Julia Allison: I Hate Her Friends


Just had lunch in the city (SF, that is) with the brilliant writer Paul Carr, who happened to be wearing the most incredible pair of CLEAR converse I’ve ever seen.

(I’m pissy today.)



  1. Doesn’t Paul’s latest blog post call product placement/advertorials *heinous*? Is his lunch with JA supposed to be ironic?

  2. Yuck; they are all steamy inside and probably smelly. Julia has always had a penchant for plastic shoes herself. No doubt she wore the white plastic hooker ankle-straps to “Potreo Hill” for lunch today. I hope so; it is absolutely pouring out.

  3. yeah, exactly: raining. but look, he wore those red and black socks in honor of julia’s two most recent hair colors! take that!, jewish writer who only wore aqua hightops.

  4. Paultard. What an idiot.
    As a geigh, I’m getting Gaydar vibes from that foot-wear get-up. And
    not in a good way. “Look-at-Me!” ewww.
    What in the Hell is he doing in SF anyway?

  5. Just asking… Paultato is unemployed right? Shouldn’t the INS be deporting him back to Blighty? I’m usually for immigrant rights but I’ll make an exception just this once.

    • He “writes” some sort of column over with his owner Lacy at TechCrunch. He’s also penning the Most Incredible And Stirring Work of Literature Known To Man.

      • I forgot the techcrunch column which is basically a Arrington sanctioned troll dump on his readers in order to boost pageviews.

  6. I like how the sentence reads like she sees clear Converse every day, but THESE were the MOST incredible. There’s just something special about THIS pair.

    • you mean dapper drunken opportunist bad-teeth slightly pudgy very-pale Brits? oh, he’s right on the money–it’s a Special Relationship with JAB

  7. WTF. There are people who could pull these off, Paultato with his striprd slipper socks is not in that group. All these people act like they saw someone walking down the street and wanted to become them. All the pieces are there, but it’s always just a bit off. All the bells and whistles to cover how phony and empty they are.

    • Exactly. None of these web dopes get it quiiiite right. They’re still the same inept dweebs they were in high school.

  8. My, what a fey choice of footwear. They’re from the “Cinderfella” collection, if I’m not mistaken.

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