Julia: Dishonest Weirdo


1. She post-dated this for reasons that puzzle me.

2. Oh please, Donk. We outed TK? You got “Beth” — also known as Lasagna — to out TK’s identity in the comments of your self-described “hate websites.” You know it, we know it, a lot of the people in your circle know it. Come the fuck on.

A word about my “Romantic Life”: Um … I’m not single anymore

I wrote the below entry back on December 2, 2009. I did not, obviously, publish it. Why? For a multitude of reasons, not the least of which was – as I explain in the penultimate ‘graf – I was at a “very weird stage” with several young men.

And as you might have suspected, I am no longer at that weird stage. I do, in fact, officially have a boyfriend. (whoa!!) That news is both joyful and bittersweet, because I grew to care for two of the young men very much. They were – are – both good people, intelligent and thoughtful and kind. But one (Hipster Lawyer) lived far away, and the other (Prom King), just a few city blocks. In the end, that made all the difference.

Of course, a one sentence summation belies the true complexity of the last few months. Decisions about love with mitigating factors are heartbreaking. But the details are not something I am ready to share, and not something I will likely ever share. Suffice it to say that there is great adoration and respect between Hipster Lawyer and me, and we will always have a special place in each other’s hearts.

Life has taught me time and time again that one cannot always know why things happen – only that they happen for a reason.

December 2, 2009

God, I actually have a weird, nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach just writing this post. Weird.

I wrote this about three times in my head, while lying in bed attempting to fall asleep last night, but of course I can’t remember exactly how I put it. All I know is that it wasn’t like this. 😉

Anyway … so.

Longtime readers know that I haven’t written much* about my dating life in a long time. That, we’ve found – and by “we” I mean every single even-tangentially-public individual in the history of the planet – is fraught. This conclusion is old and tired and pretty well agreed upon, although as fresh-faced young things enter into the public space they will invariably decide “I’m the exception to the DON’T EVER EVER EVER MENTION YOUR RELATIONSHIP RULE” and then find, much to their broken-hearted chagrin, that they are not in fact the exception to anything, except perhaps being subject to fatness & gravity after birth and whatnot.

Uh … right. Of course, by “haven’t written much” I mean no proper names (not since Charles, who loved being showcased), a few mentions of actually going on dates or seeing someone, maybe a tweet about a first or second date, but relatively little detail. I thought obscuring their identities, like Code Name TK, and posting about things that absolutely no one could construe as “oversharing” (playing Frisbee? hiking in Runyon Canyon? Eating s’mores?), I could be open about dating or a relationship without dooming it.

I was, again, naive.

There was a REASON I gave CodeNameTK a code name (and I will give all guys code names until the day I’m married) and it was to protect him. Very few men can handle the heat of hate websites, and that was certainly the case with TK. I underestimated their dedication, as well as their ability to figure out who he was from what I thought were very, very basic bits of biographical information (his age, his city, his profession).*

Of course, there are always guys like Prom King, who thinks it’s adorable to post to the site. But for every Prom King, there are five guys like … well, I’ll have to haul out the old [redacted], who can’t handle even a code name and a few airbrushed details.

Most guys I date are in the middle, like Hipster Lawyer.

* Shakes head, realizes I’ve gotten totally off track. *

Ugh. This is not the point of the post, damnit!

The point of the post is to say this: I’m at a very weird stage with a few guys right now – Prom King, Hipster Lawyer & Wild Card (definitely not the nickname my girl friends & I call him, but that one isn’t suitable for public consumption). I’m under five dates with each of them, which is V. Early Stage. But at least one reads this site and another definitely checks my Twitter … well, you can imagine how odd this whole thing is.

It’s enough to make me not want to discuss my dating life, AT ALL.

And I didn’t … until now. Famous last words, right?

In any case, I won’t be “discussing” my relationship with Prom King, per se, but you will hear about him from time to time, because, well … he’s a large part of my life now.

And that, my friends, is all I have to say about that.



  1. She is a fucking phone fake assed bitch who is settling. This in OBVIOUS.

    He is a LARGE part of my life now. LOL. I think when she said ‘it’ to Hipster Lawyer (or Momsers! — who knows!?) he said, “Uh, no thanks.’

    And voila! She is withholding coffee from PK.

    And come on! How else did she go to Momofuku ko?? This dude bank rolled it.

    Crazy bitch.

      • Or something! That is why she came back from Chi all dejected and shit. Her first twits back were all about being depressed and shit.

        That it did not turn out w. HL in the end is obvious, and it wasn’t her decision… She preferred him because he probably isn’t large / fits her beauty ideal better.

        So PK is basically leftovers. Voila!

      • Hipster Lawyer is her Or Better Offer … I’m sure she’s still holding out hope for the two of them to work out.

      • I don’t think we have proof one way or another, Ineffable. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt; he probably exists but she has vastly exaggerated their “relationship”.

    • I was just thinking I wish someone would go back to Dec 2 or so and find all those depressed tweets. Obvs TL dumped her. And if I just entered a serious relationship with a dude who I knew was dating a few people before he committed, and he put on the INTERNET that he chose me for geographical convenience only, and that there was much “adoration” between him and the other girl and she’d always have a place in his “heart”? After freaking 5 dates?

      F*ck that sh*t.

      • FUCKING WORD! This guy is a pussy and I bet she already hates him. But he’s rich, so she’ll settle.

  2. i giggled when she said she only posted innocent, non-sharey things about her relationship with TK, like “playing frisbee and eating smores.” how about when she blah-blahed about crying after sex? that was WAY more than i wanted to know!

    miss julia, ever the revisionist.

    • I have to say, I’ve been looking for engagement rings in her pics for a week or so now. Something about the teen goth/witch dress costume night from a week or so ago to the multiple course dinners out with “other couples” is screaming “congratulation dinner” to me. I call hasty convenience engagement in the next few weeks.

      • Announcing her engagement at someone else’s wedding reception would be the most Julia Allison maneuver Julia Allison has ever pulled in the history of Julia Allison. Let it be so.

      • ESPECIALLY if she does it in the guise of giving a wedding toast. I can hear it now. “Seeing how happy Britt and Allie are together made me realize how much I wanted that same boisterous, rambunctious, positive love in my own life… And so it is with an ineffably joyous heart that I would like to announce…”

      • The reception is too anti-climactic. I suggest either the bachelorette party or the rehearsal dinner.

  3. We’ve heard the guy is only 26, and clearly is on his way to having a successful career if the amount of cash he laid down to get laid is any indication. He wants to get married to this braying lunatic at 26? I doubt it.

    • I tend to agree. This is going to end in flames. He’s the bottom of the barrel for her — this can’t end well.

    • If that’s true then I agree it will not end well. If he’s 26 he’s probably getitng his kicks from this crazy chick. That said, he won’t want to settle down for a few more years and when he does it’ll be with someone respectable for his career. Donkey is the kind of girl one cheats with, not on.

      • I was wondering about that. I remember her having matchmaker dates a while back, and the whole themed-date thing struck me as very Patti (Millionaire matchmaker)-esque.

        Interestingly, on that show Patti tells all women: Get extensions! Show more cleavage! Shorter skirt! She’d approve of Julia.

  4. Have any of you, ever, in your entire lives, felt any need to declare (to family, friends or higher power) “yes, I have a boyfriend!!!” As if the world is waiting on bated breath? In fact, as far as I know, the only speculation was happening at this here website (hi, donks!)

    • No. I have been dating someone for three months and it is serious and half my friends/family don’t know, never mind thousands of strangers on the Internet. Why? Because I like my privacy.

    • ON LIEU (see what i did there?) of birth-cray braying, let’s talk about MY BOYFRIEND MY BOYFRIEND MY BOYFRIEND MY BOYFRIEND what do you mean susan g. komen doesn’t want me to use their name to advertise my birthday anymore?!

  5. I personally would love to see Julia married in a few months. Prom King seems like everything Julia could want: rich, just unattractive enough to make her feel pretty at restaurants by comparison and more than willing to go along with her crazy antics with her. I mean, good for Julia for finding someone who she actually gets along with.

    Besides, I’m pretty sure that if Prom King proposed, Julia’s pelted head would explode with so much excitement that it would completely erase her presence on Earth.

  6. Ok, who here thinks that Donkey is like the Ebola virus (upgrade from media kryptonite)??

    The Colts just lost. Manning has the Jackles taint on him now. I blame Donkey.

    To be clear, i was not rooting for anyone in specific — this is just an observation.

    Now if JT really falters in some significant way — we’ll know it’s Donkey Kryptonite.


    • What a great game, but I must be damaged goods–I also kept thinking the Colts lost because of the unholy Julia/Manning/Sony shill. As many know, myself included, you pay the price for time spent with a donkey.

      • oh, i was thinking the colts lost because kendra was braying about the hot sex she and hank baskett were going to have after the colts won, and then she jinxed it for them. but it’s probably all donkey’s fault.

    • WOAH I just told my boyfriend your theory and he is laughing so hard – he wanted me to sign in and thank you for making this connection between JA+Manning. A stroke of genius that has brought much joy into our home today.

  7. Codename TK obviously didn’t want to be on her blog because he found her embarrassing. It would be like not wanting Gawker (and therefore the whole world) to find out that you’re dating Tila Tequila.

    Also, actual celebrities do not leave playful hints about their casual, short-lived relationships on their blogs. They deny, deny, deny for as long as possible, until they have a project to promote and they need the publicity. Julia is addicted to attention, and the only way she can have an audience is through her blog.

    • Unless they need to cover up the fact that they’re dating a Japanese body pillow. What’s Julia hiding?!

    • I agree. the covering his face thing is stupid. who cares, really? she needs to get over this “haters” thing and just live her life. Hiding his face just feeds into the hype. Which she clearly wants. So don’t pretend you’re protecting PK. You’re just adding fuel to the fire. But honestly, now that I know you’re happily coupled up, I’m a lot less interested in what happens next in your life JA.
      P.S. Ivanka Trump never hid the fact that she was dating Jared Kutchner and now they’re married… just a tip.

  8. I kind of feel bad for PK. She obviously liked the other guy better, feels like she is settling for PK because she has no other options and just wants to be in a relationship. And she’s writing that on the Internet. If the cat I just adopted from Petco was all “Meh, I’m not really into her but her apartment is pretty close to my favorite garbage dupster and no one else was offering” well, it would hurt my feelings. I’m intrigued who he is to put up with her frequent put downs. Surely he can buy someone a bit nicer, no?

  9. And, also, reading that diary entry of hers was like choking throught a 7th graders diary entry. She sucks in so many ways.

    • both posts were pukey in the extreme.

      Spin, Julia Allison, spin like the demented pink multisyllabic word-spoutin’ top that you are.

  10. I love the “large” part of my life bit. Yes my BF plays a “large” part in my life but a month into dating? Not quite.

    • that one line stuck out the most to me. i am especially sensitive to the subject because my closest girlfriend has officially dumped me for her boyfriend, but i have such a beef with the idea that “we’ve been dating for a month, but NOW he’s the center of my universe. he’s a big part of my life now, okay? i don’t know in what ways, yet, because we’ve been dating for a MONTH, but he’s HUGE in my life. HES ALL I HAVE, okay?”

      like, what the fuck.

      • Yeah, that’s how I viewed it. I take her for the type who dumps her friends (ie Megan and Meghan) for a guy whenever he demands.
        I guess when your nights are spent googling and tweeting, adding someone else to the picture can take up a “big” part of it.

  11. TK had a girlfriend the entire time he dated the donksters. Hipster Lawyer does not exist. Wild Card is a ruse. PK hired a matchmaker to find a date. Gigantic FAIL.

    • I love you. Do tell us more about the fiction that is HL, because I actually believe that. I haven’t often believed she is making things up out of whole cloth before, but I did on that one.

      Who was she in Hawaii with?

      • I think she might have been in Hawaii with the dude from HS and it was covered up.

        Also, if that dude dies at any point her blog is going to go bonkers

  12. if my partner ever publicly declared the reason he committed to me was because i was geographically closer than his other options, i would be quite hurt.

  13. I have been drinking (yes, it’s true), but: Wasn’t it about a week ago that she was reading “Settle For His Ass” (or whatever it’s called) and had an “epiphany” that “he had been there all the time”. And now Prop Thing is her boyfriend? Bitch please.

  14. “…a one sentence summation belies the true complexity of the last few months. Decisions about love with mitigating factors are heartbreaking.”

    What the hell does that word salad even MEAN? Her prose is the literary equivalent of curdled milk.

    • She edited it and now it says “Decisions about love under extenuating circumstances are heartbreaking.”

      Still sounds idiotic.

  15. You guys. Maybe it’s the Tylenol PM, but I am having the hardest time getting through her post. Is she writing in English. Like, what the fuck? You’re a fucking writer? Intern Kate is better at putting sentences together than you are, and Intern Kate is an idiot.

  16. If she can’t share her cappucino, then she’s still single. No ifs ands or buts about it.
    When PK figures out that her statement ‘I’m a wild animal when it comes to food,” isn’t code for “I’m a wild animal in bed,” he’ll be outta there faster than Hipster Lawyer, Code Name Tk, and all the other mystery dates she’s had this year.

  17. Vee & Lonnie: What you’ve just seen is an attempt by Julia to spin a situation in her favor slaaaash make it appear to have been her decision. Reality is, she was obviously dumped by one, made up others (see Sara O.’s comment above) and is settling for the only dude that will take/indulge her, who happens to be a matchmaker setup. YOUNG LOVE! <3… not.

    • I started to feel a little bad for Prom King, but then I remembered, he’s the idiot who willingly dates Julia Allison. There’s probably more than a few things wrong with him, too.

      • This. It’s not like Julia is a wolf in sheep’s clothing; she’s a snarling hairy wolf in an ill-fitting tutu.

        A quick trip through her blog of even just the past week shows someone who is clearly selfish, self-absorbed, and much too immature to be in a serious relationship. Any man who willingly dates Julia quite frankly deserves what he gets.

  18. Also: For a self-proclaimed writer she sure has a tough time getting the “Me” vs. “I” grammar thing right. She just posted a pic of “megan and I with our repsective boyfriends…” on N.S. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
    Forget acing the math portion of whatever test she’s prepping for. She’d fail the English part too.

  19. “well, I’ll have to haul out the old [redacted], who can’t handle even a code name and a few airbrushed details.”

    Doesn’t she mean a few MacAirburshed details?

  20. Yeah, so this is really pissing me off. The idea that people on here are so intrepid that we Nancy Drew’ed this out is such revisionist fuckery I can’t even take it. If I remember correctly, no one was the wiser about “Code Name TK” until “Beth” came and dropped the dime on it. Most people on here actually thought it was a complete fiction and that TK didn’t even exist.

    Hey, Julia: I have friends who are dating real live famous people and guess what? I could call them out right here and now, and do you know what the fallout would be (other than my friends being irritated that I was revealing their personal lives online)? Nothing. Because said famous people aren’t humiliated to be dating my friends and/or aren’t fucking them on the side while their real, non-humiliating girlfriends go to their real live jobs. Maybe you should be exploring why men don’t want to be associated with you publicly (Hi Ben) rather than casting aspersions on people who view you solely as a tragicomic cautionary tale.

    • Yes, when I went through the posts back when all this happened, none of us frankly gave a crap about how he was. But from the very beginning there were suggestions from random non regular commenters that he was Eggers. I know the writers never tried to fish him out.

    • OMG and now I just went to her shitty blog and see that she is shooting a “fashion-related” pilot. Dying.

  21. She probably post dated it so it would get lost in people’s dashboards and RSS feeds.

    The strange thing is her obsession with hiding his face now. Are they going to leave NYC and go to the circus? How long does this moron think she can hide him? Does she not realize her “haters” are people who know her in real life? It’s not as if putting a big dot on his face is going to keep him a secret from us JEALOUS!!! cal ladies who live in our basements. Get a clue Julia. Lasagna? Sure, nobody notices her so hide her boyf all you want.

    Also: when does she move in with him? Like we didn’t see this one coming…

  22. She called them “young men.” “Two of the young men.” That’s almost worse than calling them “boys.”

  23. “Also, it should be noted, I am wearing absolutely no makeup.”

    Bull-fucking-shit. You are CLEARLY wearing blush/bronzer/tanner/some type of shit on your cheeks. And it also looks like the remnants of eyeshadow.

    • Wait – he’s friends with Kendrick? Or Julia and Jordan set Kendrick up on a man-date with Prop Thing and his “boys”?

    • Stop the presses! Julia Allison finally got her a boyfriend! Hear that, world!

      argh. Now, who was it here who was complaining only weeks ago that she wasn’t bringing the cray-cray enough anymore?

    • You know, I heard from someone close to her that the St. Bart’s gift to her “sisters” happened because she was going through a very rough time and needed some away time with Mayo and Jordan, The Replacement Blonde. What could have been so terrible that a couple of weeks later she’s braying triumphantly about having a boyfriend?

      • My version of the plot is that she said “it” to Hipster Lawyer, who did not say “it” back, and who in fact made it clear they were going nowhere. She went into the tailspin that she hinted at. She went away on her St. Bart’s trip to lick her wounds. She read Gottlieb’s Marry Him and presto! Suddenly it’s all, “Fate knocks softly” greeting-card sentiments, dressing in gowns to meet up der Prop Thing at hotels at midnight, and ex-post-facto-ing the hell out of her recent romantic history to make it look like it was all Miss Julia’s decision.

        I mean, does she seriously not remember what she has tweeted and posted, and when? Or, more to the point, does she seriously think we scholars of Donkeyology are gonna forget? Neigh.

        Nice try though, Jules.

      • Yep, I tend to think the same Dyspeptic2. If she’s been falling in love the past few months why has she been all, “My heart hurts”, “I’m taking a break from teh interwebs”, “sob, sob” etc ad nauseum.

        They are not the tweets/posts of a woman (hmm, possibly wrong word for Julia) who is falling in love. These are the words of someone who has had her heart broken and settled for Mr You’ll Do (said with sigh and eye roll, of course).

        Poor Donkey, will she ever know true love?

      • I also wonder if the Washington Post dropped her “column”. Three of her close friends told me several months ago that it was a done deal.

  24. Maybe it will work. Prom King, Esq., seems to take his cappuccino with extra pussy whip. And if he hasn’t blown his dating budget, cupcake will get to shop at Bergdorf’s and maybe have an extra special birthday party on his dime.

    Could be a beautiful thing. For 60 – 90 days.

    • “Maybe it will work. Prom King, Esq., seems to take his cappuccino with extra pussy whip.”


  25. I hope all you crazy cat ladies and gents realize that this means we are in for one big special snowflake Valentine’s Day! Countdown begins…..

  26. I’m actually happy for her. They seem well suited.

    In regards to TK, come on. Julia created a cat and mouse type situation with her audience in regards to TK. She posted about him so often, almost teasing us, and we knew enough about her at that point to know that he must have been a) famous or b) wealthy to warrant so many posts. You look at her facebook friends and bam, there he was. If she didn’t want his identity revealed, she shouldn’t have blogged about him at all.

  27. Let’s try to guess what fabulously expensive, corn-and-cheese-flavored romantic extravaganza Prom King is planning for Valentine’s Day. Using Julia’s probable expectations as my guide, I’ve come up with a couple of scenarios:

    – Prom King will rent out the city of Paris and hire a team of Hollywood set decorators to recreate the World’s Fair of 1900. He and Julia will dress in period clothing and take a ride in a colorful balloon. As they hover over the Machinery Exhibit, they will toast each other with non-alcoholic champagne and nibble on pescatarian petits fours. There will be a surprise engagement ring inside one of the petits fours. The ring will be accidentally eaten by Prom King.

    – Prom King will make a rose petal-strewn trail from Julia’s doorstep to the Plaza Hotel, the entirety of which he has rented out and decorated with roses. Sitting atop a rose petal-strewn bed will be five boxes from Saks, each containing a beautiful gown. (This time, she gets to keep them all.) Julia will spend hours and hours acting out scenes from Gossip Girl and Bride Wars in the rose petal-strewn Grand Ballroom, while Prom King plays the role of a photographer from Super Important Magazine. There will be a surprise engagement ring in one of the roses. The ring will be accidentally eaten by Prom King.

    Your turn, people…

    • Oh I have one!

      Prom King will plan a quiet, but romantic evening at home; he feels that now that early courtship is over it’s less about bells and whistles and more about long, intimate conversations leading to true closeness. In a handmade card, he write, “for one evening, let it just be us. NO cameras, no laptop, no calls to lasagna.”
      There’s so much he wants to tell his new girlfriend about his past, his future, his hopes and dreams…
      But alas, she puts her fingers in her ears and yells, “la-la-la- I can’t hear you if you’re not talking about me! I want a pony, daddy! Where’s my pony! The haters stopped you from buying me a pony, didn’t they!”

      • i feel like this one will happen, only julia will be all, “yes, a quiet night, just what i need” then proceed to blog it all and force him to take pics of her all night so she can publicize her quiet, private evening.

        or she will force a jordan/kendrick double date.

    • Prom King will hire the entire student body and faculty of MIT to listen to Julia give a pretend speech on marketing your awesome. PK will hire professional video and picturey people to document her standing ovation. Julia will accidentally be eaten by Prom King.

  28. You can tell she’s a journalist because she used the word “penultimate”:

    “….as I explain in the penultimate ‘graf – I was at a “very weird stage” with several young men.”


        Just stop with the big SAT words and ‘Word of the Day’ Apps. JUST. STOP. You can’t write your fucking way out of a fucking paper bag.

        “several young men”?????!!!111!! Who fucking says that??? Why can’t you just say ‘a couple of guys’ like a normal person? Using big ‘fancy’ words DOES NOT make you seem or sound smarter. It makes you seem like a DUMB FUCKING IDIOT.

        What the fuck is wrong with you? SERIOUSLY.

  29. As soon as I read that sad Dear Diary about her “boyfriend,” I knew you fine people would be on it and you did not disappoint. Most LOLz I’ve had in a while. Every time I think she can’t do something more sad and contrived, she outdoes herself.

  30. any one know who wildcard is? a friend of hers told me it was the possibly gay russian, another said it was a media type??

    • Some guy in San Francisco she was banging. Remember she would go off on dates while visiting Randi? And then, after a sleepover, she complained when he didn’t answer her texts fast enough. Another guy who was “just not that into her” after banging a donkey.

    • And she is apparently going to visit The Ineffable Alex Marquardt soon in Russia, although maybe that’s been postponed now that OMG OMG OMG SHE’S GOT A BOYFRIEND because TEAM was nothing more than a booty call. Although how he went there, I do not know.

  31. I was at a “very weird stage” with several young men.” =
    “I am testing/teasing them along until I figure out which one is the best bang for the buck. Factors include: looks, money, job title, location, school graduated from, family name/money, ability to keep me entertained (ie material for my lie-cast), puts up with my shit, not too bright so doesn’t challenge me too much as I *just can’t handle that right now*.”

    I’ll bet she had a spreadsheet. Why can’t she just have fun, date around, and pork whoever she wants to? Why’s everything gotta be a test for marriage?

  32. “The point of the post is to say this: I’m at a very weird stage with a few guys right now – Prom King, Hipster Lawyer & Wild Card (definitely not the nickname my girl friends & I call him, but that one isn’t suitable for public consumption).”

    Okay, so that implies that Wild Card had some obscene nickname such as “Nine-Pound Hammer” or, to be more direct, “Fuckbuddy.” Which is interesting when set alongside Julia’s “It’s not a copyright violation, it’s a ‘reblog'” verbatim reprint of an editorial on evolutionary-biology dating strategies. This editorial is presented by Julia as an outline of her current relationship.

    “Human courtship, for example, can involve a sequence of dinners, theatre trips and other outings lasting months or even years. One partner – often the male – may pay the greater part of the financial cost… By delaying mating, the female is able to reduce the chance that she will mate with a bad male. A male’s willingness to court for a long time is a signal that he is likely to be a good male.”

    I.e. PK made persistent, expensive courtship displays, while Julia withheld sex for months. It really reads to me like she was fucking one guy while the other one was lavishing thousands of dollars on her. Who has an unprintable nickname for a guy she neither hates nor is fucking?

    The whole editorial is really worth reading for a trip inside Julia’s skull. Read lines such as, “bad males have a greater tendency to quit the courtship game early,” and you can hear her gears turning: “The reason I repel so many boys after only a couple hours in my presence isn’t because I’m doing anything wrong! They are BAD MALES!”

  33. The cutest thing about all of this is that in her messed up, sad little mind she still thinks someone cares.

    You know she’s raced to Gawker to whore herself… again.

  34. “It’s enough to make me not want to discuss my dating life, AT ALL.” You know, kinda like normal dating columnists. Also BITCH PLEASE. You couldn’t fucking wait to post this shit. Hiptard Reject stopped calling eh? The Other One said he wasn’t going to pay your rent unless you “made it official.” We get it.

    So the takeaway is, all her relationships didn’t work out not because she’s a fucking freakshow piece of shit asswipe bitch, but because of US. They dumped her because of the HATERZZ.

    Jesus Christ my head is spinning from all of this bullshittery. But good on you, Juliesie, for nailing a rich desperate fawning RICH, rich lawyer rich guy. YOU DID IT!!!!! He’s wealthy.

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