Rosie O’Donnell Thinks Donkey Is A Jackass


From tonight’s Ask Ro session.

Oh Rambo!

Mary Writes:

Truth or dare..I remember a blogger asking if it was true that you and Kel had a screaming match overheard by your neighbor. you that you’re sep.was it true ? Did you end up screaming ?

i did not deny it

i only said how shitty it was of my “neighbor” who stood outside my apt door
listening and twittering it


  1. I used to be ambivalent about Rosie, but now I am TEAM RO FOREVER.

    Julia, have you considered one of Ms. O’Donnell’s cruises for your New Year’s escape?

  2. You know what’s sad? You KNOW Jaba was actually doing that – standing out in the hall tweeting. It’s not like they share a wall or something. She had to have gone out in the hall and stood there listening.

    • I just think that Mary is a common name. I don’t think it was ever implied that this was Mary Rambin who asked Rosie.

    • I doubt our Mary is that resourceful. Or interested in anyone else’s blogs. Much less Rosie.
      And, frankly, I don’t really imagine she’s that interested in bringing Toolia down. She’s off in her own LaLaLand and to her credit didn’t really spend much time licking her NonSociety wounds. BTW, I still think Mary is a self-centered, useless, and remarkably unclever ass.
      Nonetheless Toolia behaved horribly and milked it uncool several months ago with regards to her neighbor in her own ineffable and completly unattractive and self-serving way. There is nothing redeeming about her.

  3. i like to think its mary posing as someone who is posing as mary but mar mar isn’t so smahht. Would be funny if it was mary’s friend Bob.

  4. yay, love the rosie. i still wish rosie would have stormed out of that fight only to find julia standing there with a fucking drinking glass to the door, leading rosie to kick her uncouth ass.

      • She totally kicked Larry David’s ass in that restaurant on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and for dating two girls who were in wheelchairs. I think twittering from outside Rosie’s door TOTALLY deserves an ass kicking.

  5. Yesterday one of the TMI Weaklings Tweeted the Internet Privacy video link (wasn’t that video produced way back in April?) & today somebody named Mary asks the very direct Twitter Privacy Invasion question of Rosie?

    Even if it was *not* Mary Rambin calling Rosie O’Donnell’s radio show, she’d be foolish *not* to take credit for it.

    I think it was her ~ after all, a calculated move like that goes far in her goal to reinvent herself online, far removed from NS, & it also raises her esteem in the eyes of RBNS, no?

  6. What’s extra awful is that Rosie has been open about her problem drinking. So JAB gives her a bottle of wine!

  7. This was the lowest thing Julia has ever done. She truly doesn’t care who she hurts as long as it makes her look important for 5 seconds.

    I think we should have a remidner about this incident every few months, lest we accidently start to think that Julia isn’t all bad…

  8. Julia Allison Baugher – Your are a vile human being. This why no one wants to date you. No one will ever love you or marry you. You are disgusting and ugly. And fat. Rosie is a performer who has gotten to where she is by hard work and talent. People know about you because you gossip and spread rumors about Rosie and other talented famous people. Except you weren’t even good at that. (don’t even try to say you weren’t fired from Star) You are a bottom feeder who is not even good at being a bottom feeder. Your ex boyfriends all HATE you. Their girlfriends laugh at you and call you pathetic. You are gross.

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