Julia Allison’s Gift Card Fire Sale: A Twitter Nation Responds


Julia Allison, worst shillblogger on the planet, spent yesterday trying to sell Sephora and other gift cards and store credits for “cash” or paypal money.

And now, speaking of gift cards, it turns out I have $575 in Sephora gift cards, which I would love to get rid of for $525 cash (or paypal).  I also have $442.01 in an Armani Exchange credit, which I’d love to give away for $410.  Anyone game?  Email me!

Instead of a stampede of fans begging to be allowed to own a real live gift card once used by Julia Allison, ole Jabs got a stunning influx of twitter criticism. A few choice responses include:

parkernosey: @juliaallison Who does the PR for Armani Exchange? Let’s tell them that after getting paid to promote them you are selling their gift cards. about 5 hours ago from web
alexisjulian: @juliaallison so the card was given to you for free. You’re making a 100% profit, and we all KNOW you got it for free. It’s a little rude. about 8 hours ago from web
CrazedCupcake: @juliaallison Are you going to add Sephora gift card proceeds to the measly $105 you raised for Susan G. Komen? http://bit.ly/aU9lCV about 1 hour ago from web
sarahfabulous: @juliaallison You should donate them. Are you that strapped for cash?

12 minutes ago from Tweetie

One girl called her out on the fact that Julia is basically selling the free fruits of one of her shills:
lizlemonnn: @juliaallison What about the Armani Exchange credit that’s clearly from your sponsorship deal with them? Jesus woman. Think before you type. about 12 hours ago from web
Of course Julia never does ANYTHING wrong, and doesn’t understand why you’re so upset!
juliaallison: @lizlemonnn – I’m confused … Yes, of course it’s from that. But what about it? I got a shirt. Now I don’t have any use for it anymore. ?? about 10 hours ago from web
Seriously if anyone opts to use Julia Allison as a spokesperson or shiller after this then I concede defeat on EVER understanding how blog shilling works. She is so tacky, trashy, and disrespectful to the companies who deign to associate with her that I just don’t get how she ever manages to rope these dopes into deals. Let’s all hope that this little episode will essentially end her career of ‘lifecasting for shill’.


  1. Well, at least we know how much she loves her sony laptop, and sony mp3 player and her sony camera and her sony ereader!

  2. Since her end of the oh-so-charitable birthbray party only raised, what—something like a hundred bucks—she really should donate the proceeds to the breast cancer fund. I mean, how much did those stupid sneakers set her back?

    My dead mom, grandmother and assorted dead (of cancer) friends would appreciate the effort.

    • I think we need some disclosure here. They say they raised over $2000, but the website thing only said $790 last time I checked. Did Julia give any money to Komen herself? Methinks that Randi wrote a check for the difference so they can say they met their goal.

      The one thing that bugs me more than anything about her, besides the $3 words, is when she acts all charitable, because she really doesn’t invest herself in a charity at all.

      She’s a cunt.

  3. Well maybe if SOMEONE would just PROPOSE already, little Julesie could just stop paying her RENT.


  4. Gift cards are like found money; the dumb bitch should give them away.

    “BUT WHAT’S IN IT FOR MEEEEEEEE?” I can hear her reply.

    • Does it even occur to her to help out someone less fortunate?

      I had a slew of gift cards to asst’d places & they were wasted on me (hate shopping) so I gave ’em to someone who was was hard-pressed to do Xmas for her family.

      • This is what’s incredible about it. Remember her brilliant idea to donate used magazines to domestic violence shelters (and there wasn’t one shelter she contacted that liked the idea)? And now she’s got a ton of gift cards that could actually go to some use to women (and their kids) at a DV facility, and instead–she wants to sell them at 100% profit. It’s unbelievable. I don’t think it even crossed her mind to donate these.

  5. Good lord her writing content is horrific.

    “So in order to remedy that, I like to cut off the top of post-its (where the sticky part is) and write the balance on marker, then stick it on the card. On big balances, I’ll leave enough room at the bottom of the little sticky bit to write another number. Then, when I use the card, I’ll ask the cashier for a pen, and cross out the old balance to write the new one in.”


    This is like the retarded post about the ugly Christmas sweater in March, Here’s a tip dear readers, wear jeans with that sweater! IMAGINE THAT!

    “I don’t usually wear jeans, but with a fun statement sweater (“statement sweater”? Is that a real thing??) it seems the only appropriate bottom garment, right?”

    She makes me want to bang my head against a wall.

    • And, as someone commented on the previous thread, your card balance is on the freaking receipt!

      Also, from the reveal on the other thread, I have such a difficult time believing that Julia is clean and organized. Just does not compute…

      • It didn’t say SHE was clean and organized. I read that as her apartment is clean and her clothes are organized.

      • well, I read this:

        d) she is very clean.

        e) she is very organized with her clothes.

        and I still find it unbelievable

      • honestly, that part of it bothered me more than her even trying to sell her freebies for a profit. actually, this entire episode is pretty much my breaking point. does she really think that everyone else is so dumb they can’t think of this stuff themselves? does she think we’re all really so helpless? and of course, everyone in her reading audience are lucky enough to have gift cards “with big balances” so that we would actually find this helpful.

    • If she hadn’t told me that the top part was the sticky part–and that that’s the part I should stick to the gift card–I probably would have spent hours wondering why in the world the nonsticky part of my post-it just wouldn’t stick to my gift card. Service-y!

      • I’m almost surprised she didn’t throw away the sticky part and used her beloved stick glue instead. Posting it differently.

      • I’m pretty sure she invented Post-It Notes though, it’s what successful business women do…

  6. can you imagine that sales guy’s eyes when she INSISTED that she fit into size 4’s? Those jeans are SKIN TIGHT and look heinous! If she were famous (Julia, you’re not), she’d the one they switch tags on the clothes from a 10 to a 4 to make her feel good /avoid the raging.

    • I like how the last pair of jeans are a size 8 and she’s like “oh these actually fit…” DUH BITCH. It’s cuz you’re not a damned size 4.

      So I guess she lied about all the stuff she bought then? Or perhaps an intern returned everything for her.

    • Blake Lively does this with all her clothes. i don’t get why Julia doesn’t have some intern do it for her. It would maker her SO.HAPPY

    • I don’t know a single person my age (25) who would pose like that with her parents unless it was as a joke. All three are awful.

      • And how about parents who would dress like that for a nearly 30 year-old daughter’s birthday?

        And how about the oh-so-obvious trying to slip between momsers and dadsers?

        And on and on and on…

        “The horror… the horror…” Col. Walter E. Kurtz

    • Yuck she’s trying to squish her mother to get closer to dadsers. What a demented bunch of losers.

    • What really kills me is how she captioned it: “And they were so cute in their attempts to follow the theme of Preppy Pink & White! :)”

      Cute like a puppy attempting to walk on its hind legs and staggering back to the floor, is how that reads. Aw, look, they tried to dress up! They really made an attempt! Fucking patronizing.

  7. heard this today on NPR. If Julia would just google what she is thinking instead of twittering it, she might make less of an ass of herself.


    Gift cards are one of the most popular forms of giving these days, but billions of valuable plastic cards end up unwanted or unused, stuck in drawers, or hidden in wallets. One new Web site allows you to buy and sell gift cards; another lets you sell the ones you don’t want or donate them to charity.

  8. Of course what she’s doing is utterly heinous (Has she ever done anything – ever – that warrants praise? I’m not asking you, Momsers), but, to be fair, at least two of those Twitter responses are from people who pretty much ONLY use Twitter to criticize Julia.

    • “…but, to be fair, at least two of those Twitter responses are from people who pretty much ONLY use Twitter to criticize Julia.”

      I only use (a particular acct on) Twitter to criticize Julia ~ I only use RBNS (on WordPress) to criticize Julia ~ Your point evades me.

    • You might also point out that there are plenty of Julia sycophants on twitter, and at the time I posted this not one has defended her, or qweefed up with OMG YOU ARE AWESOME AND GENEROUS THANK YOU FOR THE SHILLCARD OFFER.

      Just sayin’.

  9. OT, i guess but i LOVE liz lemon’s blog on tumblr. she’s very funny and she seems really down to earth.

    also, why does she walk around like she’s constipated in the jeans in that video? her knees are bent the WHOLE time and she walks retarded. stand up straight, embrace your fat ass and move on!

  10. Also, anyone who has ever sold a giftcard before (I have a gramma who gives me gift cards to Lands End every year) knows that $50 off is not going to get that thing sold. Once again, Jackles should have done a Google search before she attempted to do something untoward.

    Also, if she could sell them online and make 60-percent, why post on the Twitter and expose her terrible fraud? Is it greed (ie, she needs/wants more $$) or is she just that freaking clueless? Or alternately, is she trying to perpetuate the “I’m broke and helpless” mystique to get Dadsers and PK to stop complaining about her spending habits?


    • That’s what is baffling me about this. There are dozens of ways to discreetly unload unwanted gift cards for money, if that’s what you want to do. Publicly proclaiming she has a gift card she got FOR FREE in exchange for shilling, that she is willing to sell for 498% of its value? Tacky, greedy, underhanded, unethical, and fucking trashy.

      EDIT: Doy, meant to type ‘98%’ not ‘498%’

    • Exactly. The fact that she feels no shame just proves what a self-centered twat she is. I know several bloggers who sell there wares for $$ but they do it covertly and quietly. The Donkey brays it from the rooftops like we should be proud of her entrepreneurial spirit.

      Perhaps this will be the subject of her Stanford Business School essay, “How I managed to feed my cupcake and kale juice addiction without ever earning a single paycheck.”

    • So…the idea might be she’s trying to hook into PK’s “feeder” thing: “Help, Help, maiden in distress!” Yeah. I can see that.

  11. Totally OT.

    Part of her looking so busted & 40-ish pre-30 surely has to do w/ her lack of any regular & restorative sleep …
    * “Goodnight!” about 7 hours ago via Echofon
    * “From the archives: Randi and I at our BiCoastal Birthday Bash last month!” about an hour ago (Facebook)

    BTW ~ wasn’t it in the 60’s in Manhattan yesterday? Lilly is panting (in front of a sign about spring arriving!) because she has the wretched thing smother in a fucking sweater (probably to hide how dirty she is)!

    • It was pretty damn hot here over the weekend, yeah. I walked about 14 blocks to meet some friends for lunch on Saturday and was drenched in sweat by the time I arrived. There is no way that poor dog would have been comfortable in a sweater.

  12. “Yes, of course it’s from that. But what about it? I got a shirt. Now I don’t have any use for it anymore. ??”

    No use for it anymore? Chances are excellent that it won’t expire for another two years, so what Julia is essentially saying is that aside from the dollars they paid her to shill for them, she hates every product that A/X has in stock now or in the future. Don’t worry, precious, I’m sure they will stock some poofy skirts this summer.

    With paid endorsers like Julia Allison, who needs bad press? New business strategy: sign Donks up to shill for your competitors so she’ll ultimately say how shitty their product is.

    • The fact that she basically says she doesn’t like anything in the store would make me want to shop there 🙂

  13. Does she really not understand that she is trying to earn $525 for nothing? She put out no money for these gift cards. Is she THAT STUPID?

    • Yes, okay. Okay? Ranjit study Merican and Canadan languages very hard on village computer so, excuse if confusing things, but last lesson on something called “rhetorical questions.” Is this most excellent example of such or is Ms. Jacy doing what Snoopy Dog Doggy Dogg call “gangsta skunk?”

    • So.Much.Hard.Work.To.Earn.Them.

      Question: Totally blind and deaf to nuance and appearance, pathologically self-sabotaging, willfully destroying any last shreds of credibility?

  14. Can we also discuss how her latest licast ahs her buying Kelly Cutrone’s book, “If you have to cry go outside”?

    The Donkey is EVERYTHING Cutrone is against. A spoiled, pampered princess from whom nothing is expected. Kelly works HARD for a living, something the Donkey could not even comprehend. I will need to stop following her on Twitter STAT as I do not want to partake of the endless Twit-Fest that is sure to occur.

    You know she’s going to read the book, experience a massive case of the Barnum effect and talk about how Cutrone is speaking directly to a hard working, independent gal like her. I can just see the tweets now.

    “@peoplesrev Oh.My.God Kelly Cutrone is so amazing. Her book is totes changing my life.”

    “@peoplesrev Thanks KC for standing up for us media gals!”

    Oh my God. I have to stop. My blood pressure is going up just thinking about it.

    • Cutrone is very deserving of La Donk’s book patronage in lieu of Seatcrashgate at FW & that the gist of Cutrone’s mssg will be lost on her is just icing on the (cup)cake.

    • This is what she does.

      Julia’s strategy for getting ahead is basically this: First, act like you are JUST LIKE whoever you need something from. Start dropping refs to I dunno…yoga or being vegan, you know, whatever the person you are trying to make look at you is into.

      After you have landmined for a while, start mentioning that person via twitter or blog with regularity, hoping they notice you exist, check you out, and go “wow she’s a lot like me!” and offer you help, or a job, or something free.

      The end. You can attend my learning annex seminar next month.

  15. More OT than usual:

    Jordan’s blog has me starving & missing my mama! Ya’ll ever eat like this? Mama’s Leftover Hurl-It lunch typically consisted of hot (white) cream gravy mixed w/ peas & tuna slopped over toasted bread, (AKA: Shit on a Shingle), + cold fried potatoes on the side.

  16. I *am* donating them … to the federal government on April 15!! RT @sarahfabulous: You should donate them. Are you that strapped for cash? 1 minutes ago via Echofon

    And for the record I will not be declaring either the cards nor the cash I get from selling them as income. Yay for me!!!

    • According to last night’s tipster, it will be sometime after April 15th.


    • Hahahaha what? I don’t think you can pay taxes in half-used Sephora and A|X gift cards. Silly donkey, but nice try!

    • Niiiiice. Hope she catches an IRS audit, FTC investigation & Exploitation of Nonprofit Charity charge all at once.

    • So…basically she is selling shillcards in order to pay her taxes? WTF kind of two apple horse farm is this fucktard running???

      Dude if your ‘company’ is doing so shitty that you need to sell GIFT CARDS to pay your income taxes, maybe you need to GET A FUCKING JOB.

      Dripping in glamour folks, I am so fucking jealous.

    • Do you think when she gets tweets like this, she panics, even for a second? If everyone on the Internet had something nasty to say every time I tweeted, I would get an icy feeling in my gut just thinking about it.

      • Have you ever gotten in a fight with someone on the internet? Like, about politics or celebrities or something? And you know it’s stupid, but you’re so pissed off at that idiot that you can’t help replying? Julia’s life is like that, but she never tears herself away from the computer and gets some perspective. Sad 🙁

      • No, she does not see it at ALL. She just answered one person who asked if she didn’t think it was tacky to sell gift cards she got for shilling…

        @lizlemonnn – um … Huh?? No, I don’t think capitalism is “tacky.” Why wouldn’t I want to sell something I no longer want? 18 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to lizlemonnn

        Fuck you, haterz! Mama got taxes to pay! CAPITALISM!!!

    • Oh my god, I didn’t think she could dig this hole any deeper. This response about taxes makes her seem even greedier than selling the gift cards did. So tacky.

      • Remember when she made two girls pick up a free Fashion Week umbrella from her doorman? LOL. Joke is on the girls on that one, though. An umbrella?

    • She’s had so many of these stupid “giveaways” where no winner has been picked. I can’t find the link because I honestly don’t want to dig that deep into her archive but she seriously tried to give away one of her bathing suits to one “lucky reader” once. I’m pretty sure she never announced the winner either.

      She’s so delusional. Why even have a stupid contest if you’re not going to pick a winner? Idiot.

  17. Julia had a sponsored “Win a $500 AX gift card” contest on her blergh last July. http://julia.nonsociety.com/search/armani+exchange

    It appears that she NEVER picked a winner. She just posted eleven of the responses she received and never said, “Congrats, stupid reader! You won the $500 gift card blahblahblah.”

    Could it be possible that she never gave out the $500 gift card that she was OBLIGATED to give out (she links to the IZEA official contest rules: http://izea.com/contest-rules-regulations/ax-official-contest-rules/)? She could have just bought the shirt she mentioned on her twatter and then decided to profit off the rest.

    Shouldn’t this be in breach of some sort of contract?

  18. she DMed me but i couldnt respond:

    What?? OF COURSE I’m making money off of it. I also got paid to talk about it in the first place. Why shouldn’t I??
    about 11 hours ago

    I don’t understand how she doesn’t get this. One time I bought a pair of tickets from someone off CL. I was SO confused why they were so cheap, and then we looked on the tickets and under price it said “COMP”. They were cheap because the people selling them wanted a little profit (and really, why not?) but they didn’t sell them at almost face value because that would have been shitty of them. It’s called karma, good energy, sharing the love/wealth of the world. Share the good fortune that has come your way, Julia, and have a giveaway or sell them for less than ALMOST face value since it’s money in your pocket either way. You just look greedy.

    • That’s the thing. She DOES NOT GET why this might put people off. It was a free gift card you got from a fucking shill. Sell it quietly under the table at one of the many websites that do precisely that, or at least grift it out at half price or something. I mean, really? Asking almost face value for a fucking semi-used gift card? For fuck’s sake.

      She will NEVER understand why this makes her look like an asshole. Whatever, get your franzia and prepare for Griftcardgate to get fun, I guess.

    • What?? OF COURSE I’m making money off of it. I also got paid to talk about it in the first place. Why shouldn’t I??

      Because you did nothing to EARN any of it, you Dumb Donkey.

      You got paid three ways for this gig: 1. $$ to post on your blerg, 2. a gift card for free clothes, and 3. a gift card to give away to a reader. THOSE are the THREE ways you got paid to essentially do nothing.

      You wearing the clothes was part of the deal. For some reason, A/X thinks you’re a tastemaker, and they want people to see you in their rags. Selling the gift card without buying more than a shirt is going back on the deal.

      You giving away a gift card and publicizing THAT was also part of the deal. You did not follow through with that part either.

      Essentially, you’re making money on the back end of a deal that you really had no business getting paid for in the first place because you didn’t follow through with the terms of the deal. And, on top of that, it’s fucking SHADY AS HELL.

    • Like so many vanity blogs, it has quickly devolved into pictures of food. Food at home, food at diners, food at roadside snack shops.
      I guess when you odn’t have a job or a purpose, mealtime becomes a super-big deal.

  19. Jesus, I hadn’t seen that video before. The odd Katy Perry intervals. The braying. The midwestern accent. The dancing. The salesman shaking his head every time she turns away. The “Would you call these hipster?!?!?!” The unflattering ass fading. I think “aghast” is my $3 word of the day?

  20. She really does love the word sartorial doesn’t she? Prob only just learnt what it means.

    Also i really know nothing about the whole blogging thing etc, but wouldn’t you feel like an absolute dickhead talking to a camera in the middle of a clothing store? Are there not people around giving you the wtf sideye? Then again i guess that would require self awareness and removing your head from your arse.

    In the first part of that intro she’s wide stancing for dear life, even when she’s turning her hips around motioning at things those legs arent budging in the slightest!

  21. “In the first part of that intro she’s wide stancing for dear life…” That was the most striking thing to me about the whole video. It was one hell of a determined wide, wide, very wide stance. She looked like a tool, which always makes me laugh.

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