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Hello all!

So we’ve had independent, and absolutely air-tight, confirmation that Codename TK is in fact that poor fellow whose name I am no longer going to mention here.

A couple of things:

Please don’t contact, Twitter-bomb, e-mail, etc., anyone you think might be that poor fellow’s girlfriend, ex or non-ex. Let’s keep in mind how this all came out — Jackles. No one ever needed to know there was a Codename TK. She didn’t need to breathe or Tweet a single word about him. Instead, she did, and she dropped enough hints early on to point people towards him, because she is a demented fame whore. Remember that first date when she wanted to Tweet his name? It all makes sense now — she was dying to get it out there from the start.

“Beth” has never returned to explain herself, oddly enough, making it pretty clear who got the information to us, undoubtedly at JA’s behest. Lasagna was hanging out at Lilly’s Pink Shitter Box last night, so clearly there’s no hard feelings for the outing.

But the poor fellow’s past or current girlfriends are innocent victims in this, did not ask for the details of their personal lives to be splattered all over the Internet, do not choose to live like Julia Allison, and haven’t done anything to deserve being harassed. So let’s just leave them alone.

Carry on!!!

This message brought to you by The Blueprint Cleanse Eating Disorder Clinic, Depressed Doggies Emotional Trauma Counselling Services, The Electro-Shock Therapy Providers of America Society, and The Jordan Reid Is Awesome Fan Club


  1. I have no idea who these guys were. I guess I haven’t come across it. Although, I worked at B&N for 6 months and nary a mention of this guy was made. Talk to me about David Sedaris, though. Now that’s a very recognizable name.

    • You didn’t know who his brother was? I am not asking incredulously, I am just wondering if that’s who you mean?

      • Yeah, I never heard of either one. Now, when I looked at Wikipedia, I saw one of them auditioned for the RW. But he didn’t make it, right?

      • Not sure. I am a big fan of his brother’s writing, particularly A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, but I don’t know much else.

      • It’s good. He does some weird shit in it, and uses some unusual literary devices, but it’s a good story and hard to put down.

      • I bought “What Is The What” with the best of intentions, but couldn’t get through it… halfway through, now it’s on the bookshelf

      • There’s a huge long part in AHWOSG about him auditioning for the Real World and not making it and then going on an episode.

    • No offense, but that says everything about why B&N is generally an awful place to shop. Unless you worked in the music section or the coffee bar.

      • So…anyone who doesn’t know who the Eggers’ are is a culture free blob who shouldn’t work in a bookstore? Thanks, I’ll stay in my basement until I’m up to your standards of literary knowledge.

      • Nah, it’s not so much about being cultured as it is about knowing your wares. I just can’t believe you could work in a major bookstore without being aware of the major bestsellers. Heartbreaking Work is one of the best-selling books of the past decade. I still see it on the paperback display tables at B&N all the time. I know you can’t know every book or author a customer comes in looking for, but Eggers (I thought) would be on the short list. Just saying they have poor customer service/don’t give employees good training. I have several friends who’ve worked for them and even they complain about it.

        Sorry, that came off as harsh and snobbish. I’m not an Eggers fan myself. And for the record, I’m frequently baffled/impressed by some of the references dropped here, literary or otherwise. There is only one culture-free blob on this site, and I apologize for taking the focus off of her.

  2. I’m totally onboard with this.
    Now can you just convince JABa?
    She’ll be texting CodeNameTKs exes and current girlfriends at all hours congratulating them and being SO proud of them that his roommate made cookies for them too … or whatever scrap of irrelevance she can use as an excuse to contact them FOR.THE.REST.OF.THEIR.LIVES!

  3. Julia Allison Baugher needs psychiatric help. Robin and Peter Baugher: Are you hoping your daughter hits rock bottom and checks herself into a treatment facility, or is an intervention underway? The apparent apathy of the “loved ones” who surround Julia Allison Baugher is striking, sad, and — truth be told — richly deserved. That said, she is a human being and has an illness that should be treated as any other ailment would be. How much more damage does she have to do to herself or OTHER PEOPLE before her parents step in?

    It sounds odd, but part of me is thinking that Jordan may be the one who tries to convince Julia to get help. She just seems like that kind of friend. Otherwise, the tough love — no talking, no contact — can’t be far off.

      • I’m quite serious. Jordan, whether you love her content or her taste in décor or anything, has a striking capacity for empathy. Granted, ANY capacity for empathy would be striking in contrast with the total lack of it from Julia Allison Baugher. But you know she can tell this situation is all kinds of wrong, and she is probably taking counsel from those close to her on how she can possibly help. She just seems like a good, decent person that way.

        The sad thing is that I don’t think much can be done. I’ve studied sociopathy and narcissism, and the recovery rates are dismal due to the very nature of believing that everyone else needs to change, not oneself. Even if JAB had a lightning bolt of clarity and checked into treatment, she’d have to put in at least a year of intense inpatient work, plus a lifetime of daily effort to relate to people on a healthy, emotional level. And we know how she feels about work and effort.

        The good news, for those she has damaged and will continue to hurt, is that Julia will never be happy. She will always be miserable as long as she is unable to engage with other human beings in honesty and empathy, or to develop strong and persistent emotional ties with goals and work. Julia will always be bored, seeking and indulging in the most short-term thrills available, riding the excitement junkie wave to an even more pathetic existence than we’ve already seen chronicled online in excruciating detail. The only question is whether she will choose to continue her descent into madness in private or on the internet. But I think we all know the answer to that.

      • Nice as she seems to be, there’s no way anyone could or should have serious expectation that Jordan step in & Save The Day by facilitating mental health treatment that is long overdue ~ her responsibility is to none other than herself & her own family ~ besides, she & JackAss don’t even have the history of a long-term & true friendship.

        Switching Gears Here ~ haven’t I read on RBNS that mama Robin & granny Pancake haven’t spoken in something like 30 years? Does anyone know what THAT’s all about?

        I can’t help but wonder if they fell out over a typical in-law argument ~ namely, ‘Parenting Do’s & Don’ts’. THAT is one theory I entertain as to why Julia’s own parents decline to acknowledge, much less address. Julia’s serious behavioral problems ~ to do so may in essence be the same as relinquishing a battle from way back when.

        Or some shit to that effect.

      • PYM, I certainly don’t think Jordan has an obligation to try to save Julia. Especially since the donkey makes no bones about wanting to fuck her husband. She just seems like the type, poor thing, to WANT to help.

    • I said this in the last post, but I don’t think anything will happen until she does something that requires legal/police intervention. Which, at the rate she is going in contacting people in the middle of the night, just might happen sooner rather than later. If I was the new girlfriend, I’d take that crazed Facebook note and the blog post she wrote afterwards (at 4 a.m.) straight to the police. That sort of think creeps me the fuck out.

      • Bingo! That is the way my friend was finally diagnosed — after an altercation with the police. It’s not uncommon. I remember reading something a while ago on her blog – something about Julia getting into a fight with a cop while at Georgetown. This could have been her “diagnosing moment” that would have brought her help, but I think the cop let her off.

    • I’m not saying JA isn’t batshit crazy, but I don’t think seeing a shrink would help. She has no self-awareness; she has no empathy. Instead, she’s a first class narcissist; THIS is who she is. She’s not in a trance, or going through a phase; THIS is HER. For most people, when they stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back; when JA does it, the she uses the abyss as a mirror and does her hair.

      • I know one recovered narcissist (99% recovered according to his shrink). He had to throw himself completely into treatment and still has twice-weekly therapy. Recovery IS possible, but the person has to a) recognize that THEY need to change and b) put in the very difficult work. The former is absolutely necessary, and rarely happens.

      • Julia has been very vocal in the past about not believing in traditional therapy, medications, etc. And she can’t even muster up the work ethic it takes to complete a simple task so she will never put in the difficult work for recovery. I think it’s going to take police involvement at this point, which is very likely given her recent behavior.

  4. I still can’t get over her twitter: @CodeNameTK & I are not back on. Yes, he effed up, but we’re trying to maintain our friendship. He’s a good kid, at heart.

    How exactly did HE eff up while she was scheduling cross-country dates, complaining about how she needed to find a boyfriend by Thanksgiving, and posting a video that she was ready for a boyfriend, and meanwhile, out the other side of her mouth, she’s braying about her boyfriend on Alexa Chung’s show, twittering about how he’s the exception to all her rules, etc etc. vom vom.

    MENTAL!! And for “punishment”, HE gets outted? HE’S done something wrong? Holy crap.

      • You know, I think that was just another page from the JA Headgames Playbook. He was pulling away — she later said “things didn’t feel right” — and so she did what she’s always done, with [REDACTED], Eater Guy, etc. She pretended she was IN DEMAND, set up dates with other guys and made sure to Tweet/blog about them, thinking that would cause TK to realize what an incredible, sleep-til-noon, unemployed catch he’d landed, and would then snap out of his tepid response to her love-braying.

        Just coincidentally, the GF had pieced it together by then, contacted Jackles, and then she moved into slow-burn rage. She had her little Twitter meltdown, they talked, she pretended she was OK with things … but for a week, she’s been secretly scheming and plotting a way to make sure his name got out there.

        Just my theory.

  5. any hints about where the airtight confirmation came from? and, also, how do we know that lasagna was at JA’s house last night?

    i’m all for backing off the dude and the people in his life (he’s suffered enough), but i am just curious where the info is coming from.

    • She posted a pic of Lasagna holding Lilly. Message received: “We’re tight as ever. Take that, sane people!”

    • I have promised not to reveal it, but trust me when I say it is airtight, and comes from someone personally involved.

      • i’m less interested in the identity of your source and more interested in what the source thinks of julia allison.

    • I’m convinced that Megan was the “guy friend” that drove in from Long Island for dinner. Why else would she be at Jackle’s taking pics last night. Jackle is a filthy liar, DESPERATE to convince RBNS that she has men in her life that *aren’t* disgusted and repulsed by her.

      Men that buy her dinner.
      Men that send her flowers.
      Men that flirt with her through texts she initiates.
      Men that don’t use her as a cum bucket.
      Men that want to introduce her to their parents.
      Men that want to marry her.

      BULLSHIT. No such man exists!

      • Well, it’s telling when you have to go out of your way to say, “My guy friend came over.” How about, “My friend came to visit. He took me out and gave me a present.” Yeah, he gave you a present just because. “I’d sooner believe in the single bullet theory.” – Movie (Love Potion #9)

      • Kind of weird that Lasagna’s hanging out in her apartment while JA apparently goes out to dinner with a “guy friend.” A “guy friend” who drove in from out of town. And Lasagna lives on Long Island.

      • And for someone who “lifecasts” everything, funny how there wasn’t a single picture from the dinner or of the “extravagant gift.” Funny how she can “protect” this random friend and not take any pictures, but manage to sneak in hand pictures and endless clues about someone who specifically asked her not to blog or tweet about him. FUNNY how that works…

      • Yeah, I was thinking how transparent the “GUY friend” thing was. “My friend — who by the way has a penis!!!! — asked me to pass the pelts.” I’m surprised she didn’t make up some vital stats, or throw in a fake Ivy League alma mater.

        But really: I can’t even see the word “lasagna” without laughing out loud. I’m avoiding Italian restaurants at all costs for the time being.

      • Oh, I see, she specifies that it was a HE on her blog. Busy night huh? Dinner and a gift that almost had her in tears and presto, Lily suddenly has some new baby clothes and Lasagna is in the pink palace.
        Oh Julia.

    • My money’s on the ex girlfriend being the source. From my extensive Googling (I won’t post links here), it appears she was definitely not an ex when this all went down, is probably not psycho, and is trying to keep a low online profile right now (how much do you want to bet JA or her friends leaked the “psycho ex-gf” bit too? Ugh).

      Anyway, sorry to the girlfriend for contributing to this. We don’t hate you – we hate Julia. I won’t post anymore on the subject.

  6. And so another chapter closes on JABa’s self-generated drama and stunning displays of selfishness and revenge.
    The body count escalates but all is right in the world because her and Lasagna are tight and having girly times with the oh so cute puppy dressed in baby clothes. JABa can put the ‘poor me’ violins away … until the next episode.
    Tune in for endless late-night reruns, peeps. This series is fucking syndicated.

  7. From Ham-hock Allison’s Twitter:

    “The world would be a much better place if we were all more honest – and gave each other the benefit of the doubt.”

    Thanks Julia. Coming from you. . .

    • Honestly. Miss Sanctimonious needs to EBay her Magic Mirror and buy herself a noun: hypocrisy.

    • Talk about transference.

      No Julia actually your world would be a better place if YOU were more honest.

      • I think that’s projection rather than transference. Transference is when you fall in love with your analyst.

  8. Oops, meant to leave this comment on this post:

    And you know what? I feel really sorry for these people. It’s not hard to figure out who they are – any of them – the ex, the new girlfriend, TK, TK’s girlfriend, the string of people she’s hurt, blogged about and left in her wake. The circle of people who still indulge her – still even speak to her – is growing increasingly smaller. When will she hit rock bottom? When will she be alone to face her demons? What is it going to take? Another restraining order? Her physically hurting someone?

    Sorry to be so heavy… it’s all getting a little to scary and real for me. It’s one thing for her to tweet crazy, obtuse crap not really directed at anyone from the confines of the pink padded cell, but when she starts to reach out, directly contacting these people in the middle of the night, it starts to involve their safety and sanity as well. A middle of the night text turns into a middle of the night facebook message turns into a middle of the night knock on the door… I mean, do we really know what’s she’s capable of? She’s obviously NOT in a good place mentally right now.

      • I’m not sure of all the details but I think it involved an ex, Julia stealing his credit cards and the sister getting into a fist fight with Julia and then filing a restraining order against her. You can look it up in the RBNS archives.

        I just say… she’s resorted to physical violence before…

        OK. Need to shake off the heavies. LOOK HOW FAT HER ARMS LOOK IN THAT LAST POST!! OINK!

    • The restraining order that I know of had nothing to do with the ex/the sister/the credit card theft.

      It was sought by an ex and his new girlfriend. It was mentioned on Overheard in NY and Gawker when it happened. But yeah, she’s been there, done that, got the t-shirt, learned fuck all from the experience.

  9. Sorry, I have an adorable little dog too, but this is just animal abuse at this point. Let me give you some tips, Jackles:


    Get your dog OUT of the “Funshine CareBear” costume and quit abandoning it while you go on unnecessary cross-country trips, you deluded twat, and start being a responsible dog owner.

    Take a few tip from Jordache. Take your pup to the dog park, throw the ball with her in Central Park, take her for long walks. Take her to a farm to run around once in a while. AGAIN: SHE IS NOT AN ACCESSORY.

    Sorry, as a dog owner this photo just REALLY pissed me off this morning. I woke up cranky, but still.

    http://julia.nonsociety.com/post/226652623 (UGH!!!)

  10. Why does she have to go on and on and ON about how NICE she swears she is? What a fucking fakeass bitch. Nice people don’t have to make a big fucking deal about being nice because people who really know them already know that they’re really nice! I’ve noticed that typical nasty bitches like to rave about the rare opportunities they think they’re being all NICE, like it’s some big deal. It’s really not hard to be nice to people, so you don’t need to be acting like you’re Mother Theresa or something because you think you’re being even less socially-retarded than usual.
    Quit tooting your own horn like the tacky rube you truly are, Julia!

    And get your poor dog out of stupid costumes meant for babies. That dog looks even more utterly miserable than usual in that pic.
    (Can someone please notify PETA already?!)

    Also, if I were that TK guy whose identity got outed by us, I’d be embarrassed too. He thought he would just use her ass for shits and giggles before realizing that he was dealing with a bunny-boiler of epic proportions: “I will not be IGNORED, TK!”

    • The really fucking scary part is what she perceives to be “nice” behavior – sending a creepy message to an ex’s new girlfriend at FUCKING 4 A.M.!!! No, you sociopath, you are not being nice, sweet or “hysterically enthusiastic.” You are engaging in the type of behavior that leads to arrest and restraining orders.

      Ever heard of Brooke Hundley, Julia? That production assistant who impersonated a teen to reach out to Steve Phillips’ son on FB and later left a letter on his door and drove across his lawn when his wife showed up? And she was later arrested? Yeah, you’re about two degrees away from that.

    • I’m with you on all that except the “that TK guy who’s identity got outed by us”.
      His identity got outed by Julia’s puppet, Lasagna and was later confirmed to Jacy.

  11. Is it really a surprise that Julia “I’m a Gossip Girl character, y’all!” Allison would want to date someone who is, in her pea brain, a character in a book?

    • A character in a book with delicate hands who enjoys smores, swiffering, and long walks on the beach, no less.

  12. Maybe I’m overdosing on my cynical bitch pills today, but I don’t think there’s really any need to cut TK slack. If he wants to boink Princess Crotch-Funk of Tweeistan, he can deal with the consequences. Dude knew, or should have known, who she was.

    • Cut him some slack. He clearly didn’t want to be “publicly” associated with him and Julia outed him anyway for her own fruitless gain. This site is about mocking Julia, not about continuing to hurt the people she’s pissed off in her wake.

      • I agree that RBNS should take the high road and lay off the guy, but as far as feeling sorry for him? You know what they say: you lie down with donkeys, you wake up with negative publicity.

    • I’ve a feeling it’s the ex-girlfriend we’re cutting slack for. She was probably the one who tipped Jacy.

    • I am seriously thinking of changing my screen name to Encyclopedia Braytannica.

      But Dyspeptic has been around here so long I feel sentimental about it. I. Am. So. Nice peoples. I can’t even bring myself to abandon a faithful handle. SO BLESSED.
      Don’t you feel lucky to know me?

  13. i think if she is really going to a halloween party where he will be present, a restraining order may be a good idea for him. i dont know what you need to file one but theres clearly evidence and history (not to mention the disgusting lack of integrity for a very popular children’s book character–I bet even the cops would call that an abomination)

      • Hmm, you gotta think she’d cancel her party date in Burbank. But then you wouldn’t know the shamelessness that is our Jackles Allison Baugher.

  14. FYI, alleged ex girlfriend, whose blog was public last night, has now gone private. Bums me out cos she posted a few cool things I wanted to check out later. Oh well.

    Maybe if I send her a 4am Facebook note telling her how happy I am for her….

    • He corresponded with this vapid twit for THREE FUCKING YEARS. Then he met up with her, liked what he saw, and fucked her. He actually flew to New York to fuck her some more. After that, he invited her to his home in LA for another round of fun. He set up a public twitter with a code name, fer crying’ out loud, just to mess around with her “fans.”

      My conclusion: he’s a MIMBO and, quite possibly, retarded. No pity party from me.

      As for his psycho girlfriend (ex or not), what on earth would possess her to personally contact JA and start up a shitstorm like that? I can only conclude that she is also unhinged, because that is not how to handle a cheating situation.

      All of the players in this little cometragedy are redonkulous (including me, wheeee!)

      (Sorry, Veronica, not going off on you specifically, just this whole situation.)

      • You are right. If the dude knows how to use FB, he can Google and easily read all about what she did when JL spurned her, and how she stomped her hooves and demanded a Mac Air from him. If that isn’t a giant DO NOT ENTER sign, then nothing is.

        Caveat emptor and all that.

  15. I posted this on the next thread, but it makes more sense here. …

    This is the first comment I have posted in a week or so. Holy fuck. Epic RBNS. This has been something to watch. Let it unfold INDEED.

    A few random thoughts:

    Thinking a lot about how maybe shit has finally hit the fan for Julia. We all realize Halloween is this weekend. She was “discovered” in 2006 at a Gawker Halloween party. Pretty sure Michael “Dress Guy” took her to it. We also know she loves costumes and Halloween more than 5-year-olds do.

    Her mania-depression seems like it is at its peak right now. It’s clear this batshit behavior is her in full JA-mode because the day holds such significance to her. We will see another manic episode at Thanksgiving and another around Christmas/New Years. She does it every year and is incredibly lonely/going off the deep end this year. Isn’t she going to be homeless in two days? Can anyone verify that?

    I’m reminded of the most recent Fashion Week a few weeks ago — Jordan had just started and they were revamping the site. It seemed then that NS might suddenly be relevant again in her mind. Crickets since. Why the fuck is she up at 4 a.m. sending messages to exes and exes’ GFs when the media kit page is still blank? I am sure JA will eventually pass the responsibility to an intern but it seems like she has forgotten about her business once again. “Coming Soon…” for weeks and weeks.

    She was bit by the domestic bug for a NY minute and then seemed to completely forget about her apartment search. She seems to forget she owns a living pet and not just a teddy bear. She seems to forget she calls her Tumblr page a “business” and that she is in no position to be turning down job offers, professionally if not financially.

    Her love life is over. I don’t think she evens knows how to define herself without going on and on about her past relationships. I think she is planning a book right now. It is so striking that someone compared her reputation to Monica Lewinsky’s ten years ago. At least Ricky Van Veen had the balls to finally tell her she is completely “undateable” now.

    I am actually serious in that I bet she is getting her mom to write a book proposal for her. I have been thinking that for awhile and the TE revelation makes it even more plausible in my mind. We have to stop it.

    • It took Julia a year to get a listicle published in Cosmo – in the January issue. I seriously doubt she will EVER muster the work ethic it takes to write a book proposal, much less an entire book. Rest assured that her career is OVER, thanks to her terrible work ethic and utter unprofessionalism.

      • I hope so … but I know she has plenty of experience in getting others to do things on her behalf and taking credit for it. She also seems to get things she clearly doesn’t deserve. She has mentioned the book/screenplay idea before and could easily get a ghostwriter if Mom isn’t already at home pounding out the manuscript.

      • i am telling you. she was writing a book proposal when we worked together in 2005. nothing is ever ever going to come of it. she is too lazy and uninteresting.

  16. If i were Julia and my No. 1 mock-me-site accused my friend Lasagna of outing my “ex’s” real identity on it and this WEREN’T true…. I’d jump in to defend her.
    Maybe not as a public comment, but you would have received an email from me by now, trying to clear this mess up. Like you said: this site is about mocking her and not the people she hangs out with.

    I’m just curious: has this happened?

    Given that:
    1. today is also all about being *nice* and giving people the benefit of the doubt and
    2. Julia is an “avid nonreader” of this site,

    maybe she is completely clueless about what’s been going on here.

    Has anybody twittered her about this yet?

  17. In a previous thread I actually suggested that someone figure out who Toph’s other woman was and ask her to confirm JA. That was completely asinine of me and I apologize. Of COURSE none of us should treat normal members of society like we do JA.

    I wasn’t thinking. Bad, bad idea. Sorry, Jacy.

    • It was a giddy time. I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe. A lack of oxygen to the brain would make a plausible excuse, if I had troll’s remorse…

      BUT I DON’T!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Was it really his brother and wife with them at the beach bonfire? I’d give a week’s pay to know what he thought of her.

  19. Look at the hair with the bump-it and the blue dress. That’s the same outfit she wore to go look at dresses with Brother Britt’s fiancee. That dog bath wasn’t the night of Beth, I’m thinking. Sorry if this has been discusses. So many comments to catch up on.

    • Holy shit you’re right. Those pics aren’t from last night. Same earrings, makeup and stringy straight hair / bump it mullet from brother britt’s visit.


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