Julia: I Find It Strange That She Struggles With Her Weight





“Woke up at the crack of 10am to find @CodeNameTK’s roommate baking cookies. I looked longingly at them while I sipped my Blueprint Cleanse.”


Mini cupcake at Huckleberry!

Huckleberry in Santa Monica for an après meeting lunch with @CodeNameTK & his roommate. Yum.


  1. lol I will admit that JA is thinner than me, but at least when I diet I dont go “chocolate, starve myself with juice, cupcake, juice, cupcake, juice”

  2. Yeah well, hyperbolically (Julia, is that a real word?) reacting to food is one of the central pillars of her blogging/twittering repertoire, along with not being able to fall sleep and…hyperbolic reactions to food.

  3. TK still lives with a roomate? Definitely not anyone rich or famous. Probably a low level cubicle monkey.

    • I was thinking the same. Also, 2 roommates at home baking cookies together- I think that says it all.

      Also, kind of gross to be doing a cleanse on a sexy weekend trip, no? Then again the cleanses are all lies anyway- Right?

    • I was thinking the same thing tonight, but I’ll raise you to a mid-to-upper mid- level cubicle monkey with some connections to someone famous that Julia feels she can need in her world. That, or he works for an important company in the entertainment world. I’m guessing TV development.

      Definitely ain’t processing claims at Geico, that’s for sure.

      Has Julia ever had a friend or boytoy that she wasn’t using as a stepping stone to something bigger? Eater Guy, Comedy Writer — the list goes on and on. Can’t wait to see who this toolbox IS!

      • I think he might work for one of Julia’s “agents.” Like George R. the tech agents or someone else at ICM. It’s just a hunch but it’s one I feel in my gutt. I thought that i’d get that out there.

    • Just looked at that picture of the cookies. Their shared apartment looks like a college apartment, with the microwave jammed right next to the stove.

  4. I find it STRANGE that tk refuses to go anywhere alone with her. Weekend at the beach with another couple. Can’t even share a romantic lunch alone. You would almost think he DOESN’T WANT TO BE ROMANTICALLY LINKED WITH HER.

  5. Some people “date” better in a crowd setting, though. None of you suck at one on one dating at first? I know there are other social retards out there that feel more comfortable just hanging out at first with a group. Come on. Not saying that’s not weird, just saying maybe he’s just a nerd. Maybe he’s just better with other people to keep things going most of the time. Maybe he’s insecure about his social skills because he drinks cheap wine and eats his feelings in velveeta and is awkward one on one.

    I’m not projecting.

    • PP, there is nothing better than some one-on-one Velveeta and white wine time. The cheese alone should ease you out of any potentially awkward date situation. “Want some more Velveeta?” always works for me.

      Just saying.

    • Casual group dating is fine if you’re hanging out in the same city, but if you’re having this whirlwind long distance love fest like Julia is indicating, wouldn’t you want some sexy Velveeta alone time?

  6. Also – she sure has been silent on the smiley face since arrival. Is he just not that into her? Signs point to YES!

  7. I find it beyond tragic that of all those luscious looking pastries on display, ol’ Petal Pelts chooses a mini cupcake.

    • I know! Did you see that extra-thick pumpkin pie? Why doesn’t she enjoy a slice, go for a run or something a few hours later to alleviate the guilt, then eat normal food like the rest of the world. Fasting on your “romantic” visit to your new “BF?” Really lame. Who would want to date someone that high-maintenance and neurotic?

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