Julia Allison got out her Slutty Vain Pumpkin costume to help us ring in Shalloween 2009! In what will no doubt be the first of many costume changes in the next 48 hours, Julia flew into Los Brayngeles in this ensemble:

Halloween outfit, oh yeahhh

I can’t wait to see what she’ll whip together for the no doubt many parties she has been begged to attend!

UPDATE: The full glory and mastery of fashion in all its radiant beauty:

The full pre-Halloween outfit. head to toe: Henri Bendel’s headband, Lacoste polo, American Apparel pleated skirt, Steve Madden shoes, Longchamp bag

Meanwhile, at the large hadron collider, scientists struggle to understand how clothing can contain more mass than a white dwarf. Truly spooky!


  1. Not that SHE gives a shit, but since WE do, here’s Lilly status:

    “jordanberkow wrapped betterTV shoot and am reviewing to-dos w/@meganalagna, @lillydog & lucy. serious stuff.4 minutes ago from web “

    • Yeah, she makes sure to mention the dog more ever since RBNS called her on it — like when she posted about how she couldn’t stop playing with Lilly while packing? Sure. She never reads here.

  2. Good lard that looks bad. The bow? With a Lacoste golf shirt? In LA? On a Friday?
    Oh Julia. No.
    It’s awful that she doesn’t have friends.

  3. I saw a small child wearing something similiar on the train today. i shit you not. Oh Julia, it becomes somewhat pathetic when a 40 yr old woman still shops at the Limited Too.

  4. I am certain this point has been made before, but I’ll make it again; it is clear to me why she is so fixated on sluto-ween, not to mention disney-slut-o-easter, et al. Her condom-slut outfit is what brought her to “fame.” She will try to relive that moment for the rest of her life.

    Slutty Care Bear is the equivalent of Miss Haversham’s gown.

    • Tis true, Gwyneth. It’s like your pink Oscar gown, but 1000X uglier and without the Oscar.

      It’s pretty sad that she’s nearly 30 years old and has to resort to embarrassingly bad get ups for attention because she doesn’t have the looks, talent or success to get attention any other way. She’s like Bai Ling, but with even more FAIL.

    • Didn’t she give a PowerPoint presentation earlier this year where she said essentially this same thing? I vaguely recollect an amateur video of it being posted either here or on the Baugher reblog. It looked like it took place in a bar, and the topic was something like Building Your Online Brand. Julia’s first slide was that upskirt-from-behind photo of her in the Condom Fairy get-up that was taken on the cobblestone street outside the Gawker offices. She said, “This is the photo I’m going to be using to identify myself until I’m dead,” or something along those lines.

      An uncomfortable laugh rippled across the audience as everyone stared up her tutu at her ass on the screen behind her. It made uncomfortable just to watch it, in the same manner I sometimes can’t stand to watch Michael Scott being socially oblivious on The Office. A mixed twinge of repulsion and embarrassment.

      • The video in this post is kind of interesting, though (why yes, I do intend to sit around and reply to my own RBNS posts all day. I’m lonely and sort of sad.) Julia says that TV doesn’t allow one to establish a dialogue the way the internet does. The ‘net does allow for a dialogue, via comment sections and online forums. Note, however, that neither of those elements is present on Nonsociety. The Letters to the Editor section in my local paper establishes more of a dialogue than this clown.

      • “It made uncomfortable just to watch it…A mixed twinge of repulsion and embarrassment.”

        Mini Driver, I believe you were suffering from an extreme case of Cankleshausen Syndrome by Proxy. Don’t be alarmed. It’s quite common around these parts. I suggest a few glasses of Franzia and a good, long soak in the hot tub to alleviate the symptoms.

  5. Did she take a curling iron to her natural hair there? Those aren’t pelts are they? Because the ends are looking pretty thin and ruined. Which, you know, a hot curling iron is great for.

  6. I almost want to cry I feel so bad for her. (see what I did there?)
    The pelts alone look like they took up half her suitcase and I can’t really think of anything much lonlier taking a series of self-portraits in a single occupant hotel room.

  7. Holy shit, was she stuffing her bra with Lilly dog in the past? She’s flatter than her greasy mullet hair.


  8. A Longchamp bag? Only costs US$700 plus. Still doesn’t make this little girls outfit any more attractive on Julia “Wide Stance” Allison.

    • All of her labely “icon” pieces are so fucking gauche. She might as well be carrying an LV monogram pouchette and wearing sweats with “JUICY” across the ass.

      She dresses like a New Jersey mall rat teenager who just discovered “luxury brands.”

  9. Why does she do this? All these unremarkable self-portraits?
    It’s like she can’t see herself alive in a mirror, she has to see herself frozen in a fixed pose. If you look at her videos, when a camera comes out she locks into the pucker and “FREEZE”, dead eyes and all.
    So odd.
    Okay, thanks Julia. Yes, we were curious how this outfit would look with the wide stance pose.
    What need is she trying to fill here?

    • I seriously think Julia still follows her deluded business plan that readers will see her as a “friend” giving them a glimpse into her “crazy life” and that her MILLIONS of readers genuinely want to know what she’s wearing and where she bought it. It’s like she’s still trying to hop on that monetization gravy train even though that train never even pulled into the station. It’s really rather sad and lonely looking. Pictures of yourself alone in hotels and bathrooms? Yeah, EXACTLY the kind of life I aspire to have.

      • I hesitate to bring this up because the last thing I want is for more videos of Julia, but does anyone notice that she no longer videotapes her every move? We haven’t seen a lipdub in ages. (THIS IS A GOOD THING JULIA, don’t get me wrong) Was Mary the acclaimed director behind all of videos and once she left, no one was left to shoot them?

  10. (The following comment is a result of my need to pick on EVERY. SINGLE. THING. this idiot says or does.)

    Man, she must have turned on every light in the place to get it that bright before sunrise. I vote Julia Allison as Caretaker of the Planet!

  11. I used to live in LA, near the Sofitel actually. It’s right near Robertson where all the great boutiques are- even paparazzi-infested kitson has cute stuff. This is the land of relaxed cool- tanks, cargo pants, balenciaga bags. Nice costume, you tool.

    • I live about 5/10 minutes from the Sofitel. And you are SO right.

      If you saw someone dressed like this on Robertson, or in that area? You would know instantly that it was some Mid-Western hick. She could never pass for an ‘LA Hipster’.

      • This is one time i wish we could see people’s reaction to her get up because this nonsense would not be tolerated nicely by Los Angelenos.

      • I would LOVE to see her walk down Robertson. She’s tackier than the 15 year olds in Ed Hardy. THEY would be lauging and pointing at HER.

      • Ed Hardy would be an improvement at this point.

        …now that’s something I’d never thought I’d say.

      • Across the street from the Beverly Center, though, which is full of the tourists who couldn’t find the Grove.

  12. Looks like she’s staying in a hotel; not with friends. Also, you can see her iPod back there (which is strange since she’s supposedly “sponsored” by Sony and they make plenty of MP3 players). Also, she looks like Lacy Underall from Caddyshack (favorite line from the film: “Ahoy polloi”).

  13. Such a loser. All alone in LA, staying in the heart of everything that’s trendy, and she’ll probably spend the night in the room eating crap from room service and twittering.

    • Denton, you magnificent bastard! He’s know about this for as long as we have. Posting this while she’s in LA is the work of an evil genius.

      • Personal note to Worrisome Pelts: There was a radio interview the other night featuring a woman, maybe THE woman, who does those wigs for cats. I immediately thought of you and tried to explain to my husband why your avatar is so funny. Okay. He totally doesn’t get it. Doesn’t want to. But you rock! : )

      • Evil genius or someone with a grudge? Clearly someone at Gawker HQ has it in for Peltina or do they? Maybe this is her plan to get a little “press coverage” right before her “pilot” test. I’ll admit I’m baffled by the machinations of frenemies. I have only friends and enemies, no weird people who pretend to love me but despise me and work against me. Damn it, as annoying as she is, she stirs my empathy sometimes. She’s trying so hard but for what I don’t know and I can’t imagine that any fame she’s gotten or will get would ever be worth this.

      • Awww, DBPoD, you just made my day! Right back at you, babe! The women from are promoting a book right now, so it probably was one of them.

      • Evil genius in terms of axe-grinding, Schiap. Nick is evil and mean, but I guarantee you Julia set this up and will think it’s a great thing for the next few hours. As soon as she discovers that this isn’t the kind of attention that garners one famous friends, she’ll be mad at Denton and blame him for all of her problems. Then she’ll tip him off next time she shares an elevator with a real Hollywood heavyweight like Ray Romano’s barber or Drew Carey’s dog walker. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

      • As long as we’re talking about Worrisome Pelts’s icon, I feel compelled to confess that for the longest time I thought it was a Jawa.

  14. OK, I’m completely tired of this tard so I will tell you about the best Halloween costume ever. On Halloween evening, 1985, I got into the elevator of my building with a 9 year old girl who was wearing an all black dancer’s outfit. Perched on her index finger was a live Monarch butterfly. It had landed there when she was walking by the Park and the air was getting cool. Monarchs are usually gone from NYC by the end of Sept.

  15. Hey Julia, polos are not meant to be that tight. Ever. I can almost hear that Lacoste croc screaming for mercy.

    She looks like a 15 year old going shopping at the Westchester mall. A poorly dressed, fashion-challeged 15 year old with old face… whose clothes shrunk in the wash.

  16. Oh Mary you awesome bitch:

    “Costumes suck in every way until you get to the party and people appreciate your creativity.  And that’s why slutty Batman/school girl/maid/anything doesn’t really get you the attention you’re looking for.  That is unless you really “fill out” the costume :)”

  17. Oh bunnies, I’ve just had the most amazing news! Even though I promised to let Julia tell you first, I can’t help myself! (I’m going to cry, bray, stomp, and use the Alzheimer’s as an excuse, dearies! Always. Have. A. Plan.)

    Anyway, I’m going to be a Nutty GREAT Granny Moneybags! Julia’s not really in LA to shoot a pilot, she’s there to finalize the adoption of what she calls “My Very Own Mini-Me!”

  18. Yes mommy I did get your 500 messages about that picture of me and Lillydog on pets who try to commit suicide it’s run by the haters from that website yes of course that picture came from my lifecast don’t be stupid oh that weird sound you just heard no that is NOT Lilly suffocating in her costume mom oh come on how could you say that it’s the stupid TV on too loud I know what Lilly sounds like when she’s choking and you don’t why do you always have to jump to conclusions of course it’s easy to clean it’s a baby costume for heaven’s sake mommy the fabric repels poop and it’s not much she’s a little dog you know that maybe I’ll just call you back tomorrow when you’re in a better mood OK?

  19. Julia’s publicist: do you live in nyc? where you just (6ish) having lunch with some friends at a place where people dance and play beautifully? how many gay zombie lovers could there be?

    • She hasn’t blocked me YET … I sent her a RTwat w/ a URL to The Easter Massacre of Blair Waldorf when she made the Kanye West comment about not taking pictures in church …

    • When are these dummies gonna learn that nothing is ever really private on the internets?

      Just go to: and put ‘levenrambin’ in the search field, click on ‘Twitter’ and hit search.

      Icerocket also shows all deleted tweets.

  20. What is the what indeed?

    What the hell is that outfit all about???
    Polo shirt, “tennis” skirt, bow headband, stinky heels…….

    It does boggle the mind.

  21. Ya know, I’m starting to believe that maybe she DOESN’T visit RBNS. It doesn’t make sense that she would still keep dressing like shit on a shingle, if she read here.

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