Lily: Happiest Dog In The World


While the donkey is running all over the country like the world’s most financially secure bag lady, Lily is in the loving care of Megan Lasagna, a person I still don’t entirely get. At least Lily is now getting sunshine and love and happiness and is basking in the glow of the queen of unicorns and beauty. Jordan writes:

When Megan and I arrived at Fishkill Farms we found…this amazing thing. See anyone familiar standing in for the cow? 

(Yes, Julia’s Lilly spent the day with us in the country. Joyful times were had by all.)

Now that is precious.

Megan Lasagna, who is apparently now besties with Jordan, fantastic in every way, is in time out for associating with Julia at all. But she can win major points if she steals Lily from the man-hungry monster and gives the dog the loving home she deserves.


  1. Actually I think Meghan A. may be the sane one.

    Of course, I guess you could make a case that she’s yet another enabler for the Pretty Pink Pony Princess, but I mean other than that, she comes across fairly well. She seems to have some limits about her and somehow I don’t think we’ll see any pictures of her doing the “Julia Jump”. Course, you have to ask, why is she involved with this mess at all.

    • Pro: She’s kept herself out of the spotlight while on this sinking ship, which is almost impossible around Julia.

      Con: Who buys a boarding pass for a sinking ship?

    • I don’t get Megan at all. She is nearly 30 years old and her “career” consists of being the “CEO” of a fake business, where her job duties include dogsitting, driving Julia to events and basically being her manservant. Unless she’s planning on writing a tell all, I don’t get why she sticks around. She doesn’t even live in the city – she drives in from Long Island or somewhere to indulge the pink donkey’s “let’s play business” fantasies.

  2. Awww..some fresh air and normality for little Lilly at last. Now imagine if Julia Allison was in this shot – what kind of sick attention grabbing display would she be putting on – gang signs/skirt pulls/pouty mouth/jaw unhinged fake “laugh” or treetrunk display? You know she wouldn’t be content just sticking her head in the opening and smiling like a normal human!

  3. haha omg too precious. Lily would be the envy of dogs everywhere if she got to hang out with Jodorable every day.

  4. But where is Jordan’s little One-eye? Of course, Lucy’s day-to-day life is probably never-ending bliss compared to the wall-licker’s, and perhaps JoBe decided to make today a special Lily-only funfest.

    On cold, lonely afternoons cooped up in the pink palace, Lily will take out the shiny bauble that is the memory of her happy day at Fishkill Farms and turn it over and over in her paws, reminiscing…

  5. Grrr-woof! Arf bark bark woof!

    Translation: Pleased to be saving me froms Julio. She maked me sleep on Betsey Johnson underwears and feeds me sake bombs. I has a hate for Julio. I cans live with Jordan and One-Eye or The Lasagna forevers?

  6. Megan Lasagna is very fun and nice. I think she’s still figuring out what she wants to do with her life, which is allowed. I really hate high and mighty proclamations of how everyone should be a super-achiever by the age of 30. Not to get all corny, but everyone has her own path, and Megan is on hers. She’ll do fine for herself — she’s the most normal of the bunch (I haven’t met Jordan yet, though).

    • I don’t mean to be mean. I just don’t get her friendship with Julia. Megan seems so normal compared to the rest of the bunch.

      • No, I get it — it’s puzzling. But then I think back on some of the people I associated with (or, shit, DATED) as recently as six months ago and cringe. Um…er…oops? Blerg.

  7. Wow – what a remarkably appropriate outing for a dog.

    I wonder if Ms. Baugher even understands the difference between taking your dog to a photoshoot to serve as an accessory versus taking him to a farm for the afternoon. “But I DO take care of Lily – just last week when I was in New York for a few hours I took her to my fake doctor’s office so she could pee on the floor while I got plastic injected into my face! I’m the best dog owner eva!!”

    Also, I know this has been said here a million times, but I do not understand how this woman can so proudly bray about her dog all the time and then in the next breath brag about how omg she’s such a jet-setter. Not only does it show that she’s a lazy, negligent dog owner, but also that she must have no genuine connection to or feelings for that animal. Even if I put my dog up at the posh-est kennel in the world where I knew he’d be well taken care of, I would absolutely hate to be apart from him for months at a time for no good reason. That’s because I freakin’ love my dog. Julia Allison Baugher should be so, so embarrassed.

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