Julia Has "Sleep Apnea"


At the NY Sleep Institute – just consented to have strangers videotape me sleeping. I’m wearing my pink plaid pjs and “Team Blair” teeshirt for their amusement. It might be a medical study, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have inject a bit of sartorial levity into their day! Er … Night?

Yeah, so the woman who refuses to shut the light out and go to sleep because she is too busy Googling herself, her exes, her ex’s girlfriends, contacting the friends and colleagues of exes and begging them to convince him to forgive her/talk to her,  or sending angry e-mail to whatever publication/online entity that’s insulted her is getting checked out for “sleep apnea.”

I’m no doctor, but don’t you actually have to go to sleep to have sleep apnea?

And this is a funny exchange. Love how she had to mention Bergdorf’s. And wasn’t it some random creepy fan from Uzbekistan who bought them for her? So. Proud.

sarahfabulous: @juliaallison Love you and all but are those fake YSL pumps?!

juliaallison: @sarahfabulous – nope, they’re real. Bergdorf’s. But they were a gift.


    • You think? I assumed the Baughers were footing the bill for the expensive, unnecessary medical diagnostic tests in order to stem Julia’s excuses for never being productive.

      • Jacy – BINGO!

        I also think Julia has severe learning and mental disabilities that the Baughers refuse to address because it doesn’t mesh with their OMG OMG SO PERFECT FAMILY!!! image that they all try to convey. Much easier to write a rent check each month for a pretty little pink semi-institutional living dorm room and let her pretend to “work” than address some very serious issues at home. It’s very, very clear that Julia cannot function as a normal, independent adult (can’t care for a small pet, hysterics over a Halloween costume, huge drama over normal activities like going to the dentist, etc.) and it’s really quite sad that her parents don’t seem to care.

      • I think of her as more of a dysfunctional adult. Problem is that once you hit 30 it’s not cute anymore and people don’t cut you as much slack as when you were in your 20s. Hope she realizes all this sooner than later. Sigh–doubt it though.

      • @Jacy,

        A few years ago, her mother said Julia was going through an ‘icky pink princess phase.’

        Julia was 25 at the time.

        Now there’s a happy family photo.

      • It’s all the mother. Dad’s just been going along – probably due to his wife and daughter’s insistence. (Remember his what goes up must come down comment with regards to jules’ career?) Britt I hear is a nice guy. I have a friend who used to work in the same lab as he. Plus, getting into MIT’s Physics PhD program actually takes brains.

        Makes me wonder how Jules missed out so badly in the intelligence lottery.

  1. This pisses me off! I hope they make her put her phone/laptop away for the “medical study” to show her that her problem is not sleep “apnea” and that what she needs to do to get to sleep is TURN OFF HER iPHONE AND COMPUTER.

    • i hope they let her leave her shit on and then come back today and say “well julia, you didnt set your phone down until 6am. what do YOU think that means? thanks for your cash though!”

      • This procedure she is getting is covered by insurance, which I guess the rents are paying for anyway so it is sort of like the same thing. My friend went through the same thing, and they do take many types of health insurance.

      • @healthyhungarian — Jules doesn’t have health insurance. She is too old to be on her parents’ plan. She has said before that she doesn’t have health insurance. So someone paid cash/credit card for this. I’m betting Dadser/Momser.

  2. Of course people would wonder if her YSL shoes are fake. With Julia’s cheap and trashy wardrobe and press on nails, even though she says she’s uber rich with uber rich boyfriends and friends, she has no money, and it’s that obvious.

    • Said this on the last post – Those shoes (I think she also has the tan pump) look like the came straight off of a fake designer shoe site like this one –


      And the fact that she got so defensive about it and included the line about how they were a “gift” from “Bergdorf’s” (we all know how she loves to fake shop there and just try on clothes and not buy anything) just makes it sound even more like she’s lying out of her raft ass.

      • Liars usually volunteer too many details, in an attempt to make their lies more believable. A simple “yes” would have sufficed.

    • Even if they are real, everything else about her screams “Fake!”
      She really needs to clean up her look. She just has this aura that would make Emporio look like Armani Exchange.

      • Yes!! There are some people who could make Forever 21 look like high fashion… and some people who could make haute couture look like Mandee’s sale rack. Julia belongs in the latter category. Doesn’t matter if her clothes are real or fake, they just look cheap no matter what.

      • IIRC, that’s one of the same girls who got “excited” when Julia talked about coming to SF/Palo Alto and possibly moving to San Fran…

  3. That blanket is kind of revealing…is she wearing a leotard?

    Also, she’s got a face full of makeup spackled on. You KNOW she videotaped herself sleeping before this, to see how she would look on camera. She is demented.

  4. Julia was tweeting and blogging until 1 a.m. – isn’t the first thing the doctor would do is ask her to turn off her fucking phone??? (you know… after she asked the doc to TAKE A FUCKING PICTURE?!?!?)

    She doesn’t have sleep issues. She’s mentally disabled.

  5. I would have posted on this earlier, but I was busy last night exercising and getting a good night’s sleep.

      • On camera for a blog. It’s so pathetic that she thinks she’s her own celebrity. I’d respect her more if she had no cameras, no makeup, full privacy for something like this. It should be taken lightly not bragged upon on her blog.

  6. Here’s an interesting program offered by the Institute:

    “Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is an 8-12 week treatment program that helps clients identify and then change thought and behavioral patterns that contribute to insomnia.”

    Too bad she’d never be able to commit to the treatment longer than 48 hours.

    • And thennnnn – “Most people who have sleep apnea don’t know they have it because it only occurs during sleep.”

  7. “Patients who compensate for lost sleep by sleeping late or by napping further fragment nocturnal sleep.”

    “Most major mental disorders can cause insomnia and EDS. About 80% of patients with major depression report these symptoms. Conversely, 40% of chronic insomniacs have a major mental disorder, most commonly a mood disorder.”

    “50% to 80% of patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) have insomnia…70% of people with insomnia never discuss the problem with treating physicians. Only 8% of those with insomnia manage to see a psychiatrist and of that group, 52% have 1-to-3 comorbid illnesses. Sixty-nine percent have 4 or more comorbidities.”

    • How fucking narcissistic can that donkey be? Like those sleep study doctors and technicians even notice or give a damn what their patients are wearing. GAWD. She’s so embarrassing. Specially picked out pajamas, a full face of makeup, tweets and photos from the bed … this entire thing was a photo opp. She doesn’t care if she has a real illness or not.

      And I think of Dan. And I say: FUCK YOU DONKEY!!

      • Come on Shamoolia, it’s so FUNNY! At a sleep institute where those doctors and technicians are doing WORK, surely they’ll find soooo many lulz in some random wearing plaid pajama pants and a Team Blair (exactly. Who?) shirt, big Gossip Girl fans that they’re SURE to be. *blink* I’m sure they paid her “sartorial levity” no attention whatsoever.

      • I had thought it was a reference to Tony Blair, to show support in this latest Iraq inquiry. Because she’s totally political.

      • aw snap, good one with the jayson blair reference.
        i don’t see any text on her shirt, btw. where does it say “team blair”?

  8. Every post for the last two days has made the same phrase run through my head: Bi-polar disorder. Mood swings, crying for no reason, disordered eating, poor judgment, inappropriate behavior, and now disordered sleeping.
    Look I’m not a doctor and I don’t know Jules personally, but the signs are there.

    • How does one go from wearing hooker-gear and hanging out in a hotel lobby to mental patient strapped down to the bed with wires all in 3 quick posts?? I guess this is living differently. If I just stumbled upon her blog, I would think that Julia was showing off her tits, legs, arms, and back, in a last ditch attempt to snag a rich man before checking herself into Bellevue for shock therapy.

      • If I’d just stumbled on her blog, I’d think it was some “study” or experiment or just some lady trying to make money without a real job. “Endorsing” products, being an escort and doing “Sleep experiements”, oh, wait…

    • I don’t wish that kind of a diagnosis on anyone but, considering she outed Lodwick, it would be an interesting turn of events if she ended up diagnosed with the exact same disorder.

      Fate is a nasty, nasty bitch sometimes. It’s never good to tempt it too much.

  9. I read the title of this post as Julia has “Sleep Annoyinga” and it seemed equally fitting. Just saying.

    Additionally, when I had a sleep study a few years ago (to see if I was narcoleptic!) I did the full study with naps, too. The total time I was in lab was about 20 hours – arrived at 8 PM, bed from 10 – 6, then five 20 minute naps at 8h, 10h, 12h, 14h, and 16h. Where the fuck is Lilly [sic]? It’s not healthy to leave a dog alone for that long.

    • I will contribute money to Loren’s ongoing campaign to adopt Lilly. I’m sure many others here would gladly contribute as well. Hell… she wouldn’t even have to give the dog to Loren – I’d pay for its one way plane ticket back home to live in Chicago with its litter mate.

      • we need two campaigns/collections: one to SAVE LILLY, and a second to buy the bravo pilot/bribe someone to leak it, for our collective lulz of course, and julia’s mortification.

  10. We at Sleep disorder U have many videos to help clients sleep to study sleep patterns, such classics as:

    1. TMI Weekly
    2. Meghanaise pre-TMI weekly tech videos
    3 The failed Bravo IT-girl pilot

  11. When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a couple of years ago, I didn’t even have to go for an overnight stay. They sent me home with the monitor, which I clipped on my finger when I went to bed, and then they read the results off the machine when I brought it back the next day. No way Donkey has sleep apnea. Sleep crapnea, perhaps.

  12. What I find sad (read: hilarious) is that the bed and bedding at the Sleep Institute are 99.9% more grown-up than anything in the pink palace. Growing up: it suits you well, Janks. You should try it.

  13. OT, but jordan’s refurbished cabinet is one of the ugliest things i have ever seen. love how she “incorporated” the de la vega doodles into her “design”. should have just painted them over.

    the hanging floral centerpieces (from some shilltastic wedding event/venue) she thinks are so lovely are also ugly and tacky.

  14. Besides this being yet another attention grabbing stunt…

    Did anyone else find it strange that she would claim to be amusing the staff with her apparel, but she is not actually wearing what she says any of her photos…?

    oh and by strange i mean typicial. lamecast.

    ps im usual just a lurker, but i couldn’t help myself.


    Does she have some kind of “SAT Word Tourette Syndrome?” Jesus Christ.

    • Sartorial is the new ineffable.

      Does she have some kind of “SAT Word Tourette Syndrome?” – HAA! Snorting tea out of my nose. It really does seem like she gets hooked on one word or phrase for a while, doesn’t it? (WHILST???) I’d almost believe it was indicative of some kind of learning or cognitive disorder.

  16. Also hey asshole, I can solve your “sleep problem” in two seconds, for free. It’s called “Get a job.” No need to thank me.

    • that yellow sweater, again?!
      she “represents something she is not”???
      “too sensitive to be a real public figure”
      “i don’t want to be a dick”
      she hates “letting people down”

      and her skin! check out the difference between caked on makeup face (the shade/paleness) vs. her freckled chest. the lighting casts unfavorable shadows all over her face and neck.
      finally, the thigh high boots!

      • I love how she says she is “too sensitive to be a celebrity” when the truth is she doesn’t have the skills, talent, work ethic, appeal…the list goes on … to be a celebrity.
        Honestly, she looks terrible – don’t know whether it’s the make-up or the obvious work done on her face – and needs to stop the blinking.

    • She says she wants people to like her. She just doesn’t get it. THIS is what turns people off. More than the blinking, the weird mouth, the lying, etc.

      Julia: People don’t like you. OWN IT. You could have been a Kelly Cutrone. Instead, you’re just a…Julia Baugher.

    • Looks like the pelts are gone and she is trying to curl her long, thin, stringy hair into sausage curls.


    • Wow. Just. Wow (to borrow a Donk turn of phrase). I usually can’t access video sites from work, so I previously had nil exposure to Donkey on screen. She is completely repellent. The blinking, the grimaces, the gesticulating sausage snappers, THAT MOUTH (and those veneers)…initially, her physical persona completely distracts from what she is saying, and then you replay to listen and it’s 10 times worse. I am stunned.

  17. Also, you know if they tell her “No, you don’t have sleep apnea” we will never hear another word about this again.

    • That was my first thought. There has to be a way to spin this into some kind of drama — otherwise it’s not worth it to her to talk about it.

  18. julia if you just shut the fuck up we’d all be able to sleep better.

    godamnit her life is SO FUCKED UP. straight retarded.

  19. That thing wrapped around her head looks like practice for the facelift bandages she’ll be sporting 30 years from now (I figure she’ll go in for one of those on the early side).

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