It’s Reader Interactivity Time: Cupid Edition


We haven’t done one of these in a while, and I need a good laugh today because all this cold weather and cloud cover is seriously making me surly. So another photoshop contest! The theme? Valentine’s Day! Romance! Boiled bunnies! Creepy stalker shit!

Send your submissions to, and I’ll highlight the best ones (all of them).


  1. I was JUST thinking that we needed a “Bitch Please” Photoshop contest, but this is even better! I wish I had talent so I could participate.

    • Wow, what a find. Those apartments, holy shit. Did you click on that?

      And really, when you read that, you really are struck by the fact that she is vile, monstrous narcissist. How does ANYONE get so fucked up when they come from a seemingly normal family?

      • Thing is … Momsers and Dadster don’t seem too normal to me. Brit almost does, but the fact that he acts as cameraman for Julia’s experiments in onanistic cinema holds him back.

      • The wide stance! I don’t know why it still cracks me up. Is there any photographic evidence that she can remain upright with her legs closed?

      • LaLiberte – You look like you are trying too hard and your makeup is too heavy.

        Truer words and all that.

      • “Van Veen – Wow, leave a little something to the imagination. For example, your cervix.”

        i’m so in love with these two sentences, i haven’t stopped laughing.

      • Jeepers, she’s had that Nanette Lepore suit for fucking ages! Like, 4 years now. That is the suit from the fresh water pearls in Germany BS.

        And that stance. OMG. A nightmare.

      • Her wide-set vagina is very apparent in the big jeans one. I was delighted by everyone called bullshit on her straight-from-work business costume.

        And I snorted at this comment, in reference to a Moe by Rambin wristlet:

        “Are you holding a shoe-horn? What is that?”

        I just adore that this piece was supposed to be a poll on what type of outfit guys prefer for a first date, and turned into a showcase of Jackles in all of Ricky’s slutoween offerings with a crowd of guys telling her she dresses way too slutty.

        And oh yes, high fashion = American Apparel?!

  2. I love this shit!! Can we have until tomorrow to make our submissions?? Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!

    • I don’t think I am going to post the submissions until Wednesday or Thursday. But I expect greatness from you people, or else I’ll quit the internet.

  3. Julia sings Rodgers & Hart

    My funny Valentine
    Sweet Prom King Valentine
    You make me smile with my heart
    Your looks are laughable, unphotographable
    Yet you’re my favorite work of outsider art

    Is your figure less than Greek?
    Is your mouth a little weak?
    When you open it to speak, are you smart, like Jonathan Foer?

    But don’t change a hair for me
    Your wallet belongs to me
    Stay little Valentine, stay (good dog!)
    Each day is Valentine’s Day
    (If you take me to Bergdorf’s before I go to LA!)

  4. Everytime I hear that Julia is in a “relationship” all that comes to mind is “Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for kids”

    And honestly, it’s so applicable… why does she call all of her friends bunnies? She’s the rabbit! Oh, she’s also a TRICK.

    If she does get a show she’ll be playing a ‘TRICK on VH1 fighting for the love of some Z lister.

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