Prom King is a Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love


Warning: Some may consider the following commentary cruel. You are warned. This is a snark blog.

Prom King was unveiled last night to the Nonsociety girls. Jordorable reports he is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Others report he could stand to lose a few. This works well for Donkey, however, who confessed to hoovering three pieces of Meghannaise’s birthday cake last night while so overly made-up she looked once again like a retired Rockette.  In the meantime, did you hear that cackling sound? That’s the sound of the laughter emanating across a continent from known fattie-ists Rambo and her little Tinkerbelle.

Belting out Backstreet Boys with Meghan’s little brother Michael, Prom King & Megan Alagna in the background at After-Bday karaoke last night.


  1. Of course she needed a big boy – how else could Donkey feel tiny&cute(TM)?

    Also? Between the coat and the posture he looks like Girthzilla.

    • Tiny and cute in da houze!!! Representin’ unsiagnosed bi-polar disorder and narcissism! Woot!

      Seriously tho, some girth is a ok with me. I’d rather my dude look like a man instead of a pretty boy like RVV and his crew — who could pass for ladiez with the right makeup.

      More and more I’m a fan of PK!! I smell crazy wedding bells!!

      • i’m feeling ya tiny and cute. i also don’t mind a husky fellow and i would definitely tune in to a madcap, crazed, narcissist wedding. bring it on!!!

      • Agreed. Mr. Worrisome Pelts definitely has some meat on his bones. I really do think it’s his coat and stance in that shot that make him look big.

  2. It’s official — the only reason that she blurs out his face is because she’s ashamed of what he looks like.

  3. and from the peanut gallary of her facebook page:

    sooooo… but only i wanna seee your clothes off and your sexy ass…….some big boobs with niple and i wanna fuck u…..:P


  4. That’s a big boy. You know, the smallest peen I ever saw was on the biggest boy I ever dated. I just say.

    • You too??? In my dating-days, I remember dating a VERY cute guy who was so much fun. As things progressed, I remember I was taken by surprise. On a night out w/ the girls, I relayed the story and felt so shallow being so disappointed because things like that aren’t ‘supposed’ to matter, because after all, I’m not perfect and certainly have my imperfections. Imagine my relief when the lot of them relayed similar stories. In hindsight, though I would ‘say’ certain things didn’t matter, I kind of horrified myself to realize that I hoped I was able to hide my disappointment upon exposure and my first thought was, “No way can this be till-death-do-you-part” (please… I was young and it was not a pleasant thing to discover about my deep-seated-shallowness…)
      We didn’t last but a few more weeks. For what it’s worth, he broke up with me. Also, I was relieved. (hanging my head in shame because I’m still grateful for his departure)
      Please don’t hate me!

      • The only really tiny one I dealt with was attached to a real asshole. (OK, insert whatever jokes you want!) It was no surprise, in retrospect, that he’s obsessed with making sure everyone knows just how “manly” he (thinks he) is.

        Just from reading his posts on a certain Internet forum, it’s easy for total strangers to figure out that he’s hung like a gnat.

      • Fupa: Me too! Small dick, total dickhead who tried to prove himself in all other ways. Sort of like the Short Man’s Complex.

      • How true, Jacy. Sometimes I think women become size queens just so we don’t have to deal with these assholes and their “manhood” complexes.

        I always say that this guy taught me a lot: about when to get a clue and run like hell. In retrospect, he threw SO many warning signs that I should have fled screaming months earlier. But now I know that when I see these same tendencies in a guy, it’s time to get the fuck out.

      • Thank you! All these years later I STILL remember the shock. It seems a pretty common thing to stumble upon that experience at least once. The now hubs did not believe that girls shared such things. Until… a bunch of my loser-basement-dwelling-cat-having-mom-friends came out from our caves to have a margarita-party at my pool while the kids swam (we are the epitome of Klassy!). After the demise of the bottle of tequila, an emergency call was placed to all hubs who were possibly in the area and could swing by with a replacement bottle. The call was answered and since it was close to quitting time, a couple of them showed up. (probs out of curiosity as to what all those margaritas and a call for more was doing to us 😉 The conversation took many turns until it landed on old boyfriends and life before ‘The One’ and much guffawing took place as we all related our ‘itty-bitty-teeny-wieinie’ stories. It was eye-opening for the male people. 🙂

        Jacy- ooooohhhhh yes. The good ole’ Napoleon Complex. I know it well. I’m 5′ 10″ so you can imagine my dating journey.

      • Word. My other peen shocker was when I got with someone I had been chasing and who had been chasing me for a long time, and it was barely even a peen at all.

      • “But now I know that when I see these same tendencies in a guy, it’s time to get the fuck out.”

        Nothing to add to the small dick tally, (thank dog!), but can I just say? Two SO’s w/ something in common have caused me to make a fast & hard rule: I’ll never again date a guy who owns a Corvette.

      • I once dated a short(ish) guy. Italian. Drove a Ferrari. I was so embarrassed to be seen with him in that car. I specifically asked him not to come to my parent’s home driving it.

        Drove the Mercedes instead. S500.

        He was completely boring and just talked about $$$ all the time.

        Plus, I have a hard time taking short men seriously. They just don’t seem real to me.

        So you can imagine my thoughts on Adrien.

  5. That could be a bad shot with the open jacket causing a tent effect. But I do believe she is ashamed of what he looks like. What a lecherous whore.

  6. RUN, PROM KING, RUN and take Lilly with you! Your only hope for survival is to flee the pink palace before her vag touches you. Which given past experience will be 3-5 weeks from now.

  7. Donkey’s just not that into him, is she?

    1st she’s blocks out this guy’s face:
    (note the grey slacks)

    then she blocks out this other guy’s face:
    (note the blue jeans)

    & remember the pudgy hands & lurch-like height?
    (maybe Prop Thing is really one of these other two)

  8. how has her outfit not been discussed? her dress was pretty cute but paired with those shoes. i would go insane and have to call what not to wear for an intervention.

    wear the sparkly green shoes with a simple top and some nice skinny jeans. wear some black or NUDE shoes with the red dress.

    and never wear a testicle moe bag.

    • Oh, yes: The dress. I know that dress. Here’s the thing (here’s the thing): When worn in the proper size, it is gauzy and floaty – a short, flirty version of a goddess dress. It has pretty draping (although the belt looks cheap as all get-out). As usual, though, Little Miss Rump Roast is wearing it too small, so all of the draping and pleating is pulled out of whack. She has a special gift for taking things that have even a modicum of cute and making them look so mall it makes me want to drive to Stamford and get a frakking Orange Julius.

      I used to think she should go on “What Not to Wear”, but she would be one of those annoying assholes who fights over every item of clothing that Stacy and Clinton want to toss, cries incessantly about how they don’t want her to be heeerrrr and then a month later is wearing the same tacky, eye-rolling shit as before.

      She has no style. I used to think it would be fun to style her, but she doesn’t deserve anything better than these overpriced, synthetic, off-brand Barbie get-ups that she thinks look so chic and “classy”.

      • Please Fashion Girl – come help me clean out my closet!!! I’m an empty canvas. A clean slate. I’ve lived long enough to know I know nothing and I’ve been humbled enough to laugh at myself. Change my make-up, my clothes… tell me what I should flaunt and what I should hide. Oh… my hair??? It’s got a mind of its own though. Curly. Very curly. It does what it does and I don’t fight it anymore so that’s off limits. (only because it’s feral and can not be changed – & I’m ok w/ it & since I don’t fight it, it seems to behave better with a barrette every now and then)

      • I know — does she not own ONE decent/pretty dress? It seems that everything she owns is cotton or seemingly from American Apparel. AND IT IS FREEEEEEEEEEEZING (but pretty) IN NYC!

        I don’t think one thing she owns is lined properly. Doesn’t she know anything about buying clothing?

      • I (and probably most gals on this blog) can out-hot this girl in head to toe Forever 21. She manages to make expensive shit look like, well, shit. If I had her apparently clothing budget I’d be killing it. She’s so full of fail.

  9. Why is his identity secret? Makes no sense at this point. Guess the “stuff” she was going few a few days ago is all mysteriously resolved.

    • I don’t know what reason he gave her for wanting to keep his identity secret, but it’s obvious that he doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s THE DUDE WHO’S FUCKING A DONKEY. A donkey with antlers and cheap shoes.

      • I beg your pardon, FupaJaba, those are not cheap shoes, those are GREEN SPARKLY PARIS SHOES FROM THE SAINTED ALEX! So sentimental, that one.

      • I love how the shoes are just “from Paris.” no mention of brand name, store, etc. Paris has cheap hideous shoes too, Julia!!!

  10. I don’t think he’s fat. It’s just the coat. He looked normal in the skydiving photos, he just has a big, tall frame. And I don’t think he cares if his identity is a secret. Julia is keeping it secret because she’s scared of the haters.

    • agreed. its the coat.
      looking at the cut and the material, its probs from the Gap (and aint nothin wrong with that)- not fitted, no vents. not meant to be. its unfortunate shot of him is all. Gap casual blazers are never worth it even if ridiculously on sale – never flattering. I’ve learned the hard way and I’m not even big.
      anyways, it shouldn’t matter what size he is. he’s been very nice to Donkey and it seems to me that she should either respect his privacy – if that is indeed what he wants – and not post any photos of him at all, or, if he doesn’t mind, then go ahead and show his face. This obscuring of his face – with a demented red smiley face- only serves to make her look like even more of an asstwat.
      Donkey is deplorable.

    • Yeah, he’s not fat at all. More built very athletic. Like a basketball player. Looks to be at least 6 2′.

  11. I just looked at more of the pics from the birfday party. She is wearing a short sleeve, one shoulder dress that is 3″ above her knees with bare legs. WTF? Is global warming hitting NYC harder than everywhere else? Julia, ITS FUCKING CHRISTMAS. Put some clothes on. Preferably a big heavy ironic slanket.

    • All of them look like rejects from the Jersey Shore reality show. When did young women start dressing like Atlantic City hookers all.the.time?

  12. Aww, I’m hoping this works out for her with PK. Afterall, he seems like he’s not only willing to put up with her nonsense but actually indulges it. And well, if she can find someone like that, then why the fuck not date and marry him?!

    Don’t screw this up, Julia!!!!!!!

  13. On the heels of the cummerbund & ‘husband’ reference:

    “Being a housewife doesn’t sound so bad to me on a snowy December night like tonight.” 10 minutes ago from web

    Pull up a chair folks, we’re off & running now!

    • So, when does the pressure start on Chunky King to become engaged, if not married, by the time her brother gets married?

      • That will be the first date Julia actually comes up with and finances.

        “Court Day, PK! Here’s the ineffable itinerary: as soon as I finish this tweet, you will film a lip dub of “Goin’ to the Chapel” as I enter the JoP’s office in my brand new, custom-costume Chole and Reese Bridal mini-skirt! Where’s my white Bendel’s bow headband, I need it right now, OMG I’m gonna cry! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we have the cab stop at Strawberry, I need a new bow or I won’t look right in the pictures! You’ll buy me one, won’t you, baby? You will! YAY.COM 2.0!”

        Run, PK, run.

    • I know when the weather’s bad outside one night and I just don’t feel like going out, my thoughts immediately go toward ditching my career and just devoting my life to taking care of my husband. Am I right, ladies?

      • You have a career? How fuck? The rest of us are living with our cats in our parents’ basement, scarfing down Doritos all day and Cheetos all night. So, no, we can’t relate.

      • Her idea of being a housewife is not taking care of a damn thing. It’s not having a job, not doing anything all day, and hiring a maid. And going shopping all the time on your husband’s lawyer salary.

      • Her current life is about a thousand times more relaxing than any housewife I’ve ever heard of—except for the ones on the Real Housewives shows. She doesn’t have to cook, clean, work, change diapers—she doesn’t even walk her dog! Housewifery would be hard labor to this bitch.

    • Of course she wants to be a housewife. How much you bet she still gets a nanny if she (gasp) procreates? She has no job now, why would marriage change that?

      • And I’m not saying being a housewife is not a job. Just her idea of it is so obviously to be a kept woman basically, making other people do everything and googling herself all day. I’ve never seen anyone so desperate to be taken care of by a man.

  14. Who cares.

    If Prom King is not only willing to put up with Julia’s crazy ass shit but actually enjoy and enable it, and happily be part of the show – Julia should wrap this one up in a bow and fucking go for it. After all he’s obviously got some dough, and that’s what she’s really about.

    So at this point she needs to get over whatever complex she might have about his looks and realize how limited her options, are all things considered. Seriously, even if its only a starter marriage and probably won’t work out, she should just get on with it. I’m sick of all this, its like were just treading water here and we need something new. Julia needs an actual real wedding to take her to the next stage of bat shit loopy. And if Prom King is the kind of guy who will throw Julia a ‘fake prom’ on a first date – then I can’t wait.

    Its a classic meeting of the minds and I’m all for it.

    All hail The Prom King!

  15. Julia in her entire life will never do anything as remotely cool as that.

    Julia is the anti-cool.

    She is probably the uncoolest person in the entire U.S of A.

  16. Julia never ceases to amuse in little ways that tell a lot about her:

    “# Snowed in, I decided to get in the xmas spirit by reading the galley of porn star Tera Patrick’s autobiography. One word book report: whoa. about 1 hour ago from web ”

    No, you do not have the galley proof. You have an advance copy, like half of NYC. The book is coming out in two weeks.

    It’s this kind of self-aggrandizing that makes me wonder where the hell she thinks she’s going in life. Who is the audience for this bullshit?

    • Julia is such an asstwat. Why does she have to say “galley” like some publishing insider. The book, Sinner Takes All, is out in print this month. Go to fucking Barnes & Noble Starbucks and read it for free like you always do.
      She probs has an advance copy so can shill on Nonsociety. Such a dick.
      Also, I find her tone condescending. Tera Patrick is a highly successful business person (and internet) entrepreneur and pioneer. I really don’t see what Donkey “does” as being on any sort of moral higher ground – or “klassy” – than pornography. And she can only dream as being half as successful (happy) as Patrick.

  17. Well it appears she is going off the deep end again. Latest tweet is “Praying for a christmas miracle.” My guess is she is either broke or dumped.

    • Oh, she’s probably just trying to get some glitter nail polish off her favorite headband. Everything is the end of the fucking world with her.

      • I think even All My Children gave up on the xmas miracle thing, which, by the way, should be reserved for earthquake victoms, pediatric cancer patients, young parents without jobs, etc — you know, people who actually really need a miracle, bitch

  18. Donkey is asking for our prayers that she is forgiven by some unnamed-but-blogged-about person. Yeah, I’ll get right onto my prayer chain at church for this one.

    Narcissuses are incapable of seeing themselves as in the wrong, so I’m guessing this is someone whose money she wants.

  19. Hm. Looks like Prom King ain’t the answer to all of Hoolia’s prayers:

    “I just wrote one of the hardest letters I’ve ever had to write, to someone whose forgiveness I need more than any Christmas gift. Please pray for me.”

    (This is under an ad from a cheap karma necklace from Dogeared.)

    Pray for you for what, Donkey? Just have Lasagna draft the response you want to read and you’re good for the holidays, cupcake!

    • The “gold dipped” description of the necklace probably also applies to the dick of whoever it is whose money/forgiveness she’s after.

      Either that or Rambo is ready to spill. Now that’s something I’ll pray for!

      • Yeah. If she *needs* someone’s forgiveness, it’s not to soothe a troubled conscience, it’s for the benefit of her image or her pocketbook.

    • Okay, WHAT — who does this? Blogs to the world to “pray for her” ? If I am going through some heavy stuff, or need friends to pray for me (or whatever), I am not about to write about it on some dumb blog…

      God, she is getting on my nerves…

      And that quote next to it, about “I believe everything happens for a reason…” — Marilyn Monroe said it — of course, she probably does not know this, and is not crediting her, of course.

      On that note — Take care everybody — Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc, etc — I am out of here for the Holidays!

    • That’s all of it in one misshapen sentence, isn’t it.

      Letters are supposed to be private.

      But telling just a little, enough to make it not quite private, while not actually saying anything interesting, with the twist of me, me, me, me.

    • So typical of Julia. To her, karma is a gold-dipped circle to wear around her neck, spirituality is an accessory (bt dubs, did you know she’s 1/16 Jewish? Tiffany sells the CUTEST Stars of David!!!!) and the best way to express love is to buy a diamond ring.

      I’d blow my brains out if I had to walk a day in her shoes.

    • She loves dropping little notes like this to get us all worked up into a frenzy trying to figure out who it is.

      I don’t think it is Prom King, why would she care that much? I have a feeling it is someone she fucked over in the past, so it could be literally anyone. My money is on Mary (after she heard about her new TV show) or maybe [REDACTED]?

      • I love that when she blogs something like that about an apology there are hundreds of options of who it could be about. She needs to write more than one. Mary, Alex, Charles, Charlsie, Michael, JL, the fiancé, the boy whose credit card she stole, etc. You know what the best thing to do would be? Quit being such a hideous person.

      • Seriously. Bitch should apologize to everyone she’s ever met because she is THAT awful. Who cares who she is apologizing to? Chances are, it’ll be a passive aggressive non-apology that anyone with half a brain will reject.

        That said, I hope Gramma Moneybags found out that JA put a photo of her in her nightgown on the Internets and now Julia has to beg forgiveness.

  20. I have to say, while I am NOT a JA fan, I cannot believe the time and effort people are going to here to break this girl down.

    I know, you’ll retort, “She apparently cannot be broken down, her ego is so big.”

    But how sad that you all spend your time obsessing over and parsing every detail of her life. The irony is you hate her yet you give her the very thing she so desperately craves: ATTENTION.

    • meh, i used to obsess, i check this website maybe once a day now. and RBNS is super fun to read and majority of the commenters are hilarious: it’s entertainment.

    • Hey Maya …

      I hate the Donkey like I hate the NYT’s crossword ~ I’m not gonna correctly break she/it down 100% of the time, but I’d never pass up a chance to grab a pen & take a stab at she/it either.

      & that affects YOU how?

      • It doesn’t affect me at all. It seems to me you are all really unhappy people to be wasting your time obsessing over one individual in such a negative way every day.

        It’s not the same as crossword puzzles. It’s someone’s life, however disgraceful they may seem. Like calling her Donkey – does it really make you feel better about yourself? How petty and juvenile.

        And I’m sure you’d likely never say these things to her face – no you just hide behind your ridiculous pseudonyms because you don’t have the guts to let people know it’s you making these nasty comments, the horrible people you are inside. You think you’re better than JA but the irony is you’re so much worse.

      • And YOU care so much about US because why, “Maya”?

        Also, don’t be so certain that at least a few here haven’t told Donkey to her face what so many think of her.

      • Can’t tear yourself away from parsing our every comment & making assumptions about US, can ya, “MAYA”? Uhmm, do WE have us a hater here, or did you want to clear that misconception up by posting your full name, address, ph# & email? Whaaaa??? Gotta go, never to be heard from again?

      • I’m always curious about how people who come on this site to chastise us found it in the first place. Maya?

      • Maya, your incorrect assumption is that anyone is here to feel better about themselves. Nope. Just here to marvel over a donkey. What’s your excuse?

      • My name is Maya Martineaux and I live in France and you can call me whenever you like if you need someone to talk to about why you need to bullie people on the internet. 0144453833

    • Maya,

      I just popped a button on my last pair of pants. My bras were once all white, but are now the color of English tea. My third cat, Riddles, gave birth a week ago to 4 kittens (Mitch, Bijoux, Callie and Scout). My parents have had it up to here with my “zoo” and are threatening to send me to Aunt Clio’s in Eureka because she has a fat pension. Can’t you just understand?!

    • Ahh, unwarranted moral superiority… 🙂

      So Maya, how about instead of making sweeping, idiotic generalizations about us, let’s talk about American culture and how our behavior here at RBNS is really nothing out of the ordinary. We slow down when we see a wreck not because we want to “feel better about ourselves”, but because it inspires a morbid curiosity. It’s funny how you think we’re so pathetic here while the entire nation obsesses over a golfer’s dozen mistresses or a deranged woman who had a particularly large litter.

      Is what we’re doing here – talking shit about a hot mess – particularly noble? No, probably not – neither is reading celebrity blogs, watching Jersey Shore, Bridezillas or enjoying any other pop culture phenomenon that’s based on morbid fascination with the dysfunctional, the bizarre and the downright horrifying. So?

      PS. You’re just like us, cupcake. You came here calling us “petty”, “juvenile”, “horrible” and “unhappy”. You sought us out and devoted your time to “tearing us down”, so quit acting all indignant.

      • I found this site because I didn’t know who this “JA” person is and I googled her name out of curiosity after I saw a photograph of her. Don’t worry, I won’t be coming back, I’m really not interested.

        And no, there is a BIG difference between me calling you petty and juvenile and YOU devoting your life to calling someone a Donkey face and wasting your life on the internet just to tear someone down. I see how you use this to justify your classy, anonymous behavior.

        But it’s funny that you mention American culture and your obsession with reality shows and yourselves !

        Au revoir et viva la France !

      • haha, thank you for the French lesson. It’s a slang that you don’t understand, like viva la revolución. And Sausage Snappers, I should say the same to you about your opinions here. 😀

      • Ugh I hate French-wannabes! I pooped another button on my pants, Maya! Watch the F out!

        Go back to the South Bronx and say hi to Meghan.

      • haha you are all so funny.

        Partypants, you seem to think everyone care what you think, so you create a stupid blog to put someone else down. It comes across as pathetic to people who don’t know this JA person, and that’s an observation, not a personal insult like calling someone a Donkey face, You don’t have better things to do with your life than blog about this girl?

        And if you need to know where I am from, why not just check the fucking IP address for this comment – I am sure youre tracking all your visits just to make yourself feel better about yourself.

        Why not just identify yourself for who YOU are, since you think you’re so important, Partypants? It’s pretty obvious who you are anyway. And if youre not important, then even better, make yourself known for the spiteful person you are to have such a blog. I’m sure your employers would love to know.

        Whatever, karma is a real bitch, and it will come back to you anyway.

    • Maya: I’ve never been happier in my life. I am in love, have a great job, adore my family, love my life. Piss off.

    • So, Maya, are you concerned that we are somehow ‘breaking Julia down’? Or are you deeply worried that we are giving her the attention she craves? What you’re saying is sort of confusing to understand. Can you try to be a little more clear? Also, are you in retail? I mean, for cheap Western versions of karma? Julia recommended a karma necklace you might enjoy owing.

  21. and of course you wore the antlers, JABs. god forbid people don’t pay attention to you at Meghan’s bday party!


      JULIA put up a profile of Julia under Top 99 Women 2009 Edition & implored her bought-&-paid-for Fecebook Fans to vote for her. It’s definitely ridiculous.


    • her quote

      “I had a guy say to me that no man could last more than 24 hours in my apartment and to that I say: ‘Thank God.’ I want them out after five hours.”
      – Julia Allison

      Fucking Dorthy Parker that one. Srsly, she puts down Tera Patrick and posts this nonsense.

    • The last sentence: “A lifestyle queen in the digital age, Julia Allison hopes to continue her winning streak in 2010 through the ongoing development of her current projects and an exciting new TV deal with Bravo.”

      Is this “exciting new TV deal with Bravo” real or imaginary?

    • I’m sorry but if that picture of her were any older she’d be in a diaper. She doesn’t look anything like that anymore.

      This shit means nothing. doesn’t just approach randoms to feature. You nominate yourself. This is all so Julia can tack on “’s 99 Chicks We’d Probably Bang And Forget 2009” to her fake “bio”. Let’s put this in perspective kay? Emily Brill was something or other on AskMen a couple of years ago. That site is basically HotOrNot with some articles thrown in.

      I am fed UP with this bitch and her fake life, fake hair, fake face, and fake career. She is a boring nobody whose relevance is long over, and she needs to pack the shit in and go home.

      Seriously this shit is just getting ignorant now.

    • I’m in love with the phrase “An aspiring journalist since her college days.” She’s been trying to figure out how to report a story for ten years, folks! Really, really trying!

    • She mentions it in the mediabistro article:

      “So a little while after I got back, I went down to the Super Bowl. And while I was in Miami I met Milo Ventimiglia, he’s on Heroes. I totally fell in love. Ok, then a couple days I later, I flew out to spend some time with Milo, and that was fun, but two days later after I leave I see him on television canoodling with Emmy Rossum. I was like, ‘whatever.'”

      Also, she’s spending NYE at HUB 51 in Chicago, the club owned by her “friends.” Julia, did your Mexico plans fall through?

  22. Now I am even more convinced that Prom King is Peter Shankman — see my earlier theory in a past post. Peter is a husky dude, is a rampant Skydiver ( it is his name on Twitter), big, crazy dates fits in with his MO and he is a huge PR media whore type (founded HARO, google it). He is going to be spending a week skydiving in Florida in the near future according to a recen post of his. She refers to him as “one of my favorite dudes” or something like that. That just screams “let’s be friends.” This is not a romance. He would want his privacy guarded because he is spmewhat well known in certain circles..

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