TK-Gate: Ex-Girlfriend If By "Ex" One Means Out At High-Profile Public Event With Her The Night Before The Notorious L.A. Donkey Invasion


This line in the Valleywag piece about TK-Gate struck me:

More surprising than the pairing was how it ended: At Allison’s behest. We hear that Toph had an ex-girlfriend who wasn’t ex- enough. With the breakup and its slow leak into public view, Allison is feeling “teary” and old and “the world would be a much better place if we were all more honest.”

Firstly, I’m hearing it wasn’t exactly at Jackles’s behest. We hear TK was also keen to end it after spending serious face time with Princess Brays-a-Lot. We’re also hearing that those in his circle who met her were … uhhhh … not impressed.

And “ex-girlfriend?” TK and his girlfriend were at the L.A. premiere of Where The Wild Things Are with his brothers the night before Jackles arrived in L.A., and were “spotted” leaving together. See what I did there, “Beth?” Anyway, that doesn’t sound like an ex to me.

I just bray.


  1. Julia Allison and her henchwoman have once again spinny spinny spun the Gawker Boyz. Gotta admire her efficacy on this. Have a great time in Burbank tomorrow nite, pumpkin!

  2. Still can’t believe JA managed to convince editors that she was a dating and relationship expert when her approach to dating seems to have never left middle school.

      • Why is Denton still so stuck on her? A couple of years ago, some believed she had the potential to become a star and he would have benefited from “creating” her, but now? She’s a plastic-faced, mentally unspooled chunkster in bizarre clothing.

      • I was feeling magnanimous and had initially typed “lard ass,” but deleted it. It was a fleeting feeling.

        In retrospect, something like “post-rip cord raft ass” would have been better.

      • I think Denton was counting on the Bravo show. Then he could take credit for “discovering” her. But when it fell through… Um. Errrr. Oops. It was probably a big embarrassment for him.

      • Right, Grimace. But why are he and his editors still protecting her?

        The only thing I can think of is that her father is paying them not to be mean to her.

      • Maybe they feel bad because they sort of “egged” her on and contributed to her online reputation ruination …. No pun intended.

      • I don’t think the Gawker writers are “protecting” her as much as they probably just don’t care that much about her. Let’s face it, they have bigger fish to fry. It is a lot easier to make fun of the donkey in your spare time anonymously on a tiny website then it is to make fun of her under your own name while you are also trying to have a professional writing career.

        Also, Julia is notorious for buttering up the Gawker writers. Every new writer gets a dose of her sweet treatment.

        But RE: Denton, I think the Bravo show had a lot to do with it. He loved the idea that Gawker created a reality star and Julia lead him on into believing she had a real show. Then nothing happened and he looked like a fool.

      • I don’t know but Christ I might have to venture outdoors and go get some. All this talk of grapefruit and grapefruit-y avatars is really lighting a fire in me.

        Do you suppose donkeys like grapefruit?

  3. You rang?

    Also: Gawker is a serious joke these days. Not that the Pink Palace is the White House or anything, but RBNS’s thorough reporting on this really shows them how it should be done. Jacy rules!

    • I’m sure Gawker’s coverage is less than thorough because no one cares about Julia Allison anymore. Two years ago they would’ve been all over the tk ‘mystery’ like Julia on a tech founder.

      I’m not defending Gawker, I’m just saying Julia Allison news is down somewhere under reporting on the Flint Middle School production of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers at this point. Basically filler.

      • Unfortunately they still care about her (at least Denton does, I’m sure no one else there does, very sure) or else he wouldn’t be in the comments like a little bitch, unstarring people. Dickhead that he is.

      • FupaJaba: Gawker is trying to take itself seriously these days. Making the same old comments about Julia being fat/a horrible person without any good zingers or interesting, provable information is going to hurt their new image. Not that I think mocking Julia in comments is lame (hello!) but most of the Julia comments on Gawker are the same ol’ stuff.

      • Fupajaba

        I’ve noticed they seem really defensive of what they seem to perceive as criticism of their writing and editorial choices. I think they ban or threaten to ban people who question their story choices and such? I didn’t read the Julia comments on there but if they sounded more like criticism of why there was coverage of her in the first place rather than criticism of Julia herself, the reaction on the part of the staff might just be par for the course. They may just be sensitive about and defending their story choice, not defending Julia herself?

      • Yeah, one commenter got banned for saying just one word, “boring.” Do not tell the Emperor he has no clothes.

    • I’m with PartyPants. I would bet my life that “Beth” sent this to Gawker too and they didn’t touch it. They hate covering her, and there is a bit of a moratorium on her unless, I suppose, it gets humiliating for them not to cover something regarding her.

      So she and “Beth” were reduced to getting the information to her RBNS Fan Club. It’s come to this.


      But thanks for the compliment!

      • I was in no way minimizing your excellent work, btw. I just meant…yeah what you said 🙂 Gawker doesn’t seem to give a rat’s about her anymore. I’m guessing they only picked it up because that Eggers dude is some hipster icon or whatever. At this point she is going to have to hook up with the Hipster Grifter or George Clooney for anyone to care.

      • I was thinking the same thing, PP. They only put up a half-assed attempt at a story, just to muffle the braying for a bit. If “Where the Wild Things Are” hadn’t just come out, they probably wouldn’t have done even that.

    • Yeah, you guys are totally right, and I agree that she’s not nearly important enough for them to cover at this point (let’s face it, Gawker is a news-snark blog, RBNS is a pop psychology-snark blog; which one does Crazypelts fall under?). But their extreme laziness has really been showing lately, regardless of how big or small the story is. If JA stories are sooo beneath them, then they shouldn’t run them. If they want to run them, they should follow up on her sob stories, AT LEAST by reading through the last few days of RBNS. (Not hard, not journalism, just basic common sense and human curiosity.) By posting whatever she emails them, they’re basically demonstrating that they have no respect for their site and think their jobs are a joke. As opposed to you guys, who are turning jokes into a non-job. Bravo!

      • And by non-job I mean non-paying work, which means you’re really a part of the media elite (unless you’re an NS intern). Welcome to the club!

      • Trust me: they don’t post everything Julia emails them. If they did that they would be writing about Julia once an hour, at the very least.

      • Yes, but when they do decide to run with it, they don’t seem to follow up outside of her version of events. I’d trust a press release from the Bush-era Dept. of Homeland Security before I’d trust that broad, even if she told me the sky was blue.

  4. I have no idea of what TK’s intentions were and I don’t care, but Gawker referring to him as her “boyfriend” seems like something fresh pulled out of her ass.

    What a surprise she loves NY again. No guy to mooch off in LA now, plus she’s likely making some very clever and well connected people out there pissed with her attention-seeking ways running him down.

    • Seriously. Neither she nor he ever intimated they were “boyfriend/girlfriend.” She’s probably cumming in her pants about it though.

  5. It doesn’t sound like Gawker did any independent verification here, just cribbed the notes from here.

    I have probably misplaced pity for Toph Eggers, as his name is now linked google-immemorial to hers, and that isn’t good news for anyone.

  6. Her was her “boyfriend” with about as much veracity as she is was “a fashion correspondent for NBC”.
    Don’t forget who we’re dealing with here. Just because Julia Allison says it’s true doesn’t mean it ever was or will be.
    Facebook friends, one date in LA, one weekend in New York and one in LA. Wasn’t she on Alexa Chung after ONE DATE calling him her boyfriend?
    Meanwhile, she’s scheduling cross-country dates while seeing him and twittering about how she’s looking for a boyfriend by Thanksgiving.
    So how was he ever her “boyfriend” … except for when it suited her to bray that he was?

  7. While Gawker is tired of reporting on Julia, they basically still report at her behest, meaning they take whatever she tells them at face value.

    This site broke the story about Jordan joining NonSociety and Julia’s Sony deal, and while I have it on good authority that those stories were tipped to Gawker when they came out, in both instances they held on the story until Julia was ready for it to be released. Sometime as much as a week. There is still some very slight snark in their coverage of her but there is also a hint of praise. They still do her bidding. I don’t know if it is to humor her or because they genuinely like her.

    Gawker is a shadow of its former self. I’ve grown tired of it over the past couple of years.

    • i agree. you all broke this soooo long ago in Internet time. they waited to post it because she wanted them to. who knows why (who really understand the machinations of julia). who really cares. the fact is, it’s plainly obvious.

    • The only reason they report on her at all is because Denton is a freak and has a weird obsession with her, and always has. THe end. If he were not forcing his writers to write about her, NO ONE would be.

      He’s really a fucking freak dictator bitch. Look how he’s all up in the comments. Get a fucking life, Denton.

  8. I feel especially sorry for his (ex?) girlfriend, who unlike Allison has a real corporate job doesn’t need all this bullshit floating around about them on the internet.

    • And who just learned that she shared a dick with Julia Fucking Allison! Could you imagine getting the taint of the donkey on you? It is worse than a STD!

  9. Gawker is blocked at my job and I never read it any more. It was always filler for my lunch hour. RBNS is still on thank god. Their spin is always jaba positive, however. The treatment they gave her “reality” show early on and the fact that they never emphasized that her sony thing was internet-based is just shoddy reporting.

    • Thank god for the commenters over there, what’s left of them. They usually do a decent job of pulling back the curtain to expose a manic Julia frantically pushing buttons and pulling levers.

    • The way Gawker treated the Bravo show was humiliating for them. Denton talked it up and then when it fell through.. Ooops. Blerg.

  10. I think Julia used him. Let’s see, an attached guy with connections, maybe has some problems in his relationship, maybe has some problems period, and Julia needs a place to land in a new city. Heard this one before? Except this time she didn’t have the goods. So now it’s the broken heart story, for sympathy and publicity.

      • Way OT, but did you notice that a scrapbooking site linked to a post here last night? Your handle must have triggered it somehow. 🙂

        I was laughing my butt off, picturing all those crafty little mavens with puzzled faces, wondering why they were reading about Julia Allison, Amazon Woman.

    • Hm, also funny how she posted that “I moved to NY and a man left his wife for me and we were so HAPPY!!!!” when she was in the middle of dating Toph…

  11. Juli-YEaaa Halloween Disasters:

    1. Gawker introduced her to the internet public on Halloween

    2. Met JL on Halloween at a Gawker Party

    3 TK_gate Halloween

    Maybe she should not be out on Halloween at all

  12. Ok, I’m confused. She twittered about prompter reading, so the pilot is probably a hosting gig. But we’ve seen Julia host things. I mean…those girls on America’s Next Top Model do better.

    • We all know how her prompter reading will end. She will muck it up and inevitably blame her jet lag, lack of sleep, costume hysteria or boy related vulnerability on her grand failure. Trust!

  13. What annoys me is that there’s a vaguely legitimate story here, and it’s not that she “dated” Eggers. It’s that she agreed to keep his identity private, and then leaked his name when she felt like reaping the benefit. If Gawker’s interested in her as a famewhore, then it should be interested in the manipulative strategies that got her there.

    • I know. Why they don’t out her for her machinations, I’ll never understand. They know that for awhile she was e-mailing them tips from numerous e-mail accounts. They know all her games. Why don’t they spill?

      She IS interesting in that she’s a mutated specimen of an online, attention-seeking generation. Her Internet rise and fall is sociologically interesting, I’ve always felt.

      • Exactly! And all the Gawker commenters say is, “if you guys stopped writing about her, she’d go away.” I don’t think she would but that’s beside the point. The point is that numerous Gawker writers have out and out admitted to getting most of their story tips from Julia. They snark on her (lightly) in exchange for her heavily edited stories and tips.

    • I agree. The post/item was lame and lazy. Why bother really? Especially since Julia supposedly has so little currency and relevance on their radar and for their audience. Friday afternoon dump/filler is probs what it amounts to.
      Gawker has been less than middlin’ these days – they keep on losing their sharp writers and talent and I’m not smitten with current roster. If anything, I get more of kick out of the comments.
      RBNS, on the other, has been consistently on top of its game. thank yo ufor the laughs and procrastination and the forum to vent. I agree with others and think we all have some Julias in our lives we are trying to navigate or reconcile. Also the material that creature (and her posse) fart out is uncanny and absurdly rich.

    • Gawker is only interested in page clicks. They know people will click a story about her if only to shake their heads about why Gawker continues to cover her.
      The quality of the reporting doesn’t matter, all they need is some tidbit on her.

      I still think the TK story is uglier than the little that’s been revealed. She was FB messaging with him for 3 years and his relationship never came up? Yeah right, Julia would never ask about that topic. More likely he was vulnerable at a time when Julia wanted to move to LA and Julia inserted herself into his problems with the goal of being the answer to them. They hung out, he discovered she’s a vapid freak and backed away, and meanwhile a mutual friend tipped off his gf and she mistakenly assumed Julia didn’t know about her, and Julia happily encouraged that misperception. So the gf was lied to by both of them. We’re not talking about some wide-eyed innocent; Julia is a gold-digger with a history of going after attached men and then presenting herself as the victim when she’s either dumped or finds something better.

      • I used to love reading Gawker – totally a shell of it’s former self at this point. Insidery, boring, too niche. Don’t like.

      • Gabriel Snyder destroyed Gawker. I know everyone likes to bash Denton but he usually stays out of the editorial side of things (when he isn’t the Managing Editor, of course) and after reading Cajun Boy’s description of Snyder’s treatment of him, and his approach to writing/breaking stories/never hiring a woman EVER but keeping punks with dicks who can’t write to save their life, I think this is all Snyder’s doing.

        But this is all OT so I will shut my trap.

      • Sigh…I used to love Gawker. I was a commenter there during its ‘heyday’, 2007 thru what? End of 2008/beginning of 2009?

        But thankfully, all of my snarky commenter needs are now filled by RBNS.

      • Gawker wants to be a TMZ celebrity sewer competitor, but without original stories, editing, or proofreading. The writers there are basically the equivalent of AP-rewrite desks. The Post and NYT must provide 95% percent of Gawker’s celebrity content, i.e. 90% of total posts. I stopped reading it when Lawson left. Cajun Boy was good but he was gone in a flash.

      • When Richard Lawson left I stopped reading. His replacement, whose name I can’t even remember, is unforgivably lousy. Their whole star commenter system complete with power to promote comments and cause others to be completely ignored also caused lots of folks to flee. Gawker became the high school of the blogosphere with Jezebel as the worst clique ever.

  14. So for those non-internet sleuths among us who are curious about who the ex/non ex girlfriend of TK is…. anyone throw me a bone? Not going to go crazy about it just wanted to see how much hotter she is than ol’ LongJanks.

    • I’m not interested in chasing her down a rabbit hole, but I am curious how we know she and Toph went to the premiere.

      I seemed to have literally missed the link.

      • RC: I have heard from those in that circle who were there as well. And there are pictures somewhere on FB, apparently, of them together at the event.

      • Fuck, Jacy, you so called it

        “p.s. If it was Toph Eggers, there is NO WAY she would not have found some way to bray about it, even if it was to suddenly blog she was reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and thought it was the most awesome book ever, or that she couldn’t WAIT to see Where The Wild Things Are. She is just incapable of the type of discretion that would be required if she was dating a semi-celeb.”

      • Do you know the location/identity of Hollywoodhil (from that thread, the person who saw TK with a “hot asian” at the WtWTA premiere that was “soooo good”), based on the IP address? Could it have been Jaba or someone doing her bidding? It kind of sounds like them, the comment seemed to come out of nowhere with a wealth of information and no context, and that would prove she knew about TK’s girlfriend and that she tried to throw people off the scent.

    • Please don’t contact or harrass whoever you might think the ex may be. Gawker already did a good job making her look like a psycho ex, which I thought was unfair. We don’t want to accuse anyone not involved or bother the girl who is.

      • Oh totally agree. Feel free to delete my comments (do you guys have the power to do that?) if you deem it necessary….

        wasn’t going to contact her/harrass in any way, just curious for a quick glance.

        thank you wonderful RBNS blog admins!

      • Look she wears jeans! And t-shirts! And flats! And skinny jeans! Like a normal fucking woman her age, not the twisted bloated poofy-skirted cheap high-heeled nightmare that is JA. And she has a very cute hat on. TK fucking FAIL.

  15. What’s funny about this is I’m about to see Where The Wild Things Are. Julia better not have ruined it for me.

  16. I think she is super cute. And jumping in the appropriate places (on a trampoline).

    So there is that. Baby Eggers is a d-bag, but i agree with the above commenter who is incredulous as to Jackles’ innocence.

    She has a history of being a boyfriend stealer — so fuck her victim schtick.

    • She is smoking hot and highly accomplished if she is the woman posted above. JA is nowhere in the same league. TK = profound dumbass.

    • It must have been insanity on his part. This girl is everthing J.A. will never be. Could never possibly even come close to. J.A. is soul sucking and shallow and boring and all things ugly.

  17. You know, I have to say that not only does TK/TE sound douchè in the “faux-versations” on her liecast, but he has REALLY girly hands.

    Those are the hands that moisturize in the 9th wonder of the world, what the Great paleontologist PartyPants described, I believe, as the “Clam Dungeon.”

    And, I’m going to gag.

  18. OMG Bunnies, Granny is serioulsy drunk. You have no idea how long it took Granny to type that sentence. Sobriety on Halloween (Slutowenn) is only an option if you are fugly.

    Anyway, Granny drank three mason jars full of Rob Roys tonight, which is a lot, considering the Alzheimer’s medication and everything.

    But I wrote a memoir my senior year at “Salem Girls College” back in 1692… it was called “A Heart-rending Work of Staggering Witchcraft” and I am totally suing TK’s brother for plagarization, a lawsuit that has never before seen the like of the Allison (I mean Baugher) family. Boo-ya. bunnies!

    Have I mentioned all the Rob Roys I consumed this evening?


    • I’s just dirnkin with her. Gammy can DRANK. hahaahahahaha funny stories, hate that kid, love pineapple juice, omg Gammy fun for drinks hahahahaha

      HIC gammy drank all my franzia.

  19. juliaallison: @acharmedwife – Photo please!! And say hello to bro-in-law “Harvard Harley” for me! 🙂

    Did The Donkey just out ANOTHER “ex”?

    • Found him. Facebook and Tumblr. God, that was easy, is Julia that dumb?

      I don’t know if I should reveal his name or not, what are the rules on this sort of thing RBNS overlords?

      All I can say now is that his book selection on Fbook lists not one but TWO Ayn Rand books. This is a man who is (allegedly) over the age of 18.

    • Translation: he never responded when I texted him at 3AM the other morning during my night of the living dead. So I’m twitter-stalking his relatives.

      Also? Yawn.

    • Yep another twitter-stalking… and Sacred Scrapbooks, RIGHT ON POINT with that. She is a mess. Doesn’t help that the woman she stalked has a cute personal blog AND had her wedding featured on the “Martha Stewart Weddings” website. Perhaps she felt she HAD to make that (reflected glory) connection (after HH ignored her text, of course).

    • ugh. Julia, darling he no longer wants you. maybe your braying made him temporarily insane (which is why he hung around for a bit) but not he’s all better and he no longer wants to bdoink a donkey.

      i may be wrong in this, but didn’t she meet him via a matchmaker? wouldn’t that be kind of embarrassing for him?

  20. Julia Allison and her henchwoman have once again spinny spinny spun the Gawker Boyz. Gotta admire her efficacy on this. Have a great time in Burbank tomorrow nite, pumpkin!

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