1. The party’s over
    It’s time to call it a day
    They’ve burst your pretty balloon
    And taken the moon away
    It’s time to wind up the masquerade
    Just make your mind up the piper must be paid

    The party’s over
    The candles flicker and dim
    You danced and dreamed through the night
    It seemed to be right just being with him
    Now you must wake up, all dreams must end
    Take off your makeup, the party’s over
    It’s all over, my friend

  2. Love how RVV basically throws himself between Loddy and the Donks. Denton’s back is classic. And she looks like such a complete moron in that dress.

    This helps me understand why she had such a meltdown after Loddy kicked her to the curb: these people look like FUN. And being part of their little geek kabal is clearly what she’s been after this whole time. NS, TMI, SONY … it’s all a desperate attempt to be one of the cool tech kids, which she clearly isn’t anymore (if she ever was) and never will be again. Sad.

    Wow. Empathy all over tonight.

    • EXACTLY. They TOTALLY look like fun, exactly the kind of dudes I hang out with in real life. She has absolutely no sense of humor or a genuine capacity for fun unless it involves dressing up in slutty costumes and filming herself. These guys are obviously tight, and just wanted to dance.

      And a Slutty Santa Suit at a party like that. Ridiculous.

      Also — does [REDACTED] seem bi-polar in any of the videos posted here over the past few days? He just seems like a fun dude to me.

      • Seriously. She did everything she could to cling on to Ricky — it was obvious that even though she was dating Jakob, she was really after the Veen peen. Also totally jealous and intimidated by Ricky’s girlfriend Annamarie.

      • Sorry, what? Does he “seem bipolar”? How does one seem bipolar? Or more to the point, how would you expect to tell if someone was bipolar by watching them on camera for 30 seconds here and there? Contrary to all of the rubbish that gets posted here about JA possibly being bipolar, manic depressives are usually depressed for very long periods of time, and have brief periods (weeks, not months) of unusually elevated mood, which can be accompanied by delusions, aggression, erratic behavior, and so on. They don’t constantly flip back and forth from happy to sad. You certainly can’t tell if someone is or is not unless you actually know them and spend a significant amount of time around them.

        A lot of people want to believe they or others are bipolar simply because their moods change frequently, even over the space of a day or two. That is just being fucking normal

  3. Aw, white people.

    Who is the girl [REDACTED] was dancing with for a bit? And did I imagine it, or did Julia angrily cry, “HEY!” when she panned to them?

    It annoys me the extent to which she infantilized JL. “Are we at a party, baby? Who’s a little party boy? Is it you? Is it you?”

    • I don’t think she’s yelling “hey,” but that is a special moment.

      And I am with you on the infanticizing of JL. What, does she think she was SMARTER than him? Jesus.

      And what is with the cheesy facial expressions she makes when she fixes the camera on herself?? And holy makeup — who invited Tammy Faye Bakker to the party?

      • Omg, what is wrong with her face? I mean, she has straight, white teeth, but why does she smile LIKE THAT? Is that the look she gives when she tries to look endearing?

        Girl needs to get a new lipstick color.

      • I keep watching this video because it really shows the idiocy of Julia Allison—-everyone is having a swell time, and she’s trying to capture it with her dumb camera. It’s actually sort-of sad. And, I also think Ricki van Peen is BLOCKING Julia to keep her away from (Redacted).
        Tragic misfit isn’t making it with the cool kids.

  4. This is from the night I met Julia Allison. If I remember correctly, JL was dancing with many a’ women, while she stood over next to that X-Mas tree all night.

    JL is super hot in person, but he’s got a kermit the frog voice and every time I ever saw him it was always at parties where he was dancing so hard he was physically pushing people. This was a couple of years ago, and I haven’t really run into him since, and admittedly he seems much more chill these days, probably because he stopped taking hits of the donkey bong.

  5. WHAT is with her mouseketeer head bop when she turns the camera on herself? she definitely practiced that sad move in the mirror.. : (

    • Yeah. Like, not everyone has rhythm, whatever, it’s fine. If you’re having a good time and in the moment, I don’t think most people would judge at a Christmas party. But she just looks so stiff and like she’s trying so hard.

  6. Love the pan to Eric L, the only L who may despise her more than JL.

    And she looks like a stripper hired to work the party, except everyone has already entertained themselves. Especially love the girl dancing with JL and RVV, who looks both invited and having a good time.

      • Remember the stalk of EL’ friend (Jessica, I believe) – the up and coming designer who was going to make her birthday dress?

        She brayed and brayed and then the dress didn’t fit, so she had to quit. Never mentioned her again.

  7. Wow. I genuinely and sincerely feel bad for her right now. So much second hand embarrassment. 1. She looks absolutely ridiculous (STUPID) “dancing”
    2. Does she have any friends at the party? Why is she being awkward and hanging around in the corner filming everyone else having fun?

    I mean, I don’t know, but I’m gonna guess that most of these people work in tech/new media, and no one else has their camera or iPhone out. They’re just having and enjoying the music?

    • That is one of the most eerie off putting things about her — her insane obsession with filming EVERYTHING.

      People who work in the milieu for real, put that shit away when they are out and want to have fun. She is like some creepy Peeping Tom at every moment of her life. Though usually she is her favourite subject. It’s gross.

      • We have a saying in my office: if there’s no photograph, it never happened. We’re a giant institution, though. She’s just a lonely, sad, pathetic little person who can’t seem to accept that fact and realize she isn’t a brand.

  8. When that girl was provocatively dancing with JL (and he was obviously enjoying it/thinking Julia wasn’t looking) I didn’t know if I should feel bad for her or cackle with glee.

    And I think Nick was looking away because he was coked out, not because he was embarrassed of Julia.

    • The cokedoutness of Overload Denton would be responsible for the lack of finesse in his moves of turning away. It was like shocked horror and he ran, he did not walk out of view of her Peeping Tom gaze.

  9. wow that was truly horrifying. that was such a cruel trick: show the hot boy dancing to beyonce and right as im getting into it and loving it, the camera turns so quickly to a crazy lunatic clown. no wonder kids are so scared of them at circuses.

    but seriously….this video is proof that she was the crazy one, regardless of whatever medical issue Redacted had at the time.

      • i love you too grandma! i wish you could comfort me tonight bc i will be having nightmares of slutty santas

  10. Wow. Felt sorry for her on so many levels. A late night, boozed up Christmas party and people just want to dance… and she insists on videotaping them. (And they all turn away.)

    Amazing how tone def she is.

    Plus, who is the sexygal dancing w JL and she “catches” him?


    But she looks out of place w the cool kids.

    Personally, I hate it when people videotape parties, esp when just want to dance + have fun.

  11. OT. Oh, my. Julia shows once again why she earns $4/word:

    “It is physically impossible to describe how cold it is in New York this evening without using expletives. less than 20 seconds ago from Echofo”

    “Physically impossible”. Erm, what? Now I have a theory that if all of the unnecessary and plain stupid adverbs and adjectives are stripped from her writing, what’s left is blindingly insipid and pedestrian, if it even makes sense.

    Let’s help Julia out. “Freezing cold”. “Bitterly cold”. “Eskimo weather”. Because talking about the weather is SO INTERESTING.

  12. I love that RVV pays attention to her to detract from JL dancing with the hot, normal chick, about 1:30. He is an amazing man for making sure that happened on camera. I salute you, Ricky Van Veen!

  13. wow I feel really bad for her. This is is so embarassing. And this is coming from someone who is not afraid to bust out the flip video at a moment’s notice. She is sooooo awkward!!! This is just the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen. I just showered but I feel like I need to shower again.


  14. Nobody wants to be videotaped when they’re getting their drunk on at an open bar holiday party with ass-shaking music! WHO DOESN’T KNOW THIS?

    A donkey, that’s who. Peter Baugher and Robin Baugher may have enough money for some real estate, but they don’t have nearly enough to buy their rude pig of a daughter an ounce of class. What a fucking asshole. No wonder she has no friends.

    • That picture from tonight … overkill on plastic pelts & fake lashes is an understatement. The guy Jake is hot tho’.

  15. I get so tired of saying this, but she is so goddamned embarrassing. It’s to the point where I ALMOST feel sorry for her.

    • She clearly has ZERO awareness of how absolutely fucking horrid she is, and how easy she makes it for people to see that she lacks manners, grace, and empathy for other human beings.

      This video may be old, but it’s new to me, and it’s given me a case of the stabbies. She is IN LOVE WITH HER DISGUSTING SELF. I already knew that, but this video just encapsulates how horrific this person is.

    • She’s very out of place here. Either doesn’t know how to read a room or doesn’t care. The makeup and outfit are ridiculously over the top. Completely obvious that she and Lodwick were not a natural fit.

      • he seriously dumped her ass like the next morning. i really think that xmas party pushed him over the edge. the santa costume…and didn’t she try to force him to wear a matching costume or a sweater or something and he refused? i’ll have to check the jakobandjulia archives, lol.

  16. Jackles went to the IAC party and to Sklar’s birthday bash without a date. That’s worrisome! Was Prom Gigolo unavailable? I think he’s breaking her heart! (Well, that’s one plot variant being considered I’m sure.) How strange that this man of magical means and Jennifer Convertibles’ furniture appears only on her blog and nowhere in real life NY! Neither Jordan nor the cretin has had a text convo with Julia about him worthy of screen-capture! Such a generous guy, too! Why I’ll bet their next two dates will cost almost as much as a second-hand Cartier watch!

    Will Hipster Blue Balls make it out to the Baugher’s for Christmas? We’ll see! Or will Julia tweet mysteriously about symphonic evenings and shared memories of Mauna Kea?

    Let’s stay tuned for “Julia’s Next Fucking Story” !

  17. Does anyone remember then scene in THE COMEBACK when Valerie Cherish goes to the dance club (and drinks a Red Bull) and then begins to dance insanely awkwardly, trying to look cool? This is SO that.

  18. We all know Rachel Bilson was at this party, right? Julia showed up in her Santa costume before she found out a real celebrity was going to be there. She acted like a turd when the cops showed up at the party later that night because of the noise.

      • She mentions it here.


        “Best Party Ever, even with the cops” says Van Veen. Lodwick, Abramson agree.

        Josh & Ricky had one of most funnest-est Xmas parties I’ve been to in quite some time last Saturday night. And yeah, I dressed as Slutty Mrs. Claus, because Frosty the Snow Slut was sold out 🙁

        Rachel Bilson came, which was bizarre (huh!?) and Demetri Martin from The Daily Show was there. As was a chimpanzee in a santa suit, AND Nick Denton, although it was difficult to tell which was which (har har). Who else showed? Check out the HOT PIX below!!!!!!!!!! (Don’t you hate people who use the non-word “pix”?? ugh.)

        PS. Yes, the cops really shut it down, and for fun, we all pretended like we were underage and had to be concerned. Or maybe that was just me pretending and everyone else thinking I was on something harder than Excedrin and a glass of warm champagne. Hmm.

        Well, it’s not like Eric Lodwick was underage or anything. She’s such a ham!

    • Excellent. Do you notice too he never really looks at her? He’s clearly embarrassed as all fuck that she’s there in a Santa suit — I do recall hearing about a screaming fight before this or another party because he refused to dress up with her. The end is so obviously near and Donkey is too in love with herself to figure it out.

  19. I just love how the whole party is wearing normal clothes, looks like a fun group, dancing to music and this clown is wearing a sexy santa costume – yet she wonders why people (us) don’t like her?

    • I’m ashamed to know this, and someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe he was supposed to go home with her for Christmas but then they broke up.

      So no I don’t think so.

  20. Julia looks miserable as hell at that IAC party. Also love how all of her friends straight up mock her when posing for a picture with her. I could not imagine what it’s like to be so openly disliked by so many people.

      • And WTF is up with her coat? Could it look any cheaper?

        Maybe instead of buying 406984 “holiday skirts” she could buy one decent winter coat that doesn’t look like a horse blanket or something she found on sale at Strawberry.

      • Seriously. Add 6 inches to the skirt and she could easily pass for one of the 75-year-old ladies who gets all dressed up for a late brunch at my local upper west side diner.

      • a) The hair. Give it a rest. Pelts do not look good on you or probably anyone.
        b) Standing with your legs open like that does not make your body look any thinner
        c) Wearing a skirt that large to hide your hips, only makes you look larger. Those skirts are flattering on no one
        d) Is it really effing necessary to mention that (redacted) bought you the heart pendant circa 2000? There is no need to trace steps back to your past. Let him be happy with his girlfriend. I wouldn’t want to hear my man’s ex rattling off jewelry he bought her 10 years ago.

        Seriously, and she wonders why she has haters.

    • She looks like my spinster Aunt Marie after getting all gussied up to attend a singles dinner dance at the Knight of Columbus banquet hall.

    • Every assistant in Manhattan has that Tiffany necklace. It’s what the boss gives them the year after they get the keychain.

  21. Tangent: Is anyone else annoyed by her recent and frequent use of “rallied?” I suspect she heard either Jordan or someone in LA say it, found it cool (or hipsterish, or twee, or gauche) and is now using it nearly every time she leaves the house. She is so impressionable it’s ridiculous.

  22. I just figured out what the Donkey is doing when she first turns the camera on herself: mimicking [Redacted] when he first starts rocking out to Beyonce. GOD SHE IS SUCH A FUCKING TOOL.

  23. Entertaining: Go back and read the pity party when JL dumped her ass. Just type his name into the search engine.

    It’s like she did NOTHING wrong, she was a total victim. Wah-wah-wah.

  24. http://julia.nonsociety.com/post/20215847

    so. she this is where she gets her dance moves from?

    at first, i was a little freaked out to see momser and dadser “twisting,” but then i was like, aww, they’re just having a good time, and then i noticed momser paying more attention to the camera instead of her husband and the moment was ruined.

    • I feel sorry for her mom here ~ somewhere, there’s evidence of her doing the same to Britt & Allie on a dance floor ~ busting in on their moment & claiming it for her own by invading their space & braying through it all.

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