This Is Appropriate If There’s To Be No More Liecasting From Our Angel

There is so much to say, but I’m at work doing my job, which I can’t up and quit cause I haz the sads, everyone at RBNS haz the sads, so I’ll just post this, one of my favorite songs from high school.


  1. This is also appropriate and has been in my head for several days, and since I was an English major. . .

    “Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    • Swoon…
      Oh. Macbeth.
      I will dress up as a very, VERY hot man for you.
      Though I am but a bumpkin, I lervs Shakespeare.

    • I have no spur
      To prick the sides of my intent, but only
      Vaulting ambition, which o’erleaps itself
      And falls on the other.

      The Scottish Play is full of Donkey applicable quotes!

      By the pricking of my thumbs
      something wicked this way comes

      and finally
      Nought’s had, all’s spent
      Where our desire is got without content.
      ‘Tis safer to be that which we destroy
      Than, by destruction, dwell in doubtful joy
      Lady MacBray

  2. I’m conflicted.
    On the one hand, if we could be sure she’s gone for good that is, I would love a crazy RBNS wake in which we discover the many ways to bray “Goodbye, Donkey!”
    On the other hand, I don’t think anyone should take her or her alleged departure overly serious.
    If this is truly it, though, I’d like a send off that puts her failed dramatic exit to shame.
    So, yeah, I’m conflicted.

  3. We need to set up a pool re: what day she returns. Who has ideas on how to set it up? Do we only count a blog post? Or Twitter too?

    Is it a poll-like, running thing we can have on the dashboard or whatever the fuck you call it?


  4. am i the only one looking forward to chatting with you fabulous people tonight when i get home from work?

  5. Folks, it might be real no post form Meghaniaise or K Sheesh..

    SO what party are we throwing for NS’s demise?

    • Katrina hasn’t posted since yesterday. This silence is odd for her – she’s definitely tearing the Donk a new hole as we speak.

    • THIS.

      even her most heartfelt attempts at sincerity are tarnished by the grubby fingerprints of her narcissism.

      sad, lost Donkey: you still suck.

  6. So, Jordan’s interview spun her departure before the Donkey could spin it. Now, Donkey flounces off in a huff, but not before accepting ZERO responsibility for fallout.

    Yep. We’ve seen this show before.

  7. Wow, RBNS is servicey – I’d totally forgotten about Gavin Friday for ten years. I’ll have to dig up those cds from my basement. From a cursory look at his web site, looks like he’s up for a bit of a resurgence.

    • talk about taking a break from media – looks like he hasn’t put anything out in ten years. I remember liking the “idea” of him more than the actual albums as whole though. It was an interesting, heady time for music – musicians were getting into Kurt Weill and Brel again and producders like Zorn and Wilner were coming up with some awesome shit- Other Music in NYC had a whole section called Decadanse .
      That sinking of the Titanic thing with Gavin Bryars is an appropriate soundtrack for Nonsociety though.

  8. anyone else see this on unsubstantiated rumor post:

    jerkface killer Says:
    March 24, 2010 at 4:11 pm | Reply
    I can’t read all of this.. 2 long. But i know “prom king”.. His names Justin Weitz. Hes a nice jewish kid from long island. His dad is weitz from weitz and luxenburg. Made a boatload of money Off asbestos & Vioxx litigation .. Money into the 100s of millions. Yatch, houses in aspen the whole speil. This is all funny to me. Having known him for 10 years.

      • says sibling: (female). PK has a bro too (might not be listed but wouldn’t have JA’d would have mentioned a potential OMGBFF sister in law)? His mom is listed there too.

      • if that’s him and that’s his sister, she’s got a big nip slip going on in her profile pic

        and she’s blonde

      • Am I the only person who thinks this guy in the FB profile doesn’t look like the PK we saw at Julia’s party?

      • Ok… ok… got a bit freaked for a minute. Tell me fur-balls, if you click on the highlighted link to that FB acct, does it take you to your own FB page??? It did ME and that kind of took me by surprise. But, if you cut/paste the whole link it comes up to PK. Who, by the way, looks kind of dashing in his profile pic. If he broke up w/ her, you KNOW she thinks he’s SMOKIN’ hot now.

      • @bettedavis: i thought that at first, but did a side-by-side comparison of his fb profile pic and the party pics… i could be convinced it is the same guy.

      • this is FB’s ball & chain right now. They want to go public (with profiles) to get the advertising love that public profiles can bring. By doing so they lose 1 major feature that everyone loved about FB (privacy) when they flocked from MySpace (among other reasons). If they go too far in publicizing, users will leave. If they don’t do more, they won’t get the lucrative advertisers they need. THey’re fat & happy and not too pressed but another “hot” site might come along and wipe them out like they did MySpace who did Friendster who did GeoCities etc….

      • @bettedavis: I think he’s thinner in the fb profile pic, but it looks like the same guy to me.

      • OMG turns out we have mutual friends. i see hundreds and hundreds of pics. No question … it’s PK. he looks cute and kind of like a total baller. any way that I can upload photos here? for those of you who can’t see all the pics? guessing not.

      • @bishplease, you could copy some, then upload them to tinypic/photobucket, and put the links here.

      • OMG FFC!!!! Are you invoking Church Lady????????
        I can honestly say that was my first experience having bladder leakage. And I was young. (OK… maybe drunk which didn’t help, but still. I’m commenting WAAAAAYY too much today. My apologies lovers)

      • Yes LRC… was totally going to say that.
        Memories of TK come to mind.
        She is so sad.
        I WISH I were her older sister who pinned her down in the back room of my parents’ house when they weren’t home and tried to pluck her eyebrows while tying her hands behind her back.
        (not that I would ever do THAT… but, umm… yeah)
        Humble Pie would be her moniker w/ me as an older sister.

      • DLM….I just think it’s very odd how nobody ever unearths who these guys are until, all of a sudden, within mere days of a break up, a commenter we’ve never heard from blurts it out all easy peasy like. All these weeks we’ve been discussing PK and nary a guess on who he was and now we hear it? Just like with Baby Eggs?

        I get tired of RBNS haters saying we are so horrible for outing these people when we aren’t the ones doing it.

      • Strange how that happens, isn’t it, LickedCake??

        Don’t break up with Donks if you don’t want your identity revealed to the Internets, boys.

    • I love people who make money off other people’s misery. Wonder how much those affected by the asbestos got? $1,000 each after attorney fees? fucking 100’s of millions off of it (God I hate lawyers)

    • i don’t know – to me, the profile pic does not look like him (although there’s only one pic so i’m probably just not seeing it)…

    • So her whole “going to marry Justin Bieber” jesting was her idea of funny because PK’s name is Justin?

    • He changed his relationship status to “no longer single” on feb. 2; she posted her “yes, I have a bf” rant on feb. 7… I think it’s him. And he does have a brother who’s yacht picture Mr. Weitz commented on …

      I just used more brain power sleuthing here than I have all day at work, I think.

    • if you google that name another guy comes up on linkedin who went to cornell and is in law school at nyu. sure its not that guy?

      • That guy is actually a friend of a friend of mine…and no, it’s not him (although I did laugh/gasp for a quick second when I read the name above!).

      • No, if you facebook search the name, he’s the Hofstra/Syracuse grad (which surely must burn the donkey!), not the NYU/Cornell guy.

    • Look at his face… It’s DEFINITELY him.

      And he’s a fan of Tucker Max, which basically tells me everything I need to know about him (aka douche-wannabe) and explains his awkwardness in dealing with girls.

      • Did you ever read Tucker’s account of anal sex?
        He’s a friggin’ gross pig!!!
        (yet I laughed… shame is all mine)

      • Yeah, same chin. He’s just gained some weight since the profile picture was taken.

    • If you google him (“justin weitz” long island) — it comes up with his address first (a new building) — you can tell it is the apt windows JA has shown.

      Far off topic, but I am repulsed that this family has a yacht purchased from the suffering of families of loved ones who died of mesothelioma.

  9. I’ve sat mum in shock over this whole thing. I would love to see NonSociety implode after wasting endless minutes of my life poking fun at that site. When NS is off the internet for good, then I’ll believe all this hashed-out drama courtesy of Julia.

    That being said, I want to dedicate this song to her because this is the epitome of Julia Allison:


    She rattles her chain and she’s in her purse
    She buys a little something to make her feel worse
    She’s got a boyfriend in Brooklyn
    He’s got a wife in Manhattan

    Sometime comes, it’s hotter than heaven
    She picks up mascara at the 7-11
    There’s a lot goin’ on but nothin’ happenin’
    Make her acquaintance, she’s high maintenance

    Sometimes a circle feels like a direction
    Up and down, still lookin’ for perfection
    There’s a lot goin’ on but it all adds up to nothing
    Sometimes a circle feels like a direction

    I’m just a girl who’s lookin’ for affection
    Spinnin’ my wheels til I lose the connection…….

      • I’m not familiar w/BeautfulPeople,com – that’s a really annoying name btw – but aren’t most dating sites sorta the same these days?
        I don’t think it’s odd that he has a dating site account. He’s only been “seeing” Julia for a couple of months. Hell, she was publicly talking about Hipster Lawyer and I forgot the other one and deciding between them for a few of those months.
        I think we should leave this kid alone. He’s young and has his life ahead of him regardless of what his folks do and that he has money and his fling with Julia. to me, it seems to me he’s been enormously patient and generous with Julia – either that or he’s not too bright. At any rate, we should respect his privacy and not bandy his name around for search engines to find him.

  10. Oh Sheesh, just when I was beginning to like you:

    KatrinaSzish: sending out a big hug to my courageous and strong NonSociety pal and my friend @JuliaAllison
    13 minutes ago via txt

    • “ocurageous and strong”…Christ, it’s not like Julia is coming out of the closet or battling cancer…

    • “courageous and strong !!!” Looks like JA wasn’t kidding when she got those pink sneaks to do her own pity walk for herself!

    • It takes a lot of strength to be a quitter! How courageous of Julia to run away in the middle of the night!! Katrina’s touching support puts me in mind of the Ballad of Brave Sir Robin:


      She is packing it in and packing it up
      And sneaking away and buggering up
      And chickening out and pissing off home,
      Yes, bravely she is throwing in the sponge…

  11. OT: JP, Smails upped his offer to $190 or something over on Gawker. He must not be paying much attention to the (d)evolution of our donkey.

  12. paging KS, whee is your brain cell today?

    from KS’s NS blog:

    Ahh! Long day of pilot shooting! Can’t reveal details, but here are some producers’ feet. Anyway, I trust that Miss Julia kept everyone more than entertained today. Wishing her love, luck and happiness on her continuing journey of self-discovery.

    So did no one tel her NS is shutting down?

    • Obtuse shots of “feet” accompanied by cryptic captions are a nonsociety stand-by. Sheesh is learning.

    • I mean to be honest, NS doesn’t have to shut down. wtf is it exactly? A tumblog lol. Nobody is going there for services and thus will be missing services if Julia stops tumbling lol. so, doubt there will be an announcement or a “ns shuttering its doors” post. they’ll just continue to be half-assed and vacant with content as they usually are.

  13. I wonder if JA saw this quote in Cutrone’s book:

    “It turns out there can be a fine line between being courageous in following your dreams and being self-destructive in the service of ego, greed and approval.”

    • I hope she follows Kelly’s steps and totally moves across the country and read tarot cards on venice beach or something where nobody knows her.

  14. “Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be. ”
    Carrie Bradshaw.

    It somehow seems very fitting to end this chapter – or begin this hiatus – with a quote from, of all people, her. 😉

    This always bugs me – not JA specifically – but this is not quote from ‘Carrie Bradshaw’.

    This is a quote from some unshaven guy sitting in his kitchen in his pajamas, eating cold leftovers while he pounds out another script, tailored to fulfill the fantasies of US women.

    You may as well start quoting characters from romance novels.

    So bizarre to treat a fictional character as a source of real-life direction.

    • SATC, Season5, episode 1, ” Anchors Away”, Written by multiple Emmy award winning Michael Patrick King.
      To quote screenwriters Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett speaking through character Joe Gillis in Sunset Boulevared : “Audiences don’t know somebody sits down and writes a picture; they think the actors make it up as they go along.”

  15. OK i listened to Fuck Camping and put these on PhotoBucket. BUT RULES (to alleviate my conscience)!!!!

    1) NO snarking about PK’s looks or I will take the pics down. I think he is hot.
    2) He certainly has no shortage of gorgeous brunettes around him. I mean it’s ridiculous. Why / how / donkey??
    3) I will go to hell for doing this but am only doing it to thank you guys for giving me so many laughs and entertainment.

    • oh and yea, there are about 3000 more pics of him and other hot chicks but i just got bored… so yea, basically the boy can pretty much get a lot of ass, doesn’t need to settle for Donksters.

      • Wow. He’s a lot cuter than I thought. And a millionaire? It’s just more evidence of her extreme narcissism/mental illness that she kept bleating about marriage around this one. Like she was doing HIM a favor by hanging out with him. He can obviously do better (and has!) I mean, what hot, 25-year-old millionaire is going to be in a rush to the altar? With THAT?

    • this guy hangs out with some young hotties. why would he bother hanging out with the donkey? i don’t get it.

      i once saw a joke in the threads PK was dating donkey as a prank or bet. now, i assume he just wanted to hit it and move on. there’s NO WAY he would settle for donkey…

      • either someone dared him or he just wanted to hate fuck her. has to be one of those 2.

      • idk, my theory is kind of as lily’s third eye mentioned, he seems really outgoing and is probably one of those “nice to everyone types” – was possibly curious/intrigued by donkey and her ~lifestyle~ and trying to woo her with things that he thought would hold her interest.

        i actually kind of feel bad – i mean look how much effort he went into making her happy and seemed genuinely interested in trying to engage her in activities that he knew she would like. she never seemed to appreciate any of it and treated it as if it was expected.

      • Well she obviously isn’t the Hot Special One in his crowd, which leads me believe he must have seen her as the Smart Special One. Truly terrifying to imagine, I know.

    • He’s cute! And he looks like exactly the kind of extrovert who would find JA ‘s energy attractive and her banter amusing… at first.

      • there’s this stoopid facebook meme going around about first concert experiences. Randy Newman was mine – thanks mom & dad. Didn’t he do the music for the recent Princess and the Frog Disney thing – Julia showed no love, no lip dub….

    • i’m sort of stunned that julia was so close to everything she could possibly want: hot (to some) husband who is rich, fun, full over energy and appears to have a big circle of friends and family, and rather than do that thing she was supposed to do (hint, look at the tattoo on your wrist), she pushed and prodded and brayed and bragged and completely blew it all to hell.

      i agree, from the pictures it doesn’t look like this guy is anywhere close to being ready to settle down and marry, but he certainly looks like someone she could have had a decent long term relationship with.

      oh, and i don’t feel sorry for him at all – this guy will bounce back in nano seconds.

    • He looks like a total womanizer from these pics. Probably got sick of Donk with so many other options (plus, she just sucks).

    • Wow.
      And Julesie thought she was dating down? She’s delusional (I know, nothing new here, move along).

    • Whoaaaa bish!
      In this context, he’s kinda’ HOT!!!! I just didn’t think so when I saw him w/ JA… odd.
      Obviously very wealthy.
      I’m feelin’ kinda bad that JA f’ed this one up too. Wealth, looks, youth… he DID have it all and she self-sabotages everything.
      Do you think his parents or sibling(s) got hold of her ‘business’ and had an intervention?

  16. I’d def bang prom king, fuck it. Donkey must be kicking herself right now– with her hooves, no less. That’s gotta hurt.

    • I’ve just seen more photos of PK taken at a single party than my entire family has snapped of each other over the past three Christmas holidays. Is this a generational thing? Do people in their 20s just constantly mug for the camera? It’s no wonder he wasn’t put off by her affinity for posing. And they have the Gaping Maw of Fun pose in common, except his is from actually experiencing fun.

      He’s not my type, but I bet he looks a WHOLE lot more attractive to Julia right now. If there’s one way a guy can guarantee the Donkey will fall in love with him, it’s to dump her ass.

      • Yeah, a lot of people my age (early 20s) do spend their entire lives in front of the camera. I don’t, and most of the people I know don’t, but there are certain schools and milieus that encourage that kind of narcissism. When I did my junior year at OMG Oxbridge, the first-year girls all seemed to have at least 1500 pictures of themselves on Facebook, because ALL THEY DID was go to clubs, bars, and fancy-dress balls and snap endless drunk photos. It was sort of loathsome.

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