Julia: Moving? Or Living Rent-Free? Life Coach?


Hmmmm, the Pink Pelt Palace/Lilly’s Shitter Box has been sold. Is she moving out of heartless New York City? And Daddy’s in town. What could it all mean?

An aside: Remember the life coach? Funny how we never heard another word about him again. Sort of like Harvard Business School, Davos coverage, doing away with vertical scrolling, sleep apnea, etc. Please, leave your reminders of all the other Donk-isms that have never been mentioned again. We can do a list for handy reference, and keep it on the blog roll.


  1. We have not heard about the OMG bi coastal b day bash in a while. Perhaps it was canceled so Dadsers can help her find a place to live?

    • Should the BCBB be in three weeks?? Oh god, I love birthday time. I know I’m not over Julia because birthday time gets me all excited.

    • I’m hoping Julia and Randi discovered that they have to go through quite a few legal steps to host an official Komen event and backed the fuck off. They were touting it as a benefit for Susan G. Komen but it was not an authorized Komen event. They could have gotten into serious legal trouble for using the Komen name for their shady “fundraiser” without authorization.

    • This just made me choke on carrot juice. (NOT bl*eprint brand.)

      Because it was so recent, but I (and Julia) had completely forgotten about it. She prob couldn’t possibly attend class this week as she has very important job *covering* fashion weeks.

      • Nailed it, you did.

        Sad: So what happened to math class?
        Me: Oh, I had to take a pass during fashion week – but I have my tutor tomorrow.
        Dad: Well, that’s good.
        Me: I’m working on basic arithmetic. I mean, 8 times 6 … who’s to know what that is?
        Dad: Indeed.
        Me: 42?
        Dad: 48.
        Me: See, exactly!

  2. Losing your apartment and looking for another one is a very New York story and one that many people can relate to. So, of course, not a word. Looks like she jumped on Prop Thing for his real estate. She really can’t handle her own life. Pathetic.

    • And all that endless braying in the summer about looking for an apartment and then, dead silence. Great lifecasting!

      • I think that’s when she actually thought she and TK would move in together. She was also all “New York or LA???” After long distance dating for like, a week. HAHAHAHAAA. What a stupid donkey.

      • I totally forgot about business school! How long did that last? Two prep classes? Jesus, I can’t get over what a fucking failure she is in every area of her life. She can’t finish ANYTHING she sets out to do, not even gluing some fucking cut out hearts on a bag with a “stick glue thing,” Do her parents not see she has a severe mental disability?

  3. I can’t get over those listing photos. All that oversized suburban teen furniture crammed in there… it looks like a storage unit. And the fucking dresses on the walls!! I can’t believe the owner didn’t ask her to vacate so that tiny closet could at least be properly staged.

  4. If she has moved in with Wallet Thing, even temporarily, I have little doubt that the man is either a) ugly as sin, b) a total fucking cheeseball whose money doesn’t make him dateable to any other woman in New York, or c) both. No one decent would take this much shit from a busted donkey like JAB.

      • I wish I’d coined that! Someone awesome here nailed it as soon as he appeared on the scene.

    • DING DING DING! I have this theory that he’s ass ugly, chubby and cheesy as hell. If he was good looking, she’d be posting his face all over her blog, but she blocks it out to protect his “privacy.” Yeah right. Julia is OBSESSED with Jordan and Katrina’s hot, skinny, hipster, model/musician type husbands and is probably devastated she had to settle for a cheesy lawyer type she met on a matchmaking service.

      • There are a metric shit-ton of men in New York who are not messing around when it comes to finding a wife. They’re almost too eager to close the deal upon first viewing, so to speak. These guys are usually successful in work but deeply fucked up (mama’s boy, awkward as hell, socially retarded … something major.). Hence the matchmaker shit.

  5. Maybe Dadsers is in town to close on the Pink Palace that he purchased for his princess so she can continue to live in the stench of never washed clothing and dog shit.

    • Good call. I was going to guess he was here to pay and cosign a new lease. She’s such a lazy, hapless twat. No wonder she’s fat.

    • I don’t know. I don’t get the feeling Dadsers is in a mood to enable any longer. I could be wrong. But we’ll never know, will we?

    • He wouldn’t have to physically be in nyc to guarantee a new lease. It’s something else. Maybe he’s buying her a new place as an investment, but, with business school a surety (har) that doesn’t make sense.

  6. I’m terrified of those infantilizing (SIC?) teddy bears in her room. I’m sure it’s been said before, but HOW FUCK she’s pushing 30. WHAT.

  7. Are we sure?

    “NO LONGER AVAILABLE” doesn’t automatically equate to “SOLD” …

    That’s required notification when a listing agreement w/ a particular realty co has expired & hasn’t been renewed …

    • Per this [address redacted] page, it falls under “Previous Listings” & has no ‘transaction’ record’ or ‘pending’ notification …

    • Yeah, it doesn’t look like it was sold. If it was sold, or at least closing, the Realtor would mention that because it makes them look good.

  8. I would suggest that, instead of linking to the site which publishes Julia’s address, you instead post a screen shot of page w/address blurred out.

    Just sayin….Since you’re a “hate site” and all.

    • Girl’s got a GPS up her butt as is, & I think that bird flew the coop when Julia posted her own video tour of the apt, disclosing exact location, etc.

    • Hm, I know what you are saying, but hasn’t she mentioned her building’s address before? How else would RBNS have found it?

      Besides, this may be a “hate site” but I don’t think anyone on here wants to do physical harm to Julia (at least, I hope not). If someone was threatening Julia and she asked RBNS to remove her address I’m sure they would comply. Right?

      I’d be more worried for Rosie, actually.

  9. I’m guessing she’s moving in with wallet thing. How convenient she gets a boyfriend right as her apartment is sold! Also if she gets into any top school she will drop him like a hot potato.

  10. Have we even seen any evidence that she has been in that apartment since she got back from wherever her last trip was?She was at Meghan’s for awhile, and was out in LI for dinner, posted pics of places that weren’t her apartment but were unidentified, and has stated a few times she was over at lame dick’s place for the night. I don’t pay super close attention to her blergh, so I may have missed it, but I kinda think she’s been out of that place for awhile. And I’m guessing daddykins is there to cosign a lease, like a previous poster mentioned.

    • Yeah. I don’t think she’s been at her apartment, which explains the LONG 21,000 day stay in Chicago, since prior to New Years/X Mas. I think she’s been drifting. Convenient time to get a bf!

  11. Wasn’t there a gym thing recently – going to the gym three times a week or something?

    And a while back some sort of daily teacup photography series that lasted, what, one day?

    And everything on the New Year’s resolution list from a while back, of course.

  12. Haven’t heard much about:

    – random “classes” from earlier this month – GMAT prep classes?

    – nothing ever comes of their constant quest for interns, PhD computer programmers, etc. Nonsociety homepage still full of empty pages and “coming soon” placeholders

    – PILOTS


    – Auctioning off clothing for charity / donating clothing

    – Birthday bash – awfully quiet about that lately

    – Britt and Allie’s wedding – perhaps Allie told her future sister in law to STFU with her “helpful” recommendations from everything from bridesmaid dresses to wedding photographers?

    • My guess? Nothing organic but her insanity—anxiety and obsessing self internet naval gazing keeps her up at night. She’s embarrassed to disclose that they found nothing.

      • You know what I do when I have trouble sleeping? I close my laptop and lay in my bed. Ta-da! Problem solved. Julia will have insomnia as long as she continues to sit at her computer Liquifying her body in Photoshop and obsessively google searching “Julia Allison.”

      • I totally just realized that I pretty much repeated what you said, because I misread your comment as only identifying “anxiety and self-obsessing” as the culprit. Regardless, my point is: I agree. My ‘boyfriend’ (brother) has ‘insomnia’ too; it is of the “internetus pokeritus” variety (porn.)

    • If you email us we will provide you with her address, apt number, doorman’s name, copy of her door key, phone number and SID so you can clone her cell, her ssn so you can get her tax information, pelt hair from her brush, and a worn pair of her shoes so you won’t be lonely at night.

      You betcha. Not.

  13. p.s. She’s definitely staying at Prom King’s -the video of her making Valentines present is at his apt, I recognize the counter from Christmas pics. And he was out of town then in Italy, so he must trust her or she really needed a place

    • She was “waiting” for him when he got home from Italy. She has a set of keys and I think was at Meghan’s prior to him going to Italy and than at his place. BTW, I rented apartments twice in a single day. Why is she in this position? It’s not THAT heard especially with $$$ to burn.

  14. Seems like she is doing WHATEVER SHE CAN to avoid being alone with Dadsers–maybe trying to avoid a certain talk?? Hanging out with the NS girls, attending fashion shows, tea with Karp, now drinks with FoxNews Barbie?

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