Julia Allison Is Not Kidding Around About Christmas!


This holiday season, while many in America worry about being homeless, unemployed, hungry, having to surrender their children to child services because they can’t provide for them, contemplating suicide, and perhaps following through because the crushing sense of defeat and despair is simply too much, Julia Allison will be telling you about her dress choices:

Me, in no makeup and no heels, getting fitted at Chloe & Reese for my holiday dresses & skirts. Oh yes, I’m ordering THREE special holiday skirts (green tartan long, red silk & red tartan short) and one holiday dress (green silk v-neck). I am NOT MESSING AROUND this Christmas. 🙂

That’s right. While most of America drowns in the morass of an unending recession Julia Allison is buying custom made dresses for Christmas parties she won’t be invited to. She’s dropping thousands of dollars and scampering about to fittings – all so Princess Julesy can take pictures of herself in the dresses alone in restaurants or in her pink palace.

Fuck you, Julia. How about NOT MESSING AROUND by wearing those 500 dollar chunks of ugly to a homeless shelter, or a children’s hospital, or a soup kitchen? How about NOT MESSING AROUND this Christmas by giving instead of being a self-centered, materialistic, shallow bitch?


    • It’s so tight that it’s pushing her boobs into her chest and causing one to sit a lot lower than the other. Donkey sure does benefit from the Victoria’s Secret push-up bras. You can see how unspectacular the donkey teats are when she goes braless.

  1. So are Julia’s latest lie cast posts, one re: laser treatment with a mention of the place and the other re: holiday clothing from Chloe and Reese, sponsored posts? Or are we to believe that cheapo Julia purchased (or her grandmother) four $200+ Chloe and Reese garments and the laser treatment in a single day?

    As with everything the new FCC rules don’t apply to old julia.

      • took the words out of my mouth, that dress is heinous and a full skirt stopping right below the knees does nothing for Miss Stumpy Legs

      • That look is screaming—“Look at ME!!!” Sorry, Jules,
        that is NOT going to get you a date—it may get you noticed, but not a date, or MR. Right. It’s strangely High School-y,,,,,could it be your Prom fascination?
        New York women (28 y.o’s) don’t wear that shit.
        And, I’m a dude. It just looks cheap.

  2. “all so Princess Julesy can take pictures of herself in the dresses alone in restaurants or in her pink palace”

    Actually I think the photos will probably be taken at the “University Club” and her parents’ house if past Christmases are any “implication.”

    • sigh, i loathe the “baugher family christmas” annual photo upchuck. tacky and entitled.
      who could possibly need new fitted holiday clothing? especially when there is no “man” who will be squiring her to fancy parties?
      god, she is a tool.

  3. also, why must everyting be THEMED. christmas-y coloured garments? surely you could just buy nice clothes to last you all year (provided your frame doesn’t balloon anymore).

  4. I’m SO feeling you, PP. Yes, I am unemployed, basically worrying about paying my rent/bills/loan payments in the coming months, and contemplating moving back home with Mom.

    Fuck this bitch with a candy cane. What a waste of humanity she is.

    • she is disgusting.. doesn’t she realise how many other people could use that amount of money for useful things instead of trying to have the ‘perfect’ christmas outfit to fill the emptiness of her life?

      looking like a pretty little girl isn’t going to make your mother and grandmother reconcile, it’s not gonna make your daddy love you any more and it sure as shit isn’t going to get you the relationship you so desperately crave.

      (though we all know what her warped view of a relationship is)

      • I agree. Disgusting. Seriously. I have it BETTER than most unemployed Americans in numerous ways (at least I HAVE a mother to move in with etc.) but this bitch? All she can do is talk about spending money in a recession?

        How fuck. I hate her. It really enrages me because honestly, I’m already enraged that I am 100 times more deserving than she is, a law school grad, worked my ass off to get through college and grad school and land a great job afterwards, got laid off. And here she is, doing fucking NOTHING for a living and buying pretty pretty dresses and living in a doorman building with a balcony and brand new appliances and a walk in closet.

        She should be ashamed of herself.

      • though that assumes she has a conscience. which she clearly does not… i bet the wife and kids of that guy she was fucking just LOVE christmas time after this cunt broke up their family.

    • My biggest problem with this post is that, forgetting all the better things she could be doing with her time and money, she looks fucking terrible.

      Shit. I could take the money one of those fugly dresses costs, head out to Wal-Mart, and be back in 15 minutes looking 10x better than this classless bitch.

      Also, the “no makeup” pic is not very impressive when it’s grainy as fuck. I wonder if she photoshopped in some ‘noise’.

      • For “no-makeup” shots, you get iphone camera photos in the nearest corner with the darkest light and shot at a distance… naturally.

  5. Also THAT FUCKING DRESS IS TOO TIGHT. Her boobs are smooshed. She looks like an asshole as per usual. SIZE UPPPPPPPP.

  6. I am beginning to think Donkey got paid more than we think she did for those Sony ads. She is shopping up a storm and jetting all over the place. Low six figures? I don’t know, but she is sure not living like someone who is struggling in any way.

    • I agree, Jacy, low 6 figures. I’m thinking that since Peyton Manning is with ICM, Julia got thrown in on a package deal.

    • Absolutely. Julia really did stop purchasing things for the first half a year or so @ NS. She stated that she couldn’t afford clothing purchases any more and it was evidenced by her lack of shopping photo essays. Suddenly, ever since SONY, she talks about expensive apartments and dresses and things. I do think she got some up front cash. I’m sure it wasn’t major coin, rather something in the low to mid 5 figures, but she’s sure having fun with it.

      • I guess “financially savvy” isn’t one of her strong suits either. Maybe put some of that away/invest it? Or, you know, just keep buying ugly dresses/vacationing for no reason.

        Methinks she really should be putting it away for a rainy day, as this “career” cannot possibly last much longer.

      • Even if she did get in the high fives to low sixes, she’s going to have an ugly wake-up call in a few months when that money is gone.

        …Wait, no, it’s Julia. She doesn’t get wake-up calls.

    • EXACTLY!!!! I just wrote this in response to a Jing comment on another post.

      Have you noticed all she’s done since the Sony deal is talk about buying things/having money to buy her place, etc? My guess – she got paid a pretty penny, nowhere near the real celebs but I think she probably made a good buck on it, and is blowing through it because she knows she has family money to fall back on.

    • And since the Sony deal, she’s been looking at $4,000 a month apartments and she’s been shopping up a storm. Before Sony, she was whining about how broke she was.

      Stop talking to yourself.

      • An excerpt from a discussion about ‘commercial’ earnings:

        “Backstage wrote in an article a few years back (but after the commercial strike of 2000) that the average SAG commercial paid about $6000. I believe that to be true, based on about 20 commercials I have had access to in the last few years.

        Why only 6K? Because you are only guaranteed the session fee for 13 weeks. That’s around $600 or so?

        Most commercials, even the ones you consider “national” are no longer buying Class A Network. They are buying a cable buyout which is $2700 to the talent. For that, they can show it all over the country on targeted markets–ESPN, Disney Channel, whatever works.

        Then they might be a wildspot time, and hope they get it occasionally on the networks. That’s another couple thousand.

        So they can pretty much saturate the market for less than $6000 for 13 weeks. And many commercials don’t run past the original 13 weeks.

        Better news:
        We did a national commercial that was cut into 4 spots and has been running for over a year–cable, wildspot, a little Class A. My daughter has been paid about $20,000 in a year. That’s a jackpot.”


    • I think she has a shopping addiction and massive credit card debt. She lacks impulse control in all other areas of her life – why should spending be any different?

    • She’s being incredibly gauche about it. She really is lost cause and maybe we’ve fooled ourselves into thinking she’ll ever become a good person.

      • Nah SS. We, as actually empathetic (with the odd moment of omg-rage) have HOPE that she might become a good person. We don’t expect or think it will really happen, because every “sincere” moment is coated with some BS that’s simply to make her look good and followed with an action or behavior that realistically makes her look terrible. That hope remains, because we all expect a “rock bottom” to come; it certainly will, but there’s no telling or estimating when.

        She is so ingrained in this ridiculous character that honestly, for her to revert back to the original, likely as annoying (but at least more endearing and REAL) Julia Baugher would be nearly impossible for both us and her. Perhaps when she gets to the point of realization that aging is inevitable and more work will just make her look “still-old-but-clearly-attempting-to-reclaim-youth” type it’ll be different. But who knows if she’ll ever even see that or it will ever happen since she is and always has been hung up on her appearance? She’s BEEN a lost cause. Most people are tuning in to see the inevitable crash since her clueless parents seem to be either unaware or completely ignoring the problems their daughter has. It’s terrible.

  7. Hahahahaha it’s so funny that she’s acting like she’ll wear these anywhere outside the Pink Palace or, if she’s evicted by the holidays, her parents’ house (or maybe their Downtown Pied-a-Terre Lake-view Condo)

    • You think it matters if she gets “evicted?” She’ll find another over-priced rich person building to live in, supplemented by Dadsers.

      Seriously, this chick has not a worry or care in the world, in terms of money or supporting herself. Never has, never will. And yet all she can find to do with herself is post about her hairless va-jay-jay and pretty pretty dresses.

      She has no idea how privileged she really is, she obviously doesn’t appreciate it, and she deserves absolutely none of it, because she’s honestly a terrible person.

    • For real. If she were some kind of actual socialite, this insanity (inanity?) would at least be somewhat warranted. But the fact that these getups are only going to be on display at the Wilmette Country Club Holiday Hop (at BEST (more like to church and the Ihop with Grandma)? Sad. Sad. Sad.

      Seriously Julia, volunteer. Just one day a month, even. And brag (er, blog) about it. It might, MIGHT help offset some of this obnoxious consumption and what it does to your “readers'” impression of you.

      • For real! She NEVER blogs about anything remotely of importance. Does she read the paper? You think every so often at least she’d say, “God I am so upset right now over the bombings today in Pakistan” or “let’s send some love over to the troops in Iraq.” Something! Anything! “I saw a homeless person on the subway on the way home and it really made me sad.” Bitch cries over television commercials about fiances but, you know, poverty smoverty.

      • She has, maybe once in her life, and made a point on remarking on the one RAT she saw in the process. I’m from the suburbs, still living there, and that shit wouldn’t even shock me.

      • She and [redated] filmed a video on a subway platform once. That may have been the last time she rode the subway.

      • I dunno, guys, the subway I’ve seen looked as sanitary as an operating room. It was pure and white and Julia Allison was sticking a tiny laptop in her purse. Wait, that wasn’t reality, that was a Sony commercial. I get life confused with the things I see on television and the internet. For example, I thought I could dye my Tumblr pink and call myself an entrepreneur. No?

  8. Another round of dresses nipped in at the waist with full skirts, ho hum.

    I’m sure that she’s a shitty gift giver and she would also be the first to say “I love giving gifts during the holidays more than receiving them!!!! So blessed am I!”.

      • I think you hate when people psychoanalyze her (maybe I”m wrong), but I think she feels so lonely and empty inside that she needs the high she gets from buying things, even if its the same thing over and over. I’ve never seen anyone shop as much as she does.

        The buying 12 headbands at a time? I really think that is a sign of something mentally wrong with her.

      • JFA,

        I think it’s all part of the rom-com fantasy. Doesn’t every rom-com female protagonist have a fabulous seasonal wardrobe come holiday season?

    • of course she is a shitty gift-giver. that’s a trademark of the narcissist. the one in my life has been giving me shitty things for years. things she thinks i “should” like, or things she got for free or cheap. i’ve noticed over the years that julia has these same tendencies when it comes to giving gifts.

  9. I’m not eat the rich or anything. If she can afford to buy shit for herself and not work a real job, more power to her. What I object to is the attitude of hers – that this is perfectly normal, what everyone in America does to prepare for The OMFG Holidayyyz, that it’s acceptable and not at all tacky or off putting to basically brag about spending 2k on a few holiday themed skirts and a dress.

    Add in the fact that she feels anyone who doesn’t clap, jump up and down, squeeee and tell her YOU GO GIRL is a fat loser jealous hater, and this post of hers just sent me off the roof.

    • Well said. I don’t give a shit either that she has money and spends it. It’s just so tacky to bray about it. And, as always, there is an ulterior motive, there always is. She wants someone to know she’s got lots of money right now.

    • I completely agree. If you have the money, and consumerism is your thing, buy away, it’s a free country. I would never spend money on holiday-themed clothing but to each his or her own. My judgment is either embrace that you like to buy and can afford it (i.e. vie society blogger) or don’t, but don’t try to have it both ways. And don’t go being coy about these purchases and act like you’re not messaging with the holiday seasons buying costumes for it.

      Also, life is all about balance. Buy yourself a lot of shit but, at the very least, pretend you have earned the money by working or giving back. She can’t even pretend.

      • You know, I find Vie’s brand of vapid, open consumerism extremely tacky at times, but girl comes from money (ie. it was probably part of her fabric from the word go), married a guy with money, and STILL WORKS. She mentions benefits she attends as well and with that, I’m sure, come charitable donations (even the purchase of the ticket counts and I’m sure she goes for the upper tier ones). She’s seemingly well-educated in her own right, so I wouldn’t be too shocked to find that the “vie blog” is just one side of her – the admittedly frivolous one.

      • juliafoolia, I think I remember reading that the Vie lady has like three degrees, one of them being a JD. And she works in the family business, I believe.

        I find her blog hilarious. It’s so over the top… but it never enrages me like Donkey does. She seems to really love her family, works and enjoys her life.

      • Definitely Zandra- I mean even in her posts, you can tell she knows she’s sometimes a bit ridiculous and at the very least she seems appreciative of the life she lives. Princess WideStance, I know what you mean too.. I think she’s funny, find her brand/fab place dropping a little much at times but she IS living a glam life and it’s her right if she wishes to document it. Another thing that softens me to her is that if she wanted she could be splashing her face ALL OVER that blog for “attention” and to generate envy or something, but she seems to draw the line at doing so and that actually makes her content more tolerable. She’s basically anonymous.

      • The difference is the vie society girl is buying matching Balenciaga motorcycle bags for her & her sister, in the season’s hottest color (purple), in fucking Dubai. Our Jules is buying heinous skirts that may as well be from the Dress Barn in Wilmette. It’s hard to be jealous of the vie girl, a) bc she’s so over the top and b) she reports facts more than brags and c) bc I own my own Balenciagas and worked to pay for them. Whereas Julia is bragging about something that sounds heinous, is useless, and is strictly uncoveted.

        Not to mention Julia is so clearly jealous of vie, that she had to post her wedding pics etc w the face blurred out as if that’s really helping maintain her privacy.

      • To summarize, the vie society is a private villa in the Maldives, and Julia is bray for pay at Sea World in Orlando.

    • And who, except for rich Victorian girls and socialites, gets “fitted” for this year’s crop of holiday dresses?

      WTF does she do with them after January, when she’s deemed them useless?

  10. Donkey is wasting all of her Sony money on dresses? How stupid could she be?? Didn’t the last year of being basically broke while running NS teach her anything about saving for a rainy day?

    And when was the last time she was actually invited to something that would warrant such dressing up?? Certainly not the birthday party she flew to Calif. for. Everyone else there was dressed down (except Suckerberg). Church with gramma, here Julsie comes. Maybe she hopes to bag a husband at the Wilmette Country Club.

  11. I don’t care if Julia got those for free, got paid by Sony or is in massive credit card debt. The real tragedy is her getting fug dresses two sizes too small. It’s sad she has such horrible taste.

  12. Pop that collarbone, you dumpy, chubby hag! Have fun wearing those dresses alone in your tiny pink apartment because you have no one to spend the holidays with!

    • I can’t wait to see the whirlwind New Year’s festivities! Undoubtedly it will be just as pathetic as Halloween. Wee!!!

      • I hope she completely loses her shit this holiday season. Like, dancing around in her apartment posting videos of her singing “White Christmas”, or announcing her engagement to Kevin Rose, or threatening to kill herself with a tutu, or breaking shit or something. Or gets drunk and starts hitting on old men at the Wilmette Cuntry Club.

      • remember last year’s new years sadfest? she went on and on about which fabulous party she was going to go to at which resort on which fabulous continent. then she ended up at times square and some shitty house party in manhattan.

      • Yes because we KNOW she can’t resist the dessert table at the University Club. The University Club everyone, the University Club. Get ready to hear all about the University Club.

      • wtf is the university club? regardless of where she is she can’t resist the dessert table.. even if the ‘dessert table’ is a discarded cupcake on a park bench


        “Britt & his adorable fiancee Allie were in town for the Labor Day weekend to attend a wedding – so of course we talked about their upcoming nuptials!

        They’ve set a date in July, and they’ve picked out the most gorgeous, perfect venue … The University Club of Chicago. There are no words to describe the depth of my ridiculous excitement over their choice.”

      • I don’t even know what the fuck it is (I actually just looked it up, some fancypants club in Chicago that looks terrible), but all I know is come Christmas she never stops fucking talking about it.

      • yes every december 26th we are treated to endless inane shots of momsers, dadsers, britt and toolia posing in their ridiculous tartan clothing next to fireplaces, dessert tables and christmas trees. we should make it into a drinking game this year.

      • YES TO A DRINKING GAME! She’s been posting the same tired university club photos the last 3 years.

        When I think of how much fun I usually have with my loud, boisterous family getting drunky every year on Christmas, everyone yelling and laughing, and then think of the Baughers boring stuffy University Club…her life is so depressing.

      • I second Julia’s Fat Ass’s “YES”! Her holiday braying, attempting to prove that YES she did come from a privileged background annoys me to no end. So gauche.

      • Hells. What a way to get tipsy/drunk (depending on your drink of choice) in a quick few minutes. 😀 DRINKING GAME! Holiday bingo, perhaps?

      • Just think of how she could have better told the story of where her brother and Allie are having their reception. She could have thrown in, “Our family has shared many touchstone memories here over the years, so their choice is extra special for us,” or something like that. But no, it’s all about her love of adjectives to describe just! how! happy! she! is!

      • University Club…. It’s a private club in downtown Chicago. I actually went to a civic meeting there when I used to live there. It’s actually gorgeous inside — stained glass windows, old dark paneling, wood floors. Big meeting rooms. But I have no idea what membership does, etc etc. And unfortunately (or fortunately) I never attended the Easter Brunch in a Little Bo Peep costume.

  13. Also it’s um, November 16th. Can’t we at least be exempt from hearing about her Christmas blatherings until December 1st?

    • That wasn’t directed at RBNS writers btw! It was directed at Miss Julia Baugher. Christmas is more than a month away, pumpkinass. God, she needs a life.

  14. 1. That dress makes her look incredibly short.
    2. A green tartan long skirt sounds hideous for anyone under the age of 40.

  15. Yeah I’m with PP and everyone in re “if you’ve got money to spend, go ahead and spend it.” But does anyone remember her call to not ignore cliches this holiday season (whatever that means)? Doesn’t that mean being charitable? Hopefully she’ll donate some money from the Sony deal to a good charity. Also, having special dresses made for the holidays has never been a x-mas cliche. The girl is a walking contradiction. Also, I think I just confused myself.

    • It means this… “OH HEY! The holiday season is coming up, so not ONLY do I want to legitimize my utter triteness with the words of an astounding individual and author who just happened to pass away (never read his books but OH WELL, these words apply to MEMEMEMEME!), but I want to tell you all who state facts about me and analyze my strange behavioral mannerisms to JUST STAAHHHPPP (Kelly Bensimon style) for the holidays! Let’s all do that! Except me, because I never follow rules and have zero sense of decorum or any semblance of a moral compass! ALSO, I have money (for this short period of time THANKS SONY – tweeted from my iPhone) and my parents do, which is exactly what I’ll be tackily announcing for the following Thanksgiving and Christmas occasions! OK?!!!!!! Don’t say anything about it because that would be strange, worrisome, and truly make you sad, sort of angry, adults. Have a nice day! 🙂 xoxoxoxo”

  16. To address the question of the University Club, it’s basically the urban city’s version of the country club. The University Club was founded way back in the day when a gentleman who went to any college was rare. Rather than have standards, like New York’s Harvard Club (where you know, you have to have gone to Harvard in order to be a member), the University Club is as it sounds: if you went to a 4 year university, you’re in!

    Okay, it’s more elite than that. They do have standards. After all, Julia’s dad went to Princeton.

    I guess poor Chicago doesn’t have the Princeton Club or the Harvard Club, we just have the generic University Club.

    • And to add, in the grand scheme of things, the University Club is nothing to brag about. Of all the elite country clubs and social clubs in this world, the University Club does not exactly rank in the Top 10.

      Only a totally clueless nobody like Julia would think it’s worth bragging about — repeatedly.

      For fuck’s sake, Julia, nobody is that goddamn impressed. Truly chic New Yorkers are in Saint Tropez or Ibiza or wherever for Christmas, not the University Club.

      There’s nothing wrong with spending Christmas with your dad and mom (who apparently NEVER cooks considering they seem to spend every damn holiday at the University Club), but why do you have to make it something it’s not — i.e. glam?

    • Seriously. She acts like the Colbys and the Carringtons are going to the Oil Baron’s Club for Christmas roast.

      Protip: You’re just Julia Baugher, No Life Haver, going home to play dress up in her old bedroom at mom & dads before having dinner at some glorified ELKS Lodge with the family. I don’t really get the need for all the expensive outfits.

      • BAHCUZZZZ PP,it’s just in case a gentleman caller takes a fancy to this here filly and wants to set his there sights on marryin’ her (LOLZ)! Except not, because most guys can detect her crazy desperation pretty quickly, ESPECIALLY lately. She has her eyes set on the big prize when really all she can get/is worthy of is the very small fish, but she can’t accept that.

  17. I volunteer at a homeless shelter and they could REALLY use the money, donate to The Salvation Army you stupid asshole. They will do FAR better things with your money. You don’t need any more green satin or whatever to squeeze your bloat into.

    And this is coming from someone who loves clothes.

  18. Ha! The padding of her push-up bra is all smooshed in on one side. And a long green tartan skirt? Bitch, please. She is a lost cause. I bet she pairs that with tinsel themed tank top.

  19. Isn’t that the same too-small dress she wore in lavendar to a party in SF, when she overdressed and everyone else was wearing jeans? Ugly then, ugly now. It’s like something you’d find on the sales rack at Macy’s because no one bought it for their prom.

  20. just sacrificing ONE of the four purchases and donating that money to a charity would make a huge difference. or go on a shopping spree at toys ‘r us if you like shopping that much and donate the toys to toys for tots. there are so many options.

    why spend so much money on dresses that iiiiiiiiii could make, and the fanciest thing ive made are curtains??? it really doesn’t look much more complex.

    i bet some of justin/peyton’s sony money will go to some charity (bc they probably have some tax liability to get rid of but whatever!)

  21. Pleats are not supposed to fall like that, all stretched and splayed. They should fall tightly

    If they let her out of there looking like that, in a dress 4 sizes too small, they have only themselves to blame.

    • Also: it looks like a muslin mock-up of a dress. I hope that’s what it is. Otherwise it’s a weird half-finished looking white thing.

  22. My hubby and I are filling out a petition for bankruptcy tonight, to stall foreclosure proceedings on our home at least through Christmas. I’m glad to see that Julia found a way to make her own holidays a bit brighter, as well.

    The weird thing is, this post actually DID make me feel better. It reminded me what my life was like when I was lonely, when all the new dresses in the world couldn’t fill the void, and it was hell. Yes, ladybugs, (wait for it…) I feel SO BLESSED. 🙂

      • OT: But I’m convinced at this point that’s she incapable of even a spectacular fail; she is self-serving enough to completely break with reality when reality gets too grim. It actually enrages me that she may never get her comeuppance— mental illness will sweep in at the last minute so she never has to come face-to-face with all her misdeeds.

        And, fwiw, I used to feel sorry for her and feel that it was not spiriting to mock her every bleating because she was so obviously mentally ill. I still think she has a psychiatric order, but now I think “You know what? Fucking assholes get mental illness too.”

    • Thanks, guys, waking up to these comments of support made me feel great today! Hugs to you all! 🙂

  23. OH She brayed for the dermal lasers! Amazing that the lasers are able to penetrate through the layers of rejuvederm/botox/pancake makeup! Truly remarkable.

  24. ot – I introduced my boyfriend and his friends (OK OK FINE MY DORITOS AND MY CATS) to the term “bingo arms” today and they couldn’t stop laughing.

    Once home, boyfriend asked me where I had come up with that, and I told him “The JA hatesite I’m always on” (the one he makes fun of me for)… look who wishes he could come up with a colorful handle NOW!

    Also, saw her stupid commercial on MNF… which is what elicited the bingo arms comment in the first place.

  25. “And now, ladies and gentlemen, Miss Julia Baugher in her pretty new dress will sing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’.”

  26. OT: I was looking at some of JA’s stuff from 2007 and came across this post:


    She was in a student film at GU her senior year and – huge shocker – she was cast as an entitled bitch with a lapdog at her side!

    It’s long, but I was bored and wanted to be ragey for a new reason.

  27. This is from Nov. 26, 07 at 4:31 a.m.

    She hasn’t changed AT ALL.

    Clearly I have food issues.
    I’m sorry. I’m just not the kind of girl who orders the salad, dressing on the side. I don’t order salads at all. I know they are good for me and I know I should eat them. But I would rather have a tuna melt. And then a dessert of my choosing, and no, I do not want to share it. Because you know what? I like to eat, and frequently I like to eat things that aren’t healthy. And it’s not like I don’t KNOW I shouldn’t eat them, but they taste good and goddammit, if I want to have pancakes at 4 pm in the afternoon with a ton of syrup on them, then I WILL. And yes, I know my ass is approaching Kim Kardass-whatever-her-name-is size, but it’s not quite there yet and in the meantime, I would like to enjoy myself. And if you tell me I have a “big appetite” I will punch you and it will hurt.
    Um … I just wanted to know if you were ready to order.

  28. “At Standard Hotel for Digg drinks. @RachelSklar to me: I can feel your boobs on my back. @Lockhart: I can feel your boobs across the room.
    about 4 hours ago from Echofon”

    What does “I can feel your boobs across the room” mean? That they’re big? That his arms are really long? He has the shining and her boobs are Scatman Crothers? What the hell are these idiots talking about?

  29. Sometimes I feel really, really bad for Julia. Christmas shouldn’t be all about tacky sweaters, slutty Santa costumes and ill-fitting dresses. I get depressed just thinking about what it must be like to be her.

    Also, she’s so desperate to prove her status… it’s cringe inducing. I’m sorry, Julia, but in New York a $300 dress is hardly worth braying about – doesn’t matter how many you bought. Buying 5 headbands at Bendel’s doesn’t make you a Park Avenue Princess, it makes you look crazy. Flying domestic (economy class) doesn’t make you a jet setter, eating at a members-only club in Chicago doesn’t make you a socialite, and freshwater pearls are not an heirloom piece worth bragging about. I know you’d die to be like Blair Waldorf, or Vie, or even that Bocly girl. But you’re not, so please, just stop. It’s beyond fucking embarrassing.

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