Jordan & The Others: All The Fun Happens When Jackles Is Absent; How Odd


Last night, I bundled up against the freezing weather and headed down to Mercat, a tapas place on Bond Street, for dinner with Meghan and Megan. The night started out nice and relaxed, and quickly became…semi-epic. Karaoke was involved. And lots and lots of soju.


  1. Oh Jordan and your refusal to wear pants. These three seem like have nothing in common, I wonder if they bond over a hatred of Julia?

  2. Karaoke might have been fun for them, but sheer torture for everyone who had to watch/listen. I fucking HATE watching a bunch of spoiled twats who think they are God’s gift to penises drunkenly screeching out some song that they think will make them adorably sexy and FUN!! Are they dancing on the bar? A tabletop? Was this even karaoke night?

    Also, JoBe, what’s up with the Snoopy ears hairdo? It’s fucktarded, hon.

    • Uhm, I’m not JoBe’s biggest fan either, but…she’s in a karaoke bar, what do you expect her to do? And by the looks of it, they got themselves a private room, you can rest assured no innocent bystanders were being harmed in the process. Her hair’s pretty whack, I’ll give you that, though..

      • So it’s somehow better that they’re taking pictures of each other being drunk and oh-so-adorable in a private room? I do believe these photos were posted on a public blog (read by millions! heh).

        To be perfectly frank, I absolutely HATE karaoke, and, really, does anybody still do this shit? I did it once, in the late 80s. I know it’s still kinda popular at the Down Under bar in Circle Pines, Minnesota, but NYC, really?

        I guess wherever there is booze and “girls” having a night out, there will always be a bar or tabletop on which they can perform. I just really hate that whole LOOK AT US!! mentality that karaoke enables. /gripe

    • I think they are at one of the places in Koreatown with private rooms. So, while I have no doubt that there was much annoyingness present, they likely weren’t inflicting it on anyone other than themselves. If they hadn’t posted pictures, the entire incident would have been annoyance-neutral.

      • Now that is truly fucking sad. Three girls out on the town, performing karaoke songs for each other in a private room, and then posting it to the webz to show everybody how much ZOMG FUN they had.

        It reminds me of those cringeworthy montage scenes in the SATC movie, where Carrie was strutting around in a zillion outfits and wedding gowns to a peppy soundtrack, while the rest of the gals had to just sit there and watch with beatific smiles on their faces (while grinding their teeth). Vom.

      • Yeah, i have to agree here. But it does prompt an interesting question. Why?

        Why photograph yourself endlessly and post it to the internet (perhaps this is the key question being asked here at RBNS).

        But given that we have the less annoying faction on display here, perhaps this can offer an moment of clarity to ask this question again Why?

        At 37, i am an old — though i think i am a youthful 37. I deleted my FB account because FB = lame, but do use Twitter.

        I don’t photograph parties or friends or dinners or social gatherings because we are busy enjoying ourselves. I think taking photos when you don’t see each other often is a different scenario, and this would be a good cause to pull out a camera for sure.

        Is this an age thing? Is there a natural way to do what these chicas are doing, or is just a zoo out there these days?

        I suppose with camera phones there are less barriers in place, but it is still puzzling. Isn’t endlessly photographing yourselves out on the town considered gauche?

        That said, there is a low level on display here, so i think it is worth asking again. Perhaps the problem really is just the ‘posting it to the internet’ part — but when that is your ‘business’? Tragic.

      • You’re on to something here, someproblems. I am struggling to make sense of why that karaoke photo has flipped my bitch switch today. Until now, I’ve been unconsciously rooting for JoBe, and have appreciated the way she’s been handling her little corner of NS.

        The premise of lifecasting is deeply flawed. It causes those doing the lifecasting to start believing that everything they do or say is interesting or worthy of sharing. Fine, have your drunken night out. Photograph it, if you must. But keep it to yourself. Otherwise, it smacks of vanity photo posting, especially when your captions read like a Jankles post. “Semi-epic,” really?

        Her self-deprecating shtick is getting pretty stale, overall. That bit about how she’ll do karaoke for three hours until someone rips the mic out of her hand…that didn’t exactly make her look adorably quirky. It makes her sound like a narcissistic a-hole.

        Sorry, Jordan lovers, but I’m starting to see why she hangs with this crowd of nincompoops. Birds of a feather and all that.

      • I was at the PLANETARIUM yesterday and people were taking flash photography of each other. I think of it as people are naturally narcissistic, which makes sense, but cultural factors have kept that in check throughout civilization. But with Facebook, etc., plus this new agey bullshit “We should all just be ourselves! The people who matter don’t mind YAY!” allows people to indulge that narcissism that was lurking there anyway. I’m always embarrassed for these people, but then I’m just reminded of Idiocracy and that their great-great-whatevers will be taking flash photography of each other in public places in several hundred years. Rambly, sorry! I’m in my twenties, btw.

      • that’s a good point, Anon 1:48.

        I was at the Musée d’Orsay recently and was appalled by people posing in front of the Manet’s instead of looking at them. 70% of the museum’s visitors were behaving in this manner. So there were definitely people in their 30s doing this — heheh.

        This is another reason i hate facebook — it reinforces narcissism as not only acceptable but desirable.

  3. Jordan posted these? If so, yes, I believe she may have become a bit too enamored of her own image. (Most likely, it was there all along, and it’s been getting increasingly more difficult for her to hide her inner Julia.)

    • Seriously. I sniffed that from her a mile away (the self-enamoring “Oh I’m a hipster Martha Stewart, oh look at my cute husband! Oh we are broke and in love! Woo!”). She would not have taken this “job” if she didn’t think she were inherently interesting. And really, she isn’t. She is nowhere near as hateful as JA but there’s nothing there to see.

  4. Jordan stole Julia’s friends. Can’t really blame them. But what’s up with the pigtails? She’s not THAT Jordorable.

    • Meh. She has an average body (for NY) def not in the greatest shape (ass and gut) but it’s called modesty. She’s 28 years old and should be wearing pants in public not see through tights, a Tshirt and pigtails.

      • what r u talking about? she’s skin and bones! lol. gut?? and ass?? not at all. I have seen Jordan in person and she’s TINY. She may not be in swimsuit model shape (muscle and a little curve) but she’s defintely not fat in any way shape or form. if anything she’s too skinny on the anorexic side.

      • Yeah I wasn’t implying she’s fat at ALL. She’s skinny, just not curvy or sexy or in shape. I just hate people who don’t wear pants. My biggest pet peeve, is sll

    • What hairstyle should 28-year-old married women wear? Something more married and demure? Perhaps she should be wearing curlers in her hair at night? Or should she just go for the 50s perm? Because that’s what happens when you’re married. You lose your sense of individuality.

      • Mmmm, a Jordan defender in our midst.

        Jordan is by far the most defensible of this bunch, but let’s not go equating infantile hairstyles with one’s individuality. I do not believe that is what Gloria Steinem was talking about when she fought to get us ladies out of the kitchen. But then again, what do I know–everything I know about second-wave feminism I learned from Julia Allison, and everything I know about kitchens I learned from Jordan Berkow, so I’m probably fucked.

    • partypants, I’m 42 and when I work in the garden I wear my hair in pigtails.

      Hate on the things worth it. Not just for the sake of it.

  5. What are they singing? Is the word ‘Gonna’ part of the title?

    And why is Jordan making Lasagna do all the vocal work?

    • MIchael, Row the boat ashore, hallelulia, Michael row the boat ashore, hallellu-lua.

      Have you read my prior comments? I’m all that.

  6. we discovered chorus last year and it is a shockingly fun time. its a small room and theres hardly ever anyone obnoxious, the big room is more like a big dance singing party with people you dont know joining in. i really hope it doesnt get overrun with asshats now…well more than it already was.

    • I can’t imagine that anyone other than an asshat thinks karaoke is a good time; guess I’ll have to take your word for it.

      I think we need an RBNS poll on this one. Karaoke: excruciating or entertaining?

    • Seven-sixteenths of an inch: that’s the distance you’d have to move your pinky to the “Shift” key in order to appear literate. You should also make friends with the apostrophe.

    • I used to think it was the most embarrassingly stupid thing ever and then one night when I was heartbroken, I got drunk and high and sang Live Forever as the crowd cheered and now I don’t hate it so much.

      If you go to a big, fun, crowded karaoke bar with a big bunch of friends who choose hilariously obscure songs, it can be fun. The crowd cheers you on no matter how badly you suck, everyone is drunk and happy, and a fun time is had by all.

      • I never get tired of:

        The group of douchey guys drinking Red Stripe who get up and shout “We Will Rock You”.

        The fat angry girl who sings anything by Garbage or Alanis.

        The butterface girl who thinks she is Celine Dion and ReEeEeEeEeALLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY falsettos and shit, complete with Dramatic Hand Gestures.

        The semi-cute girl who sings really badly and ISN’T IT ADORABLE teehee omg soooo embarassed!

        The semi-cute guy who sings the omg unexpected song (“MAN! I feel like a woman! HAHA!”).

        After you’ve gone one time, you’ve seen them all. After that it’s just the same thing over and over.

      • Big fat guy singing Loretta Lynn was pretty fucking funny the last time I went. But I have only been three times in my life. It depends on the crowd and depends on the bar, I think. The place I went where it was actually good turns into a honky tonk boozecan after 2 a.m., people dancing til 5 a.m. to a live country band, so it is always a pretty fun crowd.

      • I guess I’m alone here. I enjoy a good karaoke night once a year or so — usually over the holidays when old friends come back into town. What can I say? Friends catch up, drink some shots. It can be annoying, but everyone knows what they’re getting into. I think it’s innocent in small doses.

        I am guessing the three got together and what started as some unguarded conversation ended up as three drunk girls bonding over woeful Julia tales.

  7. Lasagna looks like she could cut a bitch. She’s not smiling so much as she’s hiding a snarl.

  8. I bet she’s singing the Lasagna theme song.

    You’re gonna, gonna, gonna
    Have a slice of my lasagna.
    Cheese and wavy pasta
    Till I make you cry ‘Basta!’

    (Julia’s not around
    Don’t feel like such a clown,
    Gonna spread my tangy sauce all over tooooown.)

  9. From Julia:
    “We just watched The Proposal on their new teevs – and it was actually, shockingly decent. Not life-changing, not Oscar-winning, but a solid romcom.”

    1. “Teevs”? Really? Because “TV” isn’t short or cute enough? Stop trying to make “Teevs” happen.

    2. Oh no way. How suprising. You “actually” liked a factory issue romcom. Yes, your subtle wording worked on me. Your implication that your taste usually runs toward art films like SITC 5 completely worked. If someone with taste as astute, off beat, and unique as yours “actually” likes The Proposal, it really must be “solid.”

    • I haven’t seen that movie. Is there something in it Julia would identify with? She only likes stuff that reinforces her view of the world (personal growth books, gossip girl, etc).

      • Personal growth’s ass.

        She only likes things painfully mainstream and tacky. And then thinks she is the only one who likes them and that liking them makes her adorable and quirky.

      • I believe the premise of that movie is that a woman is forced to pretend she’s engaged to a man she works with for one reason or another, and of course, they end up falling for each other.

        ETA: Just read the synopsis and yes, she pretends to be/gets engaged to avoid deportation. Based on the commercial previews I’d seen, I’d assume they end up actually wanting to go through with marriage legitimately.

        She can’t relate to this in any way, shape, or form; it’s just another marriage-focused romcom and that’s why she watched it. Also GIA – I don’t know if it’s so much about the lame-o abbreviation than her wanting to show “LOOK, HERE’S THE NEW TV -I- BOUGHT FOR THEM”. Transparent.

      • Let me guess – wacky cute girl can’t find the right guy until one day she does, but they have a fight and she walks around town, while guy mopes during a football game with buds and a john mayer song plays. Then boy realizes he loves her and shows up somewhere romantic and inappropriate and proposes to her?

        Because that’s the kind of shit Julia likes.

      • Foolia, I knew the word “new” irked me for a reason. That makes complete sense. And partpants I wonder if, in “The Proposal,” the guy shows up with ring and flowers after tracking the girl with the use of a helpful map her route through the greater LA area that she helpfully posts on her blerg, using an iphone.

      • When I saw that photo of the rom com on the teevs (so ghetto, ya’ll), it struck me that, from a distance, and with the camera lens coated in vaseline, it could look a bit like Julia and Toph.

        Yeah, I think that’s pretty much the way her mind works.

        PS This Jobie/M&M post has put me in a seriously pissy mood, not sure why.

      • Sooooo transparent a boast about the new ‘teevs’ she bought them.

        Sooooo tacky. Her horrid taste in all things culture notwithstanding, this ‘gift’ display is just beyond. But so was the initial twatter about it.

        Her skills at weaving a narrative on her blergh, sadly, are beneath the factory issue rom-com.

        I give her zero out of four stars.

      • I saw it on a plane and I HATE rom-coms and it didn’t offend me terribly. Sandra Bullock is quite winning in it and Ryan Reynolds has a smoking hot body. She’s his older bitchface boss who is about to get deported, he’s her long-suffering assistant, she orders him to marry her for the purposes of remaining in the U.S., hilarity and love ensues. You know how it goes. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t despise it the way I have a lot of other rom-coms.

      • I hate movies based on some premise that if you shove two people into each others’ company because of unavoidable circumstances they will fall madly in love. It’s the whole “trapped on a desert island” movie over and over again.

      • Absolutely. I fucking hate them too. However, I have an irrational love of Sandra Bullock, and she had a tragic back story — NATCH! — and so you were kind of happy when he loved the bitch in the end. Also, she was at least 10 years older than him, and it was like that was neither here nor there, which I also liked.

        Also — Betty White was in it as the lunatic granny. I love me some Sue Ann Niven.

      • Just to clarify: I have not seen the movie. And I don’t mean to imply there is anything wrong with it. I enjoyed Sandra in Hope Floats, perhaps more than I would be willing to publicly admit.

        It’s just that for JA to say she “actually” enjoyed it, as though she has ever NOT enjoyed a well-marketed, cookie cutter movie (book, gadget, idea, lifestyle, etc.) nails something I loathe about her.

      • Sorry, but unless Sandra Bullock is blowing something up with Bruce Willis I have no desire to see her in anything.

        In other news HAHAHAHAH everyone goes out an has fun without Jabs. EVERYONE HATES YOU.

    • Remember when she went to He’s Just Not That Into You in the theatre and loved it? Ugh, Julia is the reason people make those movies.

      • Her telling quote either before or after having seen it:

        “I think they need to come out with a sequel to “He’s Just Not That Into You” so women in relationships can feel the crushing blow of romantic rejection too. They can call it “He’s Just Not That Into Marrying You … but He’ll Totally Fuck You Until You’re 35!””

        Story of her life. Sad. 🙁

    • I like Sandy Bullock too.

      This movie was well reviewed but GIA’s point remains — Jackles is a cultural rube, and so for her to pretend she is at all discerning and condescended to enjoy this movie is total BS.

    • Gwyneth: That is particularly ridiculous. What rom-com hasn’t she eaten up like the mind-pablum that it is? Ooooh! How shocking! You liked another rom-com!

  10. Holy shit! I just looked at the whole spread or Jordo’s blog. This has to make Jackles seethe with envy!

    No way this evening would have happened had she been in town.

    When the donkey is away, everyone else, including Kendrick, comes out to play.


    • Same thing happened on Halloween. They were all out having a gay old time. Jackes, meanwhile, was stuffed into a ballerina costume and weeping.

      • I know!!!

        Meghanaise is MIA when Jackles is around tout le temps, and when Jackles is gone, suddenly Meghanaise is all out and about with the NS girls.

        Jordo Garlic Salt Reid can still be prevailed upon to endure Donkey Donkey Brays-a-lot, and Megan Carpel Bridge Tunnel Syndrome Lasanga is at the beck and call, but it seems forced as fuck. OMG, almost as forced as Jackass’ laugh in the photo op with Poor Allie.

      • And there has been scant mention of Meghannaise on JA’s blog lately. I think there is trouble brewing. I think the Joker wants out.

      • God i hope so! This show needs more D-R-A-M-A-!-!-!

        Jackles has been so maudlin lately, which i love, but she has gotten a tad repetitive. We needs more group drama. Obvious infighting would also be nice.

        Last night seemed a positive omen for trouble afoot. Heheh.

        One can hope!

    • to me, some problems’ comment gets to the point of this post, and it’s not the fact that the three of them are lame/dumb/whatever.

      they don’t really have anything in common or any reason to be friends, but there they are, three people who are supposed to be friends with julia, completely bonding and clearly having fun in a way that they simple don’t (or can’t, likely) when julia is around. it is awesome.

      • Well that’s it, isn’t it. My comments up in the Karaoke threads were more about analysing this need to photograph and blog everything BECAUSE these people seem more genuine and likable, but still engage the same behaviour. Though in a much less forced and annoying way. It seemed a good opportunity to ask the question as it didn’t involve the usual forced, awful fakery of Donkey-Weeps-a-Lot. Which is its own epidemic on the internets! And i am actually interested in this question, because there is a pervasiveness and it seems relatively new to me.


        For me, the crux of this post is that this fun evening could NEVER have happened if Fakeles had been in town. They would never have even attempted it because she would have ruined it.

        Oh, but because she NEVER reads here, i feel quite certain there will be a Karaoke re-do with Halloween costumes forced on these girls in 3… 2… 1…


        (all caps for HPD indicator).

  11. I don’t think there is anything wrong with girls going out to karaoke. Let’s get back to the point of this post: while Julia’s away, her minions will play. And have more fun without her.

    • That was kind of my point. Didn’t mean to ignite an angry reaction to karaoke and fun and Jordorable. To me they look like they’re having fun in the absence of a braying donkey who would have totally monopolized that whole scene if she’d been there. To the point that no one would have suggested it.

      • I get the angle you were working, Jacy, and it was delightful news. The fist pic was actually nice and their smiles looked genuine.

        It was the pic of doggy-do’d Jo-Jo, mouth agape and doing a lame imitation of Snoopy’s happy dance, that set off alarm bells in my brain and acid reflux in my esophagus. She posted too many of these pics to her blog. They were too close to what Jabba considers A-game content for my taste, I guess.

  12. Does Jordan not have any of her own friends? It seems like she only hangs out with the Nonsociety crew or her husband.

  13. the more jordan reveals about herself, the more dorky she becomes. nothing wrong with that, but it’s a 180 from what i expected she would be like when she would occasionally appear on julia’s blog months ago.

    it’s actually quite refreshing that she’s clearly not overly concerned with her image — pigtails, wonky-eyed photos, cheesy grins, occasional outfits that are almost cool… a big dork, but cute.

  14. Oh boy. A bunch of annoying chicks singing annoying karaoke songs to each other and the captive husband. Looks like quite a hopping night out on the town in Manhattan. This is so SATC, isn’t it???!!! Only not.

    And this is coming from someone who actually likes karaoke. My herd and I can rock the shit out of karaoke and we don’t sing the amateurish tired bile like “Summer Lovin” either. In fact, we usually groan and moan anytime we hear the opening strains of these songs in particular: Summer Lovin, Margaritaville, I Will Survive, Dancing Queen, America Pie, Fancy, etc…so I automatically think Jordan and the Asshats suck because they chose one of those shiteously played-out karaoke numbers.

    Now if one of them actually got up and sang Nine Inch Nails or something, I might slightly respect their goofy night out on the town singing karaoke to each other. Otherwise, no.

    Also, all females over the age of 12 really should be banned from ever wearing pigtails. That is all.

  15. Ha. This is hilarious. Love how they throw Halloween parties and do fun, cheesy karaoke when Julia is away. And then have sad pumpkin carving parties when she’s in town. It must kill her.

  16. Okay, so on a scale of 1 to a billion, how pussy-whipped is Kendrick? Or is he just priming the Lasagna for a threesome? I see no other reason for a self-respecting dude to participate in all this cheeseball shit.

      • It’s not so much the stuff they’re doing as the whole “girl’s night out” quality of their social life. Jordo has no male friends except that gay couple (who seem a little older or more mature). It seems like Jordo and Kendrick get a lot of quality time together as is, since they’re both unemployed/self-employed, so why force him to join in with a bunch of chicks who act like 18-year-olds?

        Who knows, maybe there are nights that she tags along with Kendrick’s Ivy bros, and we just don’t get photos because she has some concept of other people’s privacy. Either way, I’ve never been one to want my bf to tag along with me, or vice versa. Maybe I lack the requisite amount of domestic bliss.

      • Maybe he feels he owes her due to her being such a cheerleader on the band front. Or maybe he actually enjoys it.

      • Yeah, i don’t read Kendrick as P-whipped at all. His distaste for Jackles was clearly evident during the brunch photo shoot.

        Married couples have to do shit for their spouse they don’t necessarily love sometimes, in exchange for the spouse doing them the same favours when needed. It’s how it works. Within reason.

        My take on this is that Bridge and Carpel Tunnel Lasagna is probably a reasonable person and that Kendrick actually gets along with her and Meghanaise and/or generally enjoys karaoke. Many people do.

        But let’s face it, all these idiots are in league with the Donkey, and she is the most fucked/annoying by far. In comparison, the rest of the group is probs muuuuch less annoying.

        In the future i predict Kendrick skips brunch / outings with the Donkey. He’s put his time in on that front.

        Though it remains to be seen.

  17. So is it that Jordan no longer has any of her own friends, or that she only puts Nonsociety related people on her liecast now? Because if it’s the latter, I might have to give her some points and I really don’t want to.

    • I think it’s Jordorable’s stealth way of showing Jackles who really reigns supreme these days.

    • no, jordan had pictures with one or two of her other girlfriends just last week, i believe. i just think for the most part she keeps her social postings ns related

  18. eff me. I left off the quote:

    “My fear is that these technologies are infantilizing the brain into the state of small children who are attracted by buzzing noises and bright lights, who have a small attention span and who live for the moment,”

    Yeah. Shiny Pink Things & the Sound of Her Own Braying just about sums it up for Jackles, alright …

  19. Anyone else think Jobe’s Summer Lovin’ reference might be an awesome back-handed slap at Jackles “OMGOMGOMG I’m going to meet the man of my dreams on July18th” Baugher?

  20. I’m may have missed a beat and be out of step – is this new, has it been discussed before?
    Looks the bios are new on Nonsociety.

    Julia is still “rambunctious” but at least the profile is expressed in the third person (in unison with the other gals). Oh wait. Well, she tries. Oh wait. The other gals have gone first person. I’m so confused:

    “A rambunctious, inquisitive, sometimes over-enthusiastic “machine of happiness and non-sickening positivity in this cynical city.” Well. I try.”

    I *love” how her positivity is “non-sickening” when obviously everything that comes out of that creature is rot and prompts nausea.

    Oh, Megs:
    “You’ll never catch me without A) my signature red lipstick, and B) my iPhone. My eclectic interests, geeky know-how and New York flair make for a truly unique perspective on all things tech and beyond.”
    That’s quite a unique persona – red lipstick and an i-phone. Too bad there’s nothing there.

    Jordan has rapidly become the Mistress of Redundancy:
    “Domestic bliss done differently. My great loves: cooking, restaurants, home décor, entertaining…and, oh yes, my amazing husband and adorable puppy. My focus is domestic bliss, with a little twist.”

    Live diffren’, yaws!!!

    • I love how the bios match their writing personalities. Jordan’s is treacly, Julia’s uses too many adjectives and purports to be quoting from someone, and Meghan’s seems like it was run through Babelfish a few times.

      • Meghan clearly ONLY knows the very basic American English – perhaps seventh grade level. She could have benefitted from some exposure to other Romance languages or Latin – I assume she went to okay schools. Were she able to throw in some South Asian languages – ,Urdu, Pashtu, or Farsi – well, that would be compelling and add flourish. However, right now, adjectives remain a challenge for her.

      • I think she could write coherently if she tried — but like Julia and her blurry photos, she clearly believes “lifecasting” means never have to try that hard.

    • Jordache and the Garlic Salt, Domestic Bliss done differently!

      I don’t mean to harp on this, but seriously! Garlic and salt >>> garlic salt. The end.

    • I suspect they spent a “working day” on these. Its laughable that any one of them could last a day on a real gig in media, broadcasting, PR or journalism.
      I’d love to see one of Jordan’s “scripts”:

      Girl: I am a domestic hipster. Yesterday I cooked.
      Boy: What did you make?
      Girl: Pasta and garlic salt. I cooked yesterday.
      Boy: Yeah, domestic bliss.

      What is Lasagna’s role, anyways? If anything they need an editor. And a traffic/production coordinator – everything’s so jizzy and inconsistent on their “stream” .

      • LOL at this whole thread, but especially “jizzy,” “adjectives remain a challenge for her,” and “Maybe Earth isn’t her first planet.” I just love you people so much, I would make you a big fat bowl of my Bulimia’s Own Pasta with Extra Heavy Cream and Garlic Salt if I could!

    • Speaking of pigtails, look who is a little copycat…

      The coat would be cute if it was, you know, paired with pants. And shoes that didn’t come as part of the Sexy Low Rent Dominatrix package from the post-Halloween sale bin at Ricky’s.

      • Agreed, if Jackles actually selected items in sizes that fit her. Jordorable of the Garlic Salt and Newman’s Own has this figured out.

        That coat is TOO SMALL. AGAIN.

      • OH DEAR GOD! Are my eyes deceiving me or is she wearing those horrorible top shop Shobooties and thigh highs?!?!
        I am wrong, right? Tell me I am wrong.

    • God only knows there’s nothing to do in Cambridge, so may as well spend the afternoon doing an amateur photoshoot dressed as a character in a teen TV series, right? We’ve all done this. In fact, I’m standing right now on CPW in my cowboy clothes twirling a lariat and passers-by are yelling, “Hey look! It’s Gunsmoke!”

  21. The post those horrible photos of themselves to get pageviews my peoples. It is a requirement of NonSociety. Er, em, I mean it is a requirement of Living Different. You know who actually Lives Different? Pedophiles and hobos. These girls are blatant and utter conformists.

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