Julia Allison Wants You To Know What She Looks Like After Sex


At the end of the evening at The Four Seasons …

Prom King’s Valentine’s Day

Gross. You know this was not a casual photo. Rather, it was part of a massive pose-a-thon. Since Julia claims that sites like ours ruin her romantic life, why doesn’t she quit it with crazy posts like this? No one cares, and she does not need our help with her self-destruction.  She will eventually ruin this relationship on her own.


    • I saw these and was INSTANTLY reminded of Donkey. JLH could be her celebrity twin – not looks-wise. More “pathetically clinging to youth and relevancy”-wise.

  1. so what did they do for the rest of the evening? the goddamned sun’s out – NYC, I’d say maybe 4pm tops?

      • “At the end of the evening at The Four Seasons” — as usual, Donkey can’t keep her story straight and just confuses the hell out of everybody. The artful staging of shoes, shirt, and champagne bucket all scream FAKE-ASS FAUXTO SHOOT to me. What was Meghannaise doing that day, I wonder?

  2. Howfuck, are those SHOES on an upholstered surface where PEOPLE will sit? What a couple of classless tools.

    • Were there this many pictures of PK when dadsers wasn’t in town? I don’t remember seeing so many pictures of “him” in such a short time span.

      And I could go and check into a hotel right now and order two breakfasts and scatter men’s clothing around, too, to make it look like I’m having THE MOST ROMANTIC POST-VALENTINE’S DAY celebration ever.

      Oh, my date? He’s just in the shower.

    • I am sure at least one of Randi’s friends will post photos of Julia and Prom Thing at the bday party.

      Oh what’s that? He had to go on another business trip that wknd? Oh, shame.

      • Also there’s an ashtray on the table next to the champagne bucket.

        I GUARANTEE that JA has said “I would never date a smoker!” in the past.



        I CANNOT BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Smoking indoors should be illegal EVERYWHERE.” Julia Allison, 2/18/08


      • Pot-stirrer – wow thanks for finding that gem. That kind of diatribe usually comes from someone mocking an anti-smoking rant. The faux hysteria, hyperboles, all caps, excessive exclamation points. But she’s serious. Wow, just wow.

    • Probably just some schmoo off the street who she just snapped with little or no regard for his feelings. She’s like that, or so I’ve heard.

  3. And she put up a new photo of the dresses on bed. This one lacks the blowjob card. And she made sure to post that the card actually said “I’m so not sick of you.”

    • I think he gave her the red I’m surprised I’m not sick of you yet ” mug when he got home ( she misquoted it). The pink card on the bed was about blowjobs. I double checked because I am procrastinating today.

    • There is a large grease spot on the envelope in that picture with poor Lilly. Or maybe it’s dog drool. Or a dog tear-drop.

      Save Lilly!

    • i thought that too… they left HAIR early and the restaurant had just opened? /no customers yet because shows hadn’t let out yet?

    • SS – what’s weird to me is there is absolutely NO ONE in there. Not a soul. If Hair started at 8, and it’s about 2 hours long (roughly), they would have bounced on out of there at 9PM. A quick ride across town for dinner afterwards would get you there at 9:15.

      And there’s no one in there? On a Saturday at 9:15p?

      She has to be fucking with us. This is some craaazy ass fauxto shoot. Something isn’t adding up. (BUM BUUMMMM… LAW & ORDER sound)

  4. This pic is great id you don’t immediately discern her arm holding up the scarf ~ I like my initial impression of a
    noose around her neck, as if HAIR retaliated for her idiotic remarks.

    • I’m surprised you’re all freaking out about the shoes on the ottoman. When I’m at a hotel, all bets are off. I mean, I’m not throwing TVs through the wall, but I’m putting my shoed feet up on anything within reach…

  5. in that picture of prawn king outside the restaurant does he appear to be smoking? is our princess of late night farts dating a SMOKER? my my.

  6. Wait, she’s worried about taking Dadsers to see Hair, where he might find out that some men have penises, but she’ll post the I-Just-Got-Fucked photo for her folks to see? Worrisome!

    • I just got fucked AND found the time to put the pelts back in. Not to mention to arrange a few small details such as the neatly arranged shoes. What passionate person puts shoes on the upholstery like this? Either you put them neatly in the designated shoe place or you just throw them all over the room along with all the other clothes that can’t come off quick enough. Something tells me the only sex happened in her mental rom com script.

  7. Didn’t Mike Pryor pull the same “here are five dresses, pick one” shtick a few years ago. She’s recycling material.

  8. “In any case, I won’t be “discussing” my relationship with Prom King, per se, but you will hear about him from time to time, because, well … he’s a large part of my life now.”

    i guess time to time means “every day” in crazytown.

    • To be fair, she’s actually keeping her promise. If RBNS can’t crack who a certain person is within a week, she’s doing something right. We don’t know his name, barely know his occupation and would definitely not be able to pull him out of a lineup.

      …that is if he’s real.

      • They’ve been out in public together often, and all of Donk’s “friends” know him now. It’s not that his name hasn’t been figured out (it has), it’s just that nobody would know him from Adam. The only thing I’m curious about is, do people think he’s fab or fug? Other than that, I couldn’t give a shit about his identity.

      • She’s doing something right?

        Maybe she hasn’t pissed off
        Lasgna Or LevanLoaf lately …

        Somebody will out him soon.

    • Although just because the internet doesn’t know who he is, doesn’t mean she’s doing things right in the relationship itself. Constant hints at marriage, rings and weddings? She better HOPE PK is not reading here.

      • Yeah. I mean I’m as dumbfounded about this relationship as you guys all are. It’s just all so bizarre for someone so successful and rich (allegedly) to suddenly do all these things for JA in NYC – a city that has an enormous single female population.

      • It sounds to me like he might be a nerdy type, who hasn’t had a lot of girlfriends in the past. maybe he really wants to get married and start a family and is just thrilled that this semi-hot girl is all over him and braying about marriage. i just hope he can take all that on…surely he will see the crazy, narcissistic, high-maintenance light soon?

  9. Here’s the thing. I suspect there are a few young men in Julia’s sights who could score with cold pizza and warm beer.

  10. I’m all for old-skool glamour, but I’m not digging the interior of that room. Wood paneling only works for me in a Lake Tahoe or on the side of a station wagon.

  11. And you just know she stole everything she could get her thieving little hoofy paws on from the hotel room. Add another $200 for the missing robe. Table, curtains and ice bucket also now missing from room.

  12. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, Ew, EW, EEEEWWWW!!!!

    This is disgusting, vile, lame, gross and putrid. I want to wash my eyeballs out with Lysol. I’m gonna be sick. Thanks a lot, Julia Freaking Allison. You’ve ruined my afternoon.

  13. I can’t decide if it would be creepier if this was all staged by Jules or if this is the way the date really went down. Both options are pretty awful.

    • EXACTLY. This entire thing reeks with a stink of desperation greater than 1,000 unwashed pelts and sweaty plastic fake YSLs.

      • Yeah this is some serious serious SERIOUS CRAZY. LIKE WOW! She;’s really setting a new standard here. A new low standard.

  14. Leave her alone! Her relationship with PK is special and private and you’re all just splashing it all over the interwebs!

    • god -she is PROTECTING him from jealous haterz -look here’s the thing he’s a good kid. She will never reveal his name till next week -when she is married.
      (see what I did there haaa err oops)

  15. I wonder how long before Julia’s fauxto obsession goes from adorable to insufferable, for poor ol’ PK? He’ll be a chain-smoking wreck by this time next month, I would imagine.

  16. Do you think PK is really Scott something – Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy? Hence why his face is never seen? I don’t know why I thought of this and found it so funny. He’s just always wearing suits plus now we know he smokes!

  17. I am genuinely trying to wrap my head around what kind of man would find a donkey attractive. Particularly a selfish, insecure donkey with a glue stick face.

    Perhaps he has a messiah complex and wants to save her from herself.

    • Oh you meant “stick glue face,” right?

      I actually say that now, for the funnies. “Got any stick glue?” The huz, Mr. Preshykitty Cuddlebum, just loves my sense of humor.

      Donk King has to be crazier than her, and that’s saying something.

  18. If these two kids do end up getting engaged, just think how special it will be for PK’s extended family and friends to read all about the courtship on Julia’s blog. I think Gammy and Pop-pop King will be especially proud of these pre- and post-coital hotel room photos.

  19. Dear any guy that Julia Allison longs to date:

    If you like fat, hateful bitches have I got a gal for you. She’s not as loud as the donkey until you get half the box of Franzia down. She’s not any kind of -tarian. She wears tshirts and hoodies and jeans from old navy or target every day and usually doesn’t match. She drinks too much coffee and hates limos except to take the liquor and run, she’ll probably offend your mom, and she isn’t going to want to put your picture fucking anywhere, bub – she doesn’t need a jealous cat.

    Search OkStupid, profile guttercunt. *call me* wink wink xoxoxoxo

    (obviously this is a joke, I needed a work break)

  20. Does anyone else think these weird dates are some kind of unfunny stunt cooked up by Julia and DJ Dijon Mustard, sort of like their unfunny art gallery series? I have no idea what it would be for or what the point would be, but I just don’t see how they could be the least bit real. And if they are real… that’s even more pathetic than making them up.

  21. I’m confused. Here is one of Donkey’s tweets regarding Hair:

    @oodleday – ha, yes! I was just so relieved he hated it too and didn’t make me sit through the 2nd half!!

    I have not seen Hair or watched Hair or listened to Hair in over 10 years. Don’t they get naked in the 2nd half!!?? Donkey saw the nakedness. But this tweet says she did not.

    • She is quite the pathological liar. Makes them up as she goes, not bothering to make them line up. She doesn’t know how to NOT lie.

    • i still can’t get over how she is so OMG hating on Hair. Hair is like Fiddler on the Roof, Camelot, Oklahoma…part of the American musical songbook. It’s not scandalous or shocking anymore, and I fail to see how a Broadway revival of it could be so fucking terrible. I have the soundtrack and I feel like most songs are done as well or better than the original. God, she’s annoying.

  22. This is, I think, her through-the-looking-glass moment; this is when she went from living a life that was being documented online to living a life for the express purpose of documenting it online. She is now nothing but artifice, with about as much depth as her reflection in that window. What you see is what you get, but only because a computer screen is also two-dimensional.

      • Yeah, I know she’s been like this for a while but, I don’t know, this just seemed SO CRAVEN. Like, she was experiencing everything only with an eye to how it was going to play out on Twitter, rather than being in the moment and just enjoying it.

    • “Sits on natural waistline and is 17” long.”

      Natural waistline?
      Da Donks do like da challenges!

      • oops. didn’t see your comment before I posted. so funny that her misguided midriff accentuation is mocked by all and sundry.

      • It’s 100% cotton with a bow — it’s gonna look like an apron in the round. I thought she was having a preppy-themed party?

        Speaking of the party, I’m amazed that Randi Z even has time for Julia’s nonsense any more. So far this year, Randi’s done interviews at the Golden Globes (Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais, among others), was a panelist at Munich DLD, sang for Shimon Peres & Eli Wiesel in Davos, was a speaker at Stanford GSB’s Future of Media Conference, and now she’s at the Vancouver Olympics.

    • Haha! The description says: “Sits on natural waistline and is 17” long.” It certainly won’t be sitting on Donkey’s natural waistline — more like in the middle of her ribcage, and the hem will hit her just below crotch level.

    • Why does this bitch continually refuse to dress for her body.

      Those photos of LovePuppy are AWFUL! But the cloths fit her.

      That type of skirt is for tall slender, moderately althetic figure.

      Not all clothes (especially dresses and skirts) are for all body types.

  23. As a former longtime lurker, I had to put this out there.

    I perused the comments and couldn’t believe it hadn’t been addressed, so apologies if it has, and I missed it. Did anyone notice her continuing the trend of hating on her friends by posting her disdain for “Hair” after Jordan posted how much she adored it? Also, the comment, “Jordan loves telling her engagement story” resonated as passive aggressive as well….

    Am I looking too deeply into this one?

    • No, I agree with you. She is starting the subtle little digs at Jordan the way she used to with Mary. Another “sister” will be thrown over soon because she prevents Julia from being the Most Special Snowflake Of All. Hopefully Jordan gets wise to her soon and does the dumping first, like Mary did.

    • I think there have been shades of frenemy from the beginning, with Julia’s “OMG I love you so much I’m going to dress just like you!!!!!!” Not to mention her jealousy of how Jordan went to OMG An Ivy and is OMG Married.

      If Julia is getting kicked out of the Pink Palace and moving in with Wallet Thing, I expect her to blerg about the ALL NEW furniture she picked out and how she “bought” Lilly a $1100 hammock to sleep in.

  24. “Yoo-hoo, Euan!”
    “Yoo-hoo, Kevin!”
    “Yoo-hoo, Dave!”

    She moves in with a guy, and immediately auditions for a job in LA. OK, sure.

  25. Can someone please fill me in on the DJ Dijon Mustard thing. Inside joke? I think I missed it in the comments.

    • DJ Mayonnaise Hands, as far as I can tell, is some tool bag who does these completely unfunny ambush videos. Julia has been in three where she goes to art shows and makes a full out of herself when she tries to make fun of the art patrons in a sort of Daily Show-style. He relentlessly links the videos here to garner views, but we all got sick of him for his blatant plugging.

      People say he is a huge, immature asshole.

      • Ah. Was that the one post where a bunch of commenters yelled to “take this shit down/block IP, etc. etc.”? I read the thread after the videos were taken down so it all makes sense now.

      • Yes. When you delete a comment all the replies get sent to the bottom of the comment thread, hence the confusion.

  26. Not to be snob or anything (ok, to be a total snob), but the Four Seasons isn’t exactly a great hotel. It’s a corporate, sterile, not terribly special hotel. There are so many truly spectacular, unique hotels in New York that I’d be pretty let down if the Four Seasons was the most imaginative option my guy could come up with. Why not just stay at a fucking Radisson?

    • Yeah, it’s like my dad used to always stay at the Waldorf, just because of Scent of a Woman, basically, and I finally got him into the Peninsula and he saw how nice that was. Four Seasons is tourist-bait (as is Norma’s, which she’s always going on about).

      • Oh, I love Norma’s! So, fuck you. xoxo

        But seriously, I’m glad I didn’t get yelled at for being a jerk over the Four Seasons. I really just wouldn’t find it anything to brag about when there are so many amazing hotels in this city.

    • Yup. And on weekends, it’s full of out-of-towners who go to Broadway shows, eat in overpriced restaurants, sometimes rent limos, and in general act like clueless tourists. So it’s perfect for Donkey.

    • I think the Four Seasons is pretty much geared to business travelers who can afford to scale up from the Sheraton. It’s nice but in an aggressively practical way to assist the traveler in fulfilling three basic needs: (1) hang the suits (2) work (3) watch porn when the hooker fails to show.

      The design is all about clean, unoffensive practicality, not innovation or character or (cough) romance.

    • That’s what makes all these stunt dates so suspect — Prom King appears to have the same pedestrian tastes as the Donkey. I think they may be perfect for each other. Stock tip: put your money in pink taffeta and chocolate fountains.

    • He’s not creative, at all. And he seems to not know NYC to save his own fucking life. In other words, they are perfect for each other.

  27. This picture give me the creeps. If I didn’t know about Julia or the story behind it, I would think it was a snapshot of someone who is in an abusive relationship. The look on her face is tragic.

  28. Just watched Bridezillas. Now I can totally believe JA somehow snagged PK. The shit men are willing to put up with is unbelievable.

    • It really is. I think that whole “guys like bitches” is true for some men. But I think it’s the men with low self-esteem who have masochistic tendencies. It’s pretty common knowledge at this point that she treats her boyfriends horrendously. And it never ceases to amaze me how some truly awful women are able to snag seemingly decent guys.

      Then again, that he is 26 and willing to shell out serious coin on these prom-fantasy dates makes him reek of douchebag. “Hey, I can drop $4000 on a date, look how big my penis is!” If he works in Biglaw as I suspect, and I’ve said before, NONE of those jobs are stable right now. And they don’t make THAT much money, those lawyers – so he also reeks of “comes from money.” And we know JA would not settle for anything less. They will probably marry, have an insufferably gauche and expensive wedding, and breed a few douchebag offspring. Then he will fuck his secretary and dump JA when she is pushing 160 pounds and looks like a wax replica of herself. I’m thinking she’ll enter “Tiger Lady” territory with the botox/injections/face lifts. It’s going to be fun to watch.

      • Or picture this: He gets laid off and they’re stuck with each other all day. Hope she live-blogs all their fights about money!

      • I mean honestly? As a former Biglaw attorney who got laid off last year…and knows a ton of people still being laid off, this guy seems like a fucking moron to be spending thousands of dollars on this shit in this economy when no one’s job in Biglaw, or anywhere really, is safe. That’s why I’m saying he probably comes from money. Or he’s an idiot. But yeah, 1st or 2nd year associate in Biglaw? You should probably be stashing money away you fucking dimwit. Also, the Biglaw gravy train rarely lasts more than a few years so um yeah, priorities you weenie. I don’t think she would date a run of the mill lawyer unless he came from money though.

      • Oh also if he got laid off she would dump him. I mean, that’s Julia 101. Has she EVER dated someone without tons of money? No, no she hasn’t.

      • JFA, I hear ya on BigLaw and the current law firm environment in general. I just recently graduated from law school and goddamn are people clawing for ANYTHING in the field. I’m currently working with a legal temp agency (bar in July, gotta make ends meet right now) and I’m told that I’m competing for jobs with recent bar passers. We’re talking about JD+bar passers with 100K in loans trying to get a law clerk position. Five years ago this would be unheard of. If you have a job, especially with BigLaw, hold on to it with dear life.

        He’s a dumbass for throwing that money around, esp since he’s 1st or 2nd yr associate. He’s 26 and def a newbie. He needs to focus on the partner track and staying employed rather than spend money left and right on delusional dates.

        I keep going back and forth on my Bridezilla comment. IT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE. He just met her, there’s no way in hell he hasn’t been exposed to a truckload of attractive, slutty, social climbers through his legal experience. On the other hand, there could be some major mommy/female issues there and JA reminds him of that? But then again, girls like JA are a dime a dozen in NY. I dunno. I’m gonna wait to see how this plays out before wasting any more brain cells on dissecting their relationship.

  29. The “Prom King’s Valentines Day” in italics is killing me.

    It is like he is one of NS’s sponsors and she’s disclosing.

    So, so, so rotten.

    • Seriously what the hell is that? WTF??? I think those little details about her that make me want to throttle someone, those things get me the most. WTF ARE YOU DOING. It’s like these are chapters in some terrible Harlequin romance novel she thinks is her life. It’s just disgusting.

      • Dude, it’s so fucked up! SO FUCKED UP.

        The whole scene is hideous and fucked up as it is, but this little value add (HA!) just pushes it over the line to outer limits deranged.

        But it really does read like a disclosure for a shill. Which makes me laugh my asymmetrical tits off.

  30. And you know what else? I”m bringing some class rage into this. I just read the most heartbreaking article in the NY Times, not sure which day it was from, but basically outlining the new poor in this country, how people who used to be comfortably middle class are now long-term unemployed and relying on the social safety net for the first time ever, and it’s running out for millions of Americans all the time, especially if Congress doesn’t approve Obama’s jobs bill extending unemployment benefits to the end of the year. These are middle class people who used to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle that just CANNOT and probably WILL NOT find work, any time soon, if ever. Middle class people who now rely on food stamps if they are lucky, or Church food banks to survive. It’s happening everywhere. And then I have to read about this fucking twat’s $4000 Valentine’s Day extravaganza and sorry but it’s really just disgusting. Rant over.

    • I read that same article. So heartbreaking.

      We’re not talking about Welfare Queens and people ‘scamming’ the system. It’s people who have worked hard their entire lives, suddenly finding themselves jobless and screwed. The people without a college degree are being hit especially hard.

      I am thankful every day for my college degree and job. Especially considering I live in CA, where we’ve got possibly the highest unemployment rate in the country. And of course the ‘official’ numbers don’t include people who have stopped looking for work, or illegals.

      It is SO tacky of the Donkey to brag about all this cash being spent on her right now. And not just that it’s being spent, but the amount, that is so obscene.

      You know how many people you could feed for $5000? What do you think the Donk’s reaction would have been if King Prawn had given her a card + note saying he’d made a donation to the local food bank for $5K instead of giving her gifts for VDay? You know she would have pitched a MAJOR fit and whined like the little princess bitch that she is.

      It’s shocking how little class she has, considering the ‘good’ family she came from. Honestly. She acts like someone straight outta Jerry Springer.

      • “The people without a college degree are being hit especially hard.”

        Even worse is the plight of newly-unemployed folks w/ expensive medical conditions & disabilities, because NO employer wants to take on anyone considered a HUGE drain via insurance premiums.

        So many sad situations everywhere & Donkey can’t see beyond her own pink bubble …

        An old part of me could really hate on Julia now, RE: *this* particular selfish character flaw of hers being highlighted, but *hate* isn’t something I entertain anymore …

        The old ‘karma’ cliche isn’t comforting either, because thinking ‘she’ll get hers eventually!’ seems a mindset that’s indicative of *everyone* suffering these days having done something to deserve their dilemma(s) < so NOT the case.

        I have no problem snarking on this entitled bitch, & I don't get ruffled over the body-snark debate either, because RBNS (for me, anyway) is a necessary decompression zone that allows any of us to get crap out of our systems & clear our heads to deal (nicely & compassionately) w/ people & issues that *really* matter, in the bigger picture.

        Sometimes I'm actually a little sad for her, because anyone's life can turn for the worse on a dime & probably her regrets over trivial minutiae like OMFG! PINK TUTUS! CUPCAKES! & the wasted opportunities she's had would drive her stark-raving mad.

        /off the soapbox now

    • I agree with both of you.

      This display is so disgusting and just really, really fucking gauche.

      Some people who were formerly doing ok are now totally fucked.

      We are not living in an age of obscene displays of wealth. And it’s funny how the truly wealthy seem to have a grasp on this.

      It just shows her for the hayseed she is.

      • and its not just the Valentines extravaganza -its all the other “phannnn-tasy ” dates -that is a lot of money . Not much imagination but a lot of money. Wasnt it like 1k on food a couple of weeks ago?
        He can spend his money any way he wants to BUT in the context of a so called life cast -of course people will ask questions. Its not jealousy -i would not want that life but i am curious and also repulsed.

  31. To add to the many questionable details about this whole spectacle is this: if the guy is a lawyer, and if he is making money (so, working for a major firm), and if he is 26, then this guy should be clocking serious work hours. People I know who’ve gone this route (and, weirdly, I know many) have all made the white-collar sweatshop analogy with stories of sleeping in the office, constantly canceling dates because of work, etc. So how does this guy have the time to put together a shitshow, let alone carry it out?

    And say he’s not a lawyer – say he’s in finance. Same deal. Those twentysomethings are usually driven hard, and in this economy, I have to assume that they’re being driven harder than ever.

    • Exactly. And if he ISN’T clocking major hours, it’s probably because there AREN’T major hours to clock. Biglaw is NOTHING like it was even two years ago – I know Biglaw attorneys now scrambling for work or hiding in their office because they have nothing to do all day. The work is not there. So, he’s really being a major doofus spending all this cash on a stupid date when his job very much may be on the line. So again, my guess is either douchebag/moron, or trust funder.

      • That could actually happen. Going on international business trips is really not glamorous or particularly enjoyable. It’s usually for something boring, like depositions, and from what I’ve seen you usually have almost no time for sightseeing.

      • I believe she referred to him being “such a nice young man”, which is not only condescending, but just not something someone her age should say. Ever.

      • My questionable memory is trying to convince me that there was a post about him (I don’t recall age though) where a mutual male friend (& I *want* to say it was Paul Carr, OAP) was w/ them & took their pic in a restaurant (smiley face on the usual suspect, etc).

        Maybe that was a different dude, maybe someone will correct my memory that needs refreshing, cuz I’m not finding anything of the sort on her blahhg now.

      • I’m going to guess he’s about 35 and a mid-level finance guy.

        (Again, I’m not interested in seeing this guy outed. Putting up with Julia is punishment enough.)

      • She said so herself in the lead up — like OMG, i am going on a date w/ someone by brother’s age… But Toph Eggers was also younger. So it’s hard to know.

        But i do recall his being younger coming up.

        I have thought about this access and money at this younger age and i thought trust fund.

        I dated a wealthy comer in his early days (a long time ago) and yes he had bank, but he had to watch himself too.

        Things are just more precarious at a younger age, and from what i understand he should be clocking mega hours, be making less than before the crash and not be on such ‘i am willing to spend thousands to land pussy’ stable, ahem, ground at this point.

        So! Something is fishy.

        I think he’s already got $$ from the family like her, plus he is gainfully employed.

        But still, new lawyers have to clock obscene hours, financial crash or not. So that doesn’t make sense.

      • If my memory serves me correctly, I think someone emailed her about Prom King and she responded that he was 26 years old.

      • Mostly a lurker but this is killing me.

        Why is pk being so idiotic with his funds that are surely limited dude??
        In a brilliant man’s words that I won’t steal: “Nothing lasts forever. And we both know hearts can change…”
        And so do bank accounts. My husband is in finance and he does well for himself and for me and my cat children (actually 2 little girl dachshunds; might as well be cats okay they are cats but don’t tell them just let me into your clique pls but they are actually dachshunds) but we are CAREFUL. We do fun things and have fun dinners and go on the very occasional nice vacation but when we come home we’ll make every effort to rein it in. We’ll cook at home (cheese and crakers and bagel bites-gourmet-like,) and just hang out. Plenty of cheap wine. And tv of all sorts. We aren’t proud.

        We are planning for our future when we might have more than just dachshund children. And maybe we worry about it all sometimes.

        The weekend these two just had and the amount of money prom douche apparently spent is offensive and more importantly, stupid. At this rate she is going to end up like one of these real housewives who loses there house and is like “whaaaa haaaapen?????” I actually can’t say anything more about it b/c I’m getting into a lather. All love to the brilliant RBNSers and their marvelous commenters.

  32. The slightly (actually extremely) demented son of a hugely wealthy Russian oligarch? With a taste for Role play, tacky pedestrian events & feeding?
    There is something so off about this whole thing.
    If he is 26 he has the taste of a 50 year old who has learnt about NY from watching old tv shows
    If he is a lawyer he doesn’t seem to to work much (agree with what was said above)
    Its very strange

    • OMG ding ding ding! Russian oligarchs! I’m Russian so I’m allowed to say these things but boy oh boy do the Russian nuveau riche LOVE spending money on extravagant, mind-blowingly stupid shit. It’s all for show, the more you can show people your wealth the better. Also, if he’s Russian, not a lot of experience with American chicas and thus Julia is a novelty. Could kind of explain the smoking since Russians are generally big smokers. I realize that could be said about a lot of people but if he really is Russian, then it just makes sense.

      Interesting, interesting.

      • mmmm -there was something about the smoking -the way he held it or something.
        Also what salary man guy would do all of this extravagant hoo-haa, and what 3rd generation wealthy chip von facklton IV would do this -she’d be all about the Americas Cup etc -she would be braying about different things ….
        Something about this screams Nouveau to me , screams I don’t depend on my work money to live on -doesn’t seem like an English guy.
        Its also a very exaggerated typical american date type experience -what you think american dating is like if you’ve only seen american dating on tv -i can relate to this,

      • Sound theory, PWB.

        Maybe he’s Italiano & old money ~ face it, his hands don’t look like they’ve EVER done a day’s work.

        Besides, there’s an Ialian chick that calls herself SWINGERELLA who hosts videos of Julia & other women …

        & who here would be very surprised if Asino (that’s Italian for Donkey, btw) had to branch out to an unsuspecting international forum in her matchmaking manhunt?

      • Good guess. I am betting on Russian or Eastern European. From some sort of shady business family money. Now it all makes sense. LET IT UNFOLD, PEOPLE!

  33. She is really, really, really bringing the cray cray now. And to think we thought it was all over around new year’s.

    I’m seriously hooked too. What ever will she do next. Looking very forward to the bi-coastal bash, however I can’t imagine much can top last year.

  34. I believe she is only with him for two reasons:

    1: He’s not afraid to lay down the benjamins.
    2: Date for Brother Britt and Miss Allie’s wedding.

    I’m sure it just won’t work out, so sad, he was such a nice young man, but sometimes you just have to be true to your heart, right after the wedding.

    But don’t fret, she’ll still demand he buy her that tacky Chico’s jewelry she was braying about.

  35. Also, I do feel like there is something off about this whole thing. I doesn’t add up quite right.

    I feel like this person is either just messing with her, or she’s actually found someone who is totally perfect for her.

  36. i feel like PSH (freddy) in talented mr ripley -banging on the piano looking at Toms apartment saying ” this isn’t Dickies place its ….. bourgeious”
    This whole thing stinks like Donks booties.

  37. This is going to sound really dumb, but I really can’t believe she would post such a personal photo on her freaKING blog!!

  38. Isn’t she supposed to smoke a cigarette after they are done? I hope they did not end up staining the furniture at the Four Seasons.

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