TMI Weakly: Have They All Gone Mad?


I find it strange how Donk contorts herself and makes really bad, inappropriate jokes to avoid mentioning that she has possibly the worst online reputation in existence due to her own addiction to invading her own privacy via Twitter and Tumblr almost daily.

It is like the elephant in the room that no one wants to acknowledge.

Also, Midol … again.


  1. She can’t even make the nigh-universal “telephone hand” correctly. She’s sticking out her index and pinkie fingers rather than her thumb and pinkie. To quote Julia, HEE-HAW Who HEE-HAW does HEE-HAW that HEE-HAW?

    “You could be like the perfect spokeswoman for Midol!”

    Or Sominex. Or Bride Magazine. Or Netiquette.

  3. I love the “I don’t think I have enough men” thing … poor Julia. All of the photos of her with her exes online are because she put them there. I’ll bet Reputation Defender has a “manual process” with NonSociety: “Julia, Michael called. He’s paying me $400 a month to make sure you don’t post any more photos of him, so please take that down.”

    OT: that guy’s little tuft of hair freaks me out. button your shirt, sleezy internet guy!

    • That was unbelievable, sitting silently through that. This is the chick that will post photos of herself with your husband YEARS after the fact!

  4. Momentary Hijack:

    Jordan’s workday continues with another blog installment:
    ” … Jewish Home Cooking. My aunt Debbie makes delicious Jewish meals, but since we don’t get to see my dad’s side of the family … ”

    Stealth claim to legit Jewish heritage AND cooking / eating of real food AND being service-y all at once … the jet-lagged one doesn’t skip a beat, eh?

  5. OMG, she totally SNARKED at Meghan. In regards to what you might want to remove, she said, “Bad marathon scores, maybe?” Oh, like Meghan’s ridiculously bad marathon time?

    Damn, girl. Way to out your friend’s lack of commitment and running skillz.

  6. I am your eardrum defender:

    DO NOT PRESS PLAY! i’ll karate chop every each one of you who presses play!

  7. What.The.Fuck? That was insanely awkward. Notice how that dude smiles uncomfortably every time Donkey Lips makes a shitty joke. And she repeated that ugly dude joke after being cut off. Because its not that its not funny, its just that people didn’t hear you the first time. Rambo rapping at the end doesn’t make things better. They act like drunk college girls in these videos. Not attractive.

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