Julia Allison Will Have You Know She Sucks At Frisbee


Julia Allison, highly trained athlete, has had a craaaaazy busy day!

Just played Frisbee in Central Park for two hours w Code Name TK. I sorta sucked, but I have to admit: it was actually really (!!) fun (??!)31 minutes ago from web

There’s nothing like a day of melted cheese, emotional sex, and shitty frisbee to win the heart of a man. I’m actually kind of impressed. After that breakfast I’d probably feel 9 months along with a midget mud wrestler, but Julia goes and performs like a golden retriever. You GO girl.


  1. I just can’t get beyond this $3750/month apartment rental offer she made. I don’t know anyone – ANYONE – not even my wealthiest of friends – who can or would pay that as a younger than 30 something living alone. Oh – and they have jobs.

    I mean Jesus, she is talking about 45K a year in RENT while still claiming her parents don’t finance her existence and admitting her business pays her crap.


    You know what I like about Mary? I like how she came clean about living on credit cards. Because that’s… real.

    • well, i’d wager in some sense her business pays for her rent. and while NS may not be making money, whose to say her initial (and maybe continuous) investment from private funders isn’t paying for keeping the business running for X years? I could see her writing part of her rent off as her office, while paying herself a salary to pay for the rest.

      I’m just saying, if it were me, and i were her, that’s what i would do.

    • Someone posted a link, a while back, to public records real estate website (State of Illinois). Several documents clearly showed that “Julia Baugher trust” owns, or is part owner, of family properties like the downtown condo. So, even if she doesn’t have a trust up front, it would seem that evidence suggests that she’s set to inherit or owns pricey real estate by way of a trust.

    • I may have an overactive imagination but she taped the apt. on Worth Ave. to show that she was really looking for an apt., and yet she shows the NYT pictures for THE APT. of her dreams!! Not outside the realm of possibilities that she never offered anything for THE APT. She may be posing for appearances sake. My money is on her knowing she will be remaining in Hell’s Kitchen.

  2. The frisbee stuff was total damage control on her part. After a night of weepy sex, followed by overpriced comfort food she had to prove that she was a “down to earth, low maintenance” type of gal. Everything with this woman is a game.

  3. Seriously. There’s nothing more non-awkward than dumping a load, rolling over, ready for some letterman, and having some shaking woman crying thunderously and sobbing that…she…just….likes you…so (hiccup) much…waaaaaaaaaah.

    Oh yeah, after you say for fucks sake a couple of times, you go get her a towel and a glass of water and “cuddle” until her hormones swing back to giggling. Sounds like a BLAST.

    • How many of her individually glued-on eyelashes end up washing down her cheeks when she weeps, do you suppose? I bet that’s adorable.

      • Not to mention the clown paint streaming down her cheeks (stained with lip gloss, of course). Sexy, I’m sure.

  4. Two hours of “playing” frisbee??? Did they really just toss a fucking frisbee back and forth for two solid hours? Even my dog won’t play it longer than 30 minutes, and my dog LOVES chasing a frisbee.

    Is there a frisbee golf course there, perhaps? What’s on the agenda for tomorrow, chasing big ball of yarn until it’s totally unravelled?

    • Seriously! 2 hours is quite a long time to play catch. Poor dude was probably just relieved they couldn’t talk if she was 20 feet away. “No, this is so fun, let’s never stop, back up a little more Hun”

      And, I didn’t comment on that Midtown Fried Cheese Plate post so I would just like to say Ewwwww gross. (that looks like something someone with double sinks and parquet floors would eat).

    • Well, if she’s not that good, they actually only played about 20 minutes.

      The rest of the 2 hours was her running to pick up the frisbee either from not catching it or only throwing it 2 feet in front of her on return.

  5. I’ll say it again… She is so fucking boring. This “plot” is boring me to tears. She really is brain numbingly tedious.

  6. We all know that NonSociety is in the vanguard of modern art; so, it should come as no surprise that Meghan has re-imagined the copulation of TK and Yulia through the medium of sunglasses:


    It is breathtaking to observe how TK mounts his conquest, and, in the heat of passion, manages to detach one of her pelts.

    • I saw that but was more in awe that she would post about her friend losing her job and follow it up with a post about how excited she is for a 200 buck fugly flash drive.

      • Oh yes, and she gives some SAGE advice, PP.

        “Let’s say that all this happened for good reason. I know you’re onto bigger and better things, girl. If you choose to live you’re life with passion, I promise it will be better than anything you could ever imagine.”

        But… does she have a trust fund and family money? No? PASSION will do! Surely you can pay the cost of living with that! Also, “live you’re”. Sigh.

  7. I have to ask, because I haven’t been on here in a few days – she really cried during sexytimes!? How on earth did I miss this?!

    • She twat that she and her boyfriend for a few more hours had a convo about women who cry after sex (she thinks it’s totes normal! Freaks him out!) Of course, we simply inferred from that statement that the conversation occurred after their own terribly awkward sex, but for the record of the LOL Court, it is not a fact nor is it to be interpreted as such.

  8. She seems to be trying so hard to make this whole TK thing sound like a romantic comedy. Carrie 2.0 in a tutu meets “boy” on Facebook, they have overwhelmingly amazing sex, a wonderful *gag* brunch together and then frolic in Central Park for HOURS. He shows her how to truly have fun and enjoy herself without worrying about calories, and be carefree and happy!! Weee!

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