Julia: Introducing the Plaid-Garbed "Hipsters" To The Family


Kendrick looks really thrilled to be there.


  1. It looks like Kendrick is on the alert for Julia Baugher footsie. He doesn’t strike me as a fan of this head cheese sandwich.

  2. Oops just commented on this in another thread.. THE SIDE-EYE!
    Also “one of these things does not belong”.

  3. Jules looks positively sinister sitting next to sweet faced Allie and more than a little unhinged, like an extra out of “Girl Interrupted”

  4. Julia just got out of bed. Why is her hair always either in a bobby pin mullet or disgustingly unwashed and greeeezy as all get-out?

    Allie is very Mariah Carey circa 1992. She seems sweet. Hope she didn’t have her heart set on classy, private, drama-free nuptials.

  5. Poor Jules is lookin’ more than a little wore out here. Surprised she posted the pic. Meanwhile, we’re reminded that goofy, big-eared Brother Britt did very well for himself… that family money goes a long way, especially in this economy.

  6. OK. I have to say it. I live in NYC and have been to 44 1/2 a few times. It’s fine, but it AIN’T ALL THAT, JULIA!

    Mid-priced, gay staffed places like this that serve “quirky” dishes like “ZOMG Mac n’ Cheese” are a dime a dozen in the city. They’re fine. But come on.

    Better now. Thanks.

    • Jobe’s parents’ friends own 44 1/2. Jobe wrote a blog about why she’s always at the place. Wanna bet Julia now gets some kind of discount? She’s so cheap that even if it’s 10%, she’d keep going.

      • Plus they serve crabcake-crusted tilapia (tilapia! groan) or somesuch claptrap at 44 1/2, which is Julia Allison Baugher’s notion of an epicurean treat. Eatcher heart out, Eater Guy! Your ex is living large!

  7. How many photos did she subject everybody to here? She also posted one of Jobie & Ken looking at a menu. I bet she’ll print it out and paste a cut-out of her head over Jordan’s. And fap like there’s no tomorrow.

  8. Britt, Allie and Jordan look innocent and sane. Kendrick looks like he is the only one noticing the dirty, smug, boobs thrust out, me-so-sexy look Julia is giving the photographer.

    • The thought bubble above Kendrick’s head says, “Are we going to have to take her silverware away?”

  9. What is Kendrick having? A graduation cap filled with fruit salad? (you know, that kind with the little marshmallows)

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