Julia Allison And Rachel: Important People, Important Topics


Julia Allison’s Holibray Express continues to steam on. Next on the agenda: Important people take time out of their holidays to respond to my txts. But wait, there’s more! Not only did she namedrop Rachel Sklar in her txt screen grab, she informs us that two years ago she was with Sklaraderma on donksgiving:

Nooooo THE JA THANKSGIVING CURSE IS BACK!! 06 I was in the hospital. 07 I vomitted in the street w @rachelsklar. Now in bed w a fever! WTF about 3 hours ago from Echofon

Wait, a fever? Right before the so important High School Reunion? But…how will you able to tell everyone you invented post-its??? If you aren’t there, Julia, how will I be able to show up smoking the cigarette I invented and tell you that Post-Its were invented at 3M???

Get well soon! Also, Hi Rachel’s Google Alert!

edit: I drunkfail. Might be Rachel Billow. Damn you, chianti.


  1. Is that the famous Canadian Rachel Sklar* or that Rachel creature Julia knows from high school?

    *Well, Canada did give us Labatt. So, even steven, I guess.

      • Totally understandable, PP. I know I’ve asked this before, but what the hell must Donkerina’s contact list look like? Does she just have, say, 60 Davids rammed chockablock together with no surnames to distinguish them? She’s also shared screengrabs revealing that she stores some names by their fictitious Julia-dubbed appellations, e.g. “Codename TK.” I pity the intern who has to sync her data, and that’s not even a euphemism for giving her a pedicure.

      • I truly think she has 2 phones and has some of these text conversations with herself. Not this one…but othes. I mean, after all she is a conversationalist.

      • Yeah I would guess it would show up as Rachel Sklar. People she deems important get their full name, like David Karp and Ricky Van Veen.

      • No, Familial Hairy Times. Julia Allison, noted paradigm (and English language) shifter, is a “conversationist.”

  2. Momsers and Dadsers so live in the good part of town: the property tax bill on Chez Baugher last year was $58,000. This would put the value of their lakefront property up around $5 or 6 million. bit.ly/5VtLYG

    • “All I know is the Little Mermaid, I don’t know any of this stuff!”

      Let it be known: Julia Allison cannot name the prepositions or the past Presidents of the US. She can, however, sing “Le poisson, le poisson, hee hee hee, haw haw haw!” as she tucks into her mother’s catfish.

    • Classy to label them their “little” songs when all you can sing is the Little Mermaid. Yes, songs to help people remember the presidents and prepositions are so beneath Disney.

    • I have no clue and I read here all the time. All of these names, faces, “occupations” all blend together. So I would guess either a “techie”, a wanabe “techie”, related to the founder of some social media, or a social media talking head.


    • She’s written for HuffPo and Daily Beast, and has done a lot of the same no-pay TV appearance gigs that Julia used to do. Now she works for Mediaite (along with Mark Zuckerberg’s kid sister, Arielle).

      She’s a New York media character, and gets about the same amount of respect for her writing as Julia does. The comments Rachel gets on her posts read a lot like the comments here at RBNS. She wrote a fawning post about Jordan’s debut on NS. Here is a sample of a comment and her reply on the Jordan story (Rachel makes tons of obnoxious, defensive replies to criticism, just like Julia does on Gawker):

      “Anthony De Rosa says:
      September 15, 2009 at 10:11 am

      This banal blog [NS] barely gets 12,000 visitors a month. Never has so much been written (almost exclusively on Gawker) about something that has almost zero relevance.”

      “Rachel Sklar says:
      September 15, 2009 at 1:26 pm

      And yet! It is, and Julia and Meghan are regularly jetting to hi-octane tech conferences to opine on panels with bigwigs. NonSociety has not figured out its groove, but I actually think this hire will change that. Check out a few posts Soup, I bet you’ll see what I mean.”

      Isn’t she barftastic!?! Also, her writing rivals Julia’s for mistakes in punctuation and grammar, which is nice.

      Mediaite doesn’t have a really great reputation, either:


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