Jordan Speaks


Over at The Gloss. Here’s the pertinent, Donk- and RBNS-related stuff, italics mine:

How did you meet Julia Allison and get started writing for Nonsociety? What did you accomplish while you were there?

Julia and I met at a mutual friend’s party last May, and I began writing for NonSociety in September. In terms of what I’ve accomplished…well, first, I’ve established a solid readership consisting of some seriously wonderful people; second, I learned what producing content on a daily basis entails (and have seen how much doing so improves your writing); and third, I think I’ve become a much stronger person: I’m much better at standing up for myself and for what I believe is right. gets a lot of negative press – there’s even a whole website dedicated to making fun of it. How did you handle getting talked about online? What would you advise someone to do if they were being criticized or analyzed on the web? Do you think such criticism comes with the territory of blogging?

I have a lot to say about this, because I get frequent emails from readers asking how I deal with negativity, and the ones from female bloggers who have themselves been attacked on the Internet absolutely break my heart.

When I came on board at NonSociety, I was sort of willfully blind to the haze of negativity surrounding the site. Honestly? I chose to ignore it to some extent because I was just so excited about the new opportunity that had presented itself, and the new relationships I had made.

Within a few months, though, it was no longer something I could ignore. It started affecting my relationships with my family and friends, and even started affecting how I lived my life: before writing something – even something I felt very strongly about – I’d sometimes hesitate, fearful of the backlash.

Being bashed on the Internet is pretty damn painful; I can’t lie. More painful still when the bashing involves my family, as it sometimes has. I’ve definitely logged many hours crying over the things that people write to me and about me, but it does get easier over time. Not because you develop a thicker skin, but because you start to see that really, there’s no pleasing everyone…so you have to just be true to what you feel is right. Also, I firmly believe that it’s not up to me to dictate how readers consume my content – whether they love it or hate it, either way they’re responding to it…and probably even enjoying it, even if that enjoyment is expressed through hatred, sarcasm, or jest. I choose to put something out in the world, and once it’s out there, it’s not my job to tell others how to receive it.

Why did you leave Nonsociety?

I left NonSociety due to a confluence of personal and professional issues that had been slowly building over the past few months, and that came to a head towards the end of my tenure. Was it a lovely, peaceful separation? No. But I continue to wish all of the ladies at NonSociety the best – I really do – and I refuse to get involved in the kind of mudslinging that situations like this can create.


    • Not ass-kissing, but thought it was interesting since it’s the first time she’s alluded to what happened, and she mentions our crazy cat lady hate site here.

      • I don’t see where Jordan mentions rbns, the author does. Also Jordan doesn’t say shit about anything. She does the hand toss “I’m above it, it wasn’t nice but I simply am too good to talk further” bullshit. SHE ADDRESSES NOTHING.

        And ffs, I’m not saying you specifically are kissing her ass, just ppl posting all these links to her ramshitsicle site and talking about her in the comments nonstop, I need to know if I’m missing something here. She’s gone, she is never going to give us the mudslinging public slap we want, so why is everyone still bringing her up? I am seriously asking.

      • I thought it was interesting to hear how something went down in the person who was involved’s own words (however glossed over – see what I did there – the words are) versus speculation.

      • She was a part of our soap opera drama and only left it like last week. She’ll probably never be featured on GOMI cause she’s not nearly as bad as other fameballs who deserve the parsing, and this is just a good an outlet as any.

      • Because she humiliated the Donkey in a very public way, way more publicly than even Mary did, and I remain interested in what went down. It’s not often we see Donkey so openly bested by one of her “sisters,” and apparently because she got close and realized she couldn’t bear what she was seeing.

        If I’m totally alone here, everyone tell me so, and I’ll never mention her name again.

      • I agree in writing about Jordan in how it relates to what went down and what happened between her and the donkey. But Jordan herself doesn’t interest me anymore as a topic for this blog, much like Mary isn’t a topic of this blog now that she has started her own thing. Jordan is boring and innocuous, and she is not the expert that she self-appointed herself to be, so I won’t be writing about Ramshackle Sham unless she does something particularly laughable or heinous, and, if I do, those posts will be on GOMI.

        But if something comes out that adds to the donkey drama, then I’m all over it here.

      • I don’t think you’re alone. I, too, wonder what happened. But, at a certain point, if she’s made the decision not to talk about it, there really is no point in bringing her up anymore (not saying we’re there yet).

      • I’m with Jacy, SS and MS on this.

        And another way of looking at things: Think of NS as Shitty Donkey University, teaching, i dunno, inner strength, how to have a back one, the 100 meter dash, or conversely, selling your used maxi pads and panties to pay for taxes and shit…

        Jordan is an alumna of Donkey U, which for me makes her relevant here. Not as much as the current students(?) inmates(?) of Donkey U, but you know, from time to time it’s good to reflect on where we’ve been.

  1. I think it’s good that she isn’t pretending that everything was great. It’s more revealing than anything Mary ever said about leaving.

    • Agreed on the Mary part. Jordan could have pretended the departure was amicable, but she admits she left because she was troubled by “a confluence of personal and professional issues that had been slowly building over the past few months, and that came to a head towards the end” — namely, the braycay birthday and Aspen trip. Her departure from Nonsociety is fresh IMO so I’m glad to see it posted over here. She seems to be happy now, and I see that as a sign that dumping Julia was lifting a weight of burden off her shoulders.

      • Um, didn’t she work there for only a few months? So it was bascially building from Day 1.

        Julia, give it up already. Go find a job. Go to school. Get married, but give up this sham “business” once and for all.

        Does Meghan’s father, aka the genius, have no balls either? Why does he let his daughter blow her money & life on this travesty experiment? Or is he an absent minded professor/engineer type? or maybe he just doesn’t give a shit about little foo foo.

        that’s it i’m calling the wahmbulance

    • Mary carried out a professional distancing. Jordache had no choice BUT to address it due to direct questioning and the heat she’s taking; she likely received much better treatment than Mary ever did in her lengthier stay with NS. All I have to say is Mary didn’t have to say much because not only has A LOT been revealed lately from other sources, but she left and created Julia’s platform in her own way, and better. Res ipsa loquitur.

      • What has been revealed about Mary’s departure recently? Inquiring minds want to know especially since Mary knew Julia a lot longer and IMO was more interesting a character in the NS soap opera that Jordan ever was.

      • I don’t want to say HERE (where people never read) for the sake of keeping the source, so…

        y’all come chat now, ya hear? >:]

  2. Aside from drunk basement living catladies, why does anyone care? Why is this noteworthy, unless The Gloss is also a bunch of drunk basement living catladies (DBLCL)

    • That’s what I found funny, the fact that they interviewed her at all. “Oooh what is JORDAN up to!?” As if Jordan has a real job and as if Ramshackle Glam is a real thing that real people read, rather than Magic Pretend Imaginary Corporation #2…

    • This is an excellent point, gay cats. I hadn’t thought about it that way, but it really makes NO sense for them to have written this.

      (ps–you need to get those queens on weight watchers or something … cats are getting FAT.)

      • Sorry, can’t help. Straight.

        BTW, cat ladies? Just to give you an inside track, so to speak…that Fancy Feast and high dollar cat food you’ve been lavishing on us? Stick with the Sam’s Club special. After that first grooming in the morning, it all tastes like ass to us anyway. You’re welcome. xoxo

  3. Jordan is boring and I can’t imagine anyone buying any book she’s writing. It’s not like she’s any kind of expert in anything except being skinny and pretty. If I want to learn how to paint a lamp or open a jar of spaghetti sauce, I’ll either figure it out myself or look online.

    The girl is about as edgy as a marble.

    • how DO you open a jar of spaghetti?

      What interests me more is how Jordan eats all that shit and stays that nasty skinny. She must use coke/adderall, take 2 bites of her food then run out for a smoke, or she has a hollow pin leg.

      • Eh, I’m as skinny as she is, and I eat whatever and don’t take any drugs and have no eating disorder. It’s just genetic for me, although it won’t last much longer. I only gain weight around my stomach, and I’m wondering if the same is true for Jordan. I don’t think I’ve seen her wear anything that shows off her stomach. Although she does have awfully large boobs for being so skinny.

      • you eat the same crap she (supposedly) eats? She eats a lot of garbage, tons of carbs and heavy sauces. Must be nice.

      • OK, my fellow cat-friends. I too had years and years and years of being so friggin’ skinny people thought I had an eating disorder. I did not. It was truly genetic and metabolism. I say that now because Holy Mother of Nature that Hates Me!!! it caught up with me!!! It’s incredibly difficult to hit my ‘age’ and say, “wow… I guess I really shouldn’t eat that” Yet, that is the reality. I got fat… chubbsy-ubbsy. Guess what?? I enjoyed every damn minute of it. Every slice of pizza, every 1/2 gallon of ice-cream on a Fri night with a girlfriend or two, every glass of wine, every bit of chocolate dipped in every jar of peanut-butter washed down w/ every half-gallon of milk. Every cheesy-gooey omelet w/ rye toast, bacon and hash-browns the morning/late night after a night of brain-cell obliterating laughs w/ my girls. All the pasta and mozzarella and board-walk treats and on and on and on. I never gave it a thought. Bliss. Truly bliss. To get joy from so much food and so much fun and never give it a thought. Oh, hmmm… also smoked in my youth. I really think that helped. Flash forward and I become a cow. I look in the mirror and still see a skinny-minny chica who used to get made fun of for looking like Olive Oyl only now I have over-flowing D-cups and I jiggle. Eh… Whatevs. When I couldn’t tie my shoes w/out laughing at the irony of not being able to bend over myself, I decided I needed to lose it. Not for others… but for me. Almost 50 lbs and I feel fab. I’m not done either but I’m not obsessed. Know what? I STILL love my chocolate and my wine and my cheese, only now? I pay attention.
        So yeah, it goes to mah-belly too… and that’s supposed to be the dangerous weight. Like heart-disease, typeII diabetes, stroke kind of weight.
        And I haven’t smoked in like 15 years either.
        God. Will this girl ever get it’s not just about LOOKING good? It’s about health too.

      • I think Jodorb has fairly obvious fake boobs. Also, she probably doesn’t eat that much. Anyone can stay skinny if they quit eating after a few mouthfuls. It doesn’t matter so much what you eat, as it does how much.

  4. I don’t mind Jordan so much. At least I can maintain an erection when beating off to her photos. With the donkey, I, much like the PK, can’t finish without crying.

  5. I don’t know, I like jordan. I mean, she seems thoughtful and honest and likable. Maybe at this pt I’m just comparing every person to the donk–so that means I find everyone likable–but I seriously don’t mind Jordan and would like to see her succeed. Also, it makes me happy knowing this little piece will eat away at the donk’s soul. I mean Jordan talks about babies and her hubby and the future, and donkeyface is staying up all night, crying about her shitty life, and trying to blame it on pms. Also, I don’t think I’d spen muchj time talking about nonsociety if I was her either. She’s trying to build a career for herself and it’s in her best interest to make ns seem like a bad dream and hope ppl forget that terrible career move. Also pls excuset typos-am writing from my phone.

  6. Yeah no sympathy from me. You want to ‘lifecast’ and earn an income? Then get ready for people to comment on your life.

    • Especially when she says what differentiates her from the rest of the domestic bloggers is that she doesn’t seek perfection. If you don’t present an ideal to aspire to what is the fucking point? I’ve fucked up my quiche like the rest of the gays at one point, and I don’t need to read a blog about the magic of garlic salt.

      I love the ideal, which is why I love sites like La Tartine Gourmande or Liqurious because they don’t portray ordinary. If I wanted to look at ordinary, I’d look at myself, and not some prep-school and Harvard-educated, failed actress.

      Also? Her refurb job on that cabinet was really, really ugly. The fact that she’s writing a book is rich.

      Wow, maybe I really don’t like Jordan.

      • Does anyone else here read Smitten Kitchen?

        Talk about perfection (though Deb freely admits when something goes wrong). Talk about alluring food photography, too. And Deb has a six-month-old son, whose photos always warm this 22-year-old catlady’s heart.

      • Smitten Kitchen and Pioneer Woman are pretty much the reasons I know how to cook well. LOVE them.

      • I’ve been impressed with Pioneer Woman – although I don’t follow her site – b/c she truly seems to present a truly unique “fresh, fish-out-of water perspective” and takes her audience on the ride with her and it has been a process that has taken time and preserverence . To me that’s marketable and added-value book worthy.
        Listen, I can’t stand Rachael Ray but what she started doing over ten years was tapping into unexplored niche which resonated with her audience. She also paid her dues doing local tv segments and demonstrations in that market in upstate NY.
        Jordan has been cultivating this ramshaggle glitz schtick rather tenuously. Since September. That’s it.
        Didn’t it start out as Domestic Bliss? And now is a shabby chic rip-off? Has she not watched HGTV, the Food Network, or read lifestyle magazines (when they were still being published)?
        I don’t really see her as a visionary like Pioneer Woman or even Rachael Ray.

      • I think what bugs me most is that Jordan, as so many aspiring new media stars out there, seems to do it all in the wrong order. She decides she wants to be out there, acting didn’t work. She then thinks of something else (Hey! I like to cook and mess around with trash I found in the street! I’m so gonna become a home and style blogger) and then starts going about it without really knowing what she’s doing. And THEN she starts to call whatever she’s doing a “guide”.

        Most people I know of who became noteworthy bloggers were actually pretty damn good at what they were doing before putting it on the internet and their blog started to take off and become a business at some point because they were good, unique and interesting, not because they had a blog.

        I mean, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting your way through life, but, seriously, if I want to hear anything about that I look at my friends, not some random blonde with two admittedly cute blogs who has her Aunty advertise on her blog (nothing wrong with that) and tries to shill stuff on the side when she’s not talking about people she has no business talking about to trashy German TV gossip magazines.

        The question of what happened behind the Nonsociety scenes is interesting and, as always, I think it will come out eventually, but that doesn’t make me take her in her “professional” capacity any more seriously. I’m also not entirely sure if her taking the high road and joking on GOMI about having been coerced into suggestive cupcake-titty posing really go together. If you agree to take a picture, own it, don’t blame the donkey once the damage is done.

        Sorry about this essay, I’m flu-cranky.

      • Gracias for the Tartine Gourmand scoop, JP!
        re: Jordan’s niche, I believe she’s aiming to be hipster Rachel Ray.
        (Basically, RR with Grizzly Bear playing in background.)
        I’m not into her stuff; but, then again, I thought RR was a hack, too…and who’s raking in the millions?

        Oh, and I no longer hate Jordan. Donk made me like her (I didn’t wanna do it, I didn’t wanna do it).

        OT, but I also like Vie Society now, too. (Loved-then hated-now strongly like again. I like that she’s letting more of her personality hang out & also getting the focus off of herself…A generous gesture that she pulls off w/much more grace & generosity than Julia ever has.)

    • I LOVE Smitten Kitchen. Her recipes are TDF.

      But Jordan? She’s soooo boring & utterly mediocre. Her only intrigue was her supporting role in the awesome soap opera: “Days of Our Donks.” Now that she’s been killed off & doesn’t seem likely to dish about the dysfunctional ways of NS, I have no desire to read her dull take on shitty uptown restaurants, garlic salt, and ways to make street furniture even more heinous.

    I’ll take Parting Words for $1,000, Alex.

    From either male or female, in a manner platonic, professional, or romantic, they’re the first seven words uttered by any person terminating a relationship with fameball Julia Allison.



    What is, “Was it a lovely, peaceful separation? No.”

    That’s correct.

  8. Jordy! What you don’t seem to realize? The only reason we EVER talked about you was because you’d hitched your wagon to the Donkey. That’s it.

    When Donkey fucked you over on the Aspen trip? Did you forget all the sympathy you got from us? Why didn’t you mention that?

    I bet a lot of your ‘readers’ came from here. And you’ll still get a few of us out of curiosity for a bit. But seriously? Get over yourself. Or didn’t you notice? We ain’t really talkin’ ’bout you anymore.

  9. Eh, I like her. She’s harmless and acknowledges that she’s not an expert, and she seems to have a realistic take on the criticism. I can see how people wouldn’t like her content or find her boring, but she’s fairly inoffensive.

    If this comment means that I’m kissing her ass, that’s fine. There are worse asses to kiss.

    • I still like her, too. A huge part of her “brand” is her accessibility, which she lives up to in my experience. Mostly, I mean that she answers emails politely and quickly. Also, I really enjoyed her post about the best ways to get to and from NYC-area airports, since I’m moving to Manhattan in a few months and will be flying sometimes. She’s a little bit aspirational– hot husband, cute apartment in a good location, hip friends– but not so far removed from reality that her advice is irrelevant (helloooo, Vie, I’m looking at you).

      …and that’s my book report on Jordan Reid.

      • I’m not sure anyone reads Vie for “advice” but she manages to translate her being totally nuts into hilarious writing. She grates from time to time but she provides entertainment that puts her near the top of my tumblr feed. And her juice post schooled Donks & Imaginary Co. on their pooping obsession.

        People read Jordan for “advice” and they get Prego and marker on furniture. That’s not funny or entertaining. I mean, it would be appropriate advice if she were a kindergartener.

        Also, answering emails does not a good blogger make.

      • I like Vie’s humor too, but she is so the opposite of servicey (unless you’re in the market for a 6-month honeymoon trip circling the equator or several $600 bras or FOUR DOLLAR COOKIES). She’s the “let them eat cake!” of bloggers.

        It’s whatevs if people don’t like Jordan or her blog, but it’s weird (and strange, and worrisome!) that some cat ladies are so intent on tearing her apart. She’s obviously not a glorious trainwreck like Julia, so what’s the fun in poking her? She has readers and advertisers, and doesn’t seem intent on running a pyramid scheme to fund her unsustainable lifestyle like Donks. In conclusion, thank you for your input, and different strokes for different folks.

      • My take on that Vie lady is how does she eat all that and stay so apparently slim and trim?? I’m guessing the old toothbrush-down-the-throat thing myself. If not, damn, gal’s got the metabolism of a small hummingbird!

      • ok har har you’re right. I think she’s a snoozer but that gives me no reason to hate her. Failing to be a decent human being (donks) is much different than failing to entertain me.

      • Sorry, bishplease– I’m being way too bossy. I can totally see why people would dislike Jordan; I just don’t think she (or Kendrick) deserves the full brunt force of several dozen angry cat ladies when the most offensive thing she’s done is hitch her wagon up to the Donkey’s. She admits she reads here, so I feel bad for her when people say extra mean things– while I totally agree that Donk deserves the nasty shit we brew up here, most people don’t deserve it.

      • Quick thing about airport travel. One thing Jordan didn’t listen is the Airlinks shuttle. I take it every time I fly and it’s really convenient. It takes you from your house straight to the airport and back again. Easy and about $16 each way. Cheaper than a cab, safe, and easy.

      • Oh man, thanks, Thank God I’m Not Her! I have to fly out of JFK literally the weekend after I move to the UWS and I’m so lost, so confused. I’ll bookmark Airlinks.

    • Don’t like. I think the aw, shucks, it’s just me, wait, I want to be famous, aw, shucks, it’s just me routine is complete and utter bullshit.

    • I think Jordan is harmless. The expectations for her to provide unparalleled expert advice stems from Donkey. Donkey presents NS as a lifecasting platform filled with experts. Its evident to us all that there is no such thing on that site. However, Jordan’s approach was that she was always learning and invited us to join her. She may not be an expert in marriage, but she is an expert in HER marriage. She is not an expert in cuisine, but she presents tried and true recipes from HER and her family’s homes. Etc, etc.

      She’s quick to respond to questions, offers her advice to problems, and in my experience, follows up with her readers. I think she has been the most authentic person to grace NonSociety.

      Donkey should use her Borders grift-card to buy Jordan’s book.

      *Also, I wish you all a very donkely day!

  10. Eh… What interests me about about Jordan, (being a basement dwelling cat-lady and all), is what keeps bringing me here time and time again. Well, besides all you knuckle-heads w/ the acid-wit, comedic genius, and complete laugh-fest I get daily. 🙂 I keep coming to seeing how it ends. So many of us have told stories of the narcissists in our lives or who run amok in our social circles.
    A personal confession: when my narci finagled her way into a position that directly affected me and provided her w/ the power to manipulate and lie and insinuate and do alllllll the things I know she can do, every alarm bell in my body went haywire. Up until that point, what I know to be true of her is my experience and I’ve never confronted her with any of it. My observations? It’s useless. She doesn’t ‘get it’ because she believes to her core that anyone who doesn’t like her is an idiot. Though there are many, many of us with the same beginning and middle upon meeting my narci, the endings have been vastly different. She’s had out-and-out yelling matches, people sternly tell her to piss off and not surprising, a few like me who just kind of said, “whooaaa..” while we backed out of the proverbial room very slowly and carefully. Maybe I, and those who have dealt with her like me, are by far the biggest hypocrites of all because we smile in her face, make nice, exchange pleasantries and she’s completely clueless to the bitterness welling inside us. Anyway, my narci occupied this postion that directly affected me, I had to take action in my own way. To protect me and mine. I kind of feel like Jordan in this instance because when I ‘had’ to take action and present my case – to my narci’s boss of all things, it was NOT easy. I agonized over it and the reason? My narci IS vapid. IS vile and self-serving and selfish and manipulative. She’s also charming and does all the right stuff… at the beginning. Anything I say to someone about her, especially when that someone just HIRED her, is going to sound like neener-neener. I had to approach it carefully, professionaly, and without slander. Her boss didn’t ‘know’ me – he met me the first time BECAUSE of this. I was embarrassed, mortified and upset that I had to make specific requests to protect a vested interest of mine… of which she now had full and complete access. Again, much like Jordan did in that interview, I had to do face-to-face. I did not want to get into specifics or examples or scenarios or play-by-play… it didn’t matter. What did matter though, was I couldn’t unknow what I knew to be true and my experience and reality with her. Should he have a different experience and it’s positive? Fabulous. I wasn’t going to be the ‘one’ whose face was attached to what can essentially be considered gossip to an outsider. I called this meeting because I couldn’t live with myself knowing what the potential damage to ME was. He’d just have to trust me, as much as a stranger can trust someone who’s basically insulting his judgement, that I had specific requests regarding information she was now privy to.
    My interest in Jordan doesn’t have anything to do with her brand. She doesn’t offer anything different or edgy. What she offers to me, and maybe some others here, is how she’ll handle the whole JA debacle. THAT’S what I want to see. The only person I’ve seen yet who seems to openly have a strong dislike of her is Charlsie. She lived the experiences and wasn’t invested in her emotionally… maybe that’s what makes it more valid? But JA’s besties on the other hand, have an emotional investment in her and I don’t know about anyone else. How can you explain a person’s vapidness, innate ugliness, their soul being like tar without it somehow reflecting on you?? It’s ugly stuff this NPD shit. Really ugly.
    I look to RBNS to show me the light (oh… and an epic, fookin’ karmic punch would be AWESOME!!!!)

    • There is something very disorienting about interacting with anyone with a personality disorder. My closest friends (a married hetero couple) became involved with a younger, gorgeous woman who fancied herself a musician. The male friend works in the music industry and believed in her and took her under his wing. The first time I met this woman I thought I must be going mad, because every instinct in my body told me to run. I kept trying to back out of the room, and NO ONE ELSE seemed to be having that reaction. I finally took my husband’s arm (stuffed cat — easier for packing in a suitcase) and said, “Do you . . . like her?” He whispered back, “She makes my skin crawl.” But over the next year our friends invited her to every social gathering. She was, of course, single, because for some reason the men she was attracted to could see what she was very clearly. She dressed in an inappropriate, provocative way, once showing up at an outdoor music festival — this was in New Orleans, I should have said — wearing a sun dress and no underwear. She was tragically absent of talent, lived off a trust-fund, and became violently angry not only if she felt slighted, but over grammatical errors in print advertising. When my friends got the first glimmer of what she was and tried to extract themselves from her drama, they paid dearly. All of this is just to say I agree with you completely, DLM. Julia might be the focus of this site, but what Julia does to other people — the painful, harmful cost of knowing her at all — is very interesting to me, too.

    • I agree with everything you said here. I had a similar experience with the narcissist in my life. Unfortunately, I was blind to his ways until after he had already damaged my professional reputation. Two years later, I’m still dealing with the fallout from my association with him.

      Until recently, I quietly and passively kept this person in my life because I was a “bestie,” because I had an emotional investment in his shitshow. After a while (after reading this site, actually–so servicey), I put my foot down and sent him a scathing email calling him out on his manipulative, narcissistic, socially-inappropriate behavior. I asked him to never contact me again.

      Out of curiosity, I checked his (many, many) social networking accounts to see how he reacted to my email, and he did what I expected: posted 20+ messages about how he’ll “never understand why people do the things they do,” and (I kid you not) how “blessed” he was to still have some REAL friends who care. It was uncanny how much his behavior resembled JA’s after the departures of Jordan and Mary.

      So, yes: my interest in Jordan is the same as yours. I’m fascinated how she’s handling (and will continue to handle) the donkey fallout.

    • haha, my Catboy agrees. He just walked by my computer and asked why there was a “ditsy-looking girl with a teacup” on my screen.

      • Oh you were talking about Shish, not “sheesh, Jordan is an idiot.” All these girls and their dumb poses annoy me.

    • for anyone who knows, what’s better/worse about WP vs. Tumblr? (you can save me hours of work to present to the head honcho) 😉

      • I use both. My WordPress opinions are based on my experience using it on my own hosting where I installed it myself, not a WordPress hosted blog.

        WordPress: extremely customizable, plug-ins to do just about anything (caching, calendars, podcasting, SEO, etc), built-in commenting, built-in pages, tons of themes and documentation. Has the ability to do pretty much anything you could ever want in a blog. Downsides: page loading time can be pretty slow (caching plug-ins help), it can be total bitch to update manually, and you need some mysql/php experience to install it yourself and to really get the most out of it.

        Tumblr: Easy easy easy. Not nearly as customizable as WordPress but still fully skinnable, cool themes, you need to add commenting yourself (but it’s easy with Disqus), reblogging and following with the click of a button. Downsides: the community is over-run with teenagers who just reblog each other, pages aren’t an option unless hosted elsewhere, no plug-ins at all.

        Just reply if you have any questions!

    • I think she has fallen victim to delusions identical to Mary’s: that everyone who followed her on tumblr as part of the magical imaginary corp shitshow will care enough to click over even once…. that her audience will stay as big, and grow larger when Julia-haters depart… and that she needs wordpress to properly execute a Big Fancy Lifestyle Destination site.

  11. Jordan has only been doing this blog thing since September. While I’m sure it’s been a tough learning experience for her, most of us have been pursuing things – privately – like careers, education, starting families, for much longer. Great, she’s stronger now. Negative feedback is a bitch but she airs her shit out for all to see in effort to cultivate a “following.” Of course it affects “family and friends” and other relationships because she fucking writes about them. And take sthe blogging shit way too seriously.
    Her narratives aren’t particularly entertaining, witty or compelling. She seems overly interested on getting on teevee as a presenter or getting free stuff for her apartment – I really don’t think that makes for a relatable lifestyle content. Unless there’s a whole untapped audience of wannabe famewhore shills out there.
    The main reason why she has been interesting – to me – is that she hitched her wagon to the Donkey and she creates some spectacularly awful home and cooking messes and is bizarrely pleased with her efforts and seem to think it could develop into some sort of career. Really, folk are going to be interested in buying a book or following a blog about doing things haphazardly?
    Jordan is boring and really her “tenure” with and “separation” from Nonsociety is about as groundbreaking as switching from myspace to Facebook and unfriending a few people.

    • Nah, I honestly don’t care. Didn’t know she existed before her Nonsociety episode, don’t care for what she does on her blog, don’t agree with her sentiment that just because someone puts a camera in your face to talk about anything or anyone, you need to do it, expertise or not. So, meh, whatever Jordan.

      • That’s actually very telling, that Jordan comes off as having some “moral obligation” to be on tv, photographed, interveiewed, blogging, etc… and that she’s seems to be negotiating the “high road.” When most of us could give a crap about shit like that.

    • No PP, you’re not. You have a visceral reaction that makes you bristle. Trust… it’s not ‘love’ on my part. It would actually be complete indifference were it not for MY self-serving interest in the shit-storm JA causes that feels so familiar to me.
      Jordan(like Mary and those who will follow) are like notches on a belt. When the next replacement blonde comes along, Jord goes bye-bye. Just waiting, waiting, waiting to see if someone/anyone can stop it.
      Hope that makes sense

    • NOT AT ALL. I’m interested in the dirt (though none is being spilled) but otherwise, Jordan is so boring. And while she did try to write, and create real content, etc. — it is not interesting enough on its own. And I do read lots of design/home blots. I agree with what Jordache said, too.

    • Good grief ~ that’s funny & logical at the same time ~ I *know* a couple that would love to have a donkey & cart (add’l $100) to work their land w/ & they would definitely call it Julia Allison too. If Hee Haw Hussy’s suggestions grows legs & gets momentum, lemme know!

    • I’ll also throw a word in for, where you can support small business who raise or use donkeys through microlending!

      I love Kiva, it’s where I direct all of my donations. You see exactly where your money goes, get updates on it, and once the loan is repaid, you can re-invest it in another struggling business in the third world!

  12. Maybe there should be some lifestyle cable show called like “What Not to Wear” called “How NOT to Decorate” or “How NOT to Use Garlic Salt” and “haphazard” Jordan could be paired up with “experts.” That would be interesting.

  13. Jordan’s blog would make a better SNL sketch than it does a business. David Spade should totally play her.

  14. Ok. This non-interview annoyed me. She was “willfully blind to the negativity.” Well that would be her fault for not checking out Nonsociety’s reputation before signing on. But I don’t think this is true. Of course she was aware. She didn’t care. Her answer should have read: ” I was going nowhere. Working at my mom’s law firm as a file clerk and wanted to try to capture a little bit of fame that I had when I was on Always Sunny so I took a chance and hitched my wagon to a notorious famewhore. And it worked. Now the highly acclaimed blog – Gloss is interviewing me!”

    • But, dd, then she would have had to admit that essentially she wanted fame, not necessarily to enrich the lives of those who previously had been dying to learn what to do with this mysterious substance called Garlic Salt and always wondered what would happen if you licked a fork you had just use to fry bacon.

      • Exactly! When people see through her bullshit (admit you want fame Jordy, just do it) she calls them negative and says that she is being “attacked.”

        That brings me to another annoying aspect of this non-interview. No one is ATTACKING these young female bloggers who beg Jordan for advice and in turn break her heart. The internets may criticize or mock, but no one is attacking anyone. If anyone was being attacked, I would hope they would contact the police and not Jordan. During this interview I pictured Jordan fanning herself on a southern plantation and clutching her head, “oh poor little me, I just want to write about the correct way to open a can of soup, but the mighty internet won’t let me! Why lord!? Why must they beat me down like this?”

    • I actually think it’s interesting that she admitted that she basically ignored the “bad press” and rotten reputation because she was excited to start something new. Does this make her a genius? Not even a little. But I think it’s a peak into just how faux-charming JA can be when she wants something from you. We’ve all heard what she’s like when you are a “nobody,” but to hear (and yes, it’s glossed over) how Jordan was basically wooed by J, then saw the monstrosities within and bailed, is slightly intriguing.

      I don’t blame her for being excited. I think she went into this too naively, especially considering she’d already been somewhat “shafted” in a big way when it came to Sunny. But not everyone is as sharp as the commenters on this board. As others have stated, Jordan seems to be, for the most part, un-offensive and a bit of a flighty dingbat, but not truly heinous.

      However, I don’t think we will ever get more than this unless one of Jordan’s friends gets the real scoop and sends a tip about what went down. This, I’m afraid, is all we’ll ever get from her.

      • the only people I’ve seen her act like that towards are men (all of them) and wimpy women

        she only does this shit to strong women if there are men in the room

      • It sounds like she believes anyone who will tell her that they are going to make her famous and goes along with whatever they suggest. Basically, she’s an idiot. Full Stop.

  15. going to peruse the comments in a sec, but i don’t think anyone’s brought up this tweet from lasagna:
    “She’s a special individual. And she needs a special amount of love.”


    (follow by meghan: “I love my girls!”)

  16. juliaallison
    I just lost my appetite.
    13 minutes ago via web

    Looks like that breakup finally happened…

    • No, that just means she polished off cupcake number 9 and doesn’t have room for anymore.

  17. Sorry, I like Jordan. When she joined the NS shitshow, she became collateral damage, mostly by becoming a participant in the donkey soap opera, partly by trying things that didn’t work in trying to carve out a blogging niche for herself.

    She’s a very good interviewer and I hope she finds work doing person-to-person stuff. And I hope she moves away quickly from the lifecasting scrapbook format–it’s just not a real business model, and she’s talented enough to do better things.

    Finally, I think her restraint in not dishing on NS is admirable. Sure, I’d like to hear more tales of the dismal donkey. But I’m happier to see Jordan try to move on by saying as little as possible.

    • I agree, she’s talented enough to do other things. Jordan’s just too lazy as fuck to bother. Here’s a Dalton-Harvard-educated girl who willingly chose to work as an admin at a law firm… at age 28. Most girls of her caliber at that age are doing far more worthwhile things.

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