Julia Allison IS The App For That


If you need to pay Julia Allison, professional friend, for her services, she now has an app for that. OK OK I’M KIDDING she paid a cab or some boring shit:

I booked a cab to SFO airport this morning using the Taxi Magic iPhone app (as rec’d by my web savvy friends @DaveMorin & @Brit) – the entire thing took less than three minutes, and I paid right there, on my phone. This, people – especially the payment method – is the future. I doubt anyone will carry cards in a few years. Why bother? It’s on your smart device! God I love technology. (Now if this plane would just take off …)

How is she some kind of media tech person if she doesn’t know about the app store? Anyway, the Magical Mystery Pelt Tour of Fail continues…

HELLO CHICAGOLAND! Home sweet non-Olympic hosting home.8 minutes ago from Echofon

That’s right, losers. While you were making a creepy lipdub featuring a scarf dance to “Stay” by the Blue Nile, Julia was greeted like a Beatle at the gate. And not like, George Harrison either. One of the cool Beatles. Like Ringo.  Except pretty.

Sigh, I know. Anyone else kinda bored with her lately?


  1. The ugly truth is that RBNS is the only thing that makes her vaguely interesting. Otherwise, watching her meltdown is just sort of horrific and sad, making me wonder why nobody in her life loves her enough to get her into treatment. The suggestion made the other day (by whom, I forget) that she needs intensive in-patient care followed by an extensive stay in a halfway house while integrating into society was spot-on. Sadly, neither her family nor frenemies care enough about Julia Baugher to recognize rock bottom when they see it.

    • In a way she kind of reminds me of Lindsay Lohan’s situation. Except, you know, not famous or (formerly) talented. Too many enablers, parent(s) in denial, pretending all is all right when it most definitely is not. Strange parallel.

      • Except at least Michael Lohan, as nutso as he is, and however much he may be using his daughter for publicity, can admit she is in deep shit. Peter and Robin Baugher either cannot see that their daughter has severe mental issues – possible, since they’ve spent 29 years soaking in THE JULIA SHOW!!!!!XOXOXO!!!!! – or the idea of seeking help for her is so potentially damaging to their family image that it’s not an option.

        I don’t know if Peter Baugher and Robin Baugher or Brit Baugher read here, but if they do, I’d say one thing to them: Nothing is as damaging to your family image as the very public antics and breakdown of Julia Allison Baugher. If you assisted her in getting help for her NPD and sociopathy, you would look like heroes. By letting her descend even further into the muck of these conditions — where she hurts others as well as herself — you do nothing for her or yourselves. I believe that you perhaps feel at a loss as to what the first step is. Well, she’s in Chicago now, and I think an old fashioned intervention would be a good first step. There are also legal steps a family can take – a la Jamie Spears with his daughter Britney – to protect a person who is a danger to themselves and others. Most families don’t have the means to pursue such avenues, but the Baughers do.

      • Def Coral Stomper.. I had to throw in the “parent(s)” because in Lindsay’s case, Michael cares even if his methods of finding a solution are a bit out there and maybe a little damaging in the process. In Julia’s case it’s BOTH parents in extreme denial.

  2. “as rec’d by my web savvy friends”

    Bwahaha — because Jackass Baugher, Founder of a Synergistically Dynamic New Web Platform, is so NOT web savvy.

    • She LOVES technology, she shifts paradigms and she’s all about information architecture! But she isn’t web savvy.

  3. So when is this bint going on the Sony Style in-store event tour? Or appearing in that national TV spot? Did they drop her like rock?

  4. Well… She was asking for “incentives” to return to San Francisco. Sounds like the cross country call girl wants a raise for her late night “dates.”

  5. she is fucking boring, i’ll admit that.

    but it seems there will be a fresh batch of tragedy fail on the horizon with all her homeless jet setting, (flying to out the way destinations first!) next week.

  6. Did she give a $5 tip on a 40 dollar cab ride? A little slim in my book. Actually a lot slim. But I’m guessing, I mean maybe Julia was really generous and it was a $30 ride and she gave $15. NOT!

  7. Yeah, she is boring, same shit, different day. But! But! Here’s the thing: what is amusing is that she’s oblivious to her repetitions. I mean, yes, it would be great if she found some new delusions, like being Queen of France instead of doing her usual Purple Rose of Cairo routine with old SATC episodes. Even so, she has plenty of ability to amuse and delight us with fresh instances of the familiar crazy, like those engagement announcement style photos of her and Morin.

  8. Yeah, after a while, it gets a little like snarking on a Price is Right episode.

    But the Jump and Miss Piggy posts were truly inspired. And because of that hilarity, I read this with the theme of Conan O’Brien’s “In the Year 2000” bit, so there’s that.

  9. 10 to 1 her parents are going to buy her property. I certainly can’t hate; I would not object if my parents had loot and wanted to buy me a pad.

    I’ve only been home thirty minutes and my parents are already in a meeting with a lawyer about this new property investment thing. This sucks. I want attention!!! 🙁

  10. “I’ve only been home thirty minutes and my parents are already in a meeting with a lawyer about this new property investment thing. This sucks. I want attention!!! 🙁 ”

    What a fucking tit bag. Especially if the ‘new property investment thing’ is her parents looking into financing the pink pig’s new digs.

    Ha! Would be great, wouldn’t it, if they presumably all leave to ‘go look at a property’ for the one who won’t drag her feet to wipe her own ass but really take her somewhere for involuntary confinement & in-patient treatment?

    • What a cunt!!!!! Her parents are blessed to have the resources to invest in any property in this market. And give me a god damn break Julia, this was just another excuse to bray about her parent’s wealth—-MY PARENTS HAVE INVESTMENTS!!!

      • I read it the same way — more bragging, more family romance, with a hint of bitterness that her parents are NOT buying her an apartment.

    • Wasn’t she just in Chicago? If she wants her parents to be excited to see her, she should give them a chance to miss her. She jetsets everywhere, because she’s sick of applying false eyelashes and then sitting in her adult dorm room alone all evening. Her life is no Taradise, because she will never be as glamorous as Tara Reid.

      • She sees her parents more than I do, and I live 20 minutes away. Bitch travels ALL THE TIME. Get a fucking job, asswipe.

  11. Yeah, she’s incredibly freaking boring. It’s repetitive – the same old song and dance … “oh, look at me, I’m Carrie Bradshaw 2.50641 on date #12.63 with Princeton grad”, “oh, check out my lovely Blair Waldorf outfit with my cute Serena-like bestie!”, “oh, here I am at a tech conference with a bunch of really smart techie people! and here I am at their offices in inappropriate office attire! I’m shifting paradigms!”

    The most boring thing of it all? The failure this bitch so richly deserves – for treating people poorly, inconsiderately, and on a consistent basis that rivals only her cast of facades she tries on like Aqua clothing at Bloomies – so long as Mommy and Daddy Baugher have a say in the matter, she’ll continue to get by. She won’t be homeless (after all, there is that downtown Chicago condo), she will never be forced to apologize for her horrendous actions towards others, and even absent a wealthy husband, I’m fairly certain she’ll continue in her spend-happy ways.

    Sure, she’s failing by our standards – but she has been for the past few years. Right now, she’s flailing about her own delusions of lies…but no one in her world calls her out on it. And until then, she may flail, but she’s always gonna have that safety net.

    • And how sad this that? Being propped up by your parents for the rest of your life? I’d rather be poor and independent.

  12. No one is going to carry credit cards in a few years? We will all go to stores and hand them our iPhone and have them install an App so we can pay through that while in the store. STFU. Why don’t we all wear microchips with our (parents) bank account info encoded. She thinks she is so smart and creative, I hate this stupid twat.

  13. omg mom&dad will buy the appt in nyc -what a surprise
    she will blaather on about paying a peppercorn rental -perhaps 2 canapes & a self help book from some media event every 2 months
    trick it out in pink bathmats,photos of herself and cheap gee gaws
    and the cycle will begin anew
    I would be interested if she develved into her supressed sapphic garden -at least that would be inneresetin’
    Shame she’s blown it with Rosie.

    • you think they’ll buy HER apartment?

      god. can you imagine the reality of living in that tiny shoe box indefinitely??? she’ll be in a looney bin within weeks.

    • well only the technically incompetent and the poors would be in that boat and you know we don’t count!

      • just because i am “technically incompetent and poor,” i can’t take a CAB now?! but i am the kind of person who needs it the most!1

  14. all this talk about julia’s supposed mental issues is driving me nuts. sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and maybe julia allison is just a fucking asshole. we don’t need a clinical diagnosis to explain the shitty behavior of every human on the planet. some people really are just self-absorbed jerks. end of story.

    • Yeah, she’s just a classic narcissistic like that Kate woman and Sarah Palin. Completely delusional to how the world sees her.

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