Julia Allison: Let Me Tell You Where The AA Meetings Are


Sooo … I definitely drank BOURBON on my date last evening. Um, I can’t say that’s ever happened before. PS. Oddly, no hangover. Huh?!?

Jesus Christ Mother Fuck. It’s just alcohol. Quit acting like you fucking discovered Shangri-la. You are almost thirty years old. If you are going to drink a big girl drink, then be a fucking adult about it.

Happy Monday!


    • No shit. That bimbo doesn’t do a goddamn thing but flit from dress to dress. Her brain is going to atrophy (if she doesn’t pickle it first).

  1. Drunken partying like you’re 21, late night hook up dates, hangovers, hard liquor – this is the stuff that really attracts the sponsorships and bray for pay deals, huh?

    If her twitter is not some kind of viral marketing campaign for the new season of Intervention I am going to be seriously pissed.

  2. Her mania is off the charts lately. Why is she discovering cocktails at 28? Does she thinks this sounds mature?

    I think she must have sworn off college beer kegs after acting like a drunken idiot when she was in her early twenties and has been doing the “I don’t drink” act ever since. Until now? It’s hard to understand why she suddenly decided two weeks ago that she likes to drink liquor. Is she doing this to ease her social anxieties? Her sexual insecurities? Why is she drowning her sorrows — disappointments with men or her career? What really happened on margarita night in LA? So many question marks.

  3. Someone else pointed out that her Twitter is no longer linked from her NS page. Wonder if her LA “agents” made her do that. It seems like a big deal … why would a social-media personality unlink her Twitter? She proudly refuses to hire a publicist (or a stylist since Mary left, OT) and I think her poor agents have to deal with so many of her bad decisions concerning her public image.

    • I doubt her agents or Sony give a flying crap about her nonsociety or otherwise content – she’s been written off. The disabled twitter link is most likely due to negligence on the gals’ part – its their baby monster.

    • It’s more likely they’re just stupid. Meghan doesn’t even know how to link to herself. Go to her page and click on the lifecast button and it goes to meghan.tumblr.com

      • or more like the programmer didn’t give a rat’s ass and didn’t double check the links.
        everytime we have mentioned some flaw on NS here, they clear it up shortly after. can we get paid for the quality control work?!

  4. She had a drink and a fuck and what? We’re all supposed to go “wow Julia! You are living differently! Teach me how!”.

    • She was crowdsourcing cheap car rentals for this trip. Did she actually rent a car on her own dime and drive 30 miles for a “date?” Wow.

      • I KNOW!! Not only did she FLY CROSS COUNTRY and drive herself 30 MILES there and 30 miles back, the “date” was on a Sunday night at like 10:00. Oh honey. That’s not a date. That’s a booty call.

        The desperation. It’s pathetic.

  5. I always enjoy a night of drinking immediately after recovering from a giant hangover.

    Why would she be surprised not to have a second hangover, btw? Did she drink to excess AGAIN?

    • A secret drinking problem would explain A LOT of things about Julia – the late nights, the erratic behavior, the constant complaining if she has to wake up early to be somewhere/catch a flight and the BLOAT. Good lord, the bloat. No normal, healthy person has facial bloat like she does.

      • I dunno. She used to rip on Mary for having the odd drink. You think if she was a lush Mary would have been dropping some major hints that ol’ JA was more than familiar with the alcohol.

        Her face is bloated thanks to her shitty diet of liquidised lettuce and confectionary.

      • Maybe Mary didn’t know. Just sayin… she spends A LOT of time alone in that pink apartment. And usually goes WAY OUT OF HER WAY to say she doesn’t ever drink or is tee hee hee drunk after just one little drink. People who go out of their way to say they NEVER drink… usually do. Heavily. And in secret.

      • Shamoolia I love how she makes a big deal about it being root beer and how she didn’t drink any (if it is then wtf is the big deal?) yet has a bunch of photos with a pink drink, one captioned “And yes, I was most definitely drinking that alcoholic beverage in my right hand.”. Moooooron.

  6. I think she is now trying to suggest that she’s driving back to Randi’s after sleeping over at the phantom date’s house, and there is also this:

    “I just ate the French Toast of Shame. It’s like the Walk of Shame, but instead of walking, french toast. Brilliant, eh?9 minutes ago from Echofon ”

    Honestly, I won’t even parse that shit. Cuckoobird is so obviously Tweeting fiction so that Codename TK sees it. It is insane and disturbing.


    • That is the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever seen/heard. Just go ahead and say you had sex already, FFS Julia.

    • but wait a minute! maybe the french toast was sprinkled with tmiweekly and nonsociety. maybe it’s THAT kind of shame.

    • Someone else may be able to substantiate … didn’t she have > 16,000 Twitter followers before today? Or so I thought …

    • BTW Jacy, has Codename TotalKnuckleheadforgettinginvolvedwiththefreakweallknowandlovetohate ever reached out to RBNS. Or is there a way to reach out to him?

  7. What’s with the shame? Didn’t she used to champion sexual liberation, back in the day?

    Or does the shame stem from getting drunk and violating her own rules? No matter, Julesy, I’m sure Daddy and Momsers are beaming with pride right about now.

  8. It is so weird to me that she needs strangers to know she banged someone. Leave a little to the imagination chubs!

    • Chubs! Ha! Julia is totally turning into “that girl.” You know the one. The slightly chubby, unpopular girl that you knew in high school who just had to shout from the rooftops every time she made out with a boy because in happened so infrequently.

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