Unsubstantiated Rumor Time!

Take this with a grain of salt. However, although nothing is confirmed from the multiple sources, everything seems to gel very well with our lady’s of introspection’s current crazy behavior. Ready?

Prom King has pulled the reins on the donkey.

The haven’t broken up, but they might as well have. Homeboy really wants to slow things down practically to a halt. What I’m hearing is that “date night” last week was less of an extravaganza and more of an ultimatum. Basically he’s done trying to woo and impress her, and he would like them to get to know each other as people, rather than spectacle. Of course, Julia is freaking out. All she knows is spectacle because in her 29 years of braying, she has never learned how to truly connect to a human being.

So what was the straw that broke the donkey’s back on Julia and Prom King’s relationship? “What wasn’t it?” is probably a better question. It’s time to play unsubstantiated rumors!

  • The birthcray madness killed the boner. Apparently, Jordan wasn’t the only turned off by the bi-coastal parade of narcissism.
  • Despite the brays of how much Julia loves Prom King’s family? Yeah, they really don’t like her. And I mean really. His family was completely turned off by her.  There’s a reason why she didn’t go to that wedding with Prom King.
  • It didn’t help that she talked about how she brought up marrying Prom King to his parents on their first meeting. She shouldn’t have had that wine during dinner, the wine she downed even though SHE! NEVER! DRINKS!!!!
  • She really needs to shut up about the marriage in general. I hear Prom King is kind of freaked out about their supposed extravagant engagement that is supposed to take place in June, according the Julia’s timeline.
  • Prom King has put the kibosh on the blogging and tweeting about dates.
  • She has said that she loves dating Prom King because there are certain characteristics about him that make her feel like Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big. She is sooooooo living in an episode Sex and the City.
  • Julia was surprised when they were just going to meet for dinner for “date night.” She apparently thought the display of extravagance was going to go on forever. He just wanted to slow things down and, you know, talk.
  • Her confession that she “loved” Prom King came after she pretty much thought they broke up. Remember that paintball date? Didn’t happen, didn’t it?

Anyway, good for Prom King. Apparently he’s picked up his balls off the floor. Julia has apparently told people that she thinks they pretty much broke up, which really puts a glitch in that June engagement plan. Sorry, Donkey. Britt wins this round.


Meghan is on her way out.


  1. if true PK sounds kinda like a tool. He set up her expectations. And it’s not like he didn’t get a taste of the cray right away cuz JA ain’t exactly subtle!!

    • In a way I agree. How could he not see this coming? How could he let his balls disappear for as long as he did?

    • the matchmaker probably built up julia as some socialite who was worth it and would provide him the benefit of a “strong woman” who could improve his social life, or something like that. some matchmakers also believe the whole thing about “courting” a woman… that you must make grand overtures… and then, only later, you might “get to know each other”.


  2. Can we please discuss how, via twitter, donkey announced that she “just lost her appetite”?! HOW COULD THAT BE AND WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Prom King? Jordan interview? Whaaaat?

    • Seconded.

      I’m kind of a lot in love with you right now, JP. Unsubstantiated rumors give me a happy.

  3. I’m not surprised by PK because she is a sick, twisted, pathetic woman.

    I am most intrigued by Megan. That would be delicious gossip if she left.

    “Maybe she got dumped last night, or at least, issued an ultimatum, & she has to crowd-source her remaining friend that has seen the guy to get a read on whether he’s considered ‘hot’, because she hasn’t decided if she’s going to play this up as ’sad’ or ‘relieved’.”

    (I guess ‘remaining friend’ is debatable though ~ RUN, MEGHAN, RUN!)

  5. Usually I view unsubstatiated rumors with skepticism, but it has been shown time and again that, as regards Donkey, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The ones about about the parents ring especially true. I say this as a parent who would be horrified if my boy showed up with a Donkey to introduce to me.

    • I caught Desperate Housewives Sunday & lol’d at the expression on her face when one of Felicty Huffman’s fug sons brings back from Europe a blonde Russian bimbo golddigger who likes him b/c he has a college trust fund …. I think they stole the story line from this site.

      • Those kids are that old now?! I only watched the first few seasons. This kind of makes me want to start watching again.

      • They had a 5 year jump (fast forwarded 5 years into the future) after season 4.

        Sounds like what happened on one of the Korean soaps I watch. I missed two eps and suddenly the storyline had jumped five years into the future. Naturally, none of the actors’ appearances were any different — hair style, clothing, et cetera — but it was amusing nonetheless.

      • “They had a 5 year jump (fast forwarded 5 years into the future) after season 4.”

        sounds like what happened to donkey’s aging process…

  6. Unsubstantiated rumours from “multiple sources” – imagine having a multitude of people in your social circle who readily send tips about your personal life to a snark site. Seriously, Julia’s life sucks hard – even more so since she’s been working really hard at making it that way.

  7. And also, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during that dinner with PK’s parents…or maybe just their conversation with PK afterward where they told him what a terrible mistake he was making.

  8. JP, I *love* this. And you know what else? I actually enjoy it because I believe it, because I KNOW YOU DON’T PUBLISH EVERY SINGLE FUCKING UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMOR YOU RECEIVE.

    So, carry on keeping secrets and spilling the crumbs only when it seems appropriate 😉

  9. Could some please explain to me just what “birthcray madness” means? How does one do birthdayzilla in a way that alienates all your close friends/boyfriend? It sounds delicious, I want details…

  10. So start the timer on her counter-move:

    1. She makes PK take her on a lavish, insanely documented theme date to prove us haters wrong.

    2. “WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THESE LIES FROM” email to jacy or jp.

    3. Tweetbombing about ‘lunch with pk’s mom’ or ‘meeting pk and his brother at Scores’ so we know his family like, totally loves her.

  11. i’m embarrassed to admit this, but i went back through a couple weeks of her twitter to see with what regularity she mentions PK. the average “wait” time was 1-2 days in between pk related tweets. we’re now on day five sports fan. i would say it’s pretty clear that if not entirely split they are definitely on the skids.

    ps. i don’t know about you guys but i’m having a donkely awesome day!

  12. When she is forced to finally admit that PK and she are kaputt, she will of course take to her blog and blame RNBS and its commentators, and not her cray cray.

  13. Prom King has put the kibosh on the blogging and tweeting about dates.

    So PK’s plums finally dropped, huh? Good on him.

    • If only now he forced her to drop the ridiculous codename thing and just refer to him as “John” or some random initial or something.

  14. I think we can cal it real..Meghan just doubled and tripled her blog posts to act as a distraction..PK and Donkey are done..

  15. check out megan and meghan’s latest tweets:

    meganalagna: She’s a special individual. And she needs a special amount of love. about 19 hours ago

    meghan: I love my girls! about 19 hours ago


    RT @meganalagna: She’s a special individual. And she needs a special amount of love. about 19 hours ago


    wow, just so much enabling going on here. it’s the dance of the co-dependent and his or her narcissist muse that makes this bizarre world of julia and the meg(h)ans go around.

  16. WHAT A TOOL.

    Once again, her insanity breaks up another relationship. And once again, she will fail to acknowledge that her insanity has broken up another relationship.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  17. This would explain the hooker outfit, Momma’s gotta get herself another sugar daddy.

  18. Wonder what the story is with Mega.

    And I wonder, if Mega “leaves,” will NS stay “up” with just JA and Szish?

    • NS is basically just a vehicle to redirect web traffic to PinkMemo these days anyway…..

  19. young hetero men of the frat boy persuasion are all the same. in the back of my mind i kept thinking what 26 year old “brah” is cool with a chick constantly expecting 1. weekly extravagant bank-busting dates 2. undivided attention with nothing in return 3. introductions to the family 4. 24/7 housing at your apartment and 5. multiple public announcements of wedding-induced psychosis 6. despite the fact that she also publicly declared she doesn’t love you and opted to date you because you were geographically available? and all of this happening with the first month of dating, nonetheless. i should have gone with my first instinct, which was no man will put up with all this cray cray. sure, he might sleep with you cause the crazy is a novelty at first, but once wedding talk commenced full time he put the breaks on this shit show real fast. order is restored in the universe once again.

    • Yeah, this. The big head finally got through to the little one and said “What the hell are you doing? This biotch is crazier than a shit house rat!”

  20. how annoying – i wanted a wedding of epic cray cray
    back to my “falling water” lego set .
    (I’m having a conversation with architecture -see what i did there…)

    re PK does donkey need a new stable?
    where will she live?
    Run lilly run

    I thought of the phrase the even the hairy times were familial and i laughed. RBNS is taking over my life.

    • but pink bunny wabbit, PK is so HAIRLESS. we have all witnessed his baby-bottom-like hands and arms. ergo, there were no hairily familial times. sad 🙁

    • Sigh. I wanted a wedding too. So did Jacy, I believe. I don’t know if a wedding will ever happen but we may get some crazy rebound posts from the Donkey. Remember when the Eggers boy dumped her and she got drunk and went into crazy-tweet-mode? That was fun! It’s not a wedding, but it is something.

      Oh and Donkey – one word – CONTRACT. Get these guys/employees to a sign a binding contract that states that they can NEVER leave you. We get a wedding and you will finally make all of that Fuck You Money!

      • Again, I keep going back to this and thinking it’s a wonder her head doesn’t explode with all the bad stuff in there shooting alllllll over the place.

    • my guess is the parents are paying the lion’s share of that rent, so freeloaders are not welcome. is he a lawyer? at his age he is at best a first/second year associate so i think momser and dadser PK are likely still helping him out.

    • I know it’s an unsubstantiated rumor but almost everything on that list above is basically confirmed by Donkey or, as JP has said, fits the time line-Right down to how she thanked PK (esp. for hosting family etc) and everyone else, a week + late.

      • Yeah, about that verrrry late blog post ‘thanking people’ … who the heck did she send the Thank You notes to that she taunted [jordacted] w/ via the ‘still stuck at the airport- HA!’ tweet?

      • Yeah, and it’s all completely rational and actually kind of normal sounding. Nothing inflammatory in there. Just normal people trying to live their lives as confronted by a spoiled lunatic.

        And it does fit the timeline and attendant meltdown rather well.

        Also, after seeing her and Miss Randi Shining Twin in those hideous Betsey Johnson monstrosities, how could you ever get an erection again.

        In those photos of him that surfaced at NYC Birthcray, he also seems a little incredulous in retrospect.

        Not everyone is a fake assed lying whore.

    • Yeah, isn’t imposing your family and its pets something you wait until after the 12th date to do.

  21. What?

    You mean that PK wasn’t swayed by her public announcement of her true love for him (after she thanked the cupcake chick and the photo booth dude)?

    Good ol’ Donkey – always a bray late and a holler short.

    • sheesh is living the life julia wish she had, and doing it on jule’s home turf no less. that’s got to burn just a little.

  22. I’m sorry, but I think that Szish seems to have her head on her shoulders. I just still don’t understand why she’s associating herself with JA. Doesn’t she know that it will all prove to be a negative move on her part?

    • Szish appears to be an adult. She must be getting something out of this or she’ll be gone soon enough. Jordorable seemed lost when she hooked up with the Donkster—this one just seems to be looking for links for her real blog/business.

  23. Now imagine “date night”. Donkey and her cape, ready to be wooed once more, while PK flips open his briefcase and produces several pages of grievances to go over.

  24. First she brays about settling. Then she’s off like a rocket twice to audition for shows in LA. If PK can’t read the writing on the wall in glowing pink neon, he’s pathetic.

  25. A theory I just pulled out of my ass:

    Julia mentioned a “tough dinner conversation: back on Valentine’s Bray. Maybe he tried to rein her in then and she used her upcoming birthcray celebration as an excuse for her insanity, promising to tone things down as soon as the parties were over. They get to Asspen, she’s as crazy, or crazier, than ever, so on the way back to NYC he asks for some space. That explains why she was back in the Pink Palace instead of rechristening PK’s pad with post-vacation OMG-so-glad-to-be-back-in-our-own-bed sex. When she spewed loon juice all over his folks, that must have been the last straw.

    Or whatever.

    Viva la RBNS!

    • Good working-theory.

      I’m trying to envision the family poring over RBNS once they’d put heads together & confirmed that La Donk needed scrutiny … LOL ~ & I wonder if any of them ventured into & got kicked out of chat (as mibs).

      • I like to think PK’s brother is among us. Let’s hope he’s the source of some of the unsubstantiated rumors.

  26. Just when I thought my day was going to be cast off into the “totally annoying” pile, this gem lights up my computer screen.

    Like the light from a tooth-bleaching laser or the glimmer of candles on a BBB cake, RBNS is a beacon of awesome in the middle of my late afternoon, leading me from the darkness. Thank you!!

  27. Fact: The lodging for the St. Barth’s trip was Prom King’s dad’s yacht. I am a friend of a friend of a guest of a guest and so, on occasion, I learn these things. Or is this already common knowledge?

      • we already know it’s not self made. he’s a 26 yr old lawyer. at the very most, he’s a 2nd yr associate. earning mid-100k range. in NYC. even if he has no loan debt, which seems likely, he’s not exactly a high roller.

    • No, not common knowledge. We suspected she was there on Prom King’s dime, and we heard rumors of a yacht, but this pulls it all together.

    • Do you know whose idea all of his generosity is? I mean, does he say “why don’t you and your friends fly down at have a nice weekend on my dad’s yacht/in my parents’s Aspen house”, or is she taking advantage of him and wheedling invitations out of him? I think I already know the answer, but you never know.

      Follow up: What is _wrong_ with her?

    • I’m sorry but, why did this guy, having only known her a few weeks, fund her and all her girls in St. Bart’s and then fund her and all her girls and some of their significant others in Aspen?

      Sorry, the chance to get laid just doesn’t work for me. The theme dates are one thing and I can kind of see some rich guy flashing around the cash and amenities to get some tail. But, taking everybody and their uncle on two expensive trips (including paying for their damn airfare) within weeks of starting to date someone, seems very, very odd behavior to me.

      • I was told that he is actually a really nice guy, and he was trying to “woo” Julia, but eventually he wanted to get real and cut the cutsey shit. That time has come, and Julia is not happy about it.

      • But doesn’t it seem kind of weird that he’d fund all of that and NOW decide it’s too much? I mean, I suppose better late than never but, it seems like an awful lot of cash to put out on. I wouldn’t even think much of it if he was just whisking Julia off on these trips but, to take all her friends and, in some cases, their significant others?

        I guess I’m not saying he’s not a nice guy or anything. Seems like a decent enough guy. Aw, hell I don’t know what I’m saying. I just can’t see why anyone would do all that for virtual strangers.

      • He was probably getting sign-off from the parentals to do all that wooing (“Dad can I use your yacht….etc etc”) on the grounds that he’d met “a wonderful girl, a journalist, runs her own business, blah blah”. They were probably very supportive at first, happy to see their son happy. Now, his parents met her, were appalled, and probably had a talk with him, saying “she seems like a psychopath gold digger…see how she reacts when you tell her you want to back off the spending and if she really likes you for you, she will be OK.”

        Sure enough, the Donk’s true colors have been revealed – it’s all about the Benjamins – and PK is realizing that momma knows best.

      • The idea of Julia Allison in her cape and her poufy Chloe & Reese confection, her pelts a-swingin’ and her manicure ashimmer, showing up for a “Date Night” [caps hers] that turned out to be a Come to Jesus talk…well…it’s too, too delicious. Oh, the pouting that must have ensued. The tears. The squeaks of disbelief and protest and rationalization. Now THERE is screenplay material.

      • Again, it’s not the wooing of her that I take issue with. It’s the wooing of the friends, assistants and husbands of hers as well. It’s one thing to buy a round of drinks, it’s another to buy a round of airplane tickets…..twice….within a couple of mos.

        On another thread, it was stated that Jordan thought it was creepy and, in that regard, I guess I have to agree with her. Well, maybe not so much creepy as just, again, odd.

        Ok, I’m officially done beating the dead horse.

      • That’s not surprising. She used to brag about her ability to exploit men, allowing them to pay for airfare and exotic trips with no intention on her part of putting out or settling into a relationship with any of them. She managed to get this guy for her friends to go along. What a horrible bitch. I have no doubt it was Julia all the way.

      • If that is true than I will never, ever feel bad about posting on this website ever again. Holy shit, what an asshole-in-a-cape.

      • I did that. When I was 12. and first experimenting with my power over men.

        By the time I was 14, I was horrified that I ever thought trying to get a boy to buy me a burger just to see if i could was anwhere near OK.

        Now I’m a lesbian.

        jk, but point is, every girl does it. when they’re going through puberty. not when they’re 30.

      • I can see how it could happen and it wouldn’t have been creepy on his part.

        Let’s say you meet a girl who’s been on the cover a magazine and you want to wow her. For the first couple of dates, it’s early and new and crazy and the holiday season. Fair enough.

        You’re also kind of wealthy. And your new girlfriend wants to use your yacht in St. Barth’s. For a poor like me, I imagine it would be similar to having a friend whose parents have a house down the shore. Ok. Easy enough because you’re rich and you and your friends have been down there a bunch of times, so what’s the difference. You’ve got some extra miles you can use for flights.

        And…..maybe you’re starting to wonder. What’s up with this chick? But then Valentine’s Day is coming and your relationship is new and she’s an admitted V Day nut, so you try to make it special. But you also start to put it out there that this isn’t The Bachelorette and it’s not all fantasy dates. Beer, pizza and rented movies are on the docket soon. She posts that she doesn’t love you. That seems weird to you.

        But here comes her birthday. And you don’t want to be a total knob. You still kind of like her, so you don’t want to break up her – certainly not on her birthday. You roll with it.

        And maybe you’ve mentioned ski trips with your family in Aspen and she talked about how she hadn’t gone skiing in forever and wouldn’t it be fun to go. And really, the house is not being used, so why not. She’s also having some problems with her work friends and would really like them to come along for some bonding time. And it’s her birthday.

        But while you’re doing the birthday stuff she’s not just demanding, she’s some weird egomaniac. And when you’re in Aspen she’s kind of shitty to one of her friends. And you know you have to say something, but you don’t want to do it with her girlfriends staying in the same house and all.

        Now you’re back in NYC and you’d rather she didn’t meet your parents, but you’ve met hers and how could you really explain them not meeting? Because she’s really into it and will meet up any time or place. You’re trying, but you can’t avoid it.

        And they meet. And it’s awful. You feel awful. She is awful. You can see your parents at first being confused, and then they’re kind of angry, and then they transition into just being over it. And so do you.

        (Can’t explain all the plane tickets though – maybe she asked him to front the cost and she’d pay back through NS or when the pilot got picked up).

      • I knock Jordan all the time and feel mean, but honestly I’ve felt that PK is an honest, well-meaning, and very naive guy. Maybe a bit lonely but certainly good-natured. It’s not he has a Prom King blog or anything or an agenda to get free stuff for his apartment or be a television presenter or delusions of whatever…

        Of course I’m dumbfounded he would go along with the Donkey game since her craziness is so publicly documented – I expected more of Jordan’s discerning skills as well initially but she was all tally-ho and running with it all. For all her naif bullshit she was certainly wise already. And I think it’s hilarious that she all sensitive about playing the blogging game and peoples’ reactions, when if and and when she publishes her RibbedSchackled Glint book she will again have to deal with critics. Folk aren’t obligated to like her no matter how altruistic and and good-intentioned she presents herself to be. The challenge is creating content which is compelling and useful enough to follow. Taint by nonsociety and retribution ain’t going t cut it.

        I think like most of Donkey’s documented “suitors,” PK’s more than a little bit made-up. Really, it’s only been a couple of months – he’s been more than a good sport. The smiley faces I found very derogatory and does Donkey have some some of contractual obligation to tweet her dating life? No, TONY is way over and she should STFU already about the private stuff if she really is interested in cultivating relationships and being something other than a farce. Really she should STFU about everything because all she really taps into is derision and negative feedback.

        I do hope PK is wising up and moving on
        My family isn’t the most internet research saavy but if I brought someone around like Donkey they would smell it out right quick with nary a google. Lord knows, people in my family date and marry and divorce some some crazy shit but no one so far has made a “business” spectacle of it. It’s the tolerance and encouragement of this kind of kaka around Donkey which scares me. I worry about my employment history and GPA being on public record – to post or tweet what Donkey does on any given day would horrify me. That dung sticks and is around forever.
        So maybe PK’s family and PK wised up. Good for them. Actually, I don’t care about PK and his family – all of this is stoopid.

  28. Betcha Megs is gonna go ahead and hitched soon. Donkey’s head will explode. Doesn’t she have a serious boyfriend now?

      • Oh that sucks. I guess we still have the brother’s wedding. But nothing causes donkeyacitis more than all of her friends getting hitched. Bummer.

      • It must have been over cheating? When she started posting all those craycray cheating/spy-on-your-lover tricks right after she posted Donks writing “this is the first day of the rest of your life” on valentine’s day??

    • Asha has a propensity for finding boyfriends that cheat. She caught the Korbel heir bf in bed with another girl and went ballistic on his car. I hear Arrington is a serial womanizer and all around creep. He is certainly not attractive.

      • Or, should I say, Arrington has had a girlfriend in SF for some time now. I don’t exactly stay on top of his social life, so I have no idea if they have broken up recently or if he would pursue something with Asha on the side (doubt it, he seems/seemed to be serious with this one finally), but who the hell knows. SPECULATION.

      • Fameball you are just a well of wisdom.
        Please do share more of your knowledge with us…
        we promise to feed your cats in exchange!

      • meghan doens’t only have a propensity for men who cheat darlings. but she’s got a reputation for being the other woman as well.

      • LOL bishplease, I’m hardly a “well” but it’s flattering that you think so. I just know a handful of these characters and have no problem sharing some rudimentary information when it’s going to clear things up rather than make the speculation engine vrooooom out of control.

        And yes, I hear Arrington has had a serious GF for some time now, unless they’ve broken up recently since like I said I don’t exactly stalk them. Good for him for finally giving up his frat boy ways, and good for her for taking on the challenge.

  29. Ooh, I forgot another thing! There was just so much stuff I had trouble figuring out what to highlight.

    Again, unsubstantiated, but apparently Julia sends out links to RBNS to all her dates, as a precaution, saying “Don’t believe a word they say.” So Prom King has walked among us.

    • She really can’t resist the urge to get in her own way, can she?


    • That is truly unbelievable, JP. Who would draw attention to this shit?

      Geez. She needs to stop giving suitors her “real” name.

      • She’s probably just trying to frame RBNS as crazy cat ladies before they find the site on their own.

        No wonder she doesn’t sleep at night. She’s up all night worrying about cute boys looking at the reality of her existence.

    • She does this? SHE DOES THIS??? So she really is just dating men then to conform to societal pressures and secretly plans to sabotage this from the start? I mean, even if a guy assumed only 1 per cent of the things documented and discussed here were true, that should be enough to send Buddha running for the hills.

    • Dear PK,

      I would just like to say that I would really like to buy these super cute shoes I saw online at 4am, but my AMEX payment hasn’t processed yet, um, er, oops? Heres the link! I’m a shoe size 6 (but I’m a 0 or 2 in clothes!) http://www.fuglyJuliashoes.com

      Oh, by the way, here is a copy of lasy years’ finances for NonSociety and a copy of my bank statement. As you can see, NS makes no money, but I make tons from my grandmother and Dadsers. I can make more money, this is where you come in! I will give you my routing number and account number, and you can deposit, let’s say $5,000 a month.

      XOXO, Julia.

      PS: BTW, Reblogging NonSociety is totally something I put together to get some additional press, don’t believe anything you read there, k? I totally HATE cupcakes!

    • Oh, please. You know it is more like “look at all of the people that are paying attention to me. Yes, I know it looks like they are saying mean things, but they spend the entire day obsessing over me. They must secretly like me. They are followers!”

  30. god! you people WHAT is wrong with you -donkey is just quietly living her discreet life in private and you …you… you….jealous hater/fans just spoil everything.
    Her daddy is going to sue you! yes he is.

    PS WHAT is WRONG with HER ???

  31. Lasagna lost her boyfriend? Did she dump him or the other way around? Whose sauce wouldn’t stick to whose pasta?

  32. Also that’s why all of a sudden she’s so broke she has to sell everything (domain names and gift cards), right? Because she can no longer rely on Wallet thing!!

  33. WELL, searching these DOES bring up RBNS on page #1

    julia allison is psychotic
    I hate julia allison
    julia allison is crazy
    julia allison is a nutjob
    julia allison is a cunt
    julia allison is a bitch
    julia allison is a freak
    julia allison scares me

    • [that was supposed to be a reply to the “Julia Allison” + “Donkey” search response above]

    • OMG – Julia Allison is a cunt. THAT made me laugh louder than everything I’ve heard today and trust me I’ve laughed loud at a LOT of things!

  34. This joke of WIred laughing at her never gets old:

    Customers may always be right, but our readers? Only 50 percent of the time — at least when it came to the August issue. The folks who really struck out were the howlers who protested the installation of famous-for-being-almost-famous hottie Julia Allison on the cover. Don’t think she deserves it? Well, neither do we, really. That was the whole point of the story — how an individual of scant importance can hack the culture and become a phenomenon. Now for the folks who struck gold: Our back page, Found, isn’t dead. It was only resting, pining for the fjords, plotting its glorious comeback. (Sample response to the notion it was gone forever: “OMGWTFBBQ!?”) Sorry, guys. We’re pleased you like Found so much, and we didn’t mean to cause any alarm.


  35. I had a fucking AWFUL DAY and to make it all better, went and got a burger (NOT VEGGIE OMG!!!11!!) with my Cathusband.

    I didn’t get dessert.

    This post, however, is SOOOO sweet and SOOOO delicious that it completely makes up for it. This is the equivalent of a piece of chocolate cake swimming in syrup with strawberries on top.

    JP, I bow to thee.

  36. This has been a very satisfying RBNS day. And I needed it; so stressed out!

    Keep it coming…

  37. hmm Meghan can’t be going away tho if she’s promoting Nonsociety on FB on her page? as much as i would love the rumor to be true tho…seems odd.

  38. Come ON — could have seen this coming a mile away — whose parents are going to like someone like El Donk? I mean — really?

    • deaf crazy alcoholics with a son they think is a loser & desperately want to marry off would still run screaming into the night.
      I don’t think she is ever off & it shows

  39. This is completely OT but RBNS is slowly integrating itself into my real life, i had to do some paperwork and the suburb that it was for was Braybrook. Well i cackled like an absolute idiot, my boss now thinks im crazy.Maybe i can get some mental health leave out of it…

    • That’s not that bad. The other night I had a dream that I was with my sister-in-law at a crowded train station. I realized the woman on the platform next to me was Julia Allison. I said, “Hi, Julia,” thinking that would disturb her a little, but she immediately turned to me, brightened up, replied, “Hello!” and asked how I was doing.

      I said, “You don’t have to pretend you remember me. I only recognize you from the Internet.” She looked relieved and said, “I meet so many people but I forget all of them.” Then she turned to the woman standing next to her, and said, “Intern, my iPhone.” She handed me her pink-cased phone and told me to put my phone number in her address book so that she’d remember me next time.

      For whatever reason, I did, and by the time I looked back up and gave the phone back to the intern, my sister-in-law was gone, and I took off through the station without so much as a fare-thee-well. I spent the rest of the dream looking my sister-in-law — a comedy of errors that involved me getting on the wrong train, thrown off at the Canadian customs for not declaring my ballpoint pen, etc.

      Anyway, near the end of the dream, which seemed like hours later, my phone rang, and I thought, thank God, my sister-in-law must be calling from a pay phone or something, because I don’t recognize the number. On the other end, though, was Julia Allison’s intern.

      “Can you come to a dinner party tonight? I need to fill a table for twenty and I can’t find anyone else willing to have dinner with Julia. I’ve called everyone else on this phone.” the intern said.

      I’m not even making this up.

      • hahaha, that is awesome!
        Sadly i could see the part with the intern and dinner really happening.

      • Um, a few weeks ago I had a very stressful dream that my cathusband was cheating on me with Jabs. I woke up very upset, said something about how if he “was going to cheat on me, at least don’t do it with a donkey.” I shit you not, my husband’s response was that I need to lay off of the boxed wine. (the Target brand isn’t half bad)

  40. For a trust funder, PK is remarkably low profile. Despite his picture running on Gawker and RBNS, his identity remains a mystery.

    • I don’t think he’s a NYC trust fund guy. I run in that circle and I’ve never seen this dude at all.

      • he is almost certainly from flyover country. his parents probably own a very unglamorous business… like maybe a bunch of mcdonalds franchises or something like that. so they have plenty of security and money, but no real connections or culture. i know people like this–they own dunkin donuts franchises. they think nothing of spending 50k on a christening party for a young child, but they have no real connections in the media or real upper class society. they’re good people, but they feel the need to spend money to impress people. that said, they’d freak out if all that their money got in return was some untalented, aging, plastic-surg’d tranny like julia allison baugher

  41. Is this the end of NS?

    Will Shiny Tech Puerto Rico Thing find a husband?

    Will Lily finally run away?

    Will Megs finally stand up to the Donkey?

    NS RIP 2010..

  42. I can’t read all of this.. 2 long. But i know “prom king”.. His names *****. Hes a nice jewish kid from long island. His dad is from *******. Made a boatload of money Off asbestos & Vioxx litigation .. Money into the 100s of millions. Yatch, houses in aspen the whole speil. This is all funny to me. Having known him for 10 years.

  43. If that’s really him, his facebook profile makes him look like a total douchey loser.

    Also … he’s a LAW STUDENT and he made $57300 in political contributions in 2008?!! I am living the wrong life …

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