Julia: Continuing To Never Read Here


Dear Financial Times, Thank you for calling me a “B-list television personality” even if you meant it as an insult. Fact: I’m barely Z-list.

Full disclosure: I am sponsored by SONY, so I got the employee discount. (I don’t get these new FTC guidelines, did I do it right??)


  1. Today’s outfit made me think she’s not only reading here, but quite possibly she sometimes listens to what’s being said, fashion-wise.

    Then she bought the fuck outta those headbands.

  2. I am dying to know if Jordan and Kendrick attended Ivanka Trump’s wedding today. It seems Jordan and the groom, Jared Kushner attended Harvard at the same time AND follow each other’s twitter. Surely there was room among the 500+ guests for the hipsters. Julia must be dying about all the wedding talk today and none of it is hers.

    • Perhaps she should get a lawyer? She’s so professional. It’s her “career” and she admits to not understanding what the fuck she’s doing.

      • I thought it was a subtle shout-out for the services of a Hipster Lawyer.

        Oh wait. The Donkey? Subtle?

    • It isn’t that she doesn’t get it, it’s that she needs to proclaim as much to hopefully avoid suffering the penalties or ignoring the regulations. She knows damn well what it means, because people have been broaching the subject with her for like a year now. Then again, she IS an idiot.

      • I hope she realizes we are all watching, and would be more than happy to fire off a short email missive to the FTC whenever it seems like she is lying.

  3. It’s sad and hilarious that she is obviously proud to be called a “b-list television personality.” What an accomplishment.

  4. She’s sponsored by SONY? I thought she hired by an ad agency to be a SONY “spokesgirl”? Did SONY hire her? Or did she sell SONY space on her blog? Does getting the employee discount mean SONY is her employer? Is that the same thing as a sponsor? I’m so confused.
    Either way, the people at the ad agency or at SONY who were responsible for aligning that company’s name with Julia Allison must be so proud right now!
    They’re the ones who probably actually turned off Julia Allison google alerts …

  5. I’m not in media and the FTC regulations are crystal clear to me: you get a sponsorship then you post clearly that you have that sponsorship every time you blog about their products.

    I didn’t even go to an Ivy League school!

  6. “Full disclosure: I am sponsored by SONY, so I got the employee discount.”

    Full disclosure, JA: The law isn’t there to make sure you disclose to the masses that you were a cheapskate when purchasing family gifts. The law is there to make sure that readers know you are a cheap shill whose opinions should be taken with skepticism ranging from mild trepidation to a grain of salt. We don’t give a fuck if you got the “employee discount” (snort! as if she works). We care that Sony coughs up a penny every time you open your big fat braying mouth about them.

    So sure, you “did it right,” if doing it right means missing the point entirely, and being a passive-aggressive cunt in the process.

    Sorry, these ethical lapses really get me.

  7. I sent her the link yesterday, which she responded to in under five minutes to thank me and say she appreciated it… I had asked her to really comment on it on her blog for honest content.

    • But Julia has thousands of emails in her inbox and can’t possibly respond to any until months later. . .

      • ha! I’ve sent her maybe four emails of snark over the years, and she’s responded to all of them within ten minutes.

        But SOOOOOO many emails! all real! so many fans!

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