Julia Allison Determined To Hold Onto Hairstyle


We all knew Julia would cram the curling iron into her pelts the moment she was free from the salon chair, but what I was looking for was her final cut and style. I thought he was going to trim some off?


    • No she can’t. First of all it’s the stance that is currenly in style with posey people – the legs apart, pidgeon toed pose. (A couple of years ago it was the hand on waist, one foot slightly behind the other one forcing a slight profile, popping the chin and collarbone pose.) She’s not the only one posing that way now – a five second scan of random night out dot com will show you that it’s just the ‘thing’ right now.

      Second, she thinks it detracts from the fact that she has hips wide enough to dam the Mississippi.

    • I know there are those who get up in arms over commenters calling JA fat, but honestly, for me, it never gets old. I laugh every time.

    • 3 thoughts
      1. she is heavier than she used to be, but the girl is NOT fat.
      2. plus if people think JULIA is fat, well, fuck, i must never be able to look good, right? all the sausage finger bullshit is making my fingers feel fat. my fingers! fucking ridic.
      3. but then again i don’t overpromise and overshare and my friends still like me, fat fingers & all.

  1. Wow, her pelts REALLY fail to match her actual hair color in that bottom photo. How fuck. Is Julia that color-blind?

    She’s literally such a lazy stupid fuck that she can’t follow through on anything. Literally anything. This woman cares most about her looks but she can’t even match her extensions to her real hair color. She can’t take a serious look at her own image, she just piles on makeup and long fake hair because she assumes that’s what guys like. She can’t take the time to analyze what looks best on her body shape because she just thinks hyper-feminine clothing is always appropriate. She’s just such a lazy, lazy, lazy failure… in every possible aspect of life.

    And I really do think deep down she knows it but she’s such a stupid, stupid dumb bitch that she doesn’t know how to change.

    Wow, I’m really full of vile tonight. I blame having to watch the fucking Superbowl.

    • Let it all out there, Dahling 🙂

      The thing I like most about the second picture is how GREEN her eyes are! Like a cat! Meow!

    • Ha, I totally agree. All the girl cares about is her looks and she can’t even stay in shape, get a good haircut, and test out some makeup other than white eyeshadow and press on nails. If I had 12 hours a day to get ready I would come up with something better than medium brown extensions for my dark brown hair and dark brown eyeliner for my dark brown eyes.

  2. Slap my cheek and call me a donkey, but I like that black dress with white edging. Reminds me of the one Hole put on the album cover for My Body, the Hand Grenade.

    The hair makes it tragic, of course. I don’t know how anyone can wear someone else’s hair on their head. Reminds me of Jame Gumb’s skinsuit in Silence of the Lambs.

    Okay, at this point it’s like I’m just trying to cram all the early 90s references I can into a single comment, so I’ll shut up. But seriously, the human hair industry is vile. All the hair comes from developing countries; people in industrialized nations wash their hair too often, which blows out the follicle and makes it worthless for extensions. Buying human-hair extensions is like buying clothes made in sweatshops. Morally bankrupt.

    • I agree with the dress.

      And oh gosh, I wasn’t entirely crazy about extensions before, but now that you have equated them with ed gein level crazy, I am totally against.

    • There was an interesting piece about this on Discovery, I think, the other day… about how Indian women have to arm themselves because many are waking up with their life long grown hair chopped off and sold for extensions.

      WAIT NO, it was in Chris Rocks new film about hair!

  3. Well, it’s all over. She’s publicly announced her relationship with Prom King. Engagement coming at you in 5, 4, 3…

  4. So now she’s calling Prop Thing her boyfriend. Hipster Doofus and Wild Tard are out because they weren’t real to begin with. Prop Thing has proven to be the ultimate pushover (plus Donk read a book on settling) and did you hear, LSE/UCL researchers are guessing it’s biology! Thank god. Otherwise people might think this relationship is a fucking unjustifiable farce!

    • There are so many lies in that post. And this blog never seriously tried to suss out the identity of TK until she sent her minions to do it her for us. She can go fuck herself.

      • also, just in case someone didn’t know that how famous was the boy she dated, here’s a link! see! she’s in demand!

      • Yeah, her posts tonight actually made my head explode — serious bits-of-brain-in-the-Superbowl-guacamole shit — and not just because of her blatant airbrushing of the truth. My boyfriend is also persistent to the point of seeming crazy, or at least he was years ago when we first met. Even though it seems 100% sexist/bogus to me, he would probably agree with that bullshit game-theory study (he’s not above ascribing his own behaviors to evolutionary impulses). Still, there is a fine line — no, a fucking Grand Canyon — between being persistent (what I take away from the LSE/UCL study as being the mating benefit for dudes) and being a pushover. The way Julia’s treated this douchey guy like crap and then praised him for taking it makes me RAGEY.



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