• Right? I don’t think he’s that bad. I was imagining he must be some kind of naked mole rat looking muthafucker from the way Julia seemed embarrassed by him.

      Julia? Sweetie? He’s on par with you in the looks department. Let that bit of knowledge unfold.

      • No, it’s Julia who’s a hairless mole (and proud of it.) I guess the good news is that if PK isn’t one, then they’re not cross-fertile and will be unable to breed.

        The second-best thing would be for her to settle down with a nice horse and raise a passel of mules. Mules are all sterile, so this would also produce a genetic dead end.

  1. He’s cute. I certainly wouldn’t kick him out of bed. And apparently, he’s cool with crazy chicks. PK CALL ME!

  2. He was standing toward the front of The Gates last night, near the bar. JAB stuck to the back of the venue, where the mirrors were (go figure).

      • Nuh uh.

        NOT seeing the guy in the mirror of pic #1 & in the background of pic #2 as the *same* guy that she’s all up against in the pic of the URL from Iskillet …

        Take a second look at facial hair & noses ….

    • Nope, clothes don’t match. According to the Prom King, Kendrick & Julia pic on Jordo’s blog, Prom King had a pink polo shirt, white pants, and a black jacket, which he apparently took off.

    • ok….if that guy is not PK (in this step and repeat pic), then OMG what the fuck is she doing allowing him to place his hand on her boob? and wow, she looks busted in this photo. like a forty-year-old drunk.

      • Ballerina, it’s Julia Allison. It would be more surprising if there WASN’T an inappropriate photo of someone with his hands all over her (or vice versa).

      • She’s in multiple photos with guys all over her in “overly friendly” poses, and was hugging all up on Chaz the entire evening. When she wasn’t doing that, she was flitting around having her photo taken 25 million times and apparently doing anything else BUT introduce her so-called boyfriend around. I truly feel bad for PK, but he’s chosen to settle for this, so he must be a glutton for punishment.

  3. If you compare Jordo’s photo and these, i think it is pretty clear it’s him.

    No wrong, no foul here.

    I wish him the best. He is going to need all the luck he can get!

    Good night, y’all.

  4. hmmm… If it is why no pics from the party with ‘pk’ and le donk with ‘pk’ covered by a dot? What, she can’t execute photoshop on the fly?

    I will be the first to admit I am wrong but if the source is only one person, a random guy photo does NOT mean their together…

  5. You know what? We should leave him alone. Donk chooses to put her life out there (in a big way), and I don’t think he does.

    Something about this does not feel “fair.”

    • I don’t want to pick on him, but I did want to see him. Why did they not pose together for a single nice photograph? She is demented. I don’t think any self-respecting man would put up with the vapid antics she displayed at the party. Hopefully, he’ll find someone who is actually nice, and soon.

    • The right guy for Julia will be able to take a little harmless ribbing. He is not off-limits, he chooses this. If it bothers him so much that they break up, he doesn’t really care about her anyway. She’ll put him to the test sooner or later, but maybe she wants to secure her living situation first or something? Whatever the case, it’s all fair game.

  6. Finally PK is revealed!!
    He is not cute. He has the face of a nice man though. I was surprised at how not good looking at all he is.

    • He’s the only one of her dudes I don’t feel any physical attraction for. Looks like a brotherly type.

  7. what a shame. he looks like a nice, cornfed boy that many girls would be happy to call their own, yet she treats him like he’s the mask.

  8. Any other source than juliaspublicist verify the soon to be post-Prom King? Still fishy here. Le Donk’s feminine flower must give off its own peculiar pheromone.

  9. So..

    Is Sheesh really like 45 as rumored because she is by far the best looking.

    Prom king is doughy and ugly and looks like a male Julia

    They all look like they got drunk and fell into various knit sweaters and inexpensive pink cotton. Least preppy looks ever. And I went to a waspy private school full of preppy kids where everyones main goal was to look non-preppy,and still this is terrible.

  10. Uh I dunno if I missed it mentioned here but gawker did a pretty significant pelt party article. Defending julia but not posting a single pic of her. And soliciting for someone to ID the boyfriend.

    • ugh, the gawker post was so laaate, and their gallery captoins were laaaame. foster, is kendrick jordan’s husband or boyfriend? can you get it straight? ugh. and hardly anyone here on RBNS has hatred for jackles… and yeah, we don’t get paid to do this, but so fucking what? it’s late, i’m rambling. gawker=boring.

    • I’m sick of the Gawker party line that Julia’s schtick is so effective and PR savvy. Bullshit, she just has a knack for crashing events and getting into photographs. Where has it gotten her, really? She’s not known outside of a very small circle of people, she can’t hold a writing gig, and she can’t get a TV show. Seven pilot “shoots” in one year, and she can’t advance past the audition. Big deal.

      • Yeah, WE’re the “creepy internet stalkerazzi” yet he works at Gawker and writes weird bat-shit posts. Not just this one, like, all the time.

  11. Meh. Looks like a fratboy.

    I’m sure JA was hoping to find some edgy hipster tech dude but beggars can’t be choosers.

  12. I love how she mentioned having a photobooth at a wedding, and then ended up having one at her birthday party. I mean, I guess if you have no hope of ever actually getting married, might as well throw a wedding-like party for yourself. And even better than a wedding, she can have one every year for the rest of her life.

  13. he looks like mike golic

    i was @ the party in NYC fri night… i honestly COULD NOT TELL who PK was… it wasnt at all obvious. hell, she was all over OTHER guys. i assumed that PK was not there. i didnt talk to this person and can’t really comment. kind of chubs, but not really ugly. probably will be grossly obese in 5 yrs or so, though

    • He looks like post Nutri-System Golic, though. Not sure how many of our fellow catladies are ESPN viewers.

      • This = +100. Those commercials always made me sad for some reason. “My wife doesn’t find me repulsive anymore!”

      • Aw, poor PK Golic. Julia will always find you repulsive, but she’ll keep you around until your wallet is limp.

  14. PK is cute…he has an innocent look about him. Hard to imagine why he or anyone else would want to get mixed up with the mess that is Julia Allison. I agree with the commenter who said, “Run for your life, PK!”

  15. I went to the SF party tonight after the parade. Didn’t really see a whole lot, but definitely confirmed that Julia is loud and irritating. We asked the photographer there why she was there, and she said “To shoot Julia and Randi.” As if we ought to know them by first name, because they are SO famous hahaha. Anyway, she was grating, her dress was atrocious and reminded me of the type of material that is often used for cheap halloween costumes or dance team uniforms (sparkles, bright pink). She is not that ugly, but she definitely doesn’t look a day younger than her real age. The worst part about her is her voice, its loud and false. She calls everyone sweetie, which drives me nuts too. She also kept surveying the room as if she were looking for someone, but not finding them. There were too many men who all looked more or less the same to discern anything about PK, especially since I felt really, really awkward being there. Lastly, my boyfriend was adamant (“i would bet my testicles”) that the cupcakes being served there were from costco.

    Also, Randi is very “eh” and her dress was way, way too tight up top.

    That is all.

    • Thanks for reporting! I bet she calls everybody sweetie because she forgets their names. I wonder who is in charge of the SF party, because it seemed to be done on the cheap last year, too. Probably Julia, heh.

    • Maybe the photographer assumed you’d know them by their first name because you were at their birthday party??

      • Bar was open to the public…one of my friends was having birthday party there too that night. Otherwise, yes, that would make sense.

    • “She also kept surveying the room as if she were looking for someone, but not finding them.”

      The story of Julia Allison’s life.

    • painful. that is like looking at julia and pk/flavor of the month in a few years. except they’ll both be fatter.

    • at least momsers and dadsers got the theme right. seriously, nobody else seems to know what preppy is supposed to look like. that “assholes on a yacht” party from a few years ago was more successful at promoting the theme and getting results.

  16. How many pictures do you think this bitch posed for? 700? 1000? You know how when you have a really good birthday or holiday you don’t take a lot of pictures because you are actually having a good time and you get maybe a few candid shots in but the rest of the time you are like, talking to your friends and getting drunk and generally forgetting to capture it all because you are busy living your life?


    • JFA,

      These shots were taken by Mo Pitts, a photographer who’s covered various events (I think a few for Gawker).

      Many of these pics are really not flattering at all. I don’t think Donkey had any control over them. Maybe Donkey thought that having Mo there would guarantee coverage by Gawker.

      Someone said Nick McGlynn was also there, but he hasn’t put up any photos of the party.

    • This x a billion. I can’t imagine posing for this many photos like this. I’d be too busy running around greeting/thanking everyone who showed up, introducing people around so nobody felt out of place or like they didn’t have anyone to talk to, making sure people were having a good time and just having a good time MYSELF. All these excessive documentation indicates to me is that a) she doesn’t have many real friends b) she only cares about herself and c) this poorly-attended “bash” – consisting largely of friends of friends and people humoring themselves – was little more than an opportunity for her to get a free dress, attention through overly-posing like an idiot under the guise of being SO. HAPPY!!!, and stage another sad fauxtoshoot. It’s actually really depressing.

  17. Ok, has anyone brought up the theory that they met on J-Date?

    I think they met on J-Date.

    Her friend “J” introduced them.

    And then more recently she had a random quote from a friend on her twitter or her tumblr or something about a friend talking about J-Date.

    They totally met on J-Date.

  18. ok, just catching up on all this… love adriend’s pretty pink look here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixelpitz/4393899752/in/set-72157623398452843/

    intern emily is totally stealing kendrick

    momsers and dadsers getting it on in the photobooth?

    james del says SUP MOTHERFUCKERS?

    krystal feeling up JA?

    k, sorry for the recap

  19. Oh dear. If that’s actually PK, I’m going to have the sads in a huge way. He just looks sweet and young. ;( He’s not an Euan or a Brant, but he definitely doesn’t deserve to have his face covered with a smiley. Thinking about the dates he put together for Julia just breaks my heart. Sure, I shouldn’t judge people by their facial features, but he looks nice and friendly, and he’s being taken advantage of by a wonkfaced whore who looks like his mom.

    Also? Chet Gulland is fiiine. rararar.

    • I always thought the smiley over his face was because he’d rather not have his face on the internet, not because Julia thought he was unattractive. Even Jordan covers his face, so I have to believe he’s asked them to please keep his face off the internet, maybe for work, maybe for just having normal privacy boundaries. So this post feels very ick to me.

      • Hmm.. I don’t know. Julia talks about him as though she doesn’t find him very attractive. She refers to other men in her circle as “hot”, “cute” and “gorgeous”, yet PK is the “nice young man” with a “good heart and values”. She only praises his generosity, leading me to believe that there’s not much sexual attraction. Usually people who just moved in together are much more enthusiastic.

        Jordan could be covering the pics because Julia asked her to.

        Julia is not the most discreet person out there; and if PK wanted privacy, perhaps going on huge extravagant dates dressed in costumes is not the way to go about it. Especially since she tweets their every location.

      • I am with you, Ginger. Maybe the circle smilies are about “keeping his privacy” but you don’t clomp around town alongside a braying donkey and truly expect to have your identity kept a secret.

      • Especially if said donkey is dressed as a: 1) slutty Christmas ornament, 2), slutty prom reject, 3) slutty small town madam and 4) slutty toddler (did I miss any themed dates?)

      • I may be wrong, NYer, but I don’t think his visage will become a subject of ridicule here.

        You know she really thinks that she settled. Poor lamb. If she had a better personality and toned down the GD pelts, spackle, and overall pre-teen aesthetic, she might be able to land a hotter dude. (Not that PK is unattractive, IMO. But he’s just a regular guy, not a whiplash-inducer.)

        But, to quote your eyebrow doppelganger, Julia: This. Is. It.

      • @Ginger – Slutty Low-Budget Domanitrix/Elvira Fan Club Conventioneer? (Or did you cover that w/Slutty Small-Town Madam?)

      • PK only wants his privacy so much as it’s convenient for him. Like the way Julia wants him as a boyfriend.

      • This Cynical City, where are you getting this information? Do you know Prom King? Has he issued a statement?

        I’m not trying to start an argument, but that’s just a giant assumption from someone who doesn’t know him, and it makes me feel uncomfortable to be outing this guy in this manner, and people ARE talking about his looks here. We don’t know what this guy thinks he’s signed on for, and it seems to me the kind and not-stalkery thing to do here is to give him his privacy.

      • We aren’t living in his condo for free, so we don’t have to give him squat. That’s Julia’s job, not the Internet’s. He is fair game.

    • NY, are you saying PK is slow? Pretty sure he is aware what he signed up for, he plays along well with all the showy dates. He can handle his situation. What he does not need is to be emasculated more than he already is with condescending comments from his blogger gf.

      • No, I’d just prefer not to give some stranger the full invasive mocking JA treatment when he’s not JA. This is not a popular opinion here, and I realize this.

  20. owenthomas: I told @juliaallison that she puts the “balls” in fameballs. Her secret: She does nothing, but she never, ever, ever stops doing it.
    about 1 hour ago from txt · Reply · View Tweet

  21. its so hard because they are all wearing the same G-D pick shirt!! FML.

    anyways I am going to snark pics now

    we are respectable bidness ladies!!


    nice hat! sexay!


    nice to see everyone wearing there pink & white to impress julia!


    the guy on the right…there are no words


    we can be sure at least one girl showed up ininvited to a JA party…


  22. Those dresses and the 999,999,999 same-face photos have pushed me over the edge. I can’t even bear to see what the 2nd night dress looked like. I just can’t watch this demented trainwreck any more. Don’t mean to do a flounce post, I’ll maybe look back once a month or so, but just wanted to get that off my chest. I just can’t stand this dumb twat. She’s recruiting more and more assholes to the dark side of posing, and it’s making me ill. Cannot look at her cunty face another second. I’d rather dust my ceramic cats.

  23. Last night, when we selected this guy as PK, I don’t think any of us were sure we were right. He was just the closest match we could find to the photo in PK’s apartment. But the fact that the photographer took the photos of him down already (within 4 hours of them going up online) tells me that we are probably dead on. Which makes Julia a giant moron. If she’d just left them up, we wouldn’t have been sure …

    Honestly, she took those two photos down, but not this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixelpitz/4393903600/in/set-72157623398452843/?? What are we supposed to think?

  24. Julia has twitter declared this the best birthday ever. I give up! This moron cannot be defeated. She is the human version of the cockroach!!

    Even if her party looked like a scary ass affair to me, she felt it was a success and is pleased with herself…

    this makes me sad…

    • Don’t worry, Colors, she says that every year. She’s an ineffable machine of rambunctious positivity in a world of sad, sort of angry adults.

    • What else would she say? There is no way she would admit that the Bicurious Toasted Birthday Bash was anything othe than fantastic. If she did, she would be a failure.

  25. Yay!! What a nice surprise to wake up to. PK looks like a very nice sweetie. Too bad that Donkey will chew him up and spit him out.

  26. I had a blast the last two nights goofing around in the chat room, but in the sober light of day, I am completely repulsed by Julia Allison. She is utterly vile, and her little online reality show has JUMPED.THE.SHARK.

    It’s none of my business, of course, but it is my fervent desire for this place to go dark, and let the NS coverage be folded into GOMI. No way does this soulless facsimile of a human being deserve this much attention. And Prom King, you’re a fucking moron.

      • i’m thinking lasagna is pregnant? not snarking, i’m serious. weren’t there photos of her this summer with a totally hot bikini bod?

      • @HorrifyingBallerina

        Wow, she definitely looks it …

        Remember confusion at NYE about Lasagna being on the Chicago trip but she wasn’t seen in any party faux-tos? We speculated then about whether she was helping Donkey move back home, but maybe she absorbing news, making decisions &/or heaving instead.

      • If she’s pregnant, why is she grabbing her vadge and eyeing the camera like she’s a prostitution hoo-ahhh and it’s a john?

    • Does anyone know when Meghan Lasagna’s baby is due? (Also: Jordan couldn’t look skeevier in these photos.)

      • I feel for Megan L. She looks like … me, or rather my when-I-lose-5-to-ten weight, to be honest. And last summer, she was fuckin smoking in that bikini.

        Is this the moral of blueprint cleanse? I will admit I was dumb enough to order it once (only to find that if you want to fart juice – srsly – you can do it cheaper at liquiteria) and realized what an idiot I was afterward. Seeing them though is like anti-vertising. Note. to. self.

        AND – this is kind of a bodysnark post, which I feel bad about. So for the record, Megan L, I will be happy when I lose 5-to-ten and look like you in these pics. Even happier when I get to your on-the-hamptons-beach-bikini-bod, you hear me? But everyone, eat healthy but lay off the poop juice.

      • protracted, agreed. i really don’t mean to body-snark, and megan is FAR from deserving that. i have had 3 kids, believe me, i would be thrilled to have her current bod. i just thought she kind of looked prego…i’m sort of an expert on that look, lol. megan, if you read here, sorry for snarking…you look far better than i do.

  27. I think he’s perfectly fine looking! Possibly cute. Certainly not ugly. Prom King, change your locks while the Donk’s out of state!

  28. Now we know why she’s not in love with him and has kept his identity secret.

    I’m sorry, but based on HER ineffable standards, this guy is fug. Remember that book about settling? Yeah.

  29. It’s been bothering me who jobe looks like, and after looking at the photos it’s def Chelsea Clinton. Same saggy features, faux blonde hair, and large nose.

    • HA! I see it.

      I still like her, though. She got up at a reasonable day-after-a-party hour and did some work this morning. You know Donks will sleep until 3 pm PST.

  30. Those pictures with her parents are fucking insane. She’s 30 and sitting on their lap like a child. It’s also funny how Britt n Allie don’t appear in any pictures, at leas i didn’t notice them.

    • He is the nice guy you go to the movies with and go out and have a beer with afterwards. You do not spend memorable nights at the 4 Seasons w him.

      • That’s because he is a guy who wants to go to the movies and grab a beer and watch SportsCenter afterwards. He does not want to spend memorable evenings at the Four Seasons with you just so he can finally stick the tip in and mop up your elephant tears afterwards.

  31. Honestly, I think he’s totally dorkadorable. Like, the cute, dorky guy, who is sweet enough to treat you better than the egomaniac narcissists any ambitious woman worth her salt wants to hook up with. Now that I’ve seen his face, I actually think it’s kind of endearing that he wanted to work so hard to win his Julia

    And I hope they manage to settle down and spend many long, happy years together. So she can stop playing at being a sophomore in college all over the internet (partying, trying out new personas every month, photoshoots, anyone?) and finally grow up.

  32. anyone wanna bet how long it’s going to take for a “okay HERE HE IS!” post from her, stating that he’s now okay with being on her site and no longer needs a smiley face head? but she’ll probably still call him PK.

  33. She looks like a broken piece of shit. PK looks cute and fresh. And like he as a really good personality.

    She doesn’t deserve him.

    • yeah, they totally don’t match as a couple. she looks older, and too much fakeness (pelts, war paint, bumpits, etc.) he looks cute, natural and fresh as you say, someproblems.

    • I think he’s cute too, but looks veeeerrryyy young. Probably a little impressed by her “celebrity.” She was on the cover of Wired, ya’ll, you know? I can see a young, nice guy being taken by that.

      This is why he’s indulging her the way he is. Either he will get over it when he realizes there’s not going to be a return on his investment (and I don’t mean with sex, but with her actually caring/doing as much for him as he does for her) or she’ll start to see that having a nice guy who cares for you is worth way more than a lot of people know and she’ll start acting accordingly.

      There’s a lot to say for nice guys who know who they are. I married one and I can’t tell you how comforting it is to be with someone who has zero question about who he is or where he belongs, whether he’s in a room full of people, or all by himself. Especially comforting, I would imagine, if you are someone like Julia who, despite what she puts out there, doesn’t really feel like she belongs or fits in anywhere.

  34. juliaallison

    Good morning, day of birth! San Francisco sent sunshine, and for that I thank god and maybe Gavin Newsom.

    let more birth braying begin!!! also she is still fat

  35. So I am looking at the photos on flickr and saw a friend there. I had no idea him or his wife knew Julia (or the other mess in pink) – I’ll have to see if I can find out more information about this.

  36. In lieu of gifts! For breast cancer! Goal: $2,000.00 Achieved: $665.00

    So the two parties, which combined certainly cost twice as much (if not more) than the fundraising goal only raised 33% despite all the monied friends RZ has (and herself), Julia’s parents, Meghan A., and Prom King in the building? Wow, just, wow.

    Also, the fact that PK exists and she begrudgingly took a few extremely posed photos with him AFTER not only revealing she didn’t love him (but is his gf? Oh, OK) and while jumping on everything with a peen in an overly affectionate manner in her fauxtos, presumably in front of him…. GROSS.

    • LMAO I’m gonna be obnoxious… contortions! Lower half towards Kendrick, upper half towards PK and still a strange random space between them as if she’s leaning away a little. Nuh uh.

    • i think he has a nice face. he looks normal. i would say cute, but not for me. but his body seems disproportionate to his head! is it the way he dresses?? don’t mean to body snark, i just expected his face to be chubby. i guess he just has a really wide frame.

      surprised britt and allie aren’t anywhere either

      well curiousity of PK’s face is satisfied, don’t care to know his name. JA must’ve known he would be outed somehow this wknd.

    • Is she actually touching Kendrick (hand on his shoulder can’t possibly be Jordan’s, unless she has a snake arm which would be awesome) but not her boyfriend? Interesting.

      • CSI: BirthBrazy…

        Yeah, that’s her hand on Kendrick and you think we’d see the other one around PKs waist given his height, but I guess it’s.. somewhere behind his back, or just laying slack because she doesn’t give a rat’s anyway.

  37. What’s the deal with some people here saying PK is “ugly”? He looks like a normal, everyday Joe. Typical former fratboy you’d see drinking a few lagers at the local sportsbar. Probably has a real laidback, fun and easygoing personality. Shoot, I’d do him. Especially if he’s rich.
    What’s the problem here?
    If JA actually thinks she can rate any better than someone like him, she really must be as batshit crazy delusional as people claim she is.

    She is also one of the most busted-looking 29-year-old woman I’ve ever seen. For someone who claims to not drink or do drugs, that’s pretty pitiful; at least have a party animal degree a’la Lindsey Lohan if you’re going to look like 29 going on 45.

    • I’m not digging some commentary that comes across every bit as shallow as Julia herself ~ as if less than totally hot people don’t have any business being in photos, relationships or public.

      • Julia at least warrants any shallow physical commentary tossed her way considering that’s how she deems anyone else worthy of her attentions or affections.

      • I wasn’t taking a swipe at you, I think we’re mostly on the same page here. (& *YES*, Julia deserves every body-snark thrown her way, IMNSHO).

        I piggy-backed your comment because “what’s the deal?” struck a chord w/ me ~ I’ve been wondering as I’ve read along: Why does his appearance come into play here, why is that a dating barometer, as if he may or may not be in his league? Julia is in a league all her own, reserved specifically for assholes.

        Lot’s of insinuation that Julia should ‘snag’ this guy while she can ~ let’s hope it’s not up for her to decide. He has a mind of his own, here’s hoping he’s using it to see how she (& her grifter friends; Hi Jordan!) are POS’ that will singularly or collectively walk all over him.

    • I think he is super cute and am also of the mind that Janks is HIGH if she thinks can do better. Drunk and high if she thinks she deserves better.

      No way is he ugly. Not even close.

      Janks is a busted up Ditchpig.

      Prom King deserves better. SAVE PROM KING!

  38. Well, no one can say that the Bicoastal Birfday Bash wasn’t servicey. Looking at those pictures inspired me to order $200 worth of Dermalogica exfoliant, deep moisturizer, SPF eye cream and non-oily cleanser. Thanks NonSociety!

    • Fuck yes. That’s either really harsh lighting, or just like the US presidency, working with Nonsociety naturally ages you a good 5-10 years.

  39. y’know…. i’m actually ok with the fact that she said she didn’t feel “in love” with him. it was honest. and open. and much more real than “hey! look at me! i’m on yet another extravagant overdone date!”

    it sometimes happens. we find ourselves in relationships, datingships, whatever, with people we don’t love, even though if our brains and hormones and hearts only worked logically, we would. and being able to admit that, particularly in the face of being majorly spoiled by a guy, is … actually something i think is good.

    i can hate on crazy show-offy behavior, or total-denial-of-reality behavior, or i-just-want-an-internet-business-so-i-can-get-free-shit-and-go-to-parties behavior. i totally agree with that poster the other day who said the attraction of julia is that she’s the expression of personality defects we all have (selfishness, procrastination, laziness, ingratitude, naked ambition, etc) and i tune in every day, in part, to find out — how far did she fall? how much can any one person get away with all that?

    but the being honest about not being in love thing?

    i think that if i’m going to hate on hypocrisy, i should at least give a shout out to honesty when it does come through.

    • I personally think the “not in love with him” would be more acceptable if the fact that she’s using him – for money, for indulging in her theme dates, for squatting at his apartment – wasn’t so obvious. Then there’s the whole thing about her spilling that so openly on a public weblog when it couldn’t have been more than a month ago that she was stating she wanted to keep that part of her life private for the most part. I’m not impressed by her saying as much because she seems to do that to a lot of her boyfriends. I think she’s agreed to engagements and living situations with guys she apparently wasn’t in love with after having dated them for years. The “love of her life” who did all the same thing PK did and actually did love her, she left because she wanted to “stand on her own two feet”. Years later when it becomes apparent she isn’t equipped to do so, she’s using another guy who she probably cares LESS for than the first – and it has nothing to do with having stuff on the horizon preventing her from settling down, it’s the exact opposite. Don’t even get me started on her advocating of scary-as-hell L. Gottlieb’s “Marry Him” settling advice book, which she apparently read before deciding to go the boyfriend route with PK. Blech.

      • Ditto. I appreciate her honesty, even if it was a dickish move to do it publicly on her goddamned “business” blog. What I don’t appreciate is her obvious golddigging manner of continuing to use him and pretend like she’s in love with him anyway.

      • Who knows what her arrangement is with him. I think the “poor Prom King” sentiment is potentially misplaced.

      • I gotcha FG. I feel bad for him to a certain degree, because I think he’s dense… but I’m not exactly, fully on the “poor PK” bandwagon. He has to know what’s going on if he’s hemorrhaging money for her stunt dates and getting little in return. If there’s an arrangement of sorts it wouldn’t surprise me, but what and/or where is his ROI? It may be more than a personality thing because his sticking with her after her open dismissals/yawning at his attempts to impress and otherwise jumping on dudes and being all “yoo-hoo! I’m still available” (re: not in love post) is uh… odd to me, to say the least. I can’t feel sorry for him because many of the things she does would be huuuuge red flags and he seems willing to ignore them. So c’est la vie, I say… now I want a Wedding Cray, damnit!

  40. Call me a crazy conspiracy theorist, but…

    I posted a comment on Jordan’s blog asking why Meghan hadn’t posted in days, and if she was getting ready to leave NS. A perfectly reasonable question, right?

    So these are the comments that are approved in the last few posts:

    – one from a loyal reader/syncophant
    – one commenting on the nice white teeth in randi and julia’s picture
    – two telling jordan that she’s “too tiny and cute to wear such atrocities” (i.e., le pink headbow) and that she “deserves better”.

    Now if three quarters of the comments are passive aggressive, Jordan can’t really help it if they sound that way on her page, can she? Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but wonder (ahem) if there is no story to Meghan’s page blackout, why wouldn’t she just reply?

    I think that one could learn a lot by seeing which of one’s comments Jordan chooses not to publish, ahem.

    Okay. Now back to the diss-sucks-my-life-out-of-sundays-ertation…

    • I do not feel sorry for Jordan as she is being willfully idiotic. Why she is continuing to suck up to this shitshow just blows my mind.

      I don’t think she stands a rat’s ass chance at blogging off the NS platform/tumblr because girl is snoozeville.

      Meghan goes dark all the time. maybe she is working on her indian skin care line or trying to get her SAG card via Buzz’d commercials. She’s also such a bore…

      I think there is no conspiracy in the works. I just think the meg-o-lantern and j-dorbs don’t need jobs and are just riding this train for all the Virgin America flights and shill opportunities that come their way. Free Talbots! yay!

    • Why would Meghan abandon Nonsociety, when her father is/was one of the main investors? That would be kinda rude, don’t you think? If anything, she’d just bring in a contributor to cover tech but still keep her hand in it behind the scenes.

  41. I don’t know what it is about the PK topic but this thread’s comments are more hilare than usual. Really bringing the a-game today catladies and gents.

    PS still dying over the “SAVE PROM KING” meme that has been added to the RBNS repertoire.

  42. OH! Forgot to ask. Can someone who attended either of the parties confirm/deny the “Julia doesn’t drink” rumor.

  43. By the way, that guy in the pic above? The one in the sport jacket with the white shirt? He is MIGHTY tasty. Love to get me a piece of that!

  44. OT, but:
    Sheesh’s latest: “Am admittedly sad I wasn’t invited to the San Fran part of things, but I’m still the new girl on the blog (har), so it makes sense.”

    Wha? Can someone explain why she wasn’t invited to the SF leg of the Bipolar?

    • Vignette:
      The Baughers preparing for the BiPolar Birthcray

      Mrs. B: Look what I just fished out of the basement!

      Mr. B [reading from the box’s label]: “Sweaters, 1984.”

      Mrs. B: And to think you wanted to give these to the poor!

      Mr. B: There did seem to suddenly be a lot more of them around during the Reagan administration.

      Mrs. B: Well, let’s open it up and pick out our yuppie outfits.

      Mr. B: Aw, look… There are some Polaroids in here from Julia’s third birthday! Look how happy she was back when she was an only child. It was such a relief when she stopped trying to drown Britt.

      Mrs. B: You know what’s really strange? She emailed me a picture of the Betty Johnstone dress she picked out for THIS birthday. It’s… gosh… it’s exactly like the one she’s wearing in these. I mean, exactly.

      Mr. B: Well, surely there’ll be more substantial fare at this party than just cupcakes like the ones in these old snapshots! A lot has changed in twenty-six years, honey.

      Mrs. B: I hate to tell you this, dear, but… I… I don’t think it has.

  45. Now that his pictures are everywhere it shouldn’t take long for someone here to figure out who he is.

    • In real life, Candace Bushnell was dating Ron Galotta and wrote about him in her column for NY Observer (pre book), so she gave him the nickname Mr. Big. He was renowned tough guy, etc.

  46. And Foster Kamer is a fucking moron:

    @That70sDude: Ha, this. I actually think her forays into the art world are genius, because anything that’s subversive and pisses people off and that basically smells like performance art probably is. And performance art tied directly to capitalism pisses off everyone who allows themselves to be pissed off by any of this: art people, JA haters, all of ’em. So great.

    He pursues this art angle like he as some kind of fresh perspective, even though he embarrassed himself here, and respectfully had his ass handed to him here:


    • Foster seems fairly earnest and can be funny when he’s not trying too hard to be zany or snarky. But he’s not smart. He’s not even Not as Smart as He Thinks He Is. He needs to stop making grand “intellectual” pronouncements…he sounds like a college sophomore who just discovered Foucault.

      • That he is not smart and really believes he is makes him really loathsome to me. And his youthful enthusiasm and elbowing his way into conversations he has no business being a part of just makes it painful. He’s desperate and reaching and embarrassing and really believes his opinion counts for something. It doesn’t!

      • I mean, say what you want about the Right Reverend Lawson (and I’ve said plenty), but at least he isn’t boring. Mostly.

  47. He looks like a nice enough guy, but methinks Julia wants women to be jealous of her hot bf/hubby and this dude is not really it. Plus the hairless arms on this dude are freaking me out. Maybe he shaves?
    Julia will keep him around because she will have read some dumb advice about how it’s always better if the guy is more in love with you than you are with him. I see her cheating on him and him wising up to the cray-cray that lurks behind the Widdle Girl facade.

      • I’m with you, crazily expensive dog bed. She seems like a great sport. Her indulgence of Julia’s whims reminds me of the magnanimity and patience it takes for me to play Candyland with my 4-year-old niece until she tires of the game (HOURS that feel like DAYS.)

      • i could be completely off base. it’s something that hit me suddenly while looking at the pictures tonight, through granted, i’m on the ass end of an acid trip. something about her teeth and eyes absolutely left me terrified.

  48. What a homely crew Julia associates with, jeez. For someone who places so much emphasis on looks and picks her friends with them in mind, only Kate, Katrina & hubs, and, honestly, Prom King have anything along the lines of natural good looks. Kendrick and Jordan’s cokefaces don’t do it for me, and Asha ruins herself.

    • JA is super pissed that Karp and RVV were no shows. The few that did turnout are not people she would ever associate with, they were rent-a-partygoers, that received the last minute FB mass email.

  49. Wait, am I missing something? Where are JA’s replies on Gawker? I don’t see them on her birthday party thread.

    • You gotta click the tiny “replies” link on bottom right of the comments. Save yourself the trouble, though. They’re juvenile and…yes…boring.

    • I’m super late to the party — but jesus, did she just get coked up before taking to the Gawker section? I can’t explain why else she would care so much / waste that much time and energy replying to all the comments.

      • I cannot believe those comments are real. They are completely idiotic. Actually, I think someone is faking being her. I don’t see an icon attached to her name. She is too vain not to include a photo.

      • Oh, it’s her; she comments on every post they put up about her (just like a big-time celeb, right??) She’s wearing a red/white striped Where’s Waldo shirt. Don’t know why her icon isn’t showing for you, but it’s there. 😉

  50. w/e I think he’s cute and undeserving of Julia. I know a million girls who would be better for him and wouldn’t treat him like crap, so something must be wrong with him if he’s sticking w/ Julia and her crazy friends/family.

    • Yeah, I have to agree. Not my type, but I don’t sense anything particularly offensive or douchey about him. I see a young guy who is just trying waaaay too hard to please an “older” high maintenance woman. I seriously hope he doesn’t come out of this relationship too damaged.

  51. Happy Birfday Julia, we looooooove you.

    I think we should make her a card and bake her a cake.

    PS: Dude who fucked a donkey.

  52. For all of you sweet, well-intentioned cat ladies who are bending over backwards to give PK the benefit of the doubt, and commenting on how “sweet” and “nice” he looks, let me just say this:


    Love ya, bunnies.

    • But a lot of boys his age are idiots, aren’t they? And I mean it when I say “boys.” For all we know, this is his first “grown up” relationship and he probably thinks this kind of high maintenance shit is normal.

      Also, I really doubt that he had anything to do with the picking out of the Betsey Johnson dresses. I feel like Donkey was responsible for picking them out and that they were really *generously gifted* from the company.

    • As for donating to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up paying for the difference between the $2000 goal or whatever it is and what they actually raised from the parties.

    • Agreed. And what kind of man would want his woman to dress this way? Those dresses he bought for her totally gave me the creeps.

    • I don’t know if PK is like that… but from my experience, plain, nice boys from affluent families tend to be incredibly vulnerable and naive when it comes to predatory skanks. They feel flattered by the compliments and attention, and they love how well their gifts are received; they feel adored and appreciated. Having an older, experienced, high maintenance woman pay attention to them makes them feel validated. Since many of them don’t have lots of experience, they sincerely believe that buying tons of pink things and taking women out to Four Seasons is the epitome of romance.

      On the plus side, they usually grow out of it. But, yeah.

    • I agree with this. To me he screams dupe. I still say SAVE PROM KING! He *does* need help after all…

  53. Here’s a question — do you guys think that he’s originally from New York?

    I can’t decide. If he is a Native New Yorker — which I don’t really think is — he should know better…

    • He looks Russian, from a wealthy Russian mafia family. Which would explain all the tacky/over the top/expensive dates.

      • I went to high school with him and tutored him in Russian. He definitely didn’t speak it as a first language. I drove past his house every day for my entire life. Do you know any dirt about him?

        (Sorry, sorry, couldn’t resist. Chat joke. Moving along.)

        Also: If he were a rich Russian, he would be buying her Versace or Roberto Cavalli, not Betsey Johnson.

      • Listen, I talked to KJ this morning, and he is pretty pissed that we were talking about him behind his back. He was all, girl, Skype works in North Korea yo, and I was all, dude, I thought you were locked in your oxygen chamber at that hour so chill!

        Oh, and he totes got invited to the Bi-Coastal Bash SF leg, but he said there was NO WAY he was coming because he didn’t have a pink and white uniform to wear and he didn’t want to stand out.

  54. Hello, new commenter, long-time lurker.

    Did anyone see what Katrina posted about the party? http://katrina.nonsociety.com/post/417249967/ok-clearly-the-new-girl-to-the-group-i-had-no

    Julia didn’t even make the effort to introduce her new “business partner” to Randi and Zeesh won’t be making detective anytime soon (and clearly doesn’t read Julia’s blog) because while she noticed that there was another woman dressed just like Julia, it didn’t occur to her that it might be the woman Julia was having a joint party with. (“Brant was also confused!”)

    Also, she wasn’t invited on the San Fran leg, but everyone (and I do mean everyone) else was. Um, er, ouch?

    AND, Jordan keeps making digs of the “I didn’t understand the theme!” variety which scream Mary-in-waiting.

    Finally, I know Crystal was at the party but she’s never pictured on the blerg or named as part of NS – I don’t think she’s Fake CEO anymore… Sad.com

      • I quote, “Am admittedly sad I wasn’t invited to the San Fran part of things, but I’m still the new girl on the blog (har), so it makes sense.”

        I call passive aggression. Although as someone said way above, invited probably = paid for in this case.

      • LOL idiotbox, not sure you want to go that far… Though I am finding Sheesh/Zeesh/whatever moderately entertaining now fash week is over.

    • Is katrina a complete dolt? has she never red Julia’s blog? how could she NOT know that was Randi and also NOT know this was also randi’s birthday? Does she do any research on who she does business wth? lol. Either she’s a dolt or being completely passive aggressive here. Sounds like both.

      • Methinks that Miss Sheesh is making a stealthily bitchy dig at Julia and Randi. As in, it never even occurred to me or my husband that anyone would be so lame as to insist on matching dresses, so I assumed two silly girls showed up in the same thing.

      • She knew it was a party for the both of them, on an earlier post she wrote…

        “Brant’s coming too! Between the two of us we?e got it covered: Lacoste, Lilly Pulitzer, pearls, signet rings…who needs a handbook?! Julia, Randi…here we come…”

      • You might be right, fashiongirl. She comes across as either clueless or bitchy. If the latter, she can out-stealthbitch La Donk any day.

      • It’s her age. I’m (cough) kind of close to it and have discovered stealth is often the way to go. It’s really not hard when dealing w/ the JA type. And I agree w/ CloudDoodles.

        I think I love her too. (we’ll see though – I can be fickle)

  55. Marquardt wasn’t there. I’m told they had a falling out some time back.

  56. Poor Julia. She’s gone from dating a ‘dashing man of mystery’ to dating some guy with money who looks pretty young and is probably impressionable and easily gulled.

    But as always, appearances can be deceiving! Maybe he just likes to watch.

    • Randi’s party theme was 80s pink and white. Guessing she told La Donk “preppy” was lame. It could have been worse – JAss was trying to talk Ol’ Yeller into a 50s prom theme.

  57. That shot glass had better be full of water, young lady:


    Also, in nearly every single photo, Jordan looks like a normal person trying valiantly to fight her way out of a fluffy pink nightmare.

    Jordan, honestly, if you’re reading this: Please, please leave NS. I assure you that you’ll have more success, peace of mind and creative freedom away from Julia. She is a BAD person and a RUDE donkey.

      • Yeah kinda hard to tell. even in these photos from the party he looks like a slightly diff person in each. eyebrows and nose seem similar tho. i also think he’d of course know AM since he also went to GT so maybe not so coincidental. Find it strange he is a fan of A on fbook tho, out of 5 things to be a fan of? lol

  58. David Magruder is friends with AM on FB but honestly guys it just doesn’t look like him at all.

  59. Meghan’s recap of last night sounds like a 2nd grade composition. Just throw in the towel already!

    “A Bicoastal Birthday Bash to Remember!

    NonSociety had a weekend filled with pink and white clad crowds on both coasts all celebrating Julia and Randi Zuckerberg’s birthday. Friday night’s party at The Gates had a caricature artist, a photobooth, and the city’s most notable mini cupcakes. Saturday night’s party in San Francisco was 80’s prep, complete with a two-foot cake the shape of a handbag. It was an absolute joy to dance until dawn with my favorite ladies, Julia and Randi.”

    • She might have danced until dawn, but Jordan and Megan were tired and sloped home early with Chinese take out. Rock n roll.

  60. A couple of things:
    Why did Randi wear a Julia Allsion costume to the NYC bash? All that was missing was the makeup mask. It really makes me sad that she wore exactly what JA wore. Doesn’t she have any style sense of her own? Or enough chutzpah to say, “no way am I dressing like twins Jules.”
    Also: Why wasn’t JA born on Feb. 29th? That way, her b-day wouldn’t happen every year!!

    • God! How amazing would that have been? A February 29th birthday. Talk about real cray cray every leap year!

  61. Why so many photos of people cupping Julia’s breasts and looking up her skirt? Charming friends you have, Jules.

  62. What’s sadder? 500 comments, 20+ people in a chatroom for hours at a time, 4000+ views of party photos of/about Julia Allison?

    Or Julia Allison.

    YOU people are the problem.

  63. Blargh, PLEASE. 20+ people in the chatroom? That’s pathetic. Try 99…woohooo! Trashing Donkey Allison is fun…simple as that.

  64. Just watching an old episode of Friends, the one where Monica was dating Pete (Jon Favreau) the billionaire who she wasn’t so into. Made me think of poor PK.

  65. There has to be a word for the act of moving my finger up my iphone’s screen 35678 times to scroll through the comments I’ve already read to get to the ones I haven’t. This is the only blog for which I would do such a thing, and I do it a LOT.

  66. I missed this shit show so I am just seeing PK now. Julia looks old enough to be this guy’s mom. Or this guy looks young enough to be her son. Maybe without the pancake makeup and fillers they would be more of a match.

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