Julia Allison Still Owes Us A Lipdub


Julia Allison, renowned member of the international Club of Teenage Girls Who Lipsync To Songs With Their Hairbrush, has been in Chichi for almost a whole day, but has so far failed to fulfill her duties to us by uploading a lipdub!

We think perhaps she simply hasn’t had time to crowd source an idea, so to save her the trouble we here at RBNS would like offer the following ideas:

“Open Arms” while walking on the beach for Code Name Tulip Kicker

“Love Song” by that Sarah Paralysis big nosed singer chick while putting on your makeup/choosing outfit for Time Killer

“Uptown Girl” while you pump gas/get attendant to check your oil IF YA KNOW WUT I MEAN

“Time of My Life” while running playing with your dog Louie/slow-mo moment with family/dinner with Kathie Lee

“Ice Ice Baby” on the way to the Greasey Club

I’m too lazy to think of more, but I’m sure our beloved Keynote Kommenters will have more ideas.


  1. “Going back to Cali” by LL Cool J. Because she’s JA Rule, YO! Superfly, funkyfresh and down with hip hop fo’ shizzle!

  2. ok, what is up with the angle on these shots? is it because she insisted on wearing that romper and the photographer realized he couldn’t shoot her legs straight on? does.not.compute.

    • I refuse to let JA tuin “Teen Witch” for me. I’m two hours north of Chicago- if I get so much as an inkling that this is going on, its homicidal rampage in FIB-land time.

      • *ruin. Sorry. I got really upset about the mere suggestion of JA having any association whatsoever with my favorite childhood movie.

  3. Um. . . she can do a lip dub for TK. Simply recreate the “Cherish” video and the clean and beautiful Lake Michigan.


    I was just thinking to myself that it is kind of strange that Megan Alagna is suddenly spending so much time with JA. Then it hit me, do you think she has a book deal? Is she going to track JA to LA and then cash out of the NonSociety trainwreck? Will she be the only one with a little FU-money? Damn, it’s like being back at Langley again, oops.

  5. I’d actually like her to sing something like “Love Song” by The Cure. Her vampy red hair, some kind of black tent dress, mascara dripping, eyeliner smudged, looking to a mirror in her childhood bedroom. She’d softly whisper “I miss you….sweet Code TK” after she was finished and lean in to kiss the mirror.

  6. You know the Olsen twins supposedly say “prune” everytime they pose for red carpet photos? This is like Julia’s own facial tribute to the “prune” pose of the Olsen trolls.

    • Yes, but instead of saying “prune” she’s saying “bleeerg” and ends up looking more like a drooling toddler, but not in a cute way.

  7. Stupid Girl ~ Garbage

    You stupid girl
    You stupid girl
    All you had you wasted
    All you had you wasted

    A million lies to sell yourself
    Is all you ever had

    It’s almost like it was written just for her.

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