Julia Allison: Best Spokes Shilldebeast in the World


Poofy The Magic Donkey, standing like she has a full diaper, is a spokesperson for Sony. Did you know that?

At the SONY store, checking out the Reader (it’s pink!) and getting my new (yes, pink) Cybershot. Being a spokesgirl for such an awesome brand = pretty much the best job ever. Thanks, Sony 🙂 PS please excuse my horrific appearance. It’s rainy and cold and I look like a NorthFace mummy.

I’m glad you enjoy the Cybershot, sweetheart, but your website plays an ad for the Samsung Dual View Camera on its main page. Why do you lie to me so god damn much?????????


  1. And of course the picture itself is taken with an Apple iPhone 3GS (just extract the EXIF data). Uh… Yay Sony!

  2. well i don’t know about you guys but this makes me want to go out and by thousands of dollars worth of sony products. WOWEE. a blurry pictuer of a frumpy girl in a retail store looking at a far-away, out-of-focus project that never has it’s use explained and going “PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. They really hit the jackpot with old Jules didn’t they.

  3. Could her legs be any further apart? Does she do this to get a rise out of us? It’s almost hysterical. Like normal people ever stand that way (or get their picture taking looking at a product, but that is besides the point).

    • Doesn’t she realize that standing that way makes her at least two inches shorter and that consequently the bottom half of her looks wider?

    • it’s like the mechanism that keeps her legs together is broken.
      If you are in profile, standing like that does not change the size of your thighs. It’s got to be like a security thing.

  4. “I have to prep for taping two vh1 shows Fri, one of which involves virginity. Oh yeah, baby, you heard right: VIRGINITY. I love my career.”


    how much must I say it???

    • how much money would they have to pay you to go on TV and talk about virginity? or celebrities? on something that could be aired and aired until the end of time, no matter how you feel about it. I’d say……….$500,000. Because that would be enough to keep me going for a bit when my ACTUAL career fell to shit as a repurcussion.

      I bet Julia gets paid like $500.

    • She doesn’t get paid. Trust. I have a friend who does REAL news shows and is a lawyer and actual expert on things and she NEVER gets paid.

      SO yeah, it’s a career except she doesn’t make money. So then, not really.

      • If she’s taping for a show meant to earn the network money, she should be getting paid. No one would go to all that trouble otherwise. And it sounds pretty illegal if no one was getting paid.

  5. Ads aren’t the same as endorsements though. Someone could endorse one company and post ads for its competitor without affecting their credibility. Isn’t that the point of the wall between editorial and ad sales in the first place? Not that I’m suggesting NS has any such thing, if anything they have the opposite system it seems to me. Isn’t the point more that she’s been a longterm Mac enthusiast suddenly talking up Sony (though not very well in my opinion) only once she got hired by them? I haven’t seen the ad though so maybe I’m missing something.

    • the point is, why isn’t Sony spending money to advertise on her site? Her whole site should be Pimped by Sony. It should be STOP! Sony time! when you go there. It’s like they don’t mind her being on their site as part of that campaign they did, but they don’t really want their name on hers. And clearly they don’t want her on TV.

      • To be fair, would any of the other folks from the commercials cover themselves with ads for Sony because of this? Nah. This was just another job to them.

    • The ad has been included with TMI Weekly for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, Mary “works” for Kodak and Meghan did that whole “I Found My New Calling!” photoshoot while shilling for Canon. Basically they hit all major brands. How can they be “trusted friends” when they have no credibility.

      Plus, there is something called “product exclusivity” to make sure your sponsors’ message is not jumbled up with competitors. It’s just a sign that they clearly have NO IDEA what they are doing and are just in it for the free shit (which I am sure they are not reporting to the IRS as income).

      • Plus there is something called “people who are nice,” and none of these gals fit that description. And who wants to buy a product from someone who is unlikable? It’s a turnoff…

  6. I believed someone at Sony has wised up. I was watching football on Sunday and a Sony Style commercial came up. Who did I see?

    Peyton Manning
    Justin Timberlake
    Amy Sedaris
    Forgot the fourth.

    But, no Braying Donkey. I believe that any Braying Donkey shots have ended up on the cutting room floor.

    If I’m wrong and if anyone has seen a spot with her, please let me know so I can sit in a warm tub with a sharp razor. Thanks.

    • A little bunny told us when we announced the SONY deal that she tested HORRIBLY with test audiences and SONY decided to not put her on any national spots. She is only online, despite what she may say.

  7. If she’s so Sony’s girl why does she have to go to the store to take a picture of herself with her iPhone camera of some blurry Sony products? Who is she trying to remind that she is a Sony shill, us or them? Because frankly I don’t think Sony gives a good goddamn if her sausage snappers ever touch another Sony item again. Ad agencies and brands obsessively check response to ads as soon as they come out. It’s a bit like opening weekend box office. She’s probably already irrelevant to them.

    Brands that really want to court you generally send the products to you and/or arrange for an interview with a product ambassador to show you how great it is. Not to mention hooking you up with plenty of glossy web-ready images of products to augment the live “un-boxing” or “in store” shots. For someone who is supposedly the internet queen it’s like she’s never even seen what the professional blogs and websites do.

    • yeah, why would she have to go to the store? And some time after the “launch”? wouldn’t they courier her the stuff and at least give her training so she can actually use the product she’s representing? Shouldn’t she have been using Sony products for the last couple of months for her content.
      It really looks like she merely is playing with the display products at the store.
      Maybe she can download yesterday’s four books on her new new Reader. That would be a good way to demonstrate the product.
      So baffling… None of this computes at all.

    • Yup, you nailed it. She’s basically just there in the show room. If she were really Sony’s girl, they would have mailed her a whole box full of Sony stuff: TV, stereo, etc. It’s nothing to them to give that kind of stuff away. Or even, if she were dropping by the store, the manager could have taken her into the offices and made a nice show of giving her some products, and posing for pics. All she mentions leaving the store with is a camera (which much cost about $200). Pretty sad…I bet the security guard was like, “Hey, boss, there’s a Julia Someone here to see you…” And the manager was rolling his eyes, thinking to himself, “For fuck’s sake…”

  8. So i just went to the Sony website to see what they have about on there
    and was highly amused that their tag line that comes up is “make believe” Sums up Julia pretty well i say.

    • The velour tracksuit is 8 years old. I know this because I had a few when I was pregnant with the twins.

      • Juicy specializes in velour. I am constantly going to sample sales and there are many velour tracksuits still being sold. I will give you that the females who go for velour are usually under 21.

  9. I honestly think she stands like that so her ass doesn’t stand out. Just get over it, you have an ass. Christ I hate this fucking girl.

  10. so she went out in the miserable weather to pick up some SONY products that really should have been delivered to her as their brand spokesperson … but she wouldn’t go out in the miserable weather to have cocktails with her fellow alums???

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