RBNS Rumormonger: What Is Going On With Julia Allison?


The silence is more deafening than the donkey’s bray. Julia Allison has gone into relative blog darkness for the better part of the month, with sparse updates and cryptic posts. Something is clearly up, per this little snippet from her blog last week.

I’ve been dealing with some – for lack of a better descriptive term – stuff.  I don’t really want to talk about it, but … that’s why I haven’t been posting frequently.

Bear in mind that this is a person who used to post upwards of forty times a day. Jordan is the only one who has been posting with any regularity, which isn’t a good thing since their blog is their “business.” So speculation time. What is up with the Magical Imaginary Corporation, Inc.? What is her “stuff?”

Feel free to go rumor crazy in the comments, and if you know what’s actually up, feel free to contact this site’s contributors. All tips are anonymous.


  1. OMG. Her face looks ginormous in that photo. I was just browsing the gallery of her photos on that awful askmen site, and they are all spectacularly unflattering.

    Maybe she’s embarrassed about how doughy and horrid she is looking as her 30th bday rapidly approaches. Maybe Prom King told her to shut her humongous yapper if she expects a rock in the New Year. Maybe she finally realized she’s a tremendous bore with nothing to say. That’s all I gots.

  2. Like I said in the previous post her latest tweet is sad:

    I have exactly two hours to pack for 16 days home in Chicago for Christmas & New Years – and one suitcase is already full. Ugh.

    She just got back from Chicago and now she’s going there for sixteen days. Hipster Lawyer must be quaking in his Doc Martens.

    • Oh, good. Clearly she’s out of whatever slump she may have been in and is back to posting new and innovative material, leading the way on the internets for all us women who so closely identify with her!
      How novel: she’s in a rush to pack for a trip and is probably over packed.

      Exciting! Fresh! Inspired! Dare I say … paradigm shifting!!!

    • She honestly sees her damn parents more than I do, and mine live 20 minutes away. Does she really need another 2 plus weeks on the fucking road? 40 weeks vacation this year didn’t cut it?

      Need any proof that this bitch has no job or career or anything resembling a real relationship? She travels 300 days a year. No real career would sustain that level of travel unless it was for work purposes, and we all know that’s not the case. STAY THE FUCK HOME AND WORK DONKEY. Christ on a bike, you fail at life.

      • I can’t imagine going home to either of my parents house for 16 days. Love them, they are great, and way more hip than most BUT SIXTEEN DAYS…MY GAWD.

        Remember, though, unlike most of us mere mortals her family has a CONDO DOWNTOWN.

    • If Julia’s running home (AGAIN) over the holidays, I guess Prop Thing isn’t taking her on an extravagant Christmas or New Years photo opp? Is her “best offer” really a new year’s eve at that cheesy night club owned by her oily-looking friend from high school? How sad.

      • Ha! Prop Thing is awesome. Yes, i am very concerned about the status of their fauxlationshit. He hasn’t spent lots of money on her in weeks.

      • Her Facebook “fan” page – maybe she’s hoping some of her Yemeni fans will show up and buy a VIP table for her?

        “Julia Allison This is what I’m doing for New Years! http://www.neptix.com/events/2045/

        NYE at HUB 51 and SUB 51″

        She buries some really weird shit on that fan page (that’s where the Ask Men thing was posted). For fancying herself some kind of multi platform social media expert, she really doesn’t stay very consistent with her message.

    • It sounds like: she’s broke and can’t afford to go see them for just a few days on the actual holidays, is homeless and needs an excuse to see them, and her plans for NYE fell through because she’s spending it with her family. none of these are bad reasons for most people, but for Jules they’re OMGsopathetic, which is why she isn’t being forthcoming about what the hell happened (ie why this is different from her usual MO).

    • Two hours is plenty of time to pack. I’m going half way across the WORLD in a few days, for the same amount of time as her, to a totally different climate – and i don’t think it’ll take me that long to get my shit together. Oh – and only one suitcase, too.

  3. I heard the rumor and, PP seems to suggest it in her GOMI post, that NS is in need of cash and without any venture capital. And that Julia’s been desperately trying to get some and taking all kinds of meetings during her trips to CA. Though, I don’t know how selling a $4,000 Cartier watch would help. Me thinks Julia got herself into some hot water that is separate from the runnings of NS. Is she in debt to someone? Maybe she ran her CC bills to high. Whatever it is, the girls obviously not sweatin’ it too hard because she’s still shopping, eating out, and maintaining her lifestyle.

    Also interesting, is that neither Meghan nor Julia has spun the TMI Weekly drop. It’s like they just aren’t going to mention it. Julia did the same thing when Time Out dumped her too, though. She told her “readers” about two months later and spun it as a natural parting of ways.

    I don’t this has to do with her family (at least not Momsers and Dadsers). She just tweeted that she’s on route to Chicago for 16 days. In the past, when her mother stopped talking to her, she stayed far away from CHI for a while. She runs from her problems, not to them.

    So many questions, so few answers!

    • It’s oh-so-professional that she hasn’t mentioned the TMI thing, knowing full well that Mare Mare already spilled the beans on her blog. There’s no positive way she can spin it so she’ll just pretend the situation doesn’t exist. Kinda like the phantom fail-out semester at Indiana U. Pretend it never happened and no one will notice! FAIL.

      My guess is she is waiting on some other tv deal that will never come to fruition and she’ll try to spin it as “something better than TMI came up and I am SO BLESSED.”

      • Good point! I bet she’d love to have another TV/Web show deal to announce prior to the TMI news. As you say, not going to happen.

    • I was thinking about that Cartier watch thing and her tweet sourcing … ‘not Ebay!” This it OT, but my guess is that she ruined her status on EBay by auctioning off stuff (like dates with the TMI girls) and then never delivering so she can’t use it anymore!

    • I’m confused/perplexed about Nonsociety functioning as a “business.” Isn’t it merely a glorified tumblr? Surely the gals can’t possibly think that half-assed posts and freebies makes a “business.”
      Has advertsing revenue from Nonsociety actually been substantial in the past?
      I don’t know anything about these start-ups (missed the boat at the peak b/c I was in the third world) but I found them from the start a bit hooey.
      I mean, if all advertisers dropped Nonsociety, it could still go on as is, right? You know they could keep on posting their usual lazy narcissistic nonsense with or without revenue – it’s never has any value for any one else/readers from the start, seems to me its been a vanity thing.
      I think Julia is being cryptic simply because she is LAZY and can’t come up with any compelling content.
      I also think Julia will not mention the demise of TMI until Gawker or some other media outlet reports it/points it out.
      I also think Jordan is a fatuous idiot and is dishonest like the rest of them.

      • Well, I’m not expert. People in the know have said, and it’s been reported, that they did get start up capital of some sort. I assume they use it for salary and keeping the tumblr up—they do not know how to code their own pages and don’t do any design. I’m not saying it’s that intensive or costly of a job (it’s not!) but they do have to pay for server, coding, design work when necessary.

      • I think they raised some initial capital for hosting, design, etc. but I don’t think Nonsociety has earned any actual revenue outside of freebies. I think they blew any investment money they had on that horrible, clunky design and pointless travel.

        I know they earned a tiny bit of money through their contract with NNN, but all of those advertisers were procured through NNN deals – not on their own. Now that TMI Weekly is over, so is the pitifully small money train. I think I read that deal earned $60,000 total or something like that – barely enough to live on, especially split three ways.

      • I wonder why Gawker hasn’t picked up the TMI Weekly thing yet. They post on her so-called “successes” but don’t really write about her epic failures anymore. They just throw her bones of snarky, yet positive coverage.

      • I don’t think Gawker cares anymore. They probably throw her bones because she relentlessly hounds the writers with IMs and emails.

      • Shamoolia,

        Sources tell me that they earned poverty level wages for TMI Weekly and they saw very little of the advertising revenue since NNN handled advertising sales.

      • TJ is probably right, the capital raised paid for (most likely) their business (aka “living”) expenses as well as “marketing.” I could totally see these ridiculous photoshoots and elaborate lipdub budgets being paid by a marketing line item. Since the girls have no official office space, I’m sure some of it goes to paying part of somebody’s rent maybe (remmeber all that apartment shopping for live/work space?). Also, Lasanga probably makes 20K in salary from this gig, I’m sure (snicker). Finally, I think they’re probably running out of capital. Most startups get lump sums of money to operate on for a period of time (and usually have to pay this back?), and aren’t expected to turn a profit for a few years (this would be outlined in a business plan). I think nobody cares that NS wasn’t hugely profitable this year, as that may not have been the expectation in year 1, according to the business plan. Seeing as the company is almost two years old though says to me they’re probably not meeting their benchmarks of proving profitability, or they’re coming close to having to report to somebody on their profitability progress, or risk losing more funding (or just not being able to prove to anybody they should give NS money). Hmm…

      • In addition to the excellent points ET makes, particularly about P/L reporting to investors (if they have any*), I have a dumb question. The nonsociety folks have done various shills. Was that income to nonsociety, or to the individual? Although it seems all or most of the shill compensation was in-kind. Outside of TMI, I don’t see any revenues for nonsociety.

        (*) Nonsociety appears to be an LLC, which is hardly the ideal structure for outside investors.

      • seems true, re Jordan. I’m not saying she’s brilliant, but she’s certainly smart enough/socially adept enough to realize that a) nonsociety isn’t going anywhere and b) Julia doesn’t have the business savvy, work ethic, or connections to make it work

        meghan probably is too stupid to realize this, but j’ordable certainly is smart enough to step back and realize this

        of course, they are all buying time to spin it somehow… hoping that they all come up with something so they can make it look like nonsociety just gave way to OMG GREAT OPPORTUNITY. they might even continue NS purely as vanity… bc it can’t be taking much time anyway… snap some pictures and make a few harmless/lying comments. *yawn* anyone could do that if they cared enough and/or wanted the attention

      • Oh yeah good point SS about the LLC status. Forgot about that. Maybe then it’s not VC money she’s worried about but something less intrusive like friends and family money? I hear some startups startup with freidns family money, then angel investors, then VCs. maybe she’s run through all of her FF/angel money and needs VC money but can’t quite get there? Who knows, to some extent I’m not sure Jules is smart enough to have arrived this far down the line.

        I think her obsession with traffic goals in previous months show she has some inkling of needing to prove the company’s success to somebody with money.

      • @ET

        Yeah, traffic goals and also the mysterious growth in FB fans and those robot followers on Twitter. Yeah, she’s hotter than ever. Get in on the ground floor while you can.

        I’m with you on the friends and family funding. I don’t see an angel coming in and saying, “sure, I’ll buy you plane tickets and a hotel room at SWSX.” Going to the VCs at this point would be ludicrous (“your entire business plan is to make fuck you money? Could you tell us HOW?”).

      • on top of that, julia hasn’t surrounded herself with the people to make a sustainable business model. she may not even own the coding for her hideous site design (unless the contract for it assigned it to her). she has no real control over her image or branding, she doesn’t offer anything approaching a scarce product, and there is no outside voice governing the organization’s directions… she can whimsically change directions at any time… it appears she does this! anyone organized and motivated would be stifled by the degree of her control, coupled with its unpredictability

        one last thing is, julia sees herself as the captain of the ship, so to speak–not an equal of the others… this is akin to seeing herself as a law firm partner or a physician… and the other girls are the office help. they do more of the grunt work and “free her up” to execute some grand plan… but this resource allocation fails because julia hasn’t brought home the bacon other than finding some short term start up money. and like i said, they misspent that on one-off lip dubs, trips, and site design… rather than learning how to design a good site, foster interactivity, or create some type of value

      • For real? If that’s true, I sort of lost all hope in humanity. Who would give someone SO STUPID $100K??? The Meghans of the world make me seriously, seriously depressed.

      • Yes, but it’s not like the $100K broke her (it’s def a lot of dough, but it’s not like she had to dig out her rare coin collection to cover it)

    • Wasn’t there a separate “CEO” of NonSociety at one point? Some random blond woman – maybe the one they swapped out for Mary in Europe, or the manly-looking one who jogs with FattyKate?

      I wonder what that person’s job (and salary) is. Or more likely, was. Or most likely, never was.

      • It’s KK or Krystal Khaler (or sumthin) who they rarely mention as the CEO, just some chick whose house parties or dinners they go to. In fact, even when they’re having their “business meetings” KK isn’t there. Strange.

      • Yes – Julia once referred to Krystal Kahler as the CEO of Magical Imaginary Corporation, Inc. I’m sure she even make some business cards with pink construction paper, glitter glue and stickers!

      • Krystal Kahler is really teaching us how to Live Differently on the Interweb.

        Her sole post to Twitter, dated October 30, 2008 (http://twitter.com/krystalk)

        “I was forced into this account by @JuliaAllison”

        Just the type of visionary CEO we need leading us (and Magical Imaginary Corporation) into new paradigms of online branding and all that other stuff. The Fuck You Money should follow in buckets.

  4. “Stuff” = a giant snowball of suckitude that even someone as detached from reality as Julia Baugher can’t afford to ignore anymore. It could be any or all of the following –

    – TMI Weekly over
    – Parents/ grandparents cutting off the financial help
    – Running out of money (the Cartier watch/clothing fire sale)
    – Laughing stock of New York media circles
    – No friends left
    – No one wants to even pretend to be friends with her anymore (the quickly dropped subject of an “epic” tropical new years trip with her girlfriends)
    – Caught up in her own circle of lies (Hipster Lawyer Hawaii trip with parents)
    – Ran out of funding for joke of a “start up”
    – Brother Britt’s impending marriage coupled Julia’s perpetual singledom
    – getting booted from her apartment
    – possible drug or alcohol problem (when she has been posting, she’s been posting in the early hours A LOT lately. Staying up all night like that is NOT NORMAL)

    I also find it funny that she’s going home for SIXTEEN DAYS over the holidays, right after a week long Thanksgiving trip home and numerous other trips home this year. Somehow, we’re the sad, lonely adults who live in our parents’ basement with our 13 cats, yet Julia runs home to mommy and daddy more than any other adult I know.

    • probably has to apologize to someone she has “hurt” (he may not even care) bc she “isn’t in to him”. she conceives of herself as better/more unique than everyone else and figures it will crush the guy……..

    • Running home to the parents really is the sad part. NY is a wonderful exciting place between the holidays….most young folk find this time of year to be really magical. Meanwhile, Miss Make-up Face will be commuting back – and- forth to Wilmette in her parent’s car. Pathetic.

  5. Maybe she’s realizing that fame doesn’t make you happy, and starting to live her life quietly, offline, like a normal person. She’s probably also doing a lot of volunteering and charity work, and reading everything she can about the HCR battle in Congress. I bet she’s working on a long post about budget reconciliation being the best way to get a public option through. I can’t wait to read her insights!

    • I’m sure you’re right, IamLA. She’s hard at work preparing her maiden voyage column for the Washington Post.

      • Ya, all the dramz is probably because she’s finally selling NS for that MAJOR f-you $$$ and is a little verklempt bcuz she’s come to love that pink vanity blog, like just so much, you know. There won’t be time for to keep up all the hard work and effort she puts into it anyway though bcuz, come on, full-time at HBS? That’s some huge shit and she’ll be WAYYYY too busy.
        Sniffle bray honk twitch sniffle.

    • haha,absolutely, that’s what I’ve been thinking. I think she’s made a commitment to being Christ-like – maybe all this emptying of her closets is her first adventure in her spiritual path. Which she’ll document in her (non) book deal. let’s prepare for Marianne Williamson-type “insights.”

      • Just like clockwork, Julia always posts some pseudo-spiritual, self reflection bullshit this time of year. She always talks a big game about being a better person, turning the other cheek, resolving to accomplishing goals in the new year, etc. etc. and it lasts precisely two days… you know… until she calls her best friend a cranky bitch or something like that.

        Expect more of this hokey, navel gazing crap while she’s home for the holidays. It’s a perfect set up for her “I realized nothing is more important than family” eureka moment, followed by her moving back home. She will try to spin her failures into something that makes her look spiritual, altruistic and caring… TRUST.

  6. I happen to know that VCs are refusing to talk to her..and at this time I cannot state how I know that..lets just say I have my sources..

    Maybe Donkey volunteered to be Party Pants unpaid intern to study writing 🙂

  7. So is it true that she finally realized that a personal blog isn’t a business venture? Honestly from day 1, I never understood the point behind nonsociety.

    Also, my link for mary’s blog doesn’t work anymore… what is it?

    • morethanmary.com

      I wonder why Mary thinks she can just pop out of nowhere and make a living by blogging. Most people who live solely on blogging dollars spend YEARS blogging for free first (something Julia has to her advantage) and turn it into something. I think Julia didn’t realize how a personal blog for a NOBODY that NOBODY knows (or a whole network of nobodies) isn’t profitable, and Mary just didn’t realize how much of a nobody she really is. Sure, she’s def done A LOT to get some money out of the gate, but…come on. She doesn’t offer anything truly unique or compelling, nor is she a good writer.

      • “I wonder why Mary thinks she can just pop out of nowhere and make a living by blogging.”

        Because she’s a lazy turd with very little marketable skills and blogging seemed like an easy nonjob at the time?

        The great irony in all of this is that both Julia and Mary positioned themselves as some kind of aspirational lifestyle bloggers yet they now both practically live at home with their parents. Instead of admitting their failures (which would actually be something worth reading) they go on like everything is peachy keen. It’s both hilarious and pathetic.

    • I thought NonSociety was just a prop for them to hang a reality show on. Then when they didn’t get the show – remember all the “live/work” glamor apartment shopping they were doing for it? – NS got stuck in No Man’s Land.

      Assuming Meghan’s parents funded it, NS was probably still a cheaper way to support their child than what most wealthy Puerto Rican trust-funders are accustomed to.

      • “NS was probably still a cheaper way to support their child than what most wealthy Puerto Rican trust-funders are accustomed to.”

        HA! I was going to say the same thing about Meghan – I think any VC they had came from her or her family. She’s clearly the only one not hurting for cash and practically moving back in with her parents (Mary and Julia).

        I think NS as a business model has been failing since the get go – it isn’t some recent thing. Julia would at least pretend to be putting in some work by once in a while posting ads for interns or web developers, but it doesn’t even seem like she’s keeping up with that anymore. Narcissists have notoriously short attention spans.. she probably just grew bored with her Barbie Let’s Play Business Lady Playset and is having a crisis because she hasn’t found another shiny toy to occupy her gnat brain.

  8. TMI Weekly is no more. She isn’t writing for anyone full time. She’s having to travel four times zones to get work in tragic commercials in hope of a SAG card (as a member, I’m hoping there is some kind of veto process involved.). And her apartment is on the market, and she doesn’t seem to be devoting any time to finding a new place.

    All of this is happening to a person who thinks the inability to buy a Halloween costume is the end of the world. Whatever could be the matter?

    I suppose I hope the stuff is the serious business going on in her professional life and not some mini-crisis about being near 30 and overweight without a sugar daddy to care for her. But it is more likely the stuff is some selfish concern that relates only to her immediate gratification.

    • Seriously. She is out of work. She’s homeless. Her “friends” mock her and have invited her to almost no parties this holiday season. Her baby brother is getting married and she can’t even maintain a relationship for more than 3 months. The entire Internet hates her.

      If I were Julia, my life would be one long panic attack. The fact that she’s holding it together at all is a testament to how completely out of her mind she is. With all of this going on, what the fuck could “stuff” possibly be?!

      • The thing is, she is only able to avoid reality and will herself “forward” because her perception is so skewed. Your or I would most likely enlist the opinions of people we trust and then think on them for a while. For julia, all she wants to do is overpower everyone else’s advice and “prove them wrong”. At this point, her need to see reality HER WAY is very much a biological survival mechanism… if the mask ever comes off, it will be a complete meltdown and I hope her parents line up some supportive medical help

  9. That sad picture of her bicycle covered in snow says it all: she can’t take proper care of anything. Not herself, not her dog, not her business, not even a free bicycle.

      • that bike on the balcony has always bothered me not only b/c she isn’t taking care of it and doesn’t deserve to have it but also because her poor neighbors have to see that rusting pink thing every time they look out their windows.

        Also it drives me crazy when folk with private outdoor space in NYC neglect/don’t use it – its so wasted on Donkey.

  10. juliaallison: I have exactly two hours to pack for 16 days home in Chicago for Christmas & New Years – and one suitcase is already full. Ugh.

    This is what bothers me the most & is why I quickly went from fan to hater on Jabba’s ass. She brayed for how long she was looking for somewhere awesome to go with her girls on New Years, right? Then this. Going home to Chicago (which you know in her world is an epic fail) to spend the New Year.

    I would like her more if she would say why she isn’t going on a trip with her bunnies. Is this why she’s so. so. sad lately? Just tell the truth damnit!!

    • This is why I went from casual hater to mega hater. All she ever talks about is her last minute packing and overweight luggage. She’s a fucking repetitive bore.

      • And she thinks her inability to pack or get to the airport on time is adorable. And will enhance her business model. Gah.

    • I don’t fucking understand. I just flew across the ocean and will be here for a MONTH and only packed a carry on. How in the world does she pack so much shit for a 16 day trip?

  11. I don’t think it’s anything serious, I think it’s just a pity party. Because she would never actually divulge that anything was wrong in pink OMG-land. Instead, her acute desire and need to spin EVERYTHING means that she’s never honest (to herself and to everyone else) about anything. So I think her “troubles” really have to deal with, like, telling Hipster Lawyer or Prom King that she likes one and not the other. Because even in that pain and hardship, she’s better than other people, like, “Oh, the hardest thing in life is to be popular, believe me.” Because, remember, she thinks she’s living a rom-com, and every rom-com needs the second act where everything looks dark for our heroine. But, sure enough, Mr. Right returns, music swells, end credits. So JA thinks that, without resorting to a little drama, she’ll never have the payoff. So that’s what I think this is. Meanwhile, she doesn’t have a career and her business is in the tank (but she won’t let those little details stop her).

    • as a psychiatrist who has spent a fair amount of time in residency dealing with NPD patients, i’d go with this. if julia is truly a case of NPD, her need to lie and dissemble is biological, at the very root of how she perceives her place in life, her self image, and her worth.

      she can’t decide when to lie or when not to lie (not that i’m excusing it–she needs treatment for sure). thus, Lars’ idea is the most intellectually consistent idea… she is not sorry for anything, she wants to appear sorry for thinking she is better than these guys she has hurt in the past or will have to hurt when she “chooses” between them (she will imply the choice was all hers)

  12. SNew spin on Nonsociety: Julia gets a real job and writes a blog on how an egomaniacal, ineffible human such as herself can survive with us peons in the real work world.

  13. As long as she posts her deliciously delusional New Year’s resolutions, the holiday season will be complete for me.

    • I’m just waiting for JP to revisit the new year’s resolutions from last year. Going from a goal of 1 million viewers per episode of TMI Weekly to it being cancelled just one year later is more delicious than 1,000 glasses of spiked eggnog for this obese cat lady. I’m so excited, I’ve trained my cat Snickerdoodles to hit the refresh button over and over again so I can be the first to read it!

    • I can’t wait for the RBNS “2009 New Year’s Resolutions Lookback”.

      Did Mary ever post any? Or did she stand up to Donkey’s public flogging?

      • I think Mary basically said she thinks New Years Resolutions are fucking stupid (they are) and that she tries to improve herself in her daily life, instead of making one long list once a year. She basically told Julia to fuck off and that was the beginning of the end of their “business partnership” and friendship.

      • And soon after this debacle, we had the Oscar viewing walk-out where Meghanaisse and Rambo left Julia at the viewing. Later, Julia was observed cursing into her cell phone near the theater. Omg, those were the glory days.

    • God I love the New Year’s Resolutions. Can’t wait til JP posts last year’s and we can chortle with delight. Did she achieve a single resolution? Nope!

  14. of all the girls, mary seems to be most honest. however, i was surprised to read that she made a defense of julia the other day. however, such defense may have been necessary to appear “above it all” or simply important to mary’s self-conception that she has moved forward and is more concerned with her future than seeing julia suffer. so i’m torn and we’ll never know purely based on public declarations….. it could be a sign of healthy perspective (harming julia would not really help mary in a direct way, at least not without violating her standards)

    • Mary still pisses me off, but the fact that she stepped out away from the NS madness speaks volumes about her. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. She still says/writes some questionable things, but I do give her credit for putting some distance between her and the Jules machine.

  15. There is no VC investment in NS. Even a real company typically doesn’t take VC money until they’ve gained some traction for their business, using personal money or angel funds from friends, family, or dedicated angel investors. No VC firm would even take a meeting with this dumb bitch. How the fuck do you invest in a company with a negative valuation AND no prospects for revenue? VCs don’t take pelts and Caress in lieu of cash as ROI.

    • in her mind, money from her parents and/or meghan’s parents probably = VC or Angel investor money…

      this probably has a lot to do with why she clings to meghan, calls her the new BFF, etc, etc.

      kind of sick and definitely interferes with her prospects of recognizing reality…….

    • Say what you will about MR but the girl was accomplished at luring advertisers for NS/TMI back in the day. She wrote about this on NS. She ended up getting an exclusive with Kodak and now NNN. Grace and charm helped, something the donkey will never possess.

      • Kodak opted not to renew with Rambo. Maybe she should work in sales and forget about blogging. Really, her natural place in the world is at the Clinique counter.

      • I always saw Rambo as a salesperson in a SoHo shoe store, the tall, bleached blonde who was pretty in her hometown.

      • it’s a special kind of hell to have a sibling (and a younger one at that) who is soooo much more successful. we’re not talking her little sister being a lawyer while she’s an engineer (or whatever), we’re talking a sister who did some pretty decent acting while in her teens and early 20s. while rambo teaches spin to pay the rent and blogs about “lifestyle” shit on a platform designed by a retard.

        so sad, so very sad. even if julia wasn’t in the picture, it’s a sad situation. i have a hard time believing she is truly happy for leven

      • Lego, amen on that. I have that special pain. My younger sister looks like Taylor Swift and I look like fucking Frodo. When your earliest memories are stained with feeling inadequate it just warps your development in a way that is hard to reverse.

        Then again, Mary is tall, blonde, skinny, and rich. Fucking wah if she doesn’t feel as pretty as Leven.

  16. Let’s see what a real achievement means to Julia! Some friend of hers just earned a PhD.

    “@FloreatMagdalen – AHHHHH!! CONGRATS, DOCTOR MARTIN! Please promise me the next time someone calls you “Ms” you’ll yell “It’s DR, bitch!””

    Yes, you should YELL and CURSE at any polite random addressing you with a common honorific. And tell them just who you are. Everyone I know with an advanced degree does this.

    • That just about sums up Julia’s outlook on everything. Career, money, love, family, accomplishments – they’re all just things to rub in other people’s faces while yelling “don’t you wish your life was as awesome as mine, BITCH?!?!”


    • She is so crude. The fact that she would publicly tweet such crassness is beyond me. This is a woman who wants to be known as a business owner and professional journalist? I think not, people.

      That’s the kind of thing you joke about with your friend when you’re two sheets to the wind and acting all crazy drunko.

    • I agree. I am an extremely fun gal, but I find it is so unseemly/tiresome — the crappy language. I mean — the gal just got her PhD (something I won’t do)…

      Nice way to congratulate someone.

      • How FUCK is that? She’s just trying to bring that woman down to her vulgar level.Many people with terminal degrees are kind of DL about them them. Same way there’s two kinds of Harvard alums- those who bray it everywhere and those who after years of knowing them say ‘they went to college in the East’.

  17. Does anyone else see Bonnie Fuller’s mug when thinking of Julia Baugher? Isn’t that where she’s headed???? in a few short years.

  18. juliaallison @McCainBlogette omg, I’m desperately praying my flight gets delayed! It’s the last flight of the day & it looks like I won’t make it! 🙁


    Seriously, baring serious emergency or traffic incident, there is no reason an adult should have this type of track record re: flying.

    She has SO MANY problems, you guys! SO MANY.

  19. Julia just missed her flight back to Chicago… hahahahaha… she has to stay in the Pink Palace antoher day, all alone… no mommy and daddy in Wilmette to enable her. hahaha

    from her twitter….
    Remember that Christmas miracle I prayed for? Yeah, I’m gonna need that right now, because my flight leaves in 7 minutes and I’m not on it. 7 minutes ago from Echofon

    • Seriously, what a fucking beautiful start to Julia’s annual Christmas meltdown. Get your bingo boards, pull out those resolutions, and enjoy the ride. This is our PEAK season here at RBNS.

      • where can i find a copy of her resolutions from last yr?

        btw, it appears she tweets tim ferris a lot… i went to college with him and he was a friend of my best friend (they did breakdancing together). he HATES shills like her. he probably wants to kill himself everytime he has to see her, but probably doesn’t mind that she drives people to his site and some of it ends up in book sales…

        funny stuff.

      • The inability to make a late afternoon flight when you have nothing else going on that day makes me think might have a drug or alcohol problem. What else could prevent her from functioning like a normal adult?

    • What a dumb fuck up. It’s not like she had a job to rush from or kids to drop off… Nope…. Just an irresponsible fuck up. Mom and dad must be so proud.

      • they’re probably booking her a new ticket as we speak! so she can fly home tonight!

        what a bunch of enablers. so sad… in the end, this whole spectacle will be worse and the fall will be much harder for her bc of this.

    • Lasagna has got this. She is feverishly calling someone’s supervisor’s supervisor at NYC Yellow Cab. Some Pakistani taxi driver will pay I tell you, pay! How could he make the donkey miss her flight!!

  20. While dredging through the waste land that is Julia’s NarcissistSociety, I found this gem:

    From: Mom
    Date: February 5, 2009 1:43:43 PM EST
    To: “‘Julia Allison’”
    Subject: RE: Matchmakers Column

    I like this column… it needs a good edit job…but the job TONY did was ghastly! Looks like they just took a hatchet and carved up the copy without looking. As you would say, BLERG.

    PS. The matchmakers are right—you have to put some serious time into relationships to have any hope of quality. Ah, choices…but 24 hours is plenty, if you make the right choices for yourself.

    Momsers, you enabler, you! She really makes me want to vomit.

    • Wow, Momsers is an enabler. Any magazine worth their salt is going to edit a piece at least somewhat. Especially with the crappy copy JA turned in. It’s not “ghastly” to conform a piece to the magazines’ expectations. I guess because they weren’t JA’s Pink Princess Words she felt like siding with her daughter.


      • Maybe Momsers was so pissed off because she wrote the article and took the “hack job” personally?

    • I think Julia was fired shortly after this. Way to publicly demean your editors and bosses, asswipe.

      I do not doubt that Julia made up that momsers email either – to cover for her shitty writing job. It’s Newsweek – the Prequel.

  21. Ah, found it. In the anticipation of JP’s Reso-fuck you-tions, here’s Julia last New Year’s Eve.

    Dec 31, 08 4:25pm

    Me: I definitely still have places I could go. But I’m ambivalent.
    Dad: Something in you wants to do something that you feel – rightly or wrongly – is dramatic. That makes more of a statement.
    Me: I think you’re right.
    Dad: Maybe this gives you an opportunity to have a quiet new years and get a ripping start on 2009 – where you get up early and go to your new health club and go for a run in Central Park with Lilly, who will take you all of two blocks and plop.
    Me: Now that’s just depressing.

    So, Julia, almost a full year later, how did that all work out for you?

    Let’s take a look, shall we?

    You don’t have ANYWHERE you can go, besides Momsers and Dadsers. Apartment is for sale, no one wants you as a roommate, and no men (no matter what you say) are knocking down doors to sweep you off your feet and into a 20,000 sq ft penthouse.
    Housing FAIL
    Health Club FAIL
    Running with Lilly FAIL
    Paying attention to Lilly FAIL

  22. I don’t see any ads on NonSociety. I remember they ran Google ads before but are now gone. I don’t see how they could pay the three of them anything.

    Now TMI is done so Julia must be depressed.

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