Julia Allison Continues To Keep Her Relationships PRIVATE


Julia Allison is maintaining radio silence about her relationships after blaming the internet and her h4t0rz for ruining them in the past. In fact she is adhering so strictly to this policy that she posted this to her blog:

But I’ll be honest with you: Just because a guy is thoughtful (he is), generous (he is), and creative (he is), doesn’t mean that our relationship is perfect.  It’s not.

What you didn’t see in those Valentine’s Day photos was a very tough dinner conversation.  You didn’t see us trying to learn how to communicate with one another.  You didn’t see our doubts and our fears and our insecurities.  You just saw glitter and smiles and sugar and champagne.  Which is fine … which is part of it.  But that’s not all of it.

There is a bunch of other shit, and this little doozy:

The fact is, I’ve never been in a “perfect” relationship.  But I have been in love, several times.  It is wonderful and confusing and thrilling and overwhelming.  But I am not in love with him.  I don’t think he is in love with me. (emphasis mine) We care about one another very much, and I hope that will happen eventually … but how can one predict the heart?

Maybe if the internet weren’t so hateful and intrusive Julia could just have her relationships in private like a normal person, but NOOOOOOO you people have to pick, and pry, and FORCE HER to never mention her relationships again. Just so they have a chance. God you people suck. She’s just trying to have a private life in private.


  1. and…And…AND…we get all upset when she doesn’t post enough! What’s a super-popular media personality to do except keep herself and God happy? HUH? WHAT?

  2. It’s hilarious how she thinks that she has legions of fans that get SO ANGRY when she doesn’t blog or share everything. Right after she posts private pictures of herself in a bathrobe. Oh, you silly delusional donkey:

    “I’m sorry to those who get upset / angry when I don’t post. I stopped posting frequently some time ago, for a variety of reasons – mostly because something I used to love for its positivity and openness, for the catharsis, began to feel scary and hurtful to me. I couldn’t be sure that someone wouldn’t twist my words around. Actually, it was worse than that: I could be absolutely sure that someone somewhere WOULD twist my words around. At the end of the day, it didn’t seem like putting myself out there was a smart idea, in terms of my own personal happiness, as well as the happiness of those around me.

    When I began this site, I wanted it to be like tagging along with me. But for various reasons, from lack of time to lack of energy to general desire to keep certain portions to myself, I can’t – and don’t want – to do that anymore.

    In fact, for some time (over Christmas, especially) I thought that perhaps I didn’t want to write on a site AT ALL anymore, but I was wrong about that too.

    I do want to share, but I’m going to share on my own terms.

    From now on, please realize this:

    This is a peek into my life, not the entire thing.

    Some days I’ll share quite a bit. Other days, nothing at all. You might not always know what I’m up to, how I feel, what I’m doing – or why. If that upsets you, I’m sorry.

    I have to make the best decisions for me, and for the people in my life. Sometimes that’s not going to make you happy. Sometimes you might disagree with a decision I make or comment I write, or generally just think I suck. But if I’ve realized anything over the last three years, it’s that THERE IS NO CONCEIVABLE WAY to make everyone happy.”

    • Translation:

      I can’t get away being ‘cutesy’ or using legalese to misrepresent my life anymore because RBNS will call me out on it.

      HI JILL!

      Also….this is your “company.” “Some days I’ll share quite a bit. Other days, nothing at all.” WHAT THE FUCK? Ok, tell ya what sugarplum. I will go tell my boss right now that some days I might come in. Some days I may not. It depends on how I FEEL.

      Spoiled bitch.

      • Someone said it on a previous post, but her sense of her own importance is astounding. Who the fuck is she speaking to besides us? No honey, no one here is getting UPSET or ANGRY when you choose to keep things private. In fact, we’d all probably cheer you on.

        And again she reveals what really drives her – she wants to please everyone, make them happy and have them adore her. She really is very stupidly transparent.

    • Seriously, when are the men in white coats showing up??

      First of all, NO ONE CARES about her relationship. She really does assume she’s famous, doesn’t she? Like Angelina Jolie-type famous. Wow, Donk, thanks for clarifying that for the world. You relationship ISN’T perfect, despite what we might have been lead to believe by the cover stories of US Weekly and People? Stars, they really ARE just like us?? Thank so much!! We feel so much better now!!!

      Also, is she incapable of reading/remembering her own previous posts about how she will NEVER overshare about relationships again? This is a sure sign of insanity. She simply cannot stop herself from self-sabotaging and making the same mistakes over and over and over again.

  3. She is VERY reclusive & private!!
    About once every 78 weeks or so.

    HopkinsonReport Dethroned! @juliaallison 77-week run as most downloaded podcast on @hopkinsonreport ends. New #1 is http://ow.ly/1a4qk about 17 hours ago from

    • er uhm oops!

      Sorry! Meant to stress that the article itself doesn’t mention Julia Allison at all, before you actually go there.

      I’m sure he’s respecting her privacy sabbatical & all.

  4. You can’t have it both ways online. If you write a blog–especially one that purports to be an “OMG BUSINESS”–you keep it ALL private and accept that you won’t be able to flaunt your relationship with all the class of a $2 hooker. Or you do flaunt it and deal with the fact that it looks like a paid transaction.

    P.S. A tough dinner conversation? I’ll bet you three dresses that they argued about whether she’d let him stick it up the butt.

    • Nah, I’m pretty sure they argued about whether Wallet Thing was going to buy Princess Petal Pinkie that Ramajammabobanana loaner bling that she wore to Fashion Week.

    • Seriously this bullshit of people going online and blogging their LIFE for the universe to see, and then getting all butthurt when jerks like me point, laugh, and call them names? It’s bullshit.

      If you didn’t like how people treated you when your diary got passed around in 7th grade then I’ve got some news: you aren’t going to like how people react to your blog. Yes, your blog. Yours too. All of you. This is the internet. There is no one SO NICE that some troll won’t come along and make you internet cry. If you can’t handle that then close your tumblr, close your mouth, move to Wyoming and get cats. Proceed to spend the rest of your life only talking to yourself.

      That’s the only way to guarantee you will always hear what you want to hear, assholes.

      (god she is giving me rage stabbies this week)

      • Also, I think there’s a certain amount of respect that is given to bloggers that–while they may not even be particularly likable–are at least honest and own themselves and their opinions (but still don’t take themselves too seriously).

        One of my BIGGEST issues with NS is that they take themselves too seriously, sugarcoat the truth, get free shit, post subpar content and STILL EXPECT people to like them.

        At least if a blogger is worth reading and they complain every now and then about getting their feelings hurt–well, at least they’re still worth reading most of the time.

    • Michael bought her FIVE dresses, after all. The dinner conversation probably consisted of questions about why he only bought three.

  5. She is so totally angling to star in a sitcom version of Marry Him. Remember? That self-help book about settling?

  6. Love how right after these sad, confessional posts, Julia goes on to post about some puffy pink dresses SHE. WANTS. RIGHT. NOW. You can literally see how she cheers herself up when she’s up alone with her manic thoughts at 5 a.m. – by looking at dresses on a website that markets their gowns as Sweet 16 dresses, pageant wear and prom gowns.

  7. I am gobsmacked that their relationship isn’t perfect. I mean, it started off with a prom date. What could be more appropriate and fun for a 30-year-old? Then there was the xmas theme sweater, teamed with the world-famous Rockette’s! The giant cupcake! Three—count ’em!—dresses from the BJ teen collection! What hope is there for any of us, if that’s not love?

    • I think she’s trying to one up Jordan in the “Gee guys, you might all think I’m so perfect (HA!) but I’m really not (but keep telling me I am!). Sometimes life is so hard, like when I have to choose between three men and break their hearts! SO HARD!

      “You just saw glitter and smiles and sugar and champagne. Which is fine … which is part of it. But that’s not all of it.”

      No, we didn’t just see glitter and smiles and sugar and champagne. We saw creepiness, perviness and forced merriment, with a tinge of paid escort. No one is envious of you, Donkey. No one believes your life is happy. You’re a sad, miserable person and your ugly insides shine through and through to your ugly outsides. These sad cat ladies watch because you are just THAT tragic. Your little online reality show is not Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It’s Hoarders.

    • Equally gobsmacked that they aren’t (GASP) in love.

      After what, 3-4 dates? One week of cohabitation?


    • She’s trying to force it. Maybe PK can easily afford these dates, but no guy would put so much effort into planning them if he didn’t have strong feelings for the girl. She’s a bitch to string him along like this. He’s a tool to put up with it, but I’m guessing this is going to blow up in her face by April. She’s going to bring the new boyfriend home for Easter, and she is going to dress like an Easter egg. He’ll have to meet Dan and go out for deep-dish spinach pizza. He’ll have to check out that nightclub she always goes to when she’s in town and have awkward breakfast conversation alone with the Baughers when Jules decides to sleep past noon.

      I’m also kinda dying to find out what PK’s parents think of Julia and the amount of money their son is spending on this woman.

      • And she seriously thought the best way to get the guy to open up his heart and just “say it” was to let the entire internet know that she’s not in love with him? Brilliant.

    • Remember with Toph? Tweeting “Daaaaamn” and lots of smiley faces.

      Trust: if Donkey was enjoying getting laid, she’d let us know.

  8. Someone else said it in the last thread, but they guys she falls hard for don’t treat her like a princess – Lodwick, Eggers, maybe Leventhal. Lodwick made her pay for their vacation, Eggers had an actual girlfriend and Leventhal made her take her own cabs home and didn’t want to be publicly associated with her.

    The secret to winning her heart is probably to ignore her. And THIS is Daddy issue #1. Despite all the braying and bragging, she has the self-esteem of a Hunters Point whore.

  9. This is hilarious. Imagine being Prom King and reading this? Dude just dropped a few grand on her. “La la la I’m not even going to pretend to be into you, but maybe if you spend more money I’ll come around.”

    • Seriously. So ungrateful. FINE, don’t be in love with him. It’s your business. Oh, wait….

      Running to the intarwebs to announce it? Just f*cking RUDE.

      • Sorry, I should have read your comment first. But agreed, he deserves it. She might as well kick him in the nuts and post the video on her blergh.

    • This just confirms he has no testicles. Jesus Christ you wimp, get the fuck out of there. You don’t THINK he is in love with you? But what if he IS, and you just fucking stomped on his heart you Kracken.

      PK, you deserve everything you get if you stay with this she-devil.

  10. It’s disgusting how many I’s and me’s are in this paragraph:

    “I don’t like Prom King because of what he does for me. I like him because he cares enough about me to want to do those things. I also like that he actually takes notice when I mention things (such as “Betsey Johnson is one of my favorite designers!”) I’ve dated men before who barely remembered Valentine’s Day at all, let alone understood how important it is to me.”

    The reasons she likes him have nothing to do with any qualities he possesses, other than the fact that he dotes on her. It’s sick. I can’t imagine any self-respecting guy would stay with a girl who states she only likes him because he pays attention to her.

    • How funny and well deserved would it be if she upon returning to her Prom John’s apartment found her tutu collection out in the hallway and the locks changed?
      Seriously, she can’t even play the kept woman right – there’s no free lunch.

      • I’m willing bet that their little conversation was something along the lines of “when are you going spread the legs, bitch? this is fucking redonk. Let’s see some labe already!” while she shifted and tried to justify waiting until the 73rd date.

      • Exactly. And the fact that he probably expected something, anything out of this whole mess is the number one sign for her that he can’t be in love with her. Because love is all about giving and asking nothing in return – at least for the part that’s not Julia. Actually, she does deserve everything she’s got coming her way. And more.

  11. “… but he’s never done these sorts of things for any other girl he’s dated (his sister and friends have backed him up on this). He does them for me because he knows I appreciate it – and, frankly, because he enjoys it.”

    Jacy: I knowwwwww you want a wedding really bad, but Pr0n Bling has a sister … a SISTER, for braying out loud!

    Now, there’s a slight chance that an actual Donkey Wedding is about as realistic as a jolly fat man bearing gifts squeezing down the laundry chute to the basement … may not EVER happen …

    Won’t you please join me instead in wishing for another sister like the bitch-slappy-happy one that belted Julia Allison for stealing the dude’s credit card? Puh-LEEZE???

    (BTW, is her name: Jessica Fey? It’s not for ME, I don’t need to know, but the kitties are clamoring to name the novena they’re building in honor of & to pray for Pr0n Bling’s sister!)

    • The fact that he has a sister just totally ruled out the name that someone sent us. That guy is one of two boys.

      Thanks, Donk!

    • Don’t sisters usually have a very sensitive Skank-dar? And aren’t families with serious money usually not overly keen to let gold diggers come anywhere near the estate?

  12. Julia Allison is insane. Remember that “Playboys of Tech” article in Wired where Foreman talked about how insane Julia is? And when Lodwick talked on his Tumblr about how, even years after dating her, that Julia was a mistake and an embarrassment in his life (and that he was reading RBNS)?

    I imagine she is the biggest headache to her significant others. She IS the “crazy girlfriend.” That is why most of them usually end up dumping her after a few months. Any “communication problems” that Julia talks about are probably all on her side.

    I bet Prom King is excited because he thinks that he is dating a celebrity but he will tire of her crazy in two months. If their relationship doesn’t fall apart by summer then I will buy Julia a pink prom dress.

    • Heh!

      “… description of founder fetishism—when a woman goes only for men who have started high-tech companies, his phone rings. His girlfriend, Julia Allison, is on the line. “She has it,” he mouths.”

      “Charles Forman shows up … wearing what appears to be the same tight-fitting blue shirt he wore the night before. He says he never made it home last night, explaining that the problem with dating Julia Allison is that she’s “addicted” to fighting. That, combined with her standard 5 A.M. bedtime, means that Forman often doesn’t get much sleep. … Forman got tinnitus when he was going through his last round of funding … took to wearing headphones in public to drown out the noise.”

      “About a week later, Forman announces that he and Allison have split. He also says the tinnitus is gone. “I mean, it could just be a coincidence,” he says.”


      • Wait, that whole tinnitus thing was CLEARLY profiled in that article. And JA whined about the fucking thing on the Gawker post about RBNS – as if we had made it up that he got it because of her, or didn’t have the facts straight. What an asshole. He basically confirms it – your loud ass braying gave him tinnitus. HA!

    • I know for a fact she has harassed “the one that got away” shamelessly, via e-mail, texts, FB messages, showing up at his office, etc. He’s the one she sent the “apology” to at Christmas, but she’d done that several times previously. Once again, she was ignored.

      • He may have deleted it, it might be on RBNS somewhere. It was the post where he pointed out RBNS (or maybe it was some other anti-Julia thing) and said he would be reading it and that he regretted the time he spent with Julia. I think it was around the time that RBNS started (2 years ago? Wow) but I’m not 100% sure.

  13. I do not know – nor have I ever known – ANY guy who would (a) put up with all her stupid internet ramblings or (b) participate in such idiotic and retarded scenario playing. There is something seriously wrong with this tool bag. I can’t wait to find out what it is.

    He MUST know about her site, right? He must read it. I would also think there is an extremely good chance he knows about this site as well.

    If I saw something like this about a girl I just met, I’d run as fast as I could the other way. 50,000 Frenchmen can’t be wrong.

  14. I posted this a few threads ago when someone was mocking Julia’s perpetual boner over men whipping out the money clip. It’s of her and Lodwick during the height of their first iteration, on their way to a sexxay, joint-fameball photoshoot on the beach. (Pics later appeared on Gawker.)

    The thing that really jumps out at me is how stiff she is. How she seems nervous even asking him questions. When he corrects her on something, she reacts like a third grader.

    I dunno. This was supposedly a red-hot, arriba arriba, AY! MUY CALIENTE!! relationship for her…and it just seems so limpwristed gifelte fish.


    • My point being (yes, there was one) – If this is an indication of the quality of her romances, I’ll take a pass. S-T-I-L-T-E-D.

    • There is so much wrong with that video. The whole “do you feel manly thing for spending money on me,” um, yeah. And he basically calls her out for being a shameless over self-conscious poser on camera. Points deducted for him for dating her because she was hot then. She sucks.

    • JL was so delicious with his hair longer. Do I sense a sweet vulnerability in the Donkey here? Prop Bling will never see this side of her.

  15. Given that she’s a professional shill, she’s basically marketing Prom King to all the women that already know him. She doesn’t love him (didn’t she just move in with him?) but she advertises his potential on NS.

    Maybe it’s a purely business relationship?

  16. There is something extremely fishy going on here.

    1) I want to see a photo inside the pink palace of delusion with today’s paper, or ‘returning’ home to pack didn’t happen.

    2) Imagine what the reaction is going to be when Prop Thing reads drivel. Unless we are really and truly talking about a rental situation here, it’s not going to be pretty. I don’t imagine he is a complete fool, and that ‘writing’ is so offensive on so many levels.

    3) She is off her fucking rocker. Who in their right mind posts this shit. See above. This ‘relationship’ is not long for this world. Also, no TV show is happening Jank, give it up.

    4) Me me me me, I i i i i, Me me me me me. HOLY SHIT If you asked me what i love about Mr. Whiskers, i think only one sentence would begin with ‘I’. “I love Mr. Whiskers because he is like this, he has this quality, he does this adorable thing, He is . . . ”

    5) This bitch is a total mess. I really hope that Prop Thing got a serious wake up call today.

    This post generously sponsored by the commenter formerly known as someproblems.

    • The more I think about this (I’m avoiding thinking about stressful real world job shit JA never has to worry about) the more I think this was her way of getting back at him for not uttering the L word first. You KNOW she is waiting for it and thinks she deserves it. So she passive aggressively posts to her blog that SHE is not in love with HIM. Have I called her a twat recently? TWAT.

      • i think this is the case. this whole post had an angry tinge to it. she’s getting back at him for something he did on the v-day date.

  17. There’s so much goodness in this one post! I especially love the part where she claims PK was a “player” but that he has NEVER done the things for other women he does for her. In her own special way, she manages to say that a) I landed a player who is obviously incredibly desirable to many women and b) I AM SPESHULL!!!! He only treats ME ME ME this way, and yes, I have CONFIRMED this with people, because I am a special brand of twat.

    She is evil.

    • She really is a nasty piece of work.

      Also, even when thin and hot, the excess flesh literally hangs from her fingers. Look at that picture up there. LOOK AT IT!!!

    • Also I don’t even really want to start a depressing discussion of love and all it’s manifestations etc etc but, I have to say that the times I have been in love, I knew pretty much right away. Especially if I was spending as much time with someone as she seems to be spending with this fucking guy. What does she think, suddenly she’ll see fireworks? If you have to try that hard to feel something, it’s probably ain’t there. But he’s buying her things so, you know. Might as well go with it.

      • Exactly. I totally knew within two weeks of dating him. I think I’d only slept with him once when I was flying somewhere and it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was in love with him, and I just wanted the plane to turn around and go back to his place and neck with him. Donkey, donkey, donkey.

      • Agreed. Plus, they are not in love w one another, and she is practically living with him? If he agrees to this, he is as screwed up as she is.

        And BTW, I spent my bday w my BF at the 4 Seasons (after dinner at Daniel), and damn — if no one was ever going to see pics on the www. Most thing are private.

      • Again, yes!

        With my current Mr. Whiskers, things started slower. We knew each other through work, so there were outside implications. Once we both realised we liked each other and started spending time in each others company, there was an undeniable chemical attraction that i felt everywhere. But ‘being in love’ did bloom somewhat gradually — like over a month or so.

        But after we had finally started seeing each other and the full blown attraction/lust kicked in, NO WAY IN HELL would i have publicly or privately declared i was NOT in love with him.

        And no way was i ‘auditioning’ him or any one else at the time.

        It’s been 5 years now and i am even more in to him every year.

      • 5000$hole(s) Says: Yeah it could take longer. And the ones that hit you over the head aren’t necessarily the ones with staying power (man, I can attest to that!). But if you essentially moved in with someone and you don’t know after a few weeks – what the fuck are you doing?? If you don’t know, you take it slow, you don’t move in with them. What a weirdo. Even if she doesn’t live with him…she shouldn’t be spending 6 nights a week there if she has doubts. But again, he’s buying her stuff and “dotes” on her, so what do we expect.

      • word JFA:

        A slow burn can sometimes be a better burn (every relaysh is different tho!), but in any case, one mabes just starts with spending weekends together at first and a few weeknights here and there. Which is the opposite from going to zero to moving in.

        This is why i want to see a photo of Janks in the Pink Mental Palace w. today’s paper, you know?

        Something is really, really off here.

        She’s really stupid and really crazy is what it boils down to.

      • Same. I knew there was just something about my man on our first date. We proceeded to see each other three times that week, and by the end? I knew, and apparently so did he. I can’t remember who mentioned it above, but when someone asks what I love about him, it’s “he he he,” not “me me me.” Oy.

  18. I don’t know Prom King, I have no idea who he is and have never even seen his face (I have seen his torso plenty though), but this much I know: This dude was NEVER a player.
    If he had any game at all he would not be jumping through so many hoops just to get The Donks into the sack.

    • NYC is the one place (well that and some cities in Austria) where short, bald, chubby, ugly men walk around with hot women on their arms like every other couple (Sorry Jordan, we can’t all be in hipster hot marriages like you). Seriously the schlub-to-hot ratio is ridiculous. Is it the ugly male banker/lawyer syndrome (unlike LA where everyone is pretty or SF where everyone is kinda similarly ugly)? Are there not enough men (with jobs/$$) so anyone with some dough can get his pick of lovely ladies?

      I am not picking on NYers. Just curiuos.

  19. the most depressing thing about Julesy is that she thinks every woman’s dream is to find someone who would do this kind of bullshit for her. If my date came to pick me up in a limo i think i’d laugh myself to death thinking, “what a fucking tool! What a douche!” sure, it’d be nice to date someone who could afford to take me for vacation, but not within the first month of dating! and if my boyfriend ever purchased me a photoshoot session as a gift, i’ll punch him in the groin, because, clearly he read/watched donk’s recommendation and he deserves not to have kids.
    ugh, get a grip, dope.

  20. of course they had difficulty communicating at dinner -he no speaky the English & donk only has enough Puerto Rican to get money from Megs
    Its kind of interesting to me that Prawn king is a bit of a cipher -normally she is all up in listening to music her “dates” listen to, copying their interests etc . Yet this one -beyond his questionable taste in apparel,decore & donkeys & penchant for smoking & “phaaaan-tasy” dates -ican’t really work him out.
    I bet he is a Maroon 5 fan however.
    Player? Oh i don’t think so, dear.

  21. Just posted this over on GOMI, but oh well here we go anyhow…

    “Okay, okay… I was actually a little bit baffled before, but it’s clear to me now.

    What’s actually going to happen is that Donk is going to ride that four-star, frilly, rose-petal-strewn gravy train for however long it takes for Dadsers to close on purchasing her “condo,” and then she’s going to post some heartfelt, late-night little screed about how money doesn’t buy love… and then Wallet Thing will be done.

    And scene.”

  22. I read this and I think, “This is Julia leaving the door open to break up with a guy who does all these nice things for her because the relationship isn’t perfect. And by not perfect she means, either a) she isn’t really attracted to or into him but recognizes that he likes her, b) he expects her to be a grown up and is wondering why she hasn’t stopped doing that adorable irresponsible princess thing yet, or c) both.”

    Chick wants an emergency exit door for a pending breakup, so she made one…on her blog. Think about it, and then go look at the picture of her sitting by the window the morning after the V-Day celebration. And then tell me that isn’t the face of a woman who is technically getting everything she wants but not really enjoying it and not really feeling the love.

    Julia, Poodle (may I call you poodle), love isn’t things or money or a whacked out Xanax induced fairytale of cupcakes and diamond rings. Love is meeting someone you care for, learning their flaws, exposing yours, being honest with each other, and still deciding that you would rather be together than apart.

    So good luck finding that. Oh, and knock it off with the tulle. You are not a ballerina, unless your goal was to emulate the hippos from Fantasia. Then, I can see the resemblance.

  23. At these bicoastal bashes, how will Julia keep Prom King out of everyone’s pictures? Surely she can’t expect everyone to cover his face with smiley faces or (EVEN WORSE) for him to hide every time someone whips a camera out. I have a feeling a photo is in our near future. Muwahaha.

    Shame. I used to like JA.

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