with unfettered honesty, and if she doesn’t want to face scrutiny about certain aspects of her life, she shouldn’t offer her reader’s glimpses into things that she doesn’t want to fully talk about. And I for one am glad that she is seeking therapy, if that is the truth, because homegirl needs it badly.

Did she convince some people to like her? Who knows? Were some people unwavering for their distaste for donkey? It appears so. The fact of the matter is that everyone has a right to their own opinion, and Julia Allison needs to accept that there will be negative opinions of her so long as she exists in a public space such as the internet. People are allowed to change their opinions about Julia Allison, and people are allowed to hate her immensely, as some commenters seem to do. Although, I will say that I don’t think many opinions have been changed today, and anyone who says so is kidding themselves.

There were no winners or losers here today, and I don’t understand why this whole situation needs to be defined in those terms. I don’t think any of the mods here are out to destroy the donkey. I, for one, have said time and time again that I hope she gets the help she needs.

Will I contribute to parse the material given? Yes. Were we pawned as some have suggested? No. That is a ridiculous assumption, I’m sorry, but it is.

Take what you will with what happened today. But I don’t think anything changed. I am hopeful though that Julia may have seen that we aren’t all rabid, vitriolic cat ladies and saw some reason behind all the madness.

But probably not. This is Julia Allison after all.


  1. Hear hear.

    I think that was well put and I fully agree with all the points made. I wasn’t in the actual chat but I read a transcript. I think there were some glimmers of truth but I still hate what she represents, while not her herself. Overall, well said JP.

    • Other takeaway points for those with no interest in scanning the transcript:

      * She had two nose jobs. One to correct the first. “But you guys already knew that!”–she says.

      *She claims [REDACTED} didn’t care about the gawker/bipolar incident and even had sex with her afterward. (I kind of believe this.)

      *PK dumped her because she is an inconsiderate person. (Definitely believe this)

      *She admits her vimeo wasn’t hacked, but that one of her many friends who has her account password accidentally set the videos to public for an hour. (Lies, obvs)

      *She reads here religiously (Though she still tries to deny this)

      *NS is a sham. She doesn’t pay her “partners” but expects them to use the platform to get shill deals.

  2. I love Julia. I don’t know why people hate her. It seems mostly women online that draw all the negative attention. I hope she comes back to blogging!

    • Oh my gracious ME TOO!

      I believe that people are very envious of her spirituality and close relationship with The Lord.

      • I have told that God has been showing up in the comments here, but I don’t believe it. Everyone knows that He sends telegrams because He is old.

      • Yo bitch who you calling old? If you have anything to say about me you can DM me on twitter.

        Just remember that I’m watching you at all time. Only my top facebook friends get into Heaven okay. It’s run like a bottle service club these days. Times are lean and I need to be careful about who I let in.

    • I think people loathe Julia Allison for the reason that JP stated: she possesses no discernible talent, as a writer, an actor, a painter, a graphic designer, etc., etc. etc., and yet appears to believe that she should be acknowledged and rewarded for excelling at absolutely nothing, certainly not the crap that she puts out as a blog. Meet her in person and that sense of entitlement will give you the dry heaves. Oh, and Julia, is that you?

      • I think she admitted as much in the chat when she said she’s not that talented and she just wants to like have conversations with people for a living. Ok, whatever. Let’s grant that extremely talented conversationalists deserve recognition and fame. She’s not one of them! She’s engaging in all the wrong ways! She only wants to have conversations about herself! And she even fails in that respect because she’s so oblique and dishonest about everything.

  3. Standing ovation and my lighter swaying in my upraised hand.
    You know JP, you bring up a really good point that I didn’t even think about. Maybe it wasn’t really all about getting her to fess up, well totally anyway, we knew she wouldn’t. If she learned nothing else, I certainly think her view of the ‘audience’ here has changed. No longer can she comfort herself w/ it being a bunch of basement-dwelling, jealous, losers. Jeebus, did you see all the lurkers?? And yes, I was one of them.
    Really, it’s game on as usual. She had a fit. It’s done. There’s no spinning it at this point. No changing her story.
    It’ll feel different tomorrow.
    Let’s all take a shower to get rid of the greasy feel to all this now.

  4. She’s a liar and will always be one. So she will always be miserable. Didn’t join chat because it just feeds into her NPD. My opinion remains unchanged. Still love this site though!

  5. Just read that chat. It makes me like Julia that she at least attempted to talk to everyone, and owned up to a lot of things.
    Honestly, it just made me dislike PK. “Left the door open?” Sounds like a manipulator. Run, Julia, run!
    You can do better. AND I MEAN THAT.

    • No, she can’t, and I mean that. A trust fun moron who has Tucker Max as one of his FB fan pages is PERFECT for our lady of introspection. This one’s a match made in heaven. I only hope that his parents don’t hate her too much after prom night and bi curious birthbray bash and forcing her parents to stay at his apartment and . . .

      • Ha! I love you.

        Seriously, no she can’t do better, and I’m honestly surprised she ever gets any reasonably attractive, successful men to date her. Yet I am not at all surprised they all fucking dump her ass. She’s a lazy overly-dramatic untalented drama queen hack, and she needs to GET A JOB.

      • Justin seems trivial enough to have been somewhat amused by our lady. Any guy with a three-digit I.Q., however, is going to get bored very quickly when having to deal with a fucktard’s antics. Think about how annoyed Lodowick became with Julia’s utter lack of high culture and pop culture knowledge, and her complete inability to distinguish the worthy from the fodder.

      • i know, jack! at first, in the flush of new romance/new p*ssy, he tried to make it a positive: “it’s great that she has zero cultural knowledge because she’s a blank slate, etc etc.” then it quickly became disgusting to him. hilarious and fun to watch. god i miss jakobandjulia.com

      • Dear Jack, “trust fun” moron is perfection. I bow–either to you or to your Freudian slip, either way.

  6. Bravo. You’ve really encapsulated it well here I think. I’m sure we’ll all live to see another day of making fun of the donk because, come on, she’s a donk. Sorry if your life is falling apart sweetcheeks but hell, what did you expect? Your life is an utter lie.

    Carry on then.

    • JABa’s coming on RBNS was a PR move. She needs the focus off last weeks whackadoodle behavior (Griftcardgate, the sad goodbye to the internet, outing PK, accusing the RBNS mods of hacking Vimeo). Today was a performance with the so called willingness to answer questions and the resulting commotion serving to distract the critical eyes. Remember Julia ( since you don’t read here) that catnip you dangled distracted the cats not the cat ladies.

  7. Contractual obligation to return in just a few days after quitting?

    That either should have been announced — X/day hiatus — or it is a lie to pave the way for the return

    • Peter Baugher: “Honey, I can’t continue to cut checks for this if you don’t at least TRY to blog for a living”
      Julia”Okayyyyyy daddy, I’ll post pictures of me and Lilly come Monday”
      Peter Baugher” Great dear, love you lots, here’s your check”

      That my friends is the contractual obligation.

  8. I think you and party pants handled yourself well. Being aggressive in her face/writing obscenities isn’t polite or considerate, which is exactly why people don’t like Julia so behaving like her is weird. I definitely think their are two camps here- people who like making fun of Julia and don’t like how she treats people and people who really hate Julia.

    • Uh, running a reblogging site or commenting on a reblogging site isn’t polite or considerate either. So clearly you have no problem with hyprocrisy.

      I don’t really hate Julia. I just think it’s lolz to make fun of her because she really pisses me off. Hate implies a level of emotional investment I just don’t have.

      I just think it’s ultra-pointless to engage with her at all. If the mods normally discourage us from emailing her, why would they engage her in any way here? Just because she asked? Again, Julia getting what she wants.

      She pretty much used everyone in chat as a free therapy session. Boohoo, PK, boohoo, I’m so fucking sad. All the “sigh” and melodramatic eclipses…

      Shut the fuck up, Julia. We’re here to make fun of you, not to coddle you. But apparently we’re not all on the same page anymore?

      • Let’s get one thing straight here, ok? Julia came in here and commented on the site announcing she was taking questions. The mods were unaware of it until it was already happening. PP just started the chat so there could be some semblance of order. I wasn’t aware of ANY of this until the chat was well under way. Then I kept on getting questions from readers and I couldn’t just ignore them.

        Julia has every right to address the haters. But we didn’t engage her until it was already happening.

      • Why would she address them here? She has a full-blown corporation called NonSociety to address whomever she wants. She has no right here except what rights you give her. I’m not saying you guys did anything wrong by inviting her into chat — I just hope this won’t be a regular feature of RBNS. A couple long-time commenters have already announced that they’re leaving.

        I appreciate you guys running this site, and I really enjoy it — hence why I hope nothing will change.

      • I’ve told her to address it on her own blog before, but she just came in, so why people are so OMGUPSET is just confusing to me. Of course this is not going to be a regular feature.

      • jp with all due respect, julia has emailed the mods before asking to set up a chat time with the “haters” and you guys denied or ignored her requests, for what most of us thought was a very principled reason. THEN all of a sudden she shows the fuck up in the comments section and you bow down and give her the welcome wagon in the form of a chatroom. where’s your conviction? that’s what people are mad about, i think. and no, i know this isn’t to you PERSONALLY (you weren’t at your comp, etc etc) but I think we tend to think of you mods as a team and so yeah….what the fuck happened in the alliance there?

      • What.. people are never allowed to screw up?

        It sounds like it was a pretty snap judgment.
        Better than the cluster fuck that was happening on the comments

      • Here’s the thing. HERE’S THE THING! First: We react to NS. And JA doesn’t like it, and we say ” Its a free country dude, you can’t control our reaction to your content! Enable comments!” Well JA read and reacted to RBNS in her way and added her voice to our conversation. That is all. It cuts both ways. Whatever her flaws, JA is a human being and I am at least a little grateful to her for the hours of amusement she has provided me, so I’m happy to hear her out a bit. No matter how deserved, I’m not happy that she is having a hard time. It’s hard to have things implode, from any cause. I’ve had it happen to me, I think we all have. And speaking as a mopey type, I for one would rather have her out and about acting out narcissistically than jumping off a bridge. Secondly, this is the internet. None of us have eevn met in persn, for crying out loud. Thinking this site never ever change or everythign will be under control ignores the ephemeral, anonymous, multivoiced/polyvalent ( or whatever the right term is) nature of the medium.
        Also I would be happy to get drinks so we can meet in person. Call me a soft, but I say JA can come too, if she brings some Adderall.

  9. No one has commented on this:

    [18:13] charslie! That girl!
    [18:13] oy
    [18:13] I found out about her blog when I was in Davos, Mary RIPPED HER a new one, then she refuses to talk to me! I was actually going to say something along the lines of “everyone makes mistakes, I probably would have done the same thing”
    [18:14] then she threatens to go to the media!
    [18:15] that girl “worked” for me – like FIVE TIMES MAYBE
    [18:15] she got college credit for it! And when I called the dean to explain that her student just threatened me, she told me that Charlsie’s mother was constantly calling her up and threatening her job

      • Right? It’s like, she has a chance to set the record straight, and she chooses to disparage a college student who worked for her “like FIVE TIMES MAYBE”?

        And, as would be expected, she didn’t talk about telling Charlsie to “wait in the lobby,” or making her return freebies for credit, or having Karp remove her blog!

        And obviously it’s ironic to say this was her chance to set the record straight. Her job is talking about herself. Seriously, what is the rationale behind not blogging the sort of innocuous things she disclosed in the chat?

    • Yeah I noticed that too. The reoccurring theme, in my mind at least, is that JA doesn’t know when to shut up. She puts shit out there that shouldn’t be, the Charlsie thing being a prime example. Another thing she said that stuck out in the same vein was regarding [redacted] and sleeping with him post-break up. What was the point of that being said?

      • The only things she will admit to are the things that make her look like more of a victim.

      • Peltzer: the point of Julia Allison bringing up the fact that [redacted] slept with her post-bipolar disclosure is the same as it ever and always is: to prove–to herself and others–that she is desirable to men. That admission was one of the few moments in the chat yesterday that rang true for me. So much of her blergh and her public presentation springs from that dynamic: the ridonkulous too-tiny costumes; the tee-hee “dating” disclosures; the pose as a dating expert; the plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures; the troweled-on makeup; the endless posturing and posing in fauxtographs that have clearly been heavily edited to show the world some Ideal Pink Princess rather than a real human being. I could go on here, but….

    • What’s with “everyone makes mistakes”? What mistake did she make? Keeping a blog and telling the truth on it?

  10. Julia seeing a therapist? Bullshit. It’s just another cutesy thing she came up with on the spur of the moment:

    [18:06] I need professional help
    [18:06] whoa
    [18:06] I am being serious, I do. I have been looking for a therapist.
    [18:06] but I haven’t found one I like yet.
    [18:06] if you know one????
    [18:06] I’m serious
    [18:06] I need one
    [18:06] It didn’t occur to me how badly until recently, but I’ve been looking for about a month?

    • She just got a free session from RBNS. She doesn’t have to pay for therapy if we keep up these chats.

    • She gave me the same “I’m totally looking for a therapist, I know I need one” spiel when I emailed her like 4 months ago.

      • That rang false to me. It doesn’t take a month to find a good therapist if you’re serious about it. That was playing to the bleacher seats. And then “crowd-sourcing” names of candidates from cat-ladee-haterz? I actually guffawed when she threw that out. It’s just like “What color do you think my bridesmaids’ dresses should be, readers?”

  11. Ok, so I’m staying in tonight to try and take care of some work, and of course I’ve gotten drawn into the whole shitstorm that’s happened here. I love RBNS.. I’m a lurker who enjoys the wit and humor of the writers, and many of the commentators, and appreciate seeing JA called out on her BS a lot. I’m sure much of my enjoyment stems from frustration with not seeing others, such as politicians or other professional BSers get called to the carpet in this manner. However, one thing that has bothered me is the vitriolic, nasty and not at all clever comments of Loren Feldman, who, from the snippets of videos I’ve seen, is a skeevy middle-aged guy with rage issues, who has a personal, nasty vendetta against princess pelts. So why on EARTH did you give him moderator privileges??? I’m sorry, but it skeeved me out, and I’m going to have to leave as well.

    • I hate to come out as such, but i think you just perfectly stated my own mega ish with what went down.

      As i have said, i have no issues with how the contributors behaved at all. But that was just stank.

    • Don’t make this about me you wacko. Do you honestly take this that seriously? You honestly think this idiotic site is going to change someone? That you would somehow attain truth? About what exactly? Julia’s life and personal journey? This is a gag site, get it? Ultimately I dont really cares what happens to our Donkey. Her, this site, this dialogue it’s all about the yuks.

      • Wow – can I please compare this to Julia’s “don’t take this so seriously, bunny”?

    • I agree with this re:loren. he’s all show and big talk online but in person just punks out with everyone. that’s his brand, it’s cool, i like loren as a softie, but it’s like he gets the celeb treatment around here for no fucking reason.

    • Agreed. Don’t get the Feldman love at all. He’s either a skeevy middle-aged man with rage issues (and not half as good looking as he seems to think he is, btw) or a total suck-up to Julia. Not to mention completely two-faced when it comes to RBNS. Don’t like him at all.

      • what? i never understand the loren-hate around here. i don’t know the guy, never heard of him outside of the julia context, but he seems fun and harmless to me. we all like the puppets, no?

      • I don’t have an issue with Loren at all. I like seeing him show up in the comments, to be honest.

        But I do have an issue with him being given moderator status. He is just commenter like the rest of us. There are lots of longtime loyal commenters who interact on this site far more often than he does who I’m sure would have loved to have been given the opportunity to have had a voice in that chat.

        That said, I think the mods did the best they could. Sometimes, when things are fast and furious like they were yesterday, you just don’t always make the best decisions. Plain and simple. I don’t think that particular error in judgement is something to quit over.

    • Totally agree re: Loren. He seems like the worst possible combination: a famewhore asskisser who is simultaneously a bully. He never contributes anything remotely funny here (except a video here or there) yet seeks some kind of weird internet popularity by piggybacking on RBNS. He never mans up to all his chickening out and instead turns it around on us. The more I hear from him, the more I think him and JA have in common. He should not have been allowed to speak in that chat in the first place, but yet when he was, he contributed absolutely nothing.

  12. I’ll say this. I loved that she came in to chat, and I emailed her with ZOMG MY REAL NAME AND EMAIL to tell her. I don’t hate her. I like when she’s more honest, because if she’s really going to lifecast, she needs to be more open. I also addressed the PR issue with Jordan’s quitting vs. Julia’s disclosure, because I’m a publicist and love giving unsolicited advice.

    I don’t hate her. Not at all. I do think that more honesty will suit her well in the future, though.

  13. Now here’s a fascinating bit. ‘I hate you site. It was your site that made me honest. Your site is wrong to to accuse me of lying.’ Tying herself in knots, isn’t she?


    [17:32] I didn’t use to be honest.
    [17:32] But I sure as hell am now.
    [17:32] I’ll say – the one thing you guys did for me was teach me not to lie.
    [17:32] You think I lie constantly, but usually you’re wrong.
    [17:32] You get the story off SO frequently!!!!!

    • How would she know we get the story off so frequently? SHE NEVER READS HERE.

      That she was even allowed to continue to talk based on this one simple fact makes my head spin.

      • Yeah, she did that a few times. She’d say something about what is always talked about here or how we always say such and such. But, um, she NEVER reads here, right?

        She said that friends would let her know if something big went down here, like with PK or TK outing, but that’s it. She doesn’t read here ever never.

    • ‘You get the story off frequently. Not that I have ever read the site until today. But I never lie.’

    • What I LOVE is when she credits US for making her honest. So she’d continue being a total tool if no one was around to call her shit.

  14. She didn’t do a single thing to endear her to me, just the same as the multiple i’ve observed her looking right thru people when talking to them for someone better.

    She comes across as disingenuous to me.

    Gawker post is retarded.

  15. Why didn’t anyone ask why she doesn’t get a fucking job? That’s what I would have asked. Lazy whore.

    • She said her whole career goal was to make a living talking to people. That’s infuriating for some reason. You talking to people adds no value to society, Julia. Why do you think you should be able to make a living that way. Get a fucking moral compass or a shred of a work ethic or at least a sense of shame about your lazy, leeching ways.

      • That really pissed me off, too. It was so blasse, like, Oh, but I want to make my living having conversations, because everything I say is so fascinating and I’m nice to look at!

        Except, Donkey, that your voice sounds like a hee-haw-hee-haw, and your face is made up of wax with two dots of shit for eyes.

      • Julia Allison talks TO people, not WITH people. If we can judge by the many videos of herself that she puts out there. Monologues. Interruptions upon interruptions. She just wants to talk, period, and be listened to. Respectfully, dammit!

      • Come, come, Julia cherishes the art of conversation, just waiting for that moment when the interviewee shuts up and she can bray away about something she knows nothing about. She used to pull that crap at Georgetown a lot, never reading the assignment and then trying to dominate class discussion. Always hilarious and the professors were all on to her.

    • There should be a thread asking what was the one dumbass thing she said that pissed everyone off the most.

      Mine was the infuriating “my life has fucking sucked” bit. F

  16. Also, I loved the little bit about how she wishes she had never said that “offhand” remark or however the hell she put it, that she doesn’t drink. Um, donkey? You’ve said that at least half a dozen times, conservatively speaking. Does she even read her OWN bullshit? Honestly, I bet she doesn’t. Because she’s that lazy. Also, she needs to GET A FUCKING JOB.

    • I say I don’t drink, but on occasion I have like 19 glasses of Franzia. I just don’t drink on a regular basis because I truly hate being hungover or drunk the next morning. I guess both Julie Albertson and I should say we don’t drink regularly.

    • The not drinking routine over and over again sounds like someone with a drinking problem, else why bring it up? And wasn’t that one of the many reasons that Julia bombed (pun intended) with Justin’s parents?

  17. I truly think that if she opened up about her struggles, she’d be more endearing, well, at least interesting. Shit, live and learn, Julie Albertson, but don’t forget to write about what you learned. Don’t be afraid to say, “Um… er… oops? Fucked that up. Next time I will ____.”

    Whatev. I need to go dust my ceramic cats.

  18. i too lurked in the chat and have been reading the site for some time now.

    the one thing i would say in defense of the mods – is that the shit went down FAST. i happened to come to the blog right as julia was posting over and over – and it was so clearly taken to chat to try to get control of the situation.

    and then, once chat started – it was chaos. so the mods silencing everyone made sense in my eyes. and it was clear they were being bombarded with questions from all of us – we obviously have a lot to say – and so what didn’t happen (that i wish would have happened) was more follow-up questions. this would have allowed certain issues/questions to be resolved. but it was clear so many question were coming up so fast that follow up questions couldn’t be answered, nor could all of our questions. it was seriously bizarre and simultaneously fascinating (and caused the loss of a lot of planned dissertation work on my part today)

    i think she IS sad. and i hope she does get help. of course she lied, deflected, and glossed over things – isn’t that common behavior when attacked? i may not be a very vocal part of this community, but i still feel like i’m a part of this community – and i hope it is able to stay alive while keeping up the humor/satire.

    • This!
      I was there too when she ‘appeared’ and it DID go down fast. Hindsight is always 20/20 and considering there was no warning with that, it’s pretty impressive the way the stampede was held off.
      Nothing’s changed. This is just more fodder and I VERY much look forward to the days to come.
      We were hit with a rogue wave and tried to ride it.
      Meh… nothing’s changed.
      It was fascinating.

  19. So you’re just an asshole, then.

    You post a long diatribe about how Julia represents all the things you hate about our culture. POINT TAKEN. Give it a fucking rest. You’re not going to change her, and honestly, it doesn’t seem you even want her to. She claims she’s going to leave the internet, and you fucking BAIT her to come back. You LOVE the attention this site gets, or else you wouldn’t continue it in this manner, so fuck you for criticizing her for being the fame whore that she is.

    You’re just as disgusting as she is and you don’t even see it. Moral compass? Fuck you.

    • Bait her? Right, because the mods physically made her log on to her computer. Maybe she should unplug her router and take her dog for a walk.

      And you should go get the stick removed from your ass.

    • Miss Monroe, No, fuck you! This site makes Julia Baugher accountable for her rotten behavior–something the narcissist in her loathes–and no one asked her to log in. Do you honestly believe this famewhore would have left the Internet if it wasn’t for us baiting her? Bwa ha ha. Oh wait, she has a “contract” that suddenly materialized.

      • mmmhmm…

        This site proclaims it’s engaging in the heroic effort of shining a mirror in Julia Allison’s face to show her just how awful she is, and how she epitomizes the awfulness of society today, but you know what also epitomizes the vapid wasteland that is the US? Anonymous people who are so unhappy that they turn to the internet to spew their hate.

        So while you think you’re doing society a favor by engaging in this vapid bullshit, consider the fact that you’re only adding to another problem in this society, which I’d say is even worse than the one you’re purporting to address — BULLYING.

  20. yeah, I found this whole story in the encyclopedia under “codependent” come on, you guys love her, and she needs you. perfect.

  21. 1) i was annoyed you took her to chat after denying a session with her during her previous attempts. sure, let her comment in the comments but the chat just seemed to contradict what you’ve always done with her before.

    2) really? you let loren have speaking privs in the chat? unfair. he’s totaly an ass kisser (albeit proly a nice guy) so him having chat privs was just…annoying.

    3) all you mods don’t seem to be on the same page. that, or you like playing good cop/bad cop, which is not cool. it feels manipulative, to both julia and the readers here. pick a team and stick to it.

    4) all that being said, i think you handled the chat the best way it could have been handled given the circumstances (minus the loren bullshit).

    • 1. I believe PP took it to chat to give it a less chaotic forum.

      2. I don’t know who gave Loren mod privileges.

      3. We are not the borg. The mods write what they want. We are not a cohesive unit and never pretended to be.

      4. Um what? So basically, we suck but don’t?

      • 1. it was pretty much way less chaotic in the threads than it was in the chat. but fine, i get you had no way of knowing that beforehand. still, I’m pretty sure all the mods have been on a very vehement FUCK NO when julia asked for a chat meetup….yet took her right to chat? wtflol. anyway this is more of a question for PP since she took the issue to chat and (i assume) gave loren mod privs too.

        3. seems a bit strange that you’re not cohesive (and don’t pretend to be) when you run a blog together? and you do interviews representing the blog. again, it’s just strange all around but I know nobody expected her to show up out of thin air. seems like donkey made us dance, not the other way around.

        4. yeah you suck. but you could suck worse, so you’re ok 🙂 really, the chat got out of control early on and I was annoyed by the harassers who jumped in early creating chaos. and by you, i mean JP. the other mods I am still kind of ? about.

    • ET, as far as I know Julia has asked mods in the past to participate in some way with RBNS and they have declined. This time Julia kind of hijacked the blog and just started commenting, and Partypants had to react quickly. I think moving the conversation to chat was a smart move.

      Why does it matter that Loren had mod privileges in chat? Again, the chat was unplanned and there were over 300 people in chat, too many for the regular mods to manage. I assume they gave some regulars mod privileges to keep the chat under control.

      Why do the mods have to be on the same page about Julia?

      • because loren isn’t usually in chat from what I have been seeing the past few weeks (and earlier on when I was in chat). It’s like OH! loren showed up let’s give him a voice. loren was also not in chat when the shit went down in the beginning (unless he was under a diff name). Sure, maybe he was given privs since he seems to be somewhat trutworthy in being civilized (i guess) but it was strange because he got raked over the coals here, he’s a total softy and really he has had his chance to say plenty about julia. is he a mod? no. has he been in chat regularly? no. so….yeah wtf?

        as for the mods being on the same page….why would anyone really trust/respect them if they can’t seem to get their shit together? i know they don’t need anyones trust/respect but they seem hell bent on trying to be authentic. this is all being taken too seriously, i see. it just feels fake now. like, you’re just like lore, people who talk a lot of shit online but in person will fall like a house of cards.

      • What are we supposed to do? Have editorial meetings or something? I also don’t see how we fell like a house of cards, but I guess there is no point in trying to understand this mess.

        Back to vodka.

    • I agree about Loren. I don’t even understand that. He got raked over the coals after that interview thing last year and now he’s getting mod privs in the chatroom?

      Also, his comment to Julia: “you could so be a gay icon” just rang so ridiculous to me. Julia once posted that when she has children, she wishes for one to be gay so she could dress him up in tutu’s.

      I make off-color jokes all the time about a variety of minorities but that just seemed way more dumb than funny. Time and place, Julia. You can say things like that with your girlfriends in private. Not on the innernet.

      • I don’t understand why Loren having mod privileges is a big deal. So what if some people didn’t like his interview with Julia? How does that effect his ability to mod a chatroom?

    • As someone said above, she hijacked the place. She truly did. If PP weren’t there, can you imagine? She came in with guns blasting and spit flying like a lunatic and PP did the best she could with a rabid dog on the lose.
      It’s NOT that big a deal.
      It’s more fodder, more to parse.
      Give it a few days. Once the dust settles and the REAL questions come out, what’s she going to do? Ignore? No, she really did it to herself. She didn’t ‘win’ anything here.

      • What is with this “PP had to act quickly,” and “it had to go to chat to get it under control.” It’s not a fucking Jack Bauer situation, it’s the comment section on a WordPress blog. Guess what would there were no chat…there’d be so many comments! Some would be from Julia! Some would be people responding to Julia! The trouble that would cause.

  22. I think it’s important to point out that Julia’s interaction with commenters was unplanned. The contributers handled it well. I don’t get the drama.

    • because they have denied her a chat before. do you not get that? personally a chat is fine with me, planned or unplanned. but what I don’t fucking get is all this ‘fuck you julia we are NOT gonna do a chat!!!’ and then when she shows up OMG MEET US IN THE CHAT PLEASE. Before julia got to the chatroom it was pretty pathetic, with lots of “omg mib are you julia? lets help donkey figure out irc chat speak”

      lol really? you guys just folded. that’s contradictory to past behavior, and so yes, I am raising my hand with a big WTF question mark. that’s all.

      • Yes I understand that they’ve denied her requests to interact with us before, but this time she showed up unannounced and starting commenting. There was nothing the mods could do at that point, it was already happening.

      • ET, really she was a lunatic when she came in on the thread!!! She didn’t privately email a mod. She was rabid. And everything went nuts… I’ll admit, I was intrigued more than anything. Mucho love ET… you’re quite funny and I can see what you’re saying in principle but it’s like having someone walk in on you when you’re taking a shower and maybe scrubbing your butt. It’s like, ‘huh…whatthe… OMG!!’

  23. Can I make a suggestion?

    Julia has the power to have chats at her own website..

    ..and to be blunt honest Marketing/brand wise she should be doing the chat there not some rebloggng site..

    so in the future when JA asks for chat can we just refer to her do it at her own site instead of here?

    ..after all we are not her doctors, her friends ,etc..

  24. Storm in a teacup, donkey in a bowl. No need to get all upset because Julia threw a fit and turned on her “charm” in textbook NPD style. All she did was prove the point that she craves our attention and cannot live a healthy, offline life. We knew this.

    I don’t react against Julia because she represents something wrong with our culture. I couldn’t give two shits what our culture enshrines — everyone is free to be a no-talent asshole living off mommy and daddy. (Just don’t ask me to pay for your therapy, Julia.) No, I react against Julia because I have known many people like her and have witnessed the destruction they wreak on people who are ignorant of narcissism and sociopathy. She is an excellent case study of how such remorseless, self-centered people operate. If you’ve ever studied these disorders, Julia is a textbook case — with actions that are accordingly predictable.

    Without getting into details, I know people who have been deeply hurt by Julia’s lying, scheming, self-seeking ways. Some of them are still involved with her, buying into her “poor me” and “I love you, bunny!!” schtick. It’s sick and sad, but ultimately very boring. Nothing surprising happens, just the usual using and abusing. This site attracts me because it’s a rare example of a sociopathic narcissist being held accountable, in some small but very visible way, for all the lies, stunts and hurtful behavior. I hope RBNS is forever available via all search engines, bevause

    • Oops — stupid iPhone.

      Anyway, I hope this site is always here to warn people off of Julia Allison Baugher. I wish that every nasty, destructive asshole had such a humorous and intelligent catalog of their shit pulling on the web. This one will do for now.

    • I think those of us who dislike Julia the most are the ones who have our very own Julias in our real lives.

      • True.

        Also, those who lob the “You’re just jealous!” insult at RBNSers tell us a lot about their values with such statements. They think small-time web “fame,” lack of talent, a face ruined by plastic surgery, injectables and poor diet/sleep are things to which one should aspire. How fuck!

      • Pilot: YES on the jealousy thing. That always kills me – who ARE these people who think there is something to be jealous of? Dude, if I’m going to be jealous of someone, it’s going to be some woman with a brilliant mind and career who is also a zillionaire-philanthropist-dog rescuer and who has a close personal friendship with Miuccia Prada, who designs special collections just for her, aka not someone like Julia Allison.

      • Like 50 something Kim Gordon blowing the horn in her Prada dress as 20 something boys drool at her!

      • Most of the “jealousy” accusations seem to come from straight guys who think being formerly attractive is something other women aspire to.

      • I certainly have my own Julia (and this site has inspired me to distance myself, which is a good thing), but I think that makes me pity Julia, not hate her. Like Julia, my friend has no center, no sense of who she is. She’s not a sociopath (and I’m not sure Julia is, either), but she’s a self-destructive narcissist who doesn’t take responsibility for her behavior. The difference is that my friend has hurt herself far more than she’s hurt other people.

        Ultimately, narcissists have to seek help on their own, which they’re reluctant to do because, of course, they think they’re perfect. But they’re generally beyond the help or advice of others.

      • I’ve been thinking about this exact stuff recently…I have found that there’s a LOT of pain and insecurity just under the surface with narcissists. Unless they are true sociopaths, I don’t think they think they are perfect. I think on some level they know there is something wrong, but they cover it up by playing ‘ perfect’. And often but they have spent so much time/ effort covering everything up that to admit their issues feels literally like death. ‘My’ narcissist is my mother, so as I’m sure you can imagine ‘ve had to develop some compassion. I’m very susceptible to being sucked into the JA soap opera, the same way I used to be very susceptible to the drama of trying to please my unpleasable mother. (And my unpleasable/narcissistic boyfriends. And friends. And unpleasable/narcissistic self hatred ) Today, aside from my ye olde self hatred,which I am working on, my mother, with whom I have a workable relationship, and one pal, who I am distancing myself from, JA is now the biggest narcissist in my life So in that way yeah, it’s codependent, JA and I are perfect for each other. Yes I feel sorry for Julia. And I just hope she takes the opportunity to learn as much about herself from this as I am learning from her!

      • Yeah, I shouldn’t have said that narcissists think they’re perfect; my friend certainly doesn’t think she is. I meant that their sense of self-worth is based on convincing others (and, to an extent, themselves) that they’re perfect–that is, not the sort of people who need psychiatric help.

        Sorry about the narcissists in your life; I’m glad this site is helping you figure them out.

  25. Guys, the Donkey has NPD. She is irrational. You cannot be rational with someone who is irrational. It is impossible. So, you shouldn’t even try. Julia needs help. A lot of it. Let’s hope she seeks that help.

    • Agreed-100%. This behavior is TEXTBOOK and it seems like so many people bought into it, which is understandable if you’re not familiar with NPD.

      • I, for one, didn’t “buy into” anything; I just think that people with screamingly obvious psychiatric disorders deserve some compassion. Yes, narcissists are destructive and inconsiderate, but the people they seem most set on destroying are themselves. Since Julia hasn’t hurt me personally, I can’t hold a grudge against her. Sorry.

  26. This is so great. It’s been fascinating watching this site develop, just like it was planned. Don’t worry the site will be fine. It’s just Act ll.

  27. What a shit storm.

    David Karp was the angel investor. Both he and Julia have confirmed it. I think Julia even posted about it on NS.

    I actually agree with most of what JP says here. I started following Julia as a fan (no, really). I see a lot of myself in her. I started commenting here because Julia frustrates me for this same reason.
    I also have mental problem and have lost friends by treating them badly, but I realized there was a problem and got help about ten years earlier then Julia. I think she does have some talent, but she hasn’t bothered to work at it.
    Some advice for Jules:
    1) You don’t have to like your therapist. In fact if it’s working you’ll hate therapy at times. Real therapy is about facing the things you hate about yourself and hearing the uncomfortable truths. It’s the only way to make real change.
    2) If you continue to blog: set some boundaries and stick to them, stop blogging about your family or your dates, don’t blog about your brother’s wedding and stop blogging pictures of my grandmother’s house. Think about subjects you like and blog about that. You’ll still get criticized, everyone on the internet is, but you’ll feel a lot better about yourself.
    3) Get a real job. Failing that volunteer somewhere. Having a place to be on a regular basis at for regular hours will fix a lot of the problems you have right now.
    4) Think about the people who have helped you in your life, thank them and apologize. Not a quick one off text. Call them, try to meet with them in person, say it to their faces. Also, accept that apologies are like presents: people can refuse them. If they do: remember that you did something to cause them to feel this way, don’t blame other people, change that behavior, move on.

    Good luck. I mean it.

    • I’ll also sign on to #1, from the other side of the couch. As a clinical psychologist, I know the minute someone starts feeling comfortable and talking about how much they loooooove coming to therapy, shit getting done is about to come to a halt. Sure, you should feel supported in therapy, but it should be far from comfortable, especially for someone with a raging PD.

    • When Julia Allison said in chat that she basically wanted to “like” her therapist, I rolled my eyes. So not the point. She just wants another audience she can con, in my jaundiced opinion.

  28. One of my favorite parts was when she insisted she’s not just trying to get famous and offered as proof the fact that she could have just fucked a really famous guy and made a sex tape. As if she deserves credit for not doing that. As if the path she’s taken has been the high road. As if she seriously considered making a sex tape as a career move.

    This was awesome and you are all crazy if you don’t think so.

  29. I think that for an unexpected OMG! Julia’s here! moment, the mods handled it as best they could. And I think Julia, confronted by 300+ hostile/curious and anonymous chatters performed well also.

  30. Well said, JP.

    I think what happened here is that she showed up out of nowhere and PP thought it would make more sense for her to have her little princess pony foot-stomping in chat rather than the comments. I didn’t even know it was going down, and JP didn’t either.

    As for us being a cohesive unit — on most stuff, but not everything. We have had our friendly disagreements. But this happened really fast, we didn’t have time to hash it out.

    She revealed herself to be the same old excuse-making, lying attention junkie she’s always been, as far as I am concerned. I am embarrassed that I was concerned for her. She quit blogging for a couple of days but continued with her online shenanigans of trying to out anyone who hurts her. That is deranged.

    But let’s peace out — tomorrow is another day, Donkey is still fucked in the head. That’s what she said.

    • Jacy was absolutely the only mod who handled it right. Every other word from PP was “thanks”. “You are so great for
      doing this”??? huh??? And juliafoolia was worse than Loren, who just sat there loving on everyone. JF told Jacy of all people to stop talking, basically. Uh uh. No way.

      Again, Jacy was the only person who handled it right. She wasn’t rude — she just called it out. Which no one else seemed to have the gumption to do, despite countless blatant lies very easily disproved. The “quitting” TMI thing, or her claim that the expiration date quote was different than we thought.

      Also, she is foulmouthed without even a purpose to it. I don’t care about profanity at all, but when you do it that frequently you sound like you’re putting it on.

      She’s awful.

  31. Juliapublicist, you are all over the comments and doing an admirable job of damage control, but honestly, you are not the one who betrayed this mortified commenting community. Partypants invited Julia to chat, made Loren a mod, and she and her friend juliafoolia filtered all the questions. (Juliafoolia — what the fuck, dude, you were the one who needed to calm the fuck down, not Jacy.)

    Partypants didn’t need to move things to chat. What is so “out of control” about having Julia all up in the comments, anyway? Oooh, I guess a sooper sekrit (yet totally open to the public) chat room was required, to protect precious widdle Julia. It’s obvious Julia was told that the chat wouldn’t be posted on RBNS, which, howfuck???

    And WHAT THE HELL partypants, you are the FIRST ONE to call Julia a cuntwitch, ditchpig, what-the-fuck-ever, and you were KISSING DONKEY ASS by the end of the chat. I would expect people to be civil, but what you and juliafoolia did was revolting.

    Jacy was the only mod in the chat who behaved the same way to Julia’s “face” as she does here at RBNS, and it was awesome.

  32. This whole debacle was part of a stunt to get media attention, so that Julia will get more eyeballs — and more money — for Monday’s sponsored blogging.

    She got coverage for “quitting”, coverage for causing chaos over here, and coverage for her imminent return. She played this place, and Gawker, like a violin.

    Spin it anyway you want, Julia scored a major coup, and she used RBNS to do it. All the explaining and justifying in the world won’t change that sad fact.

    Mistakes were most certainly made.

    • “Major coup”?! What planet are we on? She’s doing a month’s shill blogging because she needs the money — her own words! — and somehow she’s a winner? She admits to being a liar who feels ugly and undesirable to men, who got dumped and pines for a long gone ex, who badly needs psychiatric help … and that’s a “major coup” for her?

      This is hilarious. I’d hate to live in a world where having Gawker blog about you counts as a victory. FYL.

    • Um, “major coup”? It doesn’t matter what happens, or what we say — she is STILL JA. It’s not as if she discovered a cure for cancer, or got into Harvard Business School, or anything.

    • It is not a coup!
      No way, no how.
      If THIS was a ‘strategy’ to make her big-blog comeback?

  33. at 5:00– as JA is being invited to chat

    Julia Allison Says:
    March 27, 2010 at 5:02 pm | Reply

    um … how does that work? Help! Where is said chatroom?

    * partypants Says:
    March 27, 2010 at 5:04 pm | Reply


    Let me know if you have any trouble getting in.”

    And at 5:00 PP was posting this on her tumblr:

    “Julia Allison Has Lost Her Shit, Now Commenting On RBNS”

    and loren tweeted this:

    @amyderby It’s amazing right. I remember the exact moment the founder called me when it went live. I said “This should go well.” about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to amyderby

    and this

    “dying from the fallout at RBNS from Julia showing up. The fighting between them there is awesome. All so predictable.”

    So, Jacy and JP didn’t know all this was going on, ’cause it was happening really fast but PP called Loren?

    I’m confused. Why wouldn’t PP call Jacy or JP? Why Loren?

    • Loren needs to pick a damn side. And srsly, he was given mod privileges when he so obviously has scorn for us? Come ON.

      • Loren acts like a douche. He tweets racist and offensive shit all the time. The only mistake last night was involving Loren, giving him voice and letting him take all the sides he wanted.

        OY, giving Loren voice? Come on guys.

      • Agree, agree, agree. A middle-aged man who picks twitter fights has the nerve to call us morons? Okay.

    • First of all Loren was already in chat, and I called him to talk to him, not alert him to the chat happening.

      Second of all he was given moderator status because he was private messaging me questions and I think he should have been asking her shit like that himself, not through me, considering his previous history with her.

      I’m REALLY FUCKING SORRY I didn’t handle it how everyone wanted. Hey, at least you all know JP is still a glorious untainted god who had nothing to do with this, right?


      • Gotcha. My only issue was the loren thing. As you know, I don’t find his hating Muslim tweets amusing so I’ve sorta blocked any amusement he may have to share with me out. Anyway, carry on. I think what you did was A-OK PP and this drama makes no sense to me.

        Her charm was uncharming. She convinced no one.

      • Don’t let this Monday-morning quarterbacking get you down, Pants. It sounds like a hoot and I’m sorry to have missed it. The one Saturday evening this catlady ventures out of her basement and the star puts on a press conference for her paparazzi! Damn, my timing.

        As for why Loren gets special privileges: it’s because he’s SO SEXY. I thought I was over my thing for bald dudes, but rowr, Loren.

    • I’ve tried to keep an open mind about Loren, but seriously, his two-faced crap with his tweets versus his sucking up here just gives me the creeps. I nearly vommed when he started in in chat with the “So proud, so proud of everybody” blither.

  34. I missed the beginning of the chat, and I just now read the whole transcript. She is such a deranged liar!
    1. Julia played the victim card so much regarding PK, because without him, her life has apparently turned into New Moon. However, while they were dating she announced on her blog that she wasn’t in love with him. I don’t expect the guys that I date to love me necessarily, but I do expect them to act convincing. It’s an issue of respect. Julia acted completely blindsided that PK found her “inconsiderate.”
    2. In one sentence she was bragging that she made a lot of money last year. Later, when she says she is blogging on Monday, she explained that she doesn’t want to but needs the money. How fuck?
    3. She obviously LOVED doing this. She repeatedly answered specific questions with breezy, vague generalities as if it were for a generic celebrity profile. She delights in making up half-truths, and her “honesty” is often illogical and clearly bullshit. Does she think we’re stupid? She then chastises us for judging her without knowing the complete story. Her whole life has turned into a cat-and-mouse game with RBNS, a bunch of cat ladies. It’s so depressing.

    • There were so many lies.

      “I rarely lie … I’ll say one thing for you guys, you got me to stop lying.”

      “I never read there … ” yet she clearly obsessively reads here.

      “TMI Weakly wasn’t cancelled — we quit because we knew it sucked.” I have heard differently from one of the trio.

      “OH GOD, Gawker’s here” — I have heard she got it to Gawker that it was going down.

      Whatever, bunny.

      • Cosign. The whole thing seems too perfectly time for her not to have that Gawker coverage in mind as a possible outcome.

        This is the only thinking she’s capable of — it’s hard wired at this point.

    • i refuse to reread the chat because it gives me the sads, but didn’t she eve say that she tries to frame things so that they are not actually lies.

      She copped to THAT and anyone found her charming???

      She’s a fucking sociopath.

      Also, I am sure that the folks with whom she has entered into a contract starting Monday would be thrilled to see what kind of coverage/vitriol she gets when she blows a gasket.

      LOL that the NYP says that she was until recently lifecasting at NS. What does that become on Monday? merely blogging? A new, renamed tumblr?

      Lastly, I want to know which NS contributor ever made a fucking dime off writing a screenplay.

      She’s a fucked up liar. That is all I got out of her chat and I already knew that.

  35. who the fuck cares what the mods did/didn’t do? if you’re that invested in the administration of a chat, you have serious issues and need more help than julia.


    She has a column today in the New York Post, “Why I’m ready for a life unplugged”


    “The Internet’s default — immediate, impulsive, judgmental critiques — must change. We all have a responsibility to cut one another a little more slack. We need a new Internet Code of Conduct. Something that looks like this: I agree to treat people kindly and to give them the benefit of the doubt. And most of all, I agree to remember the oldest of the old rules: to treat one another as we would wish to be treated. In other words: Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

    • Delusions of gradeur:

      “Some of the musings are mundane, some are more profound, but they combine to form this organic modern art form: a new type of storytelling — a coming of age story told by the person coming of age, while they come of age.”

      First Twitter was “poetry,” now her cheap photo blog is a “modern art form.”

    • She’s totally inconsistent there as well. One moment it’s “Their online identity isn’t an addendum, it is them.” and then “You can also be — to a certain extent — whoever you want to be.”. Make up your mind.

      There is also a huge difference between what a person puts on a personal blog meant to be shared with friends and family to making blogging your business. When you run a business that caters to the public, expect the public to take you to task when you fuck up.

    • “I came to New York, like so many do, young and naive, with nothing, knowing no one.”

      Actually she came to New York on the arms of a rich man whose marriage she had just helped end. Not to mention the fact that she lived rent-free in his apartment for over a year after the relationship ended. It’s easy to come to NY with nothing when you aren’t paying your own way…

      • And this is why she’s so hateable—lie, spin, omit facts.
        So Jakob didn’t care that she outed his mental illness? Then why did he say “I thought that went out the window with ‘Jakob is bi-polar'” when asked for a MacBook air?

    • See this is the shit that makes me crazy. What in the middle of being sad and having a breakdown, she managed to get this article written and published.

      She’s puts all this spin on when she’ll be back online of Monday? My brayge just doubled.

    • tl:dr

      I will say tho, Fatarse has constructed one of the biggest internet flounces of all time. ALERT THE PRESS I’M LEAVING THE INTERNET!

    • By that logic, there would be no music, theater, movie or television critiques. Which is also known as censorship. Christ she’s dumb.

    • At the bottom of this article is says:
      “Until last week, New York writer Julia Allison “Lifecasted” at julia.nonsociety.com”
      Are they going to print a correction tomorrow? “Between Thursday and Sunday last week, New York writer (?) Julia Allison (Baugher) took a brief break from “Liecasting” at julia.nonsociety.com. However, it’s business as usual today (Monday).”

  37. Well hi!

    I just got online for the first time in ten days following a great roadtrip (boston to asheville with many stops)… Looks like it was a busier than usual week in donkeydom. I picked the wrong week to “go dark” as she’d put it. Looking forward to getting caught up on all the lols.

  38. the term is Donkey as in game of Poker, the Mark..

    Donkey has played audiences as Marks before..look at Gawker..the day JA was allowed to chat there..

    You will notice some Political skills in how Donkey divides groups of dissent..

  39. I feel like those of us who know/knew her in real life should unite with a little statement explaining to everyone else that 99% of what she said in that chat is complete, calculated, obfuscating bullshit.

    I will give her this: she is *brilliant* at coming across as sincere and endearingly confused (“I don’t know who I am,” “I know I need therapy,” etc.). But here is just one example of what seems like an intimacy shared with a close friend but is, in actuality, complete, manufactured bullshit: saying that she has been looking for a therapist for a month but couldn’t find one she liked.

    Has anyone among you ever felt an urgent need for a therapist? When it happened to me, it sure didn’t take me a month. Even if you “try” one or two before you find one you are comfortable with (I did), it doesn’t take a month, especially when you live in NY and aren’t working full time. She tried no one out, I’d bet the farm on it.

    Another example: Saying that someone’s suggestion to volunteer at a domestic violence shelter is a good idea that she will actually consider. NO, SHE WON’T. She is very, very good at faking sincerity and making it feel like she has taken you into her confidence (all 300 of us!!).

    I am here to tell you it is all an act. But a well-performed act, I do concede that.

    • If you look at the whole set of therapist comments, you can see her making it up on the fly and embellishing it as she goes along.

      It’s almost like that John Lovitz liar character from Saturday Night Live.

      • ding ding ding. I especially lulzed when she threw her “search” out for crowd-sourcing among the haterz.

    • I don’t know SS… I don’t know. 🙂
      See, I’m sitting here thinking this little show last night just gave this site the most AWESOME fodder and parsing material to come! Gotta tell ya’, RBNS is my go to place daily for laffs, but after last night??? Holy hell… I’m like a stalker now! Maybe because she’s never personally affected me?? Not mad, not offended, or pissed or anything. Completely amused and intrigued though!
      Im’a sit back and watch. I think the comedy is going to be over the top in a day or so.
      P.S. – I crack up everytime I see your puprle hand avatar!

    • RBNS is likely the biggest source of traffic to her shitty side. She’s always played that. I never click on the links, I prefer regarding her heinousness from a safe distance. I gotta say altho i appreciate the lulz provided by her stalkers, they are very stalky.

  40. I don’t get why anyone cares. The mods don’t owe us anything. I don’t feel betrayed or whatever just because Julia popped up to defend herself and the mods didn’t tell her to fuck off.

    The chat transcript is interesting. And while I’m by no means a converted Julia sympathizer, I do kind of feel for her being dumped. Yeah she brought it on herself – even by her own admission – but still. Maybe because I’ve been going through something similar. Anyway Julia if you’re reading this (likely), take this advice from a fellow spinster:

    You say he left the door open. That means it’s your responsibility to close it the rest of the way. If you don’t, you’ll never be able to move on. Cut the ties, learn from your experience, and move on.

    • Some who care more about this community than simply the JA lulz are a little miffed, and understandably so. Our clubhouse feels invaded. But whatevs, it will pass! Love this site and you sad cat ladies!

      • I’m not miffed that she came. Her appearing in the comments just sealed the deal for me. Agreeing that she needs to go to therapy doesn’t make her ok now (she’s admitted she needs it previously); having a 25 year old (yes a 25 year old had to do this. again where are her parents, siblings!) dump her 29 year old self because she is inconsiderate doesn’t make her ok (didn’t she go on a mea culpa a few months ago seeking forgiveness for people she hurt because of this?); etc.

        I see pattern when she feels that people are against her, “fans”, commentators, parents she agrees with their points and this gets people off her back.

        In my eyes she is someone who is vindictive (you didn’t get hacked. you and your friends put PKs name out there). She has friends in their 30s!!!!! (I’m looking at you Lasanga) who “get” back at men who have scored her. She leaks out information to make people feel sorry for her (Jakob sleeping with her again; Charliese threating HER, etc).

        Sorry because she showed up here and agreed that she needs therapy doesn’t redeem anything: The shillling, the lying, the manipulation, the grifting; the gold digging (hey how about dating a poor grad student Jules? haha) the hurling of accusations (did she apologize to the mods for the hacking charge?), and the supposed martyrdom that is her life. It is all still there like dog shit on one’s shoe. You think you cleaned it all off but the smell is there and Julia, I can still smell the stink that is your character.

  41. What I’m getting from this is that basically I should have told her to go fuck, called her some names and told her she looked fat, chased her with a pitchfork off the site.

    Yeah. JP just washed his hands of it, saying he had nothing to do with it. Commenters are saying I fucking fail because I didn’t beat her with a burning bat in the chat room.

    Gawker picks it up and once again I’m some obsessed with JABA retard.

    This just isn’t fun anymore. Jacy, please remove me from the mod list. Have a good one, guys.

    • Really don’t flounce!!!!!!
      slap-face (hide because I know you can kick my ass). SNAPOUTOFIT!!!!!
      PP, it’s a freakin’ SNARK site!!! Any of us who were there saw how it happened. No. Big. Deal. Seriously. She walked in all crazy and yelling, while this site was essentially naked. So the F what????? Really. She threw the ball, others threw back, you came in and thought, “Oh…this is GOOD!!!!” and you ran with it. WHY is this such a big deal??????
      Anyone THAT invested emotionally to really, REALLY get upset about this needs to just step back for a bit. No ONE failed. It’s. The. Internet.
      C’mon, there’s some GREAT shit to parse!! You KNOW that.
      You of ALL people know that!
      Where do I send the Franzia?

    • oy. You should not flounce. It was a fun saturday night for most of us. I would have invited her into chat, too. Sue me!!!

    • If you haven’t already, please read Baroness’s comment on the Gawker post. Succinctly puts things into perspective.

    • PP, you’re one of the main reasons I keep reading here. Don’t let the haterz get to you. They’re just jealous.

    • Baugher Kryptonite strikes again!
      PP crosses the line from commenter to facilitator, helping Julia with one of her little Saturday afternoon vanity projects and yikes(!) feels the burn!!! But does anyone really care that much? I don’t get that sense from what I’ve read here.
      But I’m not partypants. I am surprised at the cheap shots at the commenters, though. But. Poof! Now she’s gone. See ya, PP. It probably is for the best all round. And do I mean that in the kindest most generous sense, really. Almost like the Julia Allison turns a new leaf, writes new rules for a nicer internet sense. Take care, hun. (Hope you keep up with GOMI!)

    • You acted with civility. For all her braying, Julia is a human being. There’s nothing wrong with treating her with civility…or maybe even a little empathy…every now and then.

    • Party Pants! Don’t go! We love you! Don’t let JA induced dramz impact your life! Don’t let picky commenters bother you! They seem UNPLEASABLE, and that is not your fault or problem. Damn gurl, have some Franzia and keep doing what you do!

    • Really, PP. If you flounce because of a little criticism (or even a lot), you are no better than JA. “This just isn’t fun anymore” is almost a direct quote of hers.

      Of all people, you should be able to handle the heat in the kitchen. You know how this shit goes. All will all blow over.

      Though you do seem to have some issue with JP and I’d love to hear what that’s all about. I mean, we ask Julia over and over to disclose what happened with Mary and Jordan, don’t we? It is REALLY annoying when we can’t handle the same crap we throw at Julia.

  42. Donkey’s kryptonite strikes again, damn. PP, you are one of the best things about this site. Please reconsider.


    The bottom line: Julia’s charm was uncharming. She convinced NO ONE of anything. She looked as cray cray as ever. I’m not sure what everyone is so worried about.

  44. Oh Christ on a cracker. First of all, no one should give a shit as to what mods did/didn’t dolast night. If you do then you are turning into a stalker rather than an observer.

    Secondly…JA has elicited the feelings of empathy from me before. Then I think about all the vile things she’s done and those go away. She’s a con artist, famous for doing nothing of import and now she’s paying for it. She’s just like an addict (believe me, I know) – coming off as tge victim, crying and seeming sweet. Do we not remember the past year on this site? She’s heinous – no one hates her but she leaves a bad taste in yout mouth.

    It’s like when jordache left and everyone forgot about her garlic salt and crappy refurbed furniture. When events like this happen, people tend to forget and focus on tge present – ie the pity and apologies.

    She sucks and Im glad she was able to charm a lot of you but I’m not buying it. It’s gonna be the same shit show all over again come Monday. I know people like her with their little childish obsessions with Disney, everything pink, idiocy and acting confused. It never fucking stops.

    JP, PP, Jacy – you guys are great
    JA- another chapter in your rom com (vom com?) is great. Will read more.

  45. I’m completely over all this internal RBNS drama. Let’s forget it and get back to normal postings! That’s why I come here, to laugh about the Donkey.

    So on with parsings, please!!

  46. Mostly lurker, occasional commentator…

    I am also a “real” writer (NYT bestseller, etc), and I would bet $10,000 — hell, I would bet a million — that she did not write one word of that NY Post article. It is just too, too well written — cogent, intellectually intriguing, facile sentence structure.

    I read for a living, and am very good at picking up people’s writing style… and that is NOT Julia. My instinct is that her mother wrote it, possibly when they were all visiting NYC?

    Again, more strangeness on Julia’s part — first, the whole “I’m quitting the internets” was very well thought out and not a spur of the moment thing. Because you don’t just dash off a piece like that in 15 minutes and have the Post print it. It was at least a few weeks in the making.

    And — to have your parents… or anyone else write something for you, in a (somewhat) major newspaper? Odd. Strange. Also fundamentally dishonest. Having read JA’s intellectual ramblings, excessive cursing and low level musings, she did not write it. Simply not possible. It is like comparing the work of Winston Churchill to Heidi Montag.

    And the whole “passing someone else’s work off as your own under your byline” is truly offensive to someone who takes their writing — their work seriously. This is why people have such an instinctive dislike of her. It might also be the real problem — inherent dishonesty and almost pathological dissembling — of JA and possibly her generation.

    I cannot imagine I am the only one who noticed this.

    • And remember when she declared Page Six Magazine (loosely affiliated with THE POST) as the most brilliant magazine only 2-3 weeks ago? I just say.

    • “Every word she writes is a lie, including “and” and “the”.” — Mary McCarthy on Lillian Hellman.

      • I cannot tell you how many times this quote has echoed in my brain the last couple of days. Almost looked it up to post it in its fact-checked form. Thanks for being servicey, Bunsy.

    • agreed, she did not write that (except for the emboldened first paragraph “…and yes maybe experience a little magic”). She has had little to no intellectual stimulation post-college, generally displays cosmo-level writing skills, and suddenly she grows a brain?

    • The Post piece does sort of read like all of those essays Julia turned in during college, the ones that her mother helped “edit.”

    • Bunsy — I thought the exact same thing — well enough done that it would pass muster as something written by a genuine writer. But I didn’t say anything because I was afraid I was wrong and then I would have ended up complimenting her writing — and that would just about kill me.

      Glad you said it!

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