Ha! It’s Like A Donkey Calling a Mule an "Ass"


This is Julia Allison trying to be funny:

This Santa Baby dame is a little demanding, eh? I mean, a DEED to a platinum mine?!? She couldn’t settle for a platinum watch or something?

That is all.


  1. Yeah, that ‘babe’ Eartha Kitt is an actual singer.

    Sing-ers (noun); People who work very hard developing their voices and musicianship so talentless losers like JAB can lip sync to their hits in a sad attempt to grab a piece of their glory.

  2. “he couldn’t settle for a platinum watch”…

    Like MY platinum watch, Cartier, that I’m selling as part of my fire sale!

  3. And where might one purchase a cooch-baring Santa outfit like this one, I ask? Because Christmas Eve service at Grace Episcopal is on Thursday, and the one I have now doesn’t have built-in underwires.

  4. Have yourself a slutty little Christmas
    May your dress be tight
    Flash your butt
    And make your titties boys’ delight
    Have yourself a slutty little Christmas
    Flit around and bray
    You are why
    The people celebrate this day
    Have yourself a slutty little Christmas now

  5. If only the song was called “Insulted Ex-Boyfriend Please Buy Me a MacBook Air, Baby,” then it would apply to Julia.

    • This is, incidentally, why I believe her public proclamations of an overdue apology are directed to JL.

      It was probably the single most damaging thing to her public image, thus the need to bray publicly about her making the apology.

      • Ahhh … & though she never reads here, after she just got caught up on recent comments (here!) in favor of [Redacted] RE: the ‘Crazy’ video thread, she is, in essence, actually appealing to RBNS for forgiveness …

        Ha! Considering that as her subliminal acceptance that we are her only readers, that’s pretty hilarious.

        Dance Donkey, Dance!

  6. That’s fine and all, but why do you need to create multiple screen names to call out people you think are pathetic, Maya? That sounds pretty pathetic to me.

    • Um… I use different screen names for a variety of reasons. I like to keep it fresh to death, and also am too lazy to update it on the multiple computers I use to comment.

      Please don’t call out my first name!

    • Sake, I don’t know who you are, but I don’t really use my full name online anymore and I don’t appreciate being called out with my full name either. (Unlike JA, gave up the attention whoring quite some time ago.)


  7. Is this an official ‘intern’ duty or just another talentless extrovert that looks up to Julia because Paris is too popular?

  8. I don’t know who Jessica is, but that fact makes me pretty damn sure that that she didn’t “found” a company based on her tumblog then use that liecast to try to sell products to me. And she certainly didn’t put her Botoxed face all over my Internets, cheat on all of her boyfriends, make me feel bad about myself and out someones alleged mental illness. So … even if she is a cow, I don’t really care.

    • some of my best friends are fat cows, but they are very nice people and take good care of all their cats and ferrets

  9. What the fuck is going on with her HAND in that photo???
    ewwwww….beyond man-hand, beyond sausage fingers,
    a real STUMP.

    • denton is the founder of gawker.com which is an nyc centric social/pop news site

      gawker featured julia allison in some posts way back in like 06 or so… when she was a new kid on the block. not sure what happened, but denton now detests/loathes her.

      this is an old picture from at least 2-3 yrs ago, when he could stand being around her, i think

      • my understanding was that people were doubting julia was going to get a Bravo! show. denton had her back. it never happened and now he looks foolish

        matt– nyc is one of the few places in the world, really, where there’s enough of a concentration of media, finance, and advertising that people can really be friends with enough of these types to leverage it into something.

        that said, i no longer live in nyc–perfectly happy as a doctor in another east coast city–and the atmosphere is actually annoying and toxic. if you make it, great, but if you’re in the 90% that never really “make it” it’s gotta be depressing. i’m julia’s age and i can’t imagine being in her position

    • Things have never been the same between these twits after he defended her Bravo show and then like everything else with her, it never happened. ND does not like to be wrong.

    • And to you. Also, apologies to any fat but nice people whose best friends are hamsters, gerbils, other small rodents, lizards, turtles, other reptiles, fish, or any other non human males.

  10. I’m pretty aware that 1) I’m quite the chubster these days, thanks to stuffing my face and not exercising and 2) my JA obsession is almost certainly un-feminist.

    Feel free to snark away, although I’m already aware of both of those facts, so that probably takes out the fun of snarking.

    Anyways, what prompted said comment? I forget what my last comment here was.

    • What I mean is, where have I attacked JA’s appearance? I don’t really appreciate the body-snarking on this site, although I find pretty much anything else fair game.

      (It’s very possible I’ve attacked her appearance in a moment of weakness and forgotten as much.)

    • Have you posted here before? How does the crazy lady from France know you? Are you in France? What the hell is going on?

    • Who is the crazy lady from France?

      I lurk here a lot but delurked recently b/c I thought it would be more honest… I talk about feminist issues a lot on my Tumblr but am definitely a hypocrite in that regard with my JA snark obsession.

      Don’t really like to bodysnark JA but also don’t mind if that’s someone else’s thing.

      I have no idea how I attracted Sake’s ire, but am now intrigued…

    • I wouldn’t worry about it, JGH. I bet someone thinks you are one of the RBNS people or something misguided like that. I’ve been posting/reading here since day 1 and I’ve never seen a call out like that.

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