Oh, Look at That! Julia Allison “Pays” Taxes

So we have an answer as to why there is a desperate scramble for cash in the great Giftcardgate of 2010. She has to do what every other American in the country has to do if they earn income. Pay taxes. Bet you she doesn’t want healthcare reform now, AMIRIGHT?

@juliaallison You don’t think that selling giftcards you got for free is tacky? It’s like you’re trying to give your haters ammo.

@lizlemonnn – um … Huh?? No, I don’t think capitalism is “tacky.” Why wouldn’t I want to sell something I no longer want?

@juliaallison You should donate them. Are you that strapped for cash?

I *am* donating them … to the federal government on April 15!! RT @sarahfabulous: You should donate them. Are you that strapped for cash?

Oh that’s it, she has to pay Uncle Sam, because she didn’t do the resonsible thing and set aside income over the course of the year so she would have to funds necessary to meet her responsibility as an American citizen. She does know that she may have to count this gift card sale as “income,” right? (I’m too lazy to go over tax law to look.) Any smart people care to enlighten us?

God, I hope she get audited.

UPDATE: It appears that the AX gift card may have been from this contest where she apparently never picked a winner.


  1. On the plus side, given how much money NS makes, she’ll probably qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

      • I think she pays quarterly taxes, if I recall, still, you know she never sets aside money, and I imagine she has a hefty tax bill.

        Plus, does this mean the Sony money is gone?

      • If she is paying quarterly (and she should), her estimated tax filing for Jan 15 should have covered the bulk of her Sony income, though, to be fair, she may not have received all of her residual statements by mid-January.

      • That’s my question too. Is she this fucking pathetic that she has to sell her griftcards? I mean…really? Capitalism my Aunt Fannie. If she just wanted to unload em there are about 10 different ways to do so without attracting attention about it, but she really thought just the power of being Julia Allison would net her almost face value from her slavish fanbase.

        I am really, really put off by her right now.

    • Interesting that she’s never mentioned that Sony Viao in any of her blerg or tweets.

    • Did she just buy like 3 pairs of shows and cheap ass delias clothing which totaled over $750 (yeah, I did the math!)…unless, of course, prop king paid or her parents gave her birthday money (more likely).

  2. Oh dear, when this tweet was posted in the thread below, I thought someone was making a joke at her expense. Turns out it’s the most hilarious thing she’s ever done (at least in my opinion). I can’t stop laughing!

    Also, I know nothing about US tax regulations, but I wouldn’t at least some of the gift cards count as income in their own right since they seem to be part of the compensation she received for shilling things?

  3. Yes, she has (is supposed) to count the griftcard as income if it was in exchange for a service & pay tax on it because in essence it’s exchangeable for cash ~ SOURCE.

    • The tax implications are actually interesting here. She was given a good (cash gift card) in exchange for a service (shilling), so the gift cards themselves would be taxable income. But now she is selling those gift cards, so would the cash from selling them also be income. That’s trickier, but by the book, the sale of gift cards would also probably be reportable/taxable.

      • Always shitty is that correct? I mean if my employer gave me a good (e.g., free apartment, a car, etc…), and then I sell that good am I free of any tax associated with that sale? Or would she be exempt simply b/c these are worth very much (in the grand scheme of things)?

  4. is the Donkey aware that IRS pays the ordinary citizen to turn in tax cheats such as not making quarterly tax payments etc?

    Oh Megan L..you want to get paid right?

      • If you have knowledge of tax fraud being committed, you may make an anonymous report toll free to 800-829-0433.

      • Lasagna should report the Donkey and get paid $$$$$. Julia is an awful, stupid person–Lasagna would be doing the world a favor!

      • “Whistleblowers who are able to provide information to the IRS about tax fraud or underpayment of taxes may qualify for a reward according to new tax laws established in 2006. If the individual is able to provide information about fraudulent claims or underpayment totaling $2 million or more, he or she may qualify for an award of up to 15%-30% of the total recovered by the government.” SOURCE

      • You have to know a shitload about the person in order to turn them in and get any money out of it.

    • Very difficult to do. You need a lot of personal information on the person, including their social security # or tax ID #. They set it up that way to prevent people from abusing the system.

  5. You know it’s interesting. Every now and then I start to think, “Poor girl has some serious problems maybe we’re too mean. We should give her a break.” And then, she does something like this and I kick myself for having any sympathy for her.

  6. Also, dipshit, if you donate them then you can deduct that amount from your yearly tax bill.

    • THIS.

      People who consider paying their taxes like making a donation make me want to kill them and then myself. Does she seriously not get it?? If no one paid their taxes, the roads would go to shit and she couldn’t take cabs everywhere. Subways? Forget about it. She’d be hoofing it all over town. And that’s just ONE example.

      • how could she possibly think someone would jump at the chance to pay her cash for gift cards? i mean, it’s seriously fucked, right!??!?! in order for someone to put in the effort to buy her cards, they would need some sort of real savings!!! i mean, it’s store credit she is selling. i am simply incredulous.

    • I know!!! I hate people who think their taxes are a fucking donation. You are fucking paying for all the services and shit that you use and have used over the past year and the common good of others and a bunch of shit none of us want to pay for or only some of us do…but you get the fucking point.

      She is up my ass and around the corner today. Fuck her.

  7. We lost our Mayor this year in Baltimore over gift cards… nothing to mess around with, especially publicly…

  8. Let me see if I am getting this:

    After multiple weeks of over-the-top crazy extravagance in birthday celebrations, the indefatigable Julia is now trying to hawk some lame-ass store credit on Twitter that she got for free (but was supposed to give away in a reader contest that now appears to be fraudulent) in order to raise money to pay her taxes.

    My God, Julia — 29 isn’t looking too good for you.

    (On a positive note, this is ABSOLUTELY a pilot I would watch!)

  9. I love the I *am* donating them! retort as I think it proves the idea of making a charitable contribution of said gift cards DID NOT enter her mind until she checked her Twitter feed a couple hours ago. Naturally, she makes a joke of it (“…to the federal government on April 15!”) to make it seem like she’s been playing along all the time.

    If she had a real fucking job, though, this would all be a minor consequence.

  10. Never understood the need that she has to prove herself to strangers? It’s liek thank you, anonymous person, I will donate them. Seriously, go away you stupid clown with your fake ugly hair.

  11. “I *am* donating them … to the federal government on April 15!!”

    I hope she’s talking about the federal government’s program that allows citizens to use gift cards, coupons, handwritten I.O.U.s, Canadian coins mistakenly dispensed by vending machines, and boxes of stuff found in elderly relatives’ attics that’s “so old it’s probably worth something by now.”

    I’m going to settle my debt with a ticket stub that was signed by Adam Duritz at a Counting Crows concert in 1996. Also, there may be something left on this Cracker Barrel gift card.

  12. This is sort of a classic JA event wherein what she’s doing not all that bad; lots of people do this on Craigslist because, hey, it happens. But she takes something that’s more or less acceptable and common, and then totally screws it up by choosing a totally inappropriate venue and not being honest about the situation. She invites this upon herself and, at this point, really should know better.

    • Nothing wrong with selling giftcards on craigslist or whatever. Most choose to do do at a substantial discount, otherwise why would anyone bother to buy!

      Publicly selling the Armani card when it was given to her so that she would buy, wear, and blerg about their merchandise is beyond tacky.

      When your fake business is blerging about merchandise to your trusty and numbered readers, selling the income (the cards are income) to the very readers that are the backbone of your fake business is just… I…. she just….

      Seriously what is what wrong her?

  13. From the NS gift card contest post:

    The best email or tweet gets the $500!!!! The more creative, the better.

    Poignant stories of why you need new denium are encouraged. 😉

    Is denium a new fabric A/X created or is it a misspelling of the product she’s endorsing?

  14. Is she really this dumb? Does she really not get why this is a problem? Or is she just fucking with us to keep the Donkey Soap Opera exciting?

  15. I’ve read this site for a long time, pretty much since it started, and I’m a big supporter of everyone who contributes to here. If ever there is any doubt again that you are going too far, please refer to this episode of fucking idiocy. This has got to be in the top 3 of the most ridiculous, selfish, disgusting things she has done over the years! It’s hysterical! This is right up there for me, a classic Donkey moment to savour and enjoy.

  16. I love this picture for some reason. I looks like there is someone (a woman, I’d assume) in front of Britt, probably doing something cutsey, amusing, and attention grabbing. Britt looks on good naturedly and Julia is giving the look of death while she sits there with her water, 6 inch plastic whore shoes, and bright orange hair.

  17. it’s irritating that JA thinks writing down gift cards amount on a post-it is somehow a “lifehack”. when you use a giftcard, if it still has a balance, they give you a receipt with that very number printed on it! lifehack, julia!

    also, are we to expect many outdoor crying episodes in the future, since she bought kelly cutrone’s book (If You Have to Cry, Go Outside)?

    • Also, someone on Tumblr pointed out that you could also write the balance on the card itself. Eliminating the need for tiny pink post-its.

    • Both Armani and Sephora let you check a gift card balance online, using that new Internetz thingy that shifted Julia’s paradigms.

      Um, err…oops?

    • …are we to expect many outdoor crying episodes in the future, since she bought kelly cutrone’s book

      Yes, if someone’s showing wedding videos in the Park.

  18. A quibble: “She does know that she may have to count this gift card sale as “income,” right?”

    No, the value of the card should have been declared as income when she received it for her shill. There’s no additional taxable income from selling the card for less than its cash value.

    Also, there’s been some speculation that this card was intended to be the prize in a contest sponsored by Izea. That seems to me to be jumping to conclusions.

    She does look like a tool and an idiot for publicly selling the shill card (Armani) and what seem to be swag gifts (Sephora).

      • The rules say that Izea will select the winner and I think the implication is that Izea will distribute the prize after the winner has signed pages of releases, probably in triplicate.

        So if no prize was ever given, that SEEMS to be on Izea.

      • @Sacred Scrapbooks, I see what you’re saying.

        But what about this:

        “And now, for the good stuff! I happen to have an extra $500 Armani Exchange gift card for one bootylicious reader!! (I know, I know, I just used the word “bootylicious.” I’m sorry.)”

        This makes it sound like she had the gift card to send out.


        “The best email or tweet gets the $500!!!! The more creative, the better.”

        To me, that says the winner wasn’t selected randomly. That she picked the winner.

        She’s so shady, it wouldn’t surprise me if she had the extra gift card that should have gone to a winner, but never sent it out. Has anyone asked her?

      • It all boils down to is that Julia is never honest with her readers, she is always vague, and is a horrible writer who never reveals the whole story, so it is very easy to make these assumptions.

      • sillies, she is THE MOST gifted and the most witty, well scripted, humorous, intelligent writer on earth so she chose herself as the winner!

  19. I love that non-haterz are calling Donkey out on Grift Card Gate:

    “chelokeys: @juliaallison I thought the Armani cards were for a contest. No one won?”

  20. “If you were casting The View for women in their teens & twenties, who would you want to watch?”

    is this supposed to be some passive-aggressive jab at katrina, who is going to be on the view this week? as in, “katrina is not relevant or interesting enough for the view, i’d rather watch X instead.” ???

    also, donkster: you’re barely in your twenties anymore.

    • I’m sure it’s just crowd-sourced brainstorming for another one of her 50 kazillion pilots/go-nowhere ideas.


      • yeah. i’ve been hearing this “view 2.0” horseshit for years now from the donks. guess what: the original view isn’t even that great. i don’t want to watch any version of it, thanks.

    • Also, why does this clown think anyone under 40 wants to watch anything resembling the View? She is such a creepy old lady at heart.

      • Why does she think anyone of any age wants to watch The View? I know I always feel like bitch-slapping a kitten or two if forced to hear Elizabeth HassleWhoopi pontificate & I used to love Whoopi but on that show? No.

      • it’s weird how julia just assumes that everyone wants to see a show like that. four women taking jabs at each other for an hour a day while pretending to be relevant or have insight. seems like an older thing–not something people in their teens or 20s want. julia is 29, so not really in the right demo anyway. what a fucking joke.

  21. Someone should contact Armani’s PR Dept. and let them know that poorly selected shiller extra-ordinnaire Donkey Hooves refuses to accept their free merchandise and in fact would like to be compensated for the burden of housing complimentary gift cards.

    • @izea, @tedmurphy & @armniexchange have all been included on a couple of tweets to @juliaallison RE: Grift Card Gate™ ~ I wonder if they name-search themselves & will catch the drift …

  22. How long until a reader from Long Island shows up here to say she won the gift card?

    • Tee hee. I am def looking forward to the reader email. “Hey, Julia. OMG you are the best. I have allll this stuff I needed at Sephora (How do you get your eyebrows like that? I want MY eyebrows like that! Can I buy that at Sephora?) Well, anyway, so much stuff to buy. I only had 525 dollars though, and through you I was able to get 575$ worth of stuff. OMG thank you sooo much. My parents live in Ohama and pay all my bills and they will just be really happy I saved 50 bucks here. Oh, and on the way home I hoovered 4 dozen cupcakes I found in a garbage can. I want to lose my waist too. Just like you! OMG PINK IS SUCH A COOL COLOR. Thanks again. Julie”

    • Speaking of girls from Lawn Guyland, why not just give the card to Lasagna… homegirl is 32 and makes like no income as NonSociety’s CWhateverO. And we’ve seen her pictures–she could def use the stuff

  23. There is so much badness in this one post, but I’ll just attack it logically, minus any shady tax implications or inherent tackiness. Ok here goes: WHO IN FUCK would buy a fucking $400 giftcard for a $10 FUCKING PROFIT. Anyone with that kinda cash ain’t gonna be impressed with her all-too-generous $10 or $12 discount. Christ on a bike she’s a stupid fucking whore.

    • Also her fucking pelt don’t match and her face spackle is 12 shades too light compared to the rest of her body. Pure klass.

    • ETA: So it was a $50 and a $22.01 discount, respectively. Still fucking redonkulous. Guaranteed she’ll follow up with a tweet about how some lucky reader emailed her (she’ll be lying). I hate her.

  24. OT: I hope Jordan didn’t break the bank on her new site design. The font is impersonal (couldn’t follow Mary’s lead and use your own handwriting, Jords?), the watercolor splotches are the same for every post (alternate that shit, man), and… wait, the banner looks oddly similar to the one on RBNS. Sad face:(

  25. This kind of post is exactly why RBNS should exist: as a JA watchdog group. Eventually, “sponsors” are going to learn not to work with her shifty, lying ass.

  26. I mean, who sits around thinking about how to pay their taxes and arrives at, “Oh, I know! Gift cards!” WHO WHAT.

  27. Two things:

    OH HAI. I promised myself I would never post here even though you guys are fucking hilarious because I need to not waste more of my time on Julia Allison, but:

    I’m pretty sure Julia mentioned a while back that *she* received a gift card and that she was giving one away. Two total. Am I wrong about this?

    • no, you are not wrong. you are, however, not up-to-date on recent donkology shill studies and do not read previous entries. do your own research next time, toots.

      And OH HAI? really stand by that promise next time.

  28. i don’t understand, why can’t she just have prom king pay her taxes? doesn’t he pay for everything else?

  29. but i did win the gift card. whatever this a/x gift card is- its not the one she was giving away in the contest.

  30. She’s wildly posting driveling shit to her twitter to swamp the reactions to her using/selling the A/X card instead of giving it to a “contest winner”.

    She’s a very disgusting human being.

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