Julia Allison: Your Dog Hates You So Very Much


First, let’s get something out of the way.

The world would be a much better place if we were all more honest – and gave each other the benefit of the doubt.

Julia Allison, who encourages her friends to tip hate blogs fantastic places for entertainment about people who clearly do not want to be associated with her publicly, either because she felt betrayed or finally wanted to get it out there that she was associated with a family that is revered in some segments of certain literary circles, has to be the most pathetic, dishonest person I have ever seen. She should be ashamed of herself, but we all know from our time together that she is utterly incapable of any inkling of self-reflection.

That being said, Julia did a fantastic job of betraying and upsetting people for her own gain. Also, now that it is pretty clear that she tipped us off and actively engaged this site, she could say goodbye to that little defamation suit she was going to ask daddykins, attorney-at-law, about. So good job with that.

Also, nice matching outfit, Julia. I can’t think of a more perfect image that clearly shows the true bitch you really are.

Now if you excuse me while I go call the doggy police, because you are CLEARLY abusing that animal. That is a living, breathing thing, not an accessory that you can play dress up with. Lily is an animal that needs to be loved and cared for, taken out for walks for exercise and sunshine, treated with respect. Lily is not a character, much like the men in your life are not characters. Please stop. It’s not cute or funny at all. It’s abuse and shows just how truly of a careless, heartless and ugly person you really are.


    • Seriously. Who wears that much fucking makeup if they are not going to a wedding? False eyelashes? Teased hair? Nice fucking coat, dickhead.

      • You know it’s serious when Julia breaks out the Bump It!

        I guess the filthy white tent dress has been replaced by the filthy black tights and blue satin Snow White dress. Expect this outfit in heavy rotation all winter until she returns it for store credit at the end of the season.

      • “You know it’s serious when Julia breaks out the Bump It!” HA!

        I have to say, RBNS has become one of my favorite sites/cites/sights on the internets. The commenters? So Talented! So Funny! So Clever!

        I. Am. So. BLESSED.com to be part of it. LOVE you guys!

      • Co-sign, Doc G. This site is the onnnly thing that has me giving fuckall about NS, Meghan’s “uh duh” dunceitude, and Toolia’s clear mental instability. Love the writers & the commenters. And to think, nonsociety’s non-community sprung something they could never successfully accomplish themselves? Brilliant.

    • clearly, jabbers knows nothing about baby clothes. that has to be 12 months sized or more. she should have bought a tiny newborn sized one for that wee dog. or you know….she could have not bought a baby costume for a dog.

  1. It’s no surprise that Julia can’t properly care for Lily, she can’t even take care of herself. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I really hope Julia never reproduces.

  2. I’m getting tearful. She should rot in jail
    for the way she neglects and mistreats Lilly. Seriously, Robin – why did you only take Langdon?

    • She took them both and then eventually let Jules have just one back. Can you imagine the shitfest if Julia had both of them trotting around in little matching outfits?

      • I think I remember reading on that bitch’s blog that she wanted to keep Lilly because she was the “girl” dog. She seriously perceives it as a fucking toy.

  3. Do you think Lilly gets to run free like this – EVER- when she’s in Julia’s care?


    The dog mistreatment enrages me more than anything else. The people that she hurts can do something about it and get away from her. The dog can’t. I’m with you “Pilot” – it almost enrages me to the point of tears, especially when you see video evidence how much Lilly enjoys running around freely and playing – and you KNOW she doesn’t ever get a chance to.

    • Looking at your avatar and then Lilly’s suicidal face fills me with rage. I hate this ugly cunt.

      • I sometimes find myself glossing over Shamoolia’s comments, and I realized the other day that it has nothing to do with what she is saying, and everything with that avatar. It’s visceral, I can’t help it.

        Sorry, Shamoolia!

  4. I have a fondness for poor Lily of the interwebs-she-weaves so won’t submit it, but that “With my babydog” shot is a shoe-in candidate for “Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves”.

    • Julia would deliberately miss the point and post the link on her blergh with some horrible caption like, “See! My babydog is a star, too!”

  5. Me waking up on the wrong side of the bed to wake up and see these photos — now I have a raging migraine. Mostly because of the phrase “Funshine Puppy!!!”

    It’s one thing if you really, really take care of it, and THEN dress it up. But when you neglect it, leave it behind when you travel unnecessarily, never ever take it to a dog park? You’re gonna get called out. SORRY.

    Let me quote myself from the last thread:


    Get your dog OUT of the “Funshine CareBear” costume and quit abandoning it while you go on unnecessary cross-country trips, you deluded twat, and start being a responsible dog owner.

  6. Unfortunately, even joking about dog-napping gives the Pelted One a legitimate reason to say our behavior is threatening.

    • yick, you’re right.
      okay, nobody kidnap lilly! it’s all jokes! clearly!

      all jokes aside – the fault lies largely with her mom for leaving lilly behind in a clearly unhealthy situation. sad 🙁

    • Seriously. I’m sure her folks would gladly take Lil back as a companion for Langdon, but Julia needs that dog for her schtick. What she doesn’t realize is that it’s nauseating, not humanizing.

      Dear Julia-

      Please send that poor little dog to live with its littermate. A Funshine Carebear doll would probably have more of the qualities you’re looking for in a pet anyway.

      Hostile regards,


  7. This is so abusive. Her ideas of “cute” are warped and infinitely un-cute. That poor creature. Call th ASPCA.

  8. oh, and I’m all for a fun fall/winter coat but Julia’s looks like it was purchased at Gymboree.

  9. “If you guessed “none of them,” you win. Please go wait in Julia’s lobby for three or more hours to claim your discarded gift bag.”

    Oh goodness, I love this website. <3

    • for the most part dogs don’t like to be held in any of the positions that ole BumpIt up there has the poor thing in. And if you don’t have any trust in your owner it’s probably particularly scary to be cradled helplessly while dressed in constricting garments. That dog is not a baby. If you are going to be an asshole to your pet don’t document the occasion with photos and show the world. Idiot.

    • imagine how hot she must be under all of that fur and a costume that was designed to keep toddlers warm at night … it’s so cruel.

  10. This is the first comment I have posted in a week or so. Holy fuck. Epic RBNS. This has been something to watch. Let it unfold INDEED.

    A few random thoughts:

    Thinking a lot about how maybe shit has finally hit the fan for Julia. We all realize Halloween is this weekend. She was “discovered” in 2006 at a Gawker Halloween party. Pretty sure Michael “Dress Guy” took her to it. We also know she loves costumes and Halloween more than 5-year-olds do.

    Her mania-depression seems like it is at its peak right now. It’s clear this batshit behavior is her in full JA-mode because the day holds such significance to her. We will see another manic episode at Thanksgiving and another around Christmas/New Years. She does it every year and is incredibly lonely/going off the deep end this year. Isn’t she going to be homeless in two days? Can anyone verify that?

    I’m reminded of the most recent Fashion Week a few weeks ago — Jordan had just started and they were revamping the site. It seemed then that NS might suddenly be relevant again in her mind. Crickets since. Why the fuck is she up at 4 a.m. sending messages to exes and exes’ GFs when the media kit page is still blank? I am sure JA will eventually pass the responsibility to an intern but it seems like she has forgotten about her business once again. “Coming Soon…” for weeks and weeks.

    She was bit by the domestic bug for a NY minute and then seemed to completely forget about her apartment search. She seems to forget she owns a living pet and not just a teddy bear. She seems to forget she calls her Tumblr page a “business” and that she is in no position to be turning down job offers, professionally if not financially.

    Her love life is over. I don’t think she evens knows how to define herself without going on and on about her past relationships. I think she is planning a book right now. It is so striking that someone compared her reputation to Monica Lewinsky’s ten years ago. At least Ricky Van Veen had the balls to finally tell her she is completely “undateable” now.

    I am actually serious in that I bet she is getting her mom to write a book proposal for her. I have been thinking that for awhile and the TE revelation makes it even more plausible in my mind. We have to stop it.

    • They already did the secret kid thing like 8 seasons ago with Izzie. And I hate myself for knowing that.

      I’m still mad they had the opportunity to kill Meredith off but didn’t do it.

      • I can’t take this shit show anymore — but age wise, Leven is probs Mark’s kid. Or just a total whore who’s going to throw herself at him.

        Oh, who cares? They could have killed Meredith and didn’t? Do tell!

      • The season they did the big ferry disaster — Season 3? Meredith died, went over to the other side to hang out with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (sorry, Denny), had her mom tell her she really actually wanted to be dead which was why she died, and inexplicably WENT BACK and lived and was happy again. Then I decided to only watch shows that didn’t give me the rageface.

      • Fuck, sorry. That’s when i stopped watching too. God what a shit fest that show became…

        For some reason i thought ‘kill her off again.’

  11. I am long time visitor and commented a few times over the months, but I am ready to dive head first into the beautiful world you have created here. Thanks for all the hours of entertainment and joy, you smart, gorgeous, obese crew!

  12. Long time reader, first time commenter.

    I’m in the game now, folks (If you’ll have me). This woman needs to be stopped. This poor, poor dog. She looks like she’s given up the fight here. No. Will. To. Llve. No. Yay. Com.

    Why did she think a baby outfit was going to fit her dog? I don’t fucking get it. So sad. This is a DOG! Not a BABY!? Um. Hello? Blerg.

    I can’t wait to earn my ranks among you pioneers of this movement to get Julia the help she needs.

    • Humiliating. Bray.Com is Tiny and Cute! Double comments. Way to make my entrance as graceful as a lumbering walk down an empty runway at fashion week! I tried on one name and went with another! I have Julia qualities all figured out already! The double life! Everything. Anyway, sticking with Tiny and Cute for now! Sorry for the awkward beginning…I’ll be here all week.

    • I don’t get why she didn’t cut down the sleeves and legs on that sad sack. Or at least tack up the sleeves with a few stitches (bwah!)

      Is she planning to return it for a store credit? OH MY GOD, it’s going to end up as a baby gift for Britt and Allie some day. She is unbelievable!

  13. I know this has already been discussed but I am on the west coast and I am half into her misspelled boomerang shit AND I HAVE TO RANT. (Not to mention those horrible dog pictures, how awful and wrong. “Worth it”? Really, lady? It was worth it to spend money on some plastic crap that can be transported using fossil fuels to wherever so it can then go into a landfill so that you could wear a yellow jacket and torture your fucking dog some more but get a picture ohhhh how CUTE! REALLY?) BUT WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS “TINY AND CUTE” BULLSHIT? What is wrong with her? It’s shit like that that makes her so much more than delusional. She is a jerk, she is a MEAN GIRL as Janice Ian would say. HYSTERICALLY enthusiastic??? You were HYSTERICAL that they were moving in together? Ok, maybe that one makes sense because everyone INCLUDING WORD-LOVERS LIKE YOU knows “hysteria” is when women go crazy because of their girl parts. So I believe that. I am so annoyed.

    And I’m SURE this has mentioned, but notice how she thought about toning the message down to make the girl less uncomfortable, but she was like *fuck* that because it made HER feel good, so why on earth would she bother to worry about how someone else felt about it?

    Ok, better now.

  14. Has anyone noticed that Julia’s twitter and blog have been quiet today? I don’t know which is scarier, Julia spewing her craziness all over, or the quiet before another crazy-spewing storm. Though it is only 1:00. She could still be sleeping, so nevermind.

    • She usually doesn’t really get going until around 4 a.m. She’s probably still asleep… and Lilly is probably pissing all over the floors from not being let out.

  15. in the middle of a hectic work week the joy that this site gives me as i steal a few moments for lunch is immeasurable. thanks to all of you. you are all like the little boy in the tree pointing out that the emperor is wearing no clothes, in a world that in many other ways continues to reward the crazy. your service to this city, to this country, to this world, should be honored and celebrated.

  16. At home sick. “The Beast of Bray Road” is on SyFy Right now, I’m assuming starring our very own shilldabeast. Maybe this is the role she is going to LA to test for… “The Beast of Bray Road- The Pelts Revenge”.

  17. She looks absolutely batshit crazy in that last photo. No. Seriously. Like straight up ‘I won’t be IGNORED, Dan’ crazy.

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