Julia’s Publicist Makes a Confession


OMG OMG OMG, trying not to freak out at these INCREDIBLE Bonobos trousers nicknamed … ready for this?  …



I would pay a great deal of money to see both my brother & dad in these pants.

I’ll admit it. I quite like these pants. Unfortunately, I’m not gay enough to wear them. Adrien Field might be, but no animal died in making this article of clothing, so they are completely useless to him.


  1. no animal died in making this article of clothing, so they are completely useless to him.

    So. True. That little troll would totally wear these if they had fur ankle cuffs.

    • Yes, the way the model is wearing the pants is pretty much the only way you can wear them without it looking ridiculous. Julia would fuck that up so hard.

  2. Why is she shopping for Christmas costumes for her father and brother? That seems incredibly creepy and fucked up to me. They’re not your dog or your boyfriend, Julia!

  3. JP,

    Question: If I were to buy these for my father/brother/imaginary boyfriend/future imaginary husband, would I be able to order a coordinating pair of monogrammed, engraved garden shears to speed along the emasculation?

    (PS – I like them, too, but only for a man who proactively chooses to wear them, not one who has them hoisted upon him – see above.)

  4. I am not proud to say that I like them.

    Also, I’m sure that this has already been noted — but JA has a link to the website of the bike maker who (if I remember correctly) gave her that bike gratis. I don’t actually think she is violating the new rules, but come on.

    • I’m pretty sure she said outright she got that bike for free. If she’s talking about the bike without disclosing that, she’s in violation. Man, that was quick.

  5. Julia Allison does not understand Karma..

    Dear Jules..

    um Karma is not good onto other gets passed to you..

    Its you have enough damn effing brains to take care of yourself so that you can do something for someone else..

    You miss treat others because you have not taken care of your own needs..


  6. Honestly, who the fuck thinks this way? “I would love to see my daddy and brother in these.” REALLY? She does this every year and it boggles my mind. WHO thinks of their family as accessories? She’s insane.

  7. Oh man, I totally had plaid pants once, and I adored them. Then again, I’m female, and I was 13 and shaped like a pencil. On a grown man? Not so much. I’m imagining my boyfriend (read: ten cats) in these pants and it’s not terribly hot, especially as he’s 5’6″ and the plaid would overwhelm him.

    That said, I don’t think there’s anything especially creepy about Julia wanting to see her brother and dad in ridiculous plaid pants–I mean, the thought would never cross my mind, but it’s not the worst thing she’s ever blogged. Though, of course, that’s not saying much.

    • True. Once you’ve outed someone’s mental illness on the internet, anything looks good by comparison. Hey, maybe she’s smarter than we thought!

    • Narcissists buy gifts for others that they themselves would like — the recipient’s feelings or needs don’t enter into it, as they are not distinct individuals to the narcissist, but merely an extension of themselves.

      In other words, Donkey would love to wear these if she had a wiener. Oh, wait — she does!

      • you got that right, pilot. the narcissist in my life is constantly buying me gifts she wants me to want.

      • After watching all these old videos over the past week, I am totally liking RVV and JL! They seem like very funny, cool, laid back people and it seems like they only kept Julia around as the butt of some kind of cruel joke / punching bag.

  8. Somewhat OT: has Donkey gone home to the suburbs for Christmas yet? Granted, many people with actual jobs work on the days leading up to the holiday, but this one has a way of starting early and ending late on her holiday-oriented “vacations.”

    (I don’t read her blog/Tumblr/Twitter/liecast – just here – so apologies if she has already posted ten photos of Lake Michigan with Lilly’s [sic] sibling running around.)

    Speaking of which, is she taking Lilly [sic] with her this time? Have there ever been photos of the two dogs together?

    • Basically, Julia hasn’t really blogged squat in the past month or so. It’s getting really difficult to find things to reblog. She has been mum on what exactly she is doing for Christmas and New Year’s. And I’m pretty sure her dog died in the blizzard as she tried to make an escape from the donkey pen.

      • Yeah. I was just thinking about how hard it must be RBNS. She’s also twittering about 75% less since the whole “stuff” she’s dealing with bray.

      • The silence has been “boring” for us popcorn passers over here, but I think it’s just the quiet before the shitstorm. Something is definitely going on and I think Julia’s slowly losing her shit over it. I can’t wait for her drippy, reflective new years posts then waiting around to see what happens in the new year. Personally, I think she’s flat broke, has no opportunities on the horizon, is getting booted out of her apartment and cut off financially. She’s probably desperate to make it work with Prop Thing because he’s her only meal ticket at this point.

        Let It Unfold, bunnies!!

    • Lilly [sic] – Hilarious!!

      I think she’s still in New York, doing whatever the fuck she’s been doing for the past few weeks (packing up her apartment? writing apology letters as part of her 12 step program? selling off the contents of her closet for quick cash?) but she will probably head home soon. I have never seen an adult go home to visit their parents as much as Julia Allison. She goes home for every single holiday, no matter how small.

      I also thin her “epic” New Years trip with “her girls” also fell through. I think she’ spending New Years in Chicago at that cheesy club she always goes to. I guess Prom King wasn’t ready to give her the OBO?

  9. Ugh, from Jordan’s last entry —

    “Meghan and Julia at Sunday’s NonSociety Holiday Brunch at Sarabeth’s, wearing my gifts to them: hand-knitted scarves in their signature colors.

    It’s incredible how much I have to be thankful for as this year comes to a close, and not the least of it is the friendship of these women, who are truly beautiful both inside and out, and who bring joy with them everywhere they go.”

    She lies and manipulates (and brays) and if you see anything beautiful in that, then you are just full of shit.

    I am so tired of people who may actually be worth a damn (Jordan, Mary) constantly standing up for Julia, especially when they’ve been screwed over by Baugher themselves (Mary). When are you people going to wake up and smell the roses! Yes, maybe once upon a time Julia was a hardworking, charismatic go-getter — obvs she knew how to work people and had to get her start somewhere — but now she’s just a lazy, entitled brat and it really shows how untalented she is/how untalented she always was. I know very little about [redacted]’s personal life and I don’t really care about it — but we can all agree that at least he has a work ethic (and good ideas + a viable business model) and gets shit done. And that, Julia, is how you make money.

    • Yeah, I’m done with Jordan. Guess they don’t teach you about NPD or sociopathy when you major in psychology at fucking Harvard.

    • It’s just a matter of time before Jordan wakes up…she needs to spend more time with Julesters…(Meghan is beyond help even if you hit her on the head with a bag full of iphones

    • I think people like Jordan and Mary aren’t much smarter than Julia. They confuse her “work ethic” with being a manipulative, irritating attack dog who won’t take no for an answer. That story about Julia hounding the producers of Gossip Girl is the perfect example. There’s a subtle difference between being a hard working go-getter and an annoying, unprofessional gnat. Julia’s been fired from every job she’s had and has NO career to speak of. I can hardly see how that is admirable, beautiful or joyous. It’s toxic. I think Jordan is either choosing to see the good in people, or bidding a passive aggressive farewell to Nonsociety in 2010.

      • Or maybe Jordan isn’t all that her fans here have built her up to be.

        I’ve always found her to be OK. Kind of bland, cloying and not particularly bright.

      • The whole not having a job thing but pretending to be on a budget and care about money by shopping at bargain places is to barf

    • Yeah, “beautiful inside and out” about either of those heinous, awful women was the end of my Jordan tolerance.

      Also, those scarves she knitted are super fug.

      It is all to quite on the donkey front these days….

      Thanks to the hardworking staff and commenters on RBNS for keeping us informed and laughing.

      Lastly, that beach bike will be destroyed by next spring the way she is keeping it out on the balcony. Word.

      • the hyperbole is revealing. if you like someone, you don’t heap compliments on them–especially a slew of cliches and adjectives. you give reasons why you love them–specific reasons. or, more likely, you genuinely like them and don’t say much about it bc you don’t need to verbalize it so. damn. much.

  10. Heya, Donks! (We all know you read here nevery day to get the reader inter-action you non-instituted on Non-Society … )

    Your #1 New Year’s Resolution should be:
    * To strive for an Emotional IQ commensurate w/ Chronological Age

    As you surreptitiously eBray your Cartier wristwatch for Quick Ca$h, you can calculate that sponsors who pass(ed) on you mentally subtract(ed) 15 EIQp’s for each “OMG!” squeed & double-ditto for offensive language tweeted & blahhgged.

    (Mary said you work hard. She never said you work smart. True dat.)

  11. Her latest tweet:

    I have exactly two hours to pack for 16 days home in Chicago for Christmas & New Years – and one suitcase is already full. Ugh.

    She was just there! Does this mean that her friends totally blew her off for fun in the sun New Years?

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