Julia Allison: Let’s Pause This Date For A Moment To Kiss Ass


Julia Allison must really want Meghan McCain’s giant ass tittehs, because she had to take time out of her second and a half date to wish her “Happy Birthday.”

@McCainBlogette HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTIE PIE!!!!about 2 hours ago from Echofon in reply to McCainBlogette

Can you just imagine all the clit licking Julia would be doing if Meghan’s dad actually made it to the White House?

But don’t worry, when she’s not kissing the ass of the more rich and famous, she’s espousing her knowledge on culture.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, btw, was unreal. We saw Brahms: A German Requiem, conducted by Riccardo Muti, clearly a classical rockstar.

Yes, Julia, tell me all you know about Brahms. I’m sure he’s shoved in your iPod amidst the Backstreet Boys, Bon Iver and Dr. Dre.


  1. That tweet was in reply to, which means Jankles is not only tweeting during her date, she’s also READING THE TWITTER STREAMS of the people she follows. She is so fucking rude.

  2. Must be a scintillating evening. Sounds like Brahms really had her captivated. If Hipster Lawyer had bothered to Bing this bitch, he’d know she’s not averse to a little finger banging in public when people are distracted.

    Instead, she tweets. Start picking out the china patterns, porkchop!

    • A scintillating evening out with Dad on the season tickets, is my guess. “Hipster Lawyer” is Dad in legalese.

  3. There are really only two possibilities:

    1. There is no date (most likely).
    2. She is checking twitter while on a date with someone new.

    Think about that for a minute or so.

    • The last time there was proof of a non-fictional date was waaaaaay back in December, when that baby-faced doctor (med student?) was photographed in her bedroom. I think it was a matchmaker date.

  4. She was born 30 years too late to be one of Warhol’s freaks. Shame, really. Gawker just ain’t the Factory and twitter just ain’t Max’s. Warhol would have left a movie camera running on a fixed tripod in the pink palace for 24 hours, so Julia could pop into frame whenever she needed a lens to talk to.

  5. “Brahms: A German Requiem”? Doesn’t she mean Brahms’ German Requiem? That’s like saying she saw “Spielberg: The Schindler’s List”.

    Something tells me she doesn’t know shit about what she heard, but she still to used it to back-door brag her way through another moment of life. I’m a professional classical musician, which perhaps is why I find myself hating her a little bit more now.

    • Let me preface this by saying that I am in no way, shape or form trying to defend Julia here.

      I’m not sure why I did this, but I checked the CSO’s website and they refer to it as ‘A German Requiem’ (http://www.cso.org/main.taf?p=3,11,6,1&EventID=3003). I have a pretty solid background in classical music and I don’t recall ever seeing it written out like that. Oh well. I guess you learn something new every day.

      With that being said, Jules will NEVER convince me that she actually has any substantial interest in the symphony or the opera. She needs to stop pretending and just embrace the things she actually loves – unflattering clothes, scaring away potential suitors and sugar.

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