Julia Allison’s Love Life Now In Reruns


Julia Allison, google alert expert, has apparently just said ‘fuck it’ and is now plagiarizing her OWN shit.

In what sounds eerily familiar, Julia tweets about her Valentine’s date with that poor schlub:

Prom King has our “Belated Valentine’s Day” planned for this evening. Knowing him, I can’t even imagine what it entails … 11 minutes ago from web

He told me to arrive at his place at 5:30 … I walked in to find rose petals in the hallway, and a card telling me to go into the bedroom. 11 minutes ago from web

When I opened the door to the bedroom, I found THREE Betsey Johnson dresses (1 red, 2 pink!) w a card that said to pick one for tonight (!!) 10 minutes ago from web

Which Valentine’s Day dress should I wear?? http://twitpic.com/14fagk 6 minutes ago from Echofon

I’m sorry but…didn’t her ex Michael already do this? Either Julia can’t be bothered to make up new Amazing Romantic Things Men Do For Me material, or Prom King is a pathetic loser trying to live up to Julia’s EX BOYFRIEND. Either scenario comes off as beyond sad. I won’t even start on what kind of asshole stops and tweets this shit.


  1. I hope young, impressionable women reading Donk’s tweets learn the the important life lesson she has to offer:

    Love is about objects, materialism, cliches, and terrible, tacky dresses.

    Can someone hold my hair back while I vomit?

  2. If that’s true, PK is an idiot.

    If it’s made up, it’s ridiculously demented.

    Sadly, I think it’s the latter.

    • Really? I think it’s the former. Which means Wallet Thing is a total sub. Which means a proposal and wedding is not far off. Which makes me very happy.

  3. ALSO….

    If these were two functioning adults, the note to go to the bedroom would result in crazy, wild sex and THAT would be the Belated Valentine’s Day plan. Fin.

    • This! Perhaps there would be a selection of pink and red boxes… from Babeland. 😉 Not BETSEY JOHNSON of all places, dear God.

      • Valentines day in a bedroom should mean La Perla in a box. a night in not a date to go see hair where you tweet about how bad it is only to leave at intermission.

  4. I’m sorry, that’s just pitiful. He’s 26? Most men his age (well, most men that *I* know) would prefer to spend Valentine’s Day getting drunk with their girl- or boy- friends and fucking. Betsey monstrosities or rose petals are not even on their radar. I cannot even begin to describe how utterly SKEEVED I would be if a guy I’d been dating for a few weeks pulled all that shit.

    • Truer words, GSP, truer words.

      (Irrelevant personal detail: I’m 22 and my boyfriend is 27. It terrifies me that I’m dating someone older than Julia Allison’s boyfriend.)

      • Dude, I’ll be 26 in 2mo (omg) and BF* will be 26 later this year. If he did this, I’d be like, WTF are you doing, why the hell would you spend money on dresses when you could a) take us to dinner or b) save it for our future. I just… I’m a girly-girl, but this doesn’t appeal to me AT ALL.

      • My boycat and I totally spend Valentine’s Day tripping balls on acid and alternating between crazy drug sex and really intense emotional conversations.

      • @Bi-Polar Birthday Bash: This is so completely random, but I did the same exact fucking thing. We decided it was far better than any other Valentine’s Day we could have possibly had.

    • A 26 yr old I was dating (years ago) planned a ski weekend that fell on a valentines day weekend and swore up and down that he’d have none of the holiday hullabaloo. I liked him a whole lot and said that was no problem. We were going away for the weekend; what ‘s to complain about? As I am getting into the car, I notice a bunch of ranunculus on the front seat. So pretty. So briefly in season. So sweet. He says, ” I can’t NOT recognize that it’s Valentines Day. I’m not a complete jerk.”. Not another mushy-prove it to me nonsense. Great weekend. Grown up behavior. Take note, Donkey and Prop Thing.

  5. I would be utterly skeeved and completely freaked out by this. I think the last time anyone gave me a choice of dresses to wear I was 5 years old and I’m fine with that. Grow the fuck up, Julia. Stop living as though life were a mixture of Barbie’s Dream House and a Kate Hudson romcom. You might find that you like being an adult woman with real relationships. Jesus. I am so disgusted by her.

    • Agreed. I would punch my boyfriend in the face if he pulled some nonsense like this. Fortunately, he’s not a tool.

  6. Strange she hasn’t mentioned anything more about that “pilot,” and suddenly she’s the star of fashion week and now this blast from the past. It’s worrisome.

  7. You guys. She’s been waiting for this moment since the last time it happened. Quit shitting on her cupcakes.

    • Wait till she tells him that when they break up, she gets to live in his place for a year and a half for free.

    • Yup! I say at least and/or he’s done his background research since she’s retold that story like 1 million times on her bog.

    • At least Michael had better taste. What was it she wore when he bought her dresses? A nice understated black one-shoulder piece?

    • This is what is so pathetic. That Prop Thing is re-enacting Princess Petal Plupper’s most romantic moment ever in the history of ever. So ineffably sad. And because it’s Betsey, so tragically age-inappropriate.

      Speaking personally, on this do-over Valentine’s Day Julia-style, I couldn’t have asked for more. As the the song goes.

    • i am just totally skeeved that he pulled the same lame rom-com stunt as an EX-BOYFRIEND of hers. i cannot get past this. Wallet Thing must be half-crazed himself, no? Who does this?!?!?!?

  8. i fucking hate this shit.


    >>professor pinkenstuffy retreats to corner, curls up in fetal position, crying.<<

    • God! I know. “Curator” is not a word i ever imagined having to hear the Jank say aloud. She musta had to practice that one a few times.

  9. The tragedy here is that he reads her blergh and is trying to replace the one that got away, i.e. her one true love!

    It is just so pathetic and tragic. Donkey puts it out there on her blergh and Wallet Thing is left to pick up the tab.

    It’s just so text book.

    If my current beau ever tried to resemble a past love, i would just take him aside and say, “listen sweetie, it’s you i love. please don’t attempt to be like so-and-so. There’s a good reason that didn’t work out….”

    But no! It’s the cray cray every time.

    And the fact that she is tweeting this shit is just so fucking nuts. I can’t even take a stab at that one. Beyond she is utterly incapable of authentic lived experience at this point. It’s really gross.

  10. There is absolutely no reason for that video to exist. I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. I feel shaky and a little nauseous.

    • DYING. Those are all from the Betsey Johnson “Teen Vogue” collection. I wish I were kidding. FASH-ON PEOPLE!

      • They are in the $250-400 range. Not chump change, but you could get a really beautiful Catherine Malandrino or OMG DVF dress for that price and not look like a teenager in a white stretch limo with chasing lights.

      • Mmmm, Catherine Malandrino. Now I’m laughing to myself imagining her in head to toe Rick Owens. With her pelts. And tranny slap.

    • I hope her pelts don’t come out in his hands while she’s paying for her dresses. On a side note, can you imagine having sex wearing 2 feet of hot heavy curled, glued in pelts?

    • Oh LORDY, LORDY! Someone please pass me mah smellin’ salts. The thought of the Donk giving a BJ makes me want to hurl.

  11. ew ew ew. this whole thing is too weird. he’s copying her ex. she’s blogging every second of this. via the web. so she’s taking the time to get on her laptop to tweet instead of just enjoying the moment. the dresses are from a teen collection. jesus christ. it’s too much. just too much!

    • If my bf started re-creating events that happened with past bf’s I would be sprinting out the front door with the psycho theme blaring through my head.

      • For reals, and I’m not just saying that out of spite because I’m cuddling in front of a roaring fire w/my cat right now.

        Dude’s game is weak.

        Plus, isn’t it a little weird that she still calls him Prom King? Not
        – my fella
        – my boo
        – The Donger
        anything showing a tiny amount of affection? By the time a guy is bankrolling Robin Leach style dates for me, I’m definitely koo-koo for him.

        Eh, that’s just me. Maybe I am jealous.
        (Freshens cognac in Fluffy’s snifter)

      • It’s because she’s the real life Carrie Bradshaw don’t you know??? All her dates have cute little nicknames just like the show! Just like the fictional character from fucking 5 years ago that she still bases her life on!

      • Kaka Manna, I like your style. Of course, I have liked your style from the moment I first read your username and collapsed in fits of giggles.

  12. It’s so lucky for Julia that “Prom King” not only helped her reenact prom and her favorite date ever, but also ensured she was provided Betsey Johnson dresses for a third birthday.

    It must be so nice to script your life.

    • what a funny coinky-dink that she was just shopping for birthday dresses with Meghan all afternoon!! Hmmmmmmm

  13. Every tweet, every life moment, every chick flick fantasy that Julia brays as reality is layered with the most banal detritus from the dustbin of pop culture. Where’s this rose petals lining the floor delusion coming from? A few years back, my gf of the moment and I watched a Playgirl vid, all full of vignettes in which men bend over backwards to please anorexic porn stars with bolt-one . One of those boner killing vignettes featured a near exact replica of Julia’s rose petals moment, except those weren’t Betsy Johhson dresses waiting for the starlet.

  14. Can you imagine taking her on a date? Every five seconds, “HOLD ON LET ME TWEET THIS” and checking her @ replies.

    UGH. RAGE.

    @juliaallison Prom King picked me up wearing a tux w the red Geoffery Beene tie I gave him last Sun for V-Day. And a strech limo. With champagne. Ahh!!

    • I swear, if she tweets where they are going, I have half a mind to pull on a coat and go to the damn place for photographic evidence that such a hackneyed, cheesy, embarrassing display is actually taking place. Hey Julia – if a chick in a cat-hair covered Sun Valley hoodie and dark-wash skinny jeans shows up with a camera, smile! (I kid, I kid.)

    • Stretch limo!!!! Exciting! Classy! Debutantesque!
      What no Hummer limo with neon lights?

      And with Champagne!! Which she never drinks!
      Maybe she could just take a swig to knock down her meds.

    • They wore these outfits to see Hair. She’s tweeting about how much she hates the show.

      They must look like extras from a Fellini movie.

      • They are like the people from bumblefuck who wear formal wear to “Phantom of the Opera”.

        True story: When I was 16 we took a school trip to NYC to see plays. I am from the South, ya’ll – not exactly sophistication central. And WE laughed at the people in tuxes and prom dresses at shows.

      • This seriously reminds me of my Sweet 16, where my boyfriend and friends and I got really dressed up and my father rented us a limo and we went to see “Phantom of the Opera.” Except she’s 30.

    • Oh, and Geoffrey Beene ties are SO CHEAP. Like, maybe $50 max. This guy is whipped if he’s wearing that shit in public, because finance and big law guys are very tie snobbish. With most of them, it’s Hermes or bust. (Yes, I recognize that the tie is the least of his problems, but she didn’t even spring for something nice.)

      • Before someone jumps on me: I’m not trying to say that $50 is nothing. But, considering that the guy has been dropping loads of cash on her, she should have gotten him something a) thoughtful or b) beautiful and special, and she did neither.

      • This is her pattern. She gets an acquaintance some inexpensive baby gifts and “can’t wait to see his reaction,” as though she had given a Begg cashmere baby blanket.

        The guy has dropped big bucks on her, and she can easily afford to go to Hermes or Peter Elliott or even Saks to get him a tie.

      • You can get Geoffrey Beene at TJ Maxx for $30 which is what you know she did because in her video she said her other gifts came from there.

      • yes, and you can usually go the extra yard and get the Geoffrey Beene cellophane-wrapped tie AND dress shirt combos at Maxx and Macy’s for about 19.99 or less. The shirts are usually some kind tacky sateen-y polyester blend though. And have the pockets – which I hate.
        My beef with the tie is that it so fucking boring boring, shiny and tacky. It’s goddamn Regis Philbin tie. Really, it doesn’t take much to find an inexpensive tie with an interesting-ish pattern. She’s really thoughtless and lazy.
        I’m not a tie snob – I really don’t have to wear them much anymore – but what I find special about Hermes and Ferragamo is not so much the status but the quality and also the really interesting, whimsical but subtle, prints and patterns – poodles, octopi, squirrels, hell, they probs even have cupcakes. A thoughtful gift like that goes a long way with me and its a pity PK doesn’t get better treatment.

    • It’s just so utterly pathetic. That is all I have to say.

      No, also, I want these fucking hicks to leave my city immediately. SATC ended how many years ago, you fucking freaks. I’m going to kick kittens now.

      • Seriously. I’ve lived here pretty much all my life, and I don’t know anyone else who lives their lives like it’s a teen movie version of NY. At the age of almost 30. It’s sad, and it’s ridiculous.

  15. Uh oh, Julia hates hair. did you think it was about hippie soulmates? Sorry actual intelligent ideas about the 60s are not sugary enough for your valentine’s day dream. You probablly look like a dumbass in your tulle.

  16. She’s talking about how terrible Hair is. Guess she hasn’t been reading Jordan’s blog! She just wrote about how much she looooved Hair. She also wrote “I don’t really like plays.” What? That reminds me of a girl I once knew who didn’t “really like movies.”

    • This gave me a serious case of the ragies.

      I’m inspired to write a letter to Jordan begging her to ditch the Donk….and I don’t even like Jordan.

  17. Watching Julia implode because PK took her to the “wrong” Broadway show is a stitch. I saw Hair when it was in the park, it’s not my favorite musical but I didn’t just flounce off. He should’ve known culture is wasted on a donkey.

    • And the most fabulous thing of all is remembering how Donks-a-lot (that would be our beloved Julia Allison Baugher) fumed when her then-beau, Jake Lodwick, didn’t like the B’way production of The Grinch that she hauled him to that fateful Christmas Season. Ah, memories….

      • I just think its nice that all of them only see plays based on films (that, like Hair, may have been based on plays) . Otherwise it gets too confusing and all.

    • Wallet Thing should have known that only a Disney show would make the Donks happy on Val Day. Really, he deserves his blue balls tonight.

  18. Is it the epitome of class to shit on someone’s present? Should she have just suffered in silence and joked with PK about it’s terribleness AFTER the show? Hmm.

    Except HAIR might be the worst musical I’ve seen since The Little Mermaid. Like Dazed & Confused, you have to be VERY stoned to enjoy it. 31 minutes ago from Echofon

    And maybe not even then. Ugh. HAIR is why people hate Broadway shows. 30 minutes ago from Echofon

    Prom King to me: “I definitely should’ve gone with Billy Elliot.” We’re leaving at intermission. 28 minutes ago from Echofon

    • It’s so selfish. He may have been enjoying it. My mother taught me, don’t complain about your food in a restaurant (if you don’t like it, not if it legitimately needs to be sent back) because the other person may like theirs. You take away their pleasure by being bratty about it, especially if it’s a date. A lady keeps her trap shut.

    • Is she tweeting DURING the show? Rhetorical question, mybad. She just wants to leave because she needs to be up & about, so she can be SEEN, people! She’s got fauxtos to star in!

    • I call further bullshit on the whole thing. Jordan just “took” her mom to see Hair as an EARLY birthday present, and now Julia’s there. Free tickets babies, free tickets.

      • I think watching Dazed and Confused would be less fun and interesting stoned. I think the film does an epic, poignant, and mostly hilarious duty of encapsulating the suburban high school experience. Maybe it’s too painful for her to watch – the Darla Marks – snas drinking – of New Trier, perhaps?

    • She’s totally fucked up:

      “Oh holy S–T. The entire cast just took off ALL OF THEIR CLOTHING. I was going to bring MY PARENTS to this. Dear god.”

      She did a video last night standing in front of a photo of a naked woman and discussing it with random victims of her witlessness. She’s unhinged (and in addition looks retarded for not knowing about the nudity in Hair).

      • And her parents – who were alive in the 60s – would have been SHOCKED, I say. Simply, SHOCKED!

        Julia – you walk around with your tits hanging out, shoving your pelvis at any animal, human or mineral that winds up in your path. A little stage nudity wouldn’t phase them. Plus, the actors are GETTING PAID.

      • Also, not to be all Brooooooadwaaaaaaayyyyyy but this is one of the few things most people know about Hair, that there is nudity in it.

      • Seriously! How long has Hair been performed? Something like 35 years and Julia never heard about the nudity? This woman lives under a rock!!

      • You know what? Even those of us who live on an island in the bottom of the South Pacific, Oy?, Fuckarse Allison?, EVEN WE KNOW THAT THERE IS NUDITY IN THIS SHOW.

        For God’s fucking sake this woman has no knowledge whatsoever about ANYTHING to do with anything.

      • OH COME ON! If there’s one thing EVERYBODY on the entire planet knows about Hair it’s that the entire cast gets nekkid.

    • She announces every fucking week, along with her weight, waist in inches, what her vagina looks like, and where she bought her shiny tights. I think the bigger question is, is there anyone who DOESN’T know her dress size in theory? (No, not the size she SHOULD be wearing. The one she tries to convince us she wears.)

    • Oof. That’s got to be delicate. Too small and it won’t fit her (and betsy probably runs a tiny bit small seeing as it was the junior line) but too big and she’ll be all in tears.

  19. Just putting this out there:

    juliaallison Oh holy S–T. The entire cast just took off ALL OF THEIR CLOTHING. I was going to bring MY PARENTS to this. Dear god.

  20. I just…it’s amazing. Really. Not the way she acts, that I continue to be appalled/amazed/surprised. Your boyfriend is treating you to the OMG NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!!!!! STOP. FUCKING. TWEETING. IT. It’s completely narcissistic on so many levels. First, enjoy your night with him you asshole! How fucking rude is it that he did all this for you and you are tweeting it, not spending time with him? Also, you are under the illusion that anyone, anywhere, is waiting with baited breath to hear every detail and every second of your Silly Date Liveblog. Trust me, no one is. Recap it tomorrow, add lots of smilies, whatever. But for the love of all that is holy, just STOP. TWEETING. DURING YOUR FUCKING DATE.


    • Even grosser, he probably encourages it. The guy is an obvious show-off. “Go ahead and tweet this, babe. Make all those haters jealous!” You just KNOW he does this!

      • He screams of douchebag. No 26 year old I’ve ever known acts like this. You are not Mr. Big, stop trying to be. You work in Biglaw, like 5000 other idiots in the city. Just stop already. GAH. WHO ARE THESE POD PEOPLE I KNOW THEM NOT.

    • But actually, I AM waiting for her to tweet it–ALL of it, right down to the last floofy ruffle on the last Betsy-Wetsy dress–so that I can laugh my ass off at it. Julia Allison is one of the most reliable of life’s little absurd pleasures. We don’t have Moliere, folks, but we have this…this…donktackular, and sometimes that is enough.

  21. I wonder how many different restaurants they are going to? Has she tweeted that one yet? I predict one that he read has the BEST crab cakes in the city, then another one for Most Interesting Cat Fish entree That is Also Expensive, and of course, a third for best Creme Brulee (sprinkled with gold-flecked cinnamon) this side of the Atlantic. SO BLESSED 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • It’s definitely going to be one of her top 3 meals EVER, EVER.

      I’m pretty sure he’s going to go with hiring his own fleet of specially colored pink planes to sky write “Will you Marry Me, Miss Julia Allison” when the time comes. Then there will be fireworks. The ring will be Tiffany, of course. Because if it’s not he’s not getting laid.

    • Then to Le Snootay Frawnch Cuppacakah Shoppe for cupcakes made with milk from cows raised on the rolling hills of Malmaison estate. After that, Miss Hannigan’s BBQ to feast on roasted orphans.

    • Holy fuck Donkey. I may be a sad hater cat lady home watching men’s speed skating quarterfinals eating pizza (Mr. Whiskers is at work) BUT I KNOW ENOUGH NOT TO TWEET DURING A DATE.


  22. There’s something so artificial and off about everything Prom King that I’m beginning to wonder if she’s just his beard.

  23. Thank God she is flying her crazy flag tonight because bitches I am BORED! The catboy and I had a fight, and I let him fall asleep on the couch so I wouldn’t have to deal with his ass anymore. The Olympics suck tonight (no ice dancing – boo!), so I am drinking and watching the Donkey Show: Electric Fugaloo.

    • My friend (who is thankfully unaware that The Donkey exists) is over and we are doing the same thing. We raise our glasses of Franzia to you FG!

    • Hope everything works out with the catboy, FG! I’m supposed to be reading early-modern drama, but hell if that’s what I’m actually doing. If only I weren’t sober…

  24. The saddest part is the “he told me to arrive at his apartment at 5:30”, given that he would have had to boot her out of his apartment in the first place to get her to arrive there.

  25. Does anyone alive in the 21st century not know the history of Hair or is unable to Google it? Really?


    After an off-Broadway debut in October 1967 at Joseph Papp’s Public Theater and a subsequent run in a midtown discothèque space, the show opened on Broadway in April 1968 and ran for 1,750 performances. Simultaneous productions in cities across the United States and Europe followed shortly thereafter, including a successful London production, which ran for 1,997 performances. Since then, numerous productions have been staged around the world, spawning dozens of recordings of the musical. Some of the songs from its score became Top 10 hits, and a feature film adaptation was released in 1979. A Broadway revival opened on March 31, 2009, earning strong reviews and winning the Tony Award and Drama Desk Award for best revival of a musical. In 2008, Time magazine wrote, “Today Hair seems, if anything, more daring than ever


    From the ineffable Jordan:

    @juliaallison Noooooo! You hate The Hangover AND Hair? You’re killing me. KILLING ME.

    Bring it Jordan, bring it.

  27. Oh heyyyyy: Prom King and I are now happily ensconced in a corner booth at Park Avenue Winter – a restaurant that changes entirely every season! Cute 🙂 33 minutes ago from Echofon

    Uh oh PK. 1) Isn’t it like restaurant week in NYC right now or something? 2) Yelp ONLY GAVE IT 3 MONEY SIGNS.

    This PK character confuses me. He’s tries real hard to get all the extravagant stuff down but he doesn’t seem to have classes – misses all the small details. e.g. deli flowers, accessories, etc. I mean, my lovely 20 year old catboy didn’t cart me all over town for V-day but he came up over a modest yet very well chosen flower arrangement.

  28. So following the advice on PK’s card do we think Julia be giving The Thing a BJ later on that bed, in that there above photo? After another 78 course meal? If so I need to leave the room. Do not feel well.

  29. Ugh, WHEN is the proposal going to happen?? PK, if you don’t propose on Belated Valentine’s Day (preferably on top of the Empire State Building lit up pink & red for the occasion), you suck!

  30. Wow. Stealing ideas from the “one who got away,” the guy she was still trying to reach only a few weeks ago. Really, really lame.

  31. Prom King tricked me into thinking tonight was “just” dinner and a Broadway show. Then the limo dropped us off at The Four Seasons. (!!!)
    15 minutes ago from Echofon

    OMG this was all a ploy for him to shag it. Good on him. Now if she tweets during this I will be sick.

  32. I was enraged reading her tweets that were taking place during the first act of HAIR. If I would’ve seen her doing that (if I were at the show), I would’ve grabbed her cell phone, thrown it on the ground, and smacked her. What an inconsiderate fucking bitch.

  33. Beyond the sad rerun of an old date, the pedophiliac dresses, the constant losercasting of a “romantic” date, I can’t believe she was Tweeting from the stage. It is so distracting to look into the audience during a show and see people fucking with their cellphones. The theater is a performer’s workplace. It would be like going to her pink palace and sitting on her bed to watch her write her… oh wait. She doesn’t have a job. No wonder she doesn’t understand the concept of workplace etiquette.

  34. I can’t hate on prom king. he’s young, and i really don’t think he knows any better, and worst of all, which many of you have already highlighted, is that he has gone to some trouble, and seemingly a lot of expense to put together a date for someone who doesn’t even have the courtesy to give him her full attention and NOT liveblog/tweet the entire damn thing. She could just as easily achieve this through a summary tomorrow on her blog, but she is opting to be incredibly rude to this guy who is actually trying to fulfill her completely deluded, unrealistic and unbecoming fantasies of pink and chiffon valentines. it blows my mind that anyone would ever think it’s appropriate to break away from the free dresses, champagne, nice meal, etc. to tweet about it to justify her existence to a whole bunch of people who hate her is beyond me. even if it’s cheesy beyond belief for normal people standards, prom king is making nice gestures, and julia is being a complete rude asshole to him.

    (sorry for the rant, i had a fight with my own personal julia allison today, so i’m in a fighting mood)

  35. Funny, no fauxtos of her actually in the dress or on the date. She can twitter all through it, sure, but can’t upload a twitpic or use the (mad simple) tumblr iPhone app? But Daddy, that doesn’t allow for preshush photoshop tiiiiiime!

  36. Wow. She was paying NO attention to the date at all. I tweeted @ her something in an outrage about her tweeting during the show and RIGHT away she blocked me. I deleted the tweet out of frustration because, though I’ve sent her outraged emails about her behavior before, it’s just so pointless though because her ‘readers’ trying to tell her anything that isn’t absolutely POSITIVE is like talking to a four year old. In one ear and out the other…

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