Jordan Reid: Romantic


So Julia “Boner Killer” Baugher may or may not have a fake boyfriend. Conspiracy theories abound and whatnot, and, frankly I really don’t care. We need to talk things that are much more important, like the fact that Jordan likes Conor Oberst.

Yeah my black heart died a little. Sure the song is cute and all — love, lesbians, hipsters and such — but I really can’t stand Bright Eyes. Mainly, it’s the same reason I can’t stand U2 or Tori Amos. Their fans annoy the fuck out of me.

Jordan, don’t ruin the love and unicorn-worship. Go back to cooking tomatoes.


  1. Wow! That’s a really large head that the Rastafarian individual is sportin’ at 42. Just saying …

  2. I should say to any Bright Eyes/Oberst fans out there that I was stuck in a tiny apartment during a hurricane with a Bright Eyes fan. And she liked to talk A LOT.

  3. It’s starting to feel like Jobe is crafting some sort of hipster resume. Farmer’s market – check! Funky jewelry – check! Shitty music – check! Mussy hair and ironic kitschy meals – check!

  4. Look she can’t help it. She’s a hipster so she has to like it. It’s in the contract. Just like she has to “like” dressing like a hobo and fixed gear bicycles.

  5. Aww, I’m one of those Bright Eyes/Oberst fans (not annoying, I swear) and this kind of made me like Jordan even more. Although she does seem way to happy of a person to really be into Bright Eyes.

    Still, it’s a lot more sincere than Ms. Julia “I love Bon Iver” Allison.

  6. Does it look to anyone else like Jordan’s had a nose job? She looks very different in the video and I don’t think it’s just the hair color …

      • Nose job alert! Sorry, my bad. Probably helps that she was playing a Jewish chick. Her nose is far more streamlined now, even though she was still a teen then. Your nose just doesn’t get automatically slimmer as you age, despite what the Angelina fans attempt to argue otherwise.
        Hey. no bigs. At least Jordan has the excuse of being an actress for the nosejob, which is a standard thing for most professional actors. What’s Julia’s excuse?

  7. Oh barf. What a bunch of goofy hipster drek. It’s like the worst party you ever attended at the West Village. I can smell the incense and pot leaves from here.

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