Julia Allison Knows That Wednesday Is The New Friday


While you are at work praying for it to be 5pm Friday, Julia Allison, expert time management manager, is somewhere in a suburban Applebee’s enjoying a loaded twice baked potato. How is that possible? Because it’s Labor Day weekend, haters!

Rough Schedule for my Labor Day Weekend in Chicago

So!  I arrived today in gorgeous, sunny Chicago, spent the afternoon and evening with my mom, walking our dogs down the beach, talking for hours.  Dad arrived home from the office around 10, we all caught up, politics and home furnishings (they’re going through a renovation) were discussed, healthy food was consumed.

The deal for the rest of the weekend?

Thursday – meetings downtown, then hang out with Randi, then Rachel’s cooking me a special dinner
Friday – my Grandmother’s birthday, so I have to think of something special to do to surprise her, probably will involve extensive flower arrangements (any other creative suggestions? help!), then dinner with my family and Dan.  Brother Britt & fiance Allie arrive later that evening.
Saturday – Chill with Britt & Allie in the morning, then head downtown to the riverboat architectural tour with CD, who’s home for the weekend.  Then CD & I are headed to Rachel’s going away party (she’s moving to New Orleans!)
Sunday – Our church is holding its worship service in my parents’ backyard, so I have no excuse not to go 😉
Monday – Probably more time with my grandmother and my parents

Pretty chill, but a lot of love here in Chicago this weekend.

That’s right, the weekend now starts on Wednesday and goes through Tuesday. That’s just how Julia “YO” Allison ROLLS!


      • The guy above is this guy – sorry – a DIFFERENT oily club promoter:


        “At Avenue with my old friend Andrew Goldberg. We’ve known each other since I was a columnist at amNew York, and he ran Marquee. He’s now over at Avenue during the week, Marquee on the weekends. Such a sweet guy.
        Sorry I look a bit douchey in this photo. It was 4 am and I’d been going at full extrovert throttle since 9 am yesterday morning, so I was exhausted – and of course fell back on the “pursed lips” pose. Oh well.”

        Apologies for looking “douchey” in that one photo… because you don’t look douchey in every other photo???

  1. – talking for hours – why does she always feel the need to state the fact that people have long conversations? Does she think this is special?
    – healthy food – I am on my plan, hataz!
    – meetings = going to lunch
    – RANDI!!! Just in case you forgot she knows a Zuckerberg (but doesn’t get invited to Zuckerberg weddings)
    – my, me, I, my, my, my, my, I, I, I
    – architecture tour – I DO TOO LIKE ARCHITECTURE HATAZ!!!
    – CD – see, I meant my other friend CD! Not Cancer Dan hataz!!
    – Church! Slutty outfit?
    – Grandma, grandma, grandma! I looooove my grandma! (and her late husbands trust???)

    • A good friend of mine’s dad owns one of the Architecture tour companies. So, I’ve taken that cruise a bunch of times. She’s going to have SUCH A HARD TIME. 60 minutes of listening to someone else talk not about her, or her career, or what they can do for her BUT pure architecture and city of Chicago talk. Plus, it has a “green” eco sort of angle. Damn, she’ll be overboard.

  2. Julia, do not go on the architecture tour. It is awesome and you will ruin it with your insistence on doing a lipdub of “Rock the Boat” off the bow.

    • I am all for family time, but there is something so incredibly sad about her running home to mommy and daddy for every single holiday. I thought she was friends with many a faaaaabulous mover and shaker in New York… is no one inviting her to their Hamptons homes? Whisking her away to faaabulous rooftop parties? What about her friends? Meghanaise? Lasagna? Jordache Jeans? Krystal Burger? They aren’t inviting her to any get togethers? SAD FACE. She just seems like such a lonely and friendless person.

      • I asked about that before on here too. She goes for every single holiday it seems. I don’t really want to judge her for it because everyone’s family is different and I don’t want to suggest I think it’s too much for anyone to see their family that much. But with her it just stands out to me as weird. I don’t know anyone in their 20s or 30s who visits family so frequently and she already talks about her family so much as it is and seems to have this weird hero worship of them almost. I don’t know, like anything ele with JA, it just strikes me as odd.

  3. I can only imagine the photos from the Labor day lawn event. Will Julia reprise her last church ensemble? Will she purposely go under the radar, just to prove us wrong? oy vey.

  4. Hmmm…that picture seems to indicate that her nascent moustache is re-emerging. A testosterone imbalance? That might explain the romper bulge.

  5. I wish she would stay in NYC for one holiday weekend. I mean, she is SOOOO in love with NY and all it has to offer.

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